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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Engine Questions



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    cannon989cannon989 Member Posts: 1
    I have just bought a used 2005 Malibu Maxx LT. It is a 3.5L V6 with around 32,000 miles on it. I love the car, it is very nice and roomy and has plenty of power when needed. The only problem I have so far is that when I get the car to 5k or 6k rpm I hear a hissing noise and the car loses power. Does anyone know what this is or has this happened to anyone else. I checked out the vin before I bought the car and it said that the car was in no major accidents or anything else. Does anyone know what this may be.
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    vasy1vasy1 Member Posts: 3
    ****get the car to 5k or 6k rpm???****
    This is not a race car. It is shutting your engine down as redline is 5500 or 5800 RMP, yes, there is no "red" marker on the side to tell you that.

    Let off the gas and you will be just fine.
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    jeamoonjeamoon Member Posts: 1
    i don't know if anyone is still having issues with their malibu starting.. i bought a used 04 malibu maxx ls about a week ago and ever since have been having issues with it starting, it has been in to be fixed twice without good results. i was doing some research and also talked to a certified chevy tech...

    Identifix said... An occasional problem on this vehicle is failure of the Ignition Lock Cylinder. This failure will prevent the vehicle from starting. The cost to repair the Ignition Lock Cylinder is estimated at $63.34 for parts and $91.00 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65.00 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax.

    and the technician i talked to said... The most common problem with these vehicles and a no start condition is a bad passlock security sensor. The passlock sensor is built into the ignition lock cylinder. The lock cylinder will need to be replaced to correct this problem.

    the tech i talked to was thru www.justanswer.com.. his name is Dave Nova and has over 1000 positive ratings.. he answered my question very quickly and seemed to know what he was talking about.. i would recommend this website to anyone in need of some help... btw.. they do charge.. but not much

    i read all of the fixes that have been tried on this forum that haven't worked and noticed that this isn't one of them.. i am taking my car in on wednesday to have this part replaced i will let you know if it works.
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    2005maxx2005maxx Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 MALIBU MAXX is pretty quiet except an engine noise at around 1500 RPM. Could anybody give me any info about this problem?
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Is it valve noise? (check the oil level) Sort of a rattling like a loose heat shield? Try to be a bit more specific about the noise and maybe even when you hear it. Is it at 1500 RPM every time you're at 1500 rpm? Only under load, only when you're stopping and the engine is winding down?
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    the Maxx tends to have slight rough idle and ticking sound when the A/C compressor isnt running.....but at 1500 RPM....it shouldnt be idling that fast....as mentioned above...more info is needed on your noise???
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    jamiller_5jamiller_5 Member Posts: 1
    I'm currently experiencing the same issues with my 2004 Malibu Maxx. It has stalled out three times but both NTB and the dealership can't pull any codes on it. The dealership has had the car three days and it has worked fine the entire time. Argh!

    Anyway....did changing the Ignition Lock Cylinder work?
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    desmondluodesmondluo Member Posts: 2
    my check engine light is on recently when I turn the key into stage 'II', which is the last stage before turning to ignition, after I turn the key and start the engine, the light will be off. The dealer told me this is normal. Really? Is this a big deal?
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    davegenest18davegenest18 Member Posts: 3
    My 2004 chevy malibu maxx LT V6 used to start by the remote. I tried it recently and the lights flash twice, but the engine doesn't turn over.. Does anyone know why this is happening?? If I play with "turning it ON and OFF" by the dash, it will sometimes start, but I've done that recently and the lights flash twice, and nothing. ????? I NEED it fiXED!!!!! anyone??
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    comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    You need to search this list some more. My wife and a few others had this problem and it turned out to be the hood safety interlock switch which you can bypass.
    Pardon me if you've already done this and the symptoms aren't exact with the light flashes, but it does sound the same to me on my quick read. (I would find the article after mine and short out the wires as described by someone else and see if that fixes it..try searching on articles I posted )
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    tl1gt228tl1gt228 Member Posts: 2
    I have an '04 Chevy Malibu Maxx - 3.5L V6

    About 1-2x per month, the engine will have issues starting. All other times, the engine starts fine, no issues. Lately though, when we do have the starting issue, it takes more tries to get the car started...

    Symptoms