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Jeep Liberty/Liberty Diesel Brakes



  • lesaraelesarae Posts: 1
    I was a proud owner of the Jeep Liberty 2002, till all the little things started to happen. At 20,000 miles with no warning lights for the brakes going out on a mountain road. I was awakened to the realities of this ongoing problem, after much research on the warping of the rotors and the heat and all that stuff. As a women I depended on the name Jeep as a Insurance of sorts as to the trust I put into it with my life driving it everyday.
    After seeing year after year the same problems not being addressed for our safety in these vehicles I would gladly sign a petition for a class action lawsuit against Jeep and make them fix these issues. Has anyone done a study yet as to the accidents or fatalies in these vehicles. After 304 dollars and a long drive down the mountain to the dealership.Wondering if they would hold out down the hill. I have the new brakes and turned rotors. Of course not covered as it is after the 12,000 miles... I kept the pads and did feel the warping with my own hands. Of course they can't be turned again since they were so bad. We spend thousands of dollars for a new vehicle and yes we expect to be taken care of by the manufacturer since we the people are the ones who made them who they are today. Jeeps have been around for many decades and the Military have depended on them also. If they had a problem with the Jeep don't we all know that it would have been addressed sooner than later because Jeep would not have wanted to lose that billion dollar contract..We need to unite and make them take this issue seriously for all of our safety and those of our loved ones whom we drive around everyday... It's a shame that we are still paying on some of these vehicles and then must worry constantly about repairs.. Is this not the reason we all bought new to begin with so we could depend on them ...
    Waiting for [Jeep] to do the Right Thing in Colorado............
  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    I think you need a course in mountain driving. You need to gear down when going down a sleep slope. I hardly ever touch my brakes and I live at 10,200 feet. Any brake system will fail when you heat it up like that.
  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    Right on!
    Yes, some brake issues need addressing, but understanding that gearing or jake braking must be an essential part in reducing brake stress.
    When I got my 3000 mile check up, I asked about the lube. It appears that many of the "traditional" lube locations have been replaced with non-lube parts. These lube systems were made to be self contained. But, what happens if the integrity of these non-lube systems are compromised? Wow, didn't think about that?
    So, from 10,000 feet, one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes and see how far you get on those non-lube systems. They might even explode. Yes, EXPLODE. If its a closed system, no air or water is supposed to enter, or air escape. So put a closed system under extreme heat, and guess what happens?
    Can you say 2000 degrees? (radiant heat from a red hot rotor)
    If I was a business man, I would heavily invest in an auto repair shop at the bottom of a very large mountain highway or Interstate. I would make a fortune repairing all sorts of brake, bearing, transmission and engine problems from people who think automatic transmissions, power brakes and cruise control eliminates the driver from ever thinking again. As a business man running an auto repair shop, I'm depending on the fact that people are oblivious as to the mechanical aspects of their vehicle.
    So, if you notice any lubricant oozing from these non lube or closed system parts, Contact your dealer for an immediate inspection.
    So, please downshift whenever possible.
  • I reported the same type of problem. Took my jeep, which has 7100 miles, back to the dealer today. They put new bushing on the front and said that the problem was fixed. As soon as I dove off the dealer's parking lot I had even worse moaning and grinding sounds coming from the front wheels. Jeep is going back into shop again. Also, I reported popping sounds coming from the rear of the vehicle when the vehicle is in reverse and I step on the brakes. Dealer said that they could not find the problem, but the tech went out and discovered that two other new jeeps had the same sounds. Dealer said they would check with jeep HQ to see about the problem. Dealer also said that earlier Libertys had brake problems but that those problems had been resolved, maybe he spoke too soon.
  • Hello, I see that you are having brake problems too. I reported grinding and moaning sounds from my brakes too. Car had only 5000 miles when problem stated. Took it to the dealer and they tried replacing the bushing and that did not work. Having to take it back for a third time next week. I live in Colorado too and it's not your driving that is the problem, there is something wrong with the Jeep Liberty's brake system. My dealer has been trying to fix the problem so I am going to give them another chance, but I am getting tired of sitting in their waiting room on my day off. I am very disappointed with my Liberty and would not recommend
    the vehicle to any one thinking of buying a new car. Oh, I forgot to say that I have already had to replace the water pump at 3000 miles.
  • eivaeiva Posts: 1
    Has anyone had this problem? I've had my 2005 Liberty Limited for about a month. Bought used with 14K miles on it. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a burning smell when I turned off the engine as I entered my garage. I got out and could still smell something that was "burning". Had my hubby come take a whiff and he could easily smell it too. He drove it around for a few minutes and when he parked it, he put his hand inside the wheel-well for each tire and the heat that was emitting from the rear passenger tire was VERY HOT--the other 3 tires were normal temps. I took it to the Jeep dealer and they cannot find the problem (and said they didn't smell anything)--which by the way, I can smell every time I drive the car more than a few minutes. Any help would be appreciated since I'm not feeling safe to drive it with this problem!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,471
    Tell the multi-million dollar dealership to buy one of these for a hundred bucks and USE it ---geez, some dealers..... 96-PYMTR

