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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx New Owner Reports

marlapmarlap Posts: 18
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
hello all!! After much deliberation between a matrix and the maxx, we have decide on the maxx based on the comfortable interior and better price. i know the gas mileage won't be as great but thousands more wouldn't be either. When i test drove the car, noticed water coming down the passenger side seat belt hook up. Anyone had any leaks that you have experienced? I hope we are making the right choice since it will have to last our family for awhile!! The color is sport red metallic 2005 ls. The kids loved it!! :)


  • This might be related to a recent problem I had with my 04 LS Maxx. Mine has a sunroof, and I recently found water on the driver front floorboard. Couldn't find the source so I vaccuumed out the water and waited for more rain. Sure enough, after the next rain storm I had water in the driver's side rear floorboard and noticed the driver's seatbelt was wet when I pulled it out. Turns out the drain lines for the sunroof were clogged. Still under warranty so there was no charge to clean them out, I hope this isn't a regular recurrance.

    17 months, 24,000 miles, only other problem was a bad battery. This is the best car I've ever owned.
  • tcontastcontas Posts: 10
    I have had my '05 Maxx for about 6 months. I want to like this car, and for the most part I do. It drives nicely (though I'll be glad to have the front end rattle/clunk noted above taken care of) and I haven't had any major issues yet. However, I'm disappointed and more than a little annoyed by how many squeaks, rattles and vibrations there are in the interior. Virtually anything that can make noise when going over any kind of bumps does: the glovebox door (I've even had it replaced once), the sliding sunroof shade, the sunroof itself when closed, the rear cargo area cover, an unknown vibrating part in the dash behind the steering wheel, the metal bar that separates the rear skylights, and on and on and on... I admit that I'm kind of fanatical about this kind of thing and am probably more irritated than most by it, but I just feel so strongly that a brand new car shouldn't have so many rattles. Definitely not the quality I had hoped for.
  • Own a 2005 M Maxx and love it. 3 problems, noisy seat belts that squeak/creak whenever the temperature in car is summer time warm & front window that seems to vibrate when defroster on in winter. Recent problem, rain coming into car onto passenger side floor. Can see where rain coming in from under dash bd. next next to passenger door & then cascading down onto door fram & then onto floor. Made appt. with dealer to fix leak under warranty. Don't know source of rain problem yet, but if problem is sunroof drain lines does anyone know how to keep drains clear?
  • rferd43rferd43 Posts: 20
    I have a 2004 with 50,000 miles and have not experienced any of the problems you have. It is odd since this is the first time that I hear of water leaks. You should have no problems having it fixed at the dealers.
  • blumaxxblumaxx Posts: 20
    Hi folks. :) Nice to meet y'all. I just got the car last week. The color is laser blue metallic and it's gorgeous. There is only one problem that has to be scheduled for fixing...the sunroof in the front does not open...electrical problem. We have the extended 100,000 mile protection plan that covers everything practically so that is good. So far the car drives very well. My hubby is still getting used to the sensitive steering. MPG is about 30 on highway or better. I love the leather and ultralux seating. Lots of nice touches. Is it normal to not have a light in the glove compartment? Robin
  • My '06 LTZ doesn't have a light in the glove compartment either. the only problem we have encountered is the battery dying 4 days after we bought it... and an occational weird start were it takes longer than normal to start up. This only happens maybe once or twice a month, if that. Of course the dealer had it all day and could't get it to duplicate that problem. Overall, we love the car! We drove it from NC to Disneyworld and it got like 30 mpg, and very comfortable to boot.
  • blumaxxblumaxx Posts: 20
    nice to meet you. that's strange about the start up, have them check it out again. Robin
  • blumaxxblumaxx Posts: 20
    I have another you use regular gas or premium.......I heard that some engines actually do not like premium. Robin :shades:
  • Octane 87 seems to agree just fine with my '04 maxx, which uses the same engine as the LTZ.
  • We bought our Maxx about a month ago. It is a 2006 that we bought new (last one in the Denver area - got a fantastic deal). I had rented several in the last two years, so driving one was not new to me. I have had read the posts for several months before buying. I must say that compared to other cars I have owned, the problems discussed on bulletin boards are generally pretty minor. I am also a Volvo nut, but I want to tell you that many people on this board would run away screaming after reading about Volvo problems on the "Brickboard." The Maxx is truly an exceptional car for the money. We love ours. The fit and finish is very good. Power is great, as is the fuel economy (other 6's I have owned get at least 3 or 4 mpg less). And it is rated as one of the cleanest engines by the U.S. EPA (see their site). Keep the info on problems coming, it really helps knowing what to look for and helps us do-it-yourself'ers. But realize that anything better in any other make would easily cost 5 to 10 grand more. One very satisfied customer with this truly excellent overall car (and I don't work for GM). Light years above the previous Malibu.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    This discussion is for Maxx owners to introduce themselves and get to know other owners. Talk about your Maxx and/or other events in your life here.
  • After waiting nearly a year for GM to resolve the issue of the clunking and rattling in the front end of these cars, I finally got mine in for the fix. The first couple thousand miles or so were fine, but now the clunking is starting again. I dropped car off this morning, and they are still working on trying to figure out what can be done. Looks like GM has flopped again. This car has had numerous problems: fuel filler tube came off from fuel tank; rack and suspension; misaligned welds requiring grinding down for door to shut properly; serpentine belt; leaking head gaskets; ac/heater control unit replaced; broken seat handles; interior panels pop loose in winter; rear hatch doesn't always close properly; harmonic balancer seal replaced; power window regulator replaced once; front brake rotors replaced twice; starter continues cranking after car has started (still not fixed). This car is a piece of junk; DO NOT BUY ONE, and if you have and it's having problems, sue GM over it. :lemon:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    and on the other hand.....I have an 04 Maxx LT with 81,000 miles on it..and not one of these problems....only thing done under warranty was replacement of a right turn signal socket and one other small TSB I dont steering rattling suspension....30 MPG on average....and still going strong.......