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  • I had the same problem - then I got into a car accident - see post above - BEWARE!!! it's under investigation right now -
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    This is even cheaper! ;)

    tidester, host
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Tidesterman ---cracking wise. Spring has sprung.
  • wsewsewsewse Posts: 1
    Putting the THIRD set of front brake pads on my 2002 with 85,000 miles. This is just with city and highway driving. Also notice a slight pull left. Anyone else having similar problems with brake wear in standard conditions? :(
  • my 2003 liberty w/20K miles started throbbing on the brakes. went to the mieneke brake shop to see what was going on. Diagnosis: warped rotors all around, the opinion was they were inferior quality. this seems to be a common problem.
    question 1-
    anyone had any luck going after Jeep to make good on this?
    question 2-
    replacing them aftermarket, any suggestions on brands of rotors that are better quality? i don't want to go thru this in another 20K miles.
    thanks in advance for your help
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    tidesetter: The new forum layout is not cool at all! The forum topics have been broken up into such little sub groups that the consistancy of of the forum is lost. I really can't say enough of how much I do not like this. I find remembering what forum I was on last nearly impossible. You have diesel brakes, diesel this and diesel that. Why? I am sure what you were looking for was easier finding a certian problem, but there just is not enough imput from forum people to justify so many sub groups. Please reconside.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I believe Steve already introduced you to Jeep Liberty Common Rail Diesel Meet & Greet. I hope you like the decor! :)

    tidester, host
  • My 02 has over 81k miles now and I have only changed the pads in the front one time at 50k, the second set is still working well. The drums are all original in the back. There are a lot of low quality pads out there that could wear out faster, but that would be an issue with that manufacturer and not Jeep. My front pads weren't the best, they tend to squeak sometimes, but each time I get them checked they are wearing like normal and still have life in them. I have read many rotor issues also, my rotors are still braking smoothly, I don't feel any warping, pull, etc.
  • I had the same burning smell everytime I parked. When the dealerhip looked at it, they pulled what was left of the parking brake pad from the rear. So far, the smell is gone.
  • Eiva, my 2005 Liberty CRD had the problem you describe. Dealership said had stuck rear caliper and questionable rear brake line. Replaced rotor, caliper and line under warranty. Said they were beginning to see a few of these.
  • mgricemgrice Posts: 1
    I have a 02 jeep liberty that the front brakes are locking up when the road gets just a little or a lot wet i have taken it to the dealer several times and have had new brakes, hoses, calipers, wheel cylinders,master cylinder, brake booster and still the same problem :(
  • :confuse: I have a 2002 jeep liberty sport 3.7 with rear drum brake. A month ago i notice a squealing noise, and jerking coming from the driver rear shoes. The shoes look good but I replace them anyway thought that would solve my problem. It did for three week and now the squeal have came back. The truck only squeal and jerk at low speed without pressing the brake. The drum have been turned twice. The car do not jerk when you drive above 35 mph. I did notice that the first shoes I replace was crack close to the top. I also had the brake adjusted thought that would work but it didn't can someone please help?
  • nutreonutreo Posts: 1
    My son drives a 2005 Libery Sport 4x4. Last week, at 18000 miles, we brought it in for service and the dealer claimed that all four brake rotors were rusted and not able to be turned. Cost us more than $700. Of course, at the 12000 mile service, nothing was mentioned about brake problems.