    64K miles on original brakes..still have the OEM rotors..turned once at brake servicing....

    regular oil changes..running mobil 1 synthetic....7500 between changes...

    second set of 45K out of OEM set...upgraded rims and tires for second set

    completely satisfied with the car.....and looking to get another 80k out of it

    sorry you do seem to have gotten a lemon built on a Mon or Fri at the factory..but dont label all of them as a they arent.......
  • blumaxxblumaxx Posts: 20
    hi folks, our car was in the showroom for 6 months. Could this have anything to do with a rough idle we experience, could the spark plugs be fouled from thick fuel because of the car sitting for so long? Just wondering. We are having the shop look at it on Wednesday. Robin
  • all over the map on Consumers Unions' report. Chevrolet cars rate from very good to poor (their graph bar spanning the reliability chart is far broader than any other brand). By comparison, Toyota and Lexus graphs were tightly clustered.

    ...which is what scares me about buying another Chevy. My '04 Maxx has been average at best and suffered many of the first year teething problems.

    wrt the showroom car mentioned here, if it was in the showroom for 6 months and never had its fuel flushed then yes, you could have deposits and other gunk in the lines. Fuel deteriorates over time.
  • rygonrygon Posts: 2
    Hello everyone, we just purchased a 2006 Malibu Maxx Lt with the extra airbags, the extra (front) sunroof, the rear wiper/spoiler and xm radio. I am happy with everything so far. I researched it a lot so my expectations were pretty close to what we got. Love all of the standard features for a low price and the performance has not disappointed me at all. However the "flex-steel" wheels were a bit of a disappointment, the dealer even listed it as alloy wheels. We also need to get one of the retracting sunshades fixed already.
  • Posted this in another forum as well. Wanted to see your experience with the UltraLux. Does it stain easily or dirt get ground in easily? How about a protector, like ScotchGuard? How do you clean it now?

    Thanks for a to be new 2006 LTZ owner (this Friday).
  • I've had my 2005 Maxx LT since 3/2005 and have put 32K miles on the car. The grey UltraLux interior looks as good today as it did when new. The rear seat sees lots of kid duty due to the rear DVD option being in place and the few stains have been easily removed with a bit of scrubbing. The nice thing about the UltraLux is it is very soft in cold weather and doesn't burn you in the hot weather when you first hop in the car. The heated seat option works very well, although GM heated seats seem to toast the buns mostly and lightly heat the lower back as opposed to my wife's Audi Allroad that toasts the back and warms the buns.

    Best of luck with your new ride!!
  • The drain lines from the sunroof are actually easy to clear. First, go to a bicycle shop and buy a rear brake cable for a tandem bike ($5) and have them snip off one of the ends, it's a long, flexible cable. Open the sunroof and you will find a small drain hole in each corner. Snake the cable down all the way through it and you will push whatever crud has built up out of the way. Takes 5 minutes.
    I've had this problem in both my '89 BMW 325i and '96 Saturn SL2.
  • :)
    I'm very happy with my max that i've had since August. I bought it used and take it to the dealership for oil changes (etc). I'm very lucky to not have any problems with it. I love the way it drives, the sporty sensible look, all the room and it's pretty good on gas. I have the greenish gray color with light tan interior.

    I bought it after all my issues with a Ford Focus that was finally declared a lemon.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I have the same color combination which has been dropped. Great color for hiding dirt. Even when I bought it in 05 it was the least popular color. Like its uniqueness.
  • I've had the same "long start" problem with my '05 Maxx. The dealership seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. One day I also heard a colleague with an 05 Equinox that had the same problem with no solution. If you get an answer/fix, please post!
  • kpetriekpetrie Posts: 2
    I have an 05 malibu max that I purchased used and after a few weeks, I started to notice the clunking in the front end, mostly when I'm turning at a slow speed. I was wondering if they ever fixed your car? Sounds similar to mine. I've had a few mechanics look under the car and nobody seems to see anything obvious.
  • kpetriekpetrie Posts: 2
    I was wondering if you've discovered a solution the clunk in the front end. I also have a clunk on my 05.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    There are various service bulletins addressing the struts and the steering rack that attempt to reduce the clunking of the suspension. If you are on Majorguard, you may find you will have to wait for special advisor approval, as that particular problem is "red flagged".

    but none of these totally get rid of it.
    The clunking problem is also on the Pontiac G6 and many other midsize GM cars.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I have had both a new steering rack put on and the redesigned steering gear. Neither solved the problem totally, although the new gear did arrest 70% of the noise. These are bad front ends, plain and simple.
  • mickey22mickey22 Posts: 1
    Just bought car Tues. Didn't look like much outside but inside WOW. Only 8000 miles. Getting a little nervous with msgs. posted here about clunking noises from front suspension, traction control, electric, etc. Will be reading forum to keep up to date with any problems. Glad I found this site!
  • albarobbalbarobb Posts: 2
    Just bought a used 06 Maxx Lt, so far I'm impressed. Looked at several other cars, the Maxx and G6 stood out for the wife and I. The Maxx was more in our price range. Hope we both have luck with it.
  • eddiekopaseddiekopas Posts: 5
    Is this a good reliable car? I'm thinking of purchasing a 1994.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    again..Maxx wasnt produced until 2004....
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