    The dealership said the problem could be caused by the car "sitting around." While the mileage is low (9,000 per year), the car is driven at least 3 days a week. I know that there have been a lot of problems with Jeep brake rotors, but has anyone heard of this problem and alleged cause?

  • zachinmizachinmi Posts: 228
    If it's driven 3 times a week, every week, I can't see how that would happen. Might be different if it sat for a couple months then was driven intensely, sat for another couple months, etc.
  • zachinmizachinmi Posts: 228
    "Has anyone had this problem? I've had my 2005 Liberty Limited for about a month. Bought used with 14K miles on it. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a burning smell when I turned off the engine as I entered my garage. I got out and could still smell something that was "burning". Had my hubby come take a whiff and he could easily smell it too. He drove it around for a few minutes and when he parked it, he put his hand inside the wheel-well for each tire and the heat that was emitting from the rear passenger tire was VERY HOT--the other 3 tires were normal temps. "

    Yes, I had the exact same problem at about 30,000 miles on my 2005 CRD. I took it in, they diagnosed it as the right rear caliper having seized, and replaced the rotor, caliper, pads, and brake line under warranty. They said they had only ever seen one like that before, but reading here I wonder if it's a Liberty problem. As a rear brake the safety issue is relatively small, but you definitely want it fixed.

    I am fairly sensitive to hot brake smell, and as far as I can tell this problem developed from nothing in the course of one week or less of routine commuting.

    (I realize this post is more than a year after the question was asked, but hopefully it will be useful to others.)
  • I have this exact same problem you describe on my 02 Liberty. Did you find anything that fixes it? I replaced the shoes and it didn't help. Problem came back after a couple weeks as you describe. I haven't replaced the drums and would like to avoid paying the $180 to do so. Any help is much appreciated!
  • I have an 05 Liberty with 40K on it. Has anyone had any problems getting the rear rotors off? I know the parking brake mechanism is on the inside of the rotor. I'm thinking that is rusted which is causing my issues removing the rotor. What is going on with these brakes? At 40K the rear pads were smoked already and the rotors need turned/replaced?!?! I started getting a nice grind from the passenger rear and I found a nice groove that was starting on the rotor from the pad. Any ideas on how I can get the rotor off? Thanks. Dave
  • emp2emp2 Posts: 20
    The brake pedal on my 2006 jeep diesel falls away when steady pressure is applied . My dealers service tells me this is normal to all jeep diesels even though the gas jeep brake pedal will hold firm when the brake is applied . Are the brakes on the diesel different than the gas ? Does the pedal fall away on your jeep diesels ? I have driven vehicles for 50 years and the above discribed problem would have meant there was something wrong with the brakes.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Only in the dealer world. Something is wrong, tell them to give it to you in writing so when something happen to the CRD or you , you can sue them
  • emp2emp2 Posts: 20
    After talking to customer service I was told to go to another dealer for opinion on the" brake fall away" this is how the service manual refers to the brakes going down under foot pressure . So far no jeep diesel owner have replied as to how there brakes pedals react in there vehicles . Do you have a diesel ?
  • usafusaf Posts: 1
    I have 06 CRD with 20K. Brakes are solid and work well.
    I had this problem with 98 chevy SUV. Put new pads on rear (drums) and kept them tight. Worked good after that.
  • emp2emp2 Posts: 20
    I talked with a chrysler mechanic yesterday who had just had a class on brakes and there repair. He said many jeep owners had the same concerns about the brakes as I had " brake pedal fall away" . He said three differant brake systems were used and one type had the fall away of the brake pedal as I have and that it was NORMAL . Also it was not only the Jeep diesel that had this brakes system .
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    That is correct. It should take substantial pressure to make the brake pedal “fall away”. The fluid is accumulated under pressure and used by the anti-lock system. The amount of pressure needed to make the pedal fall away would otherwise lock up the brakes on dry pavement.
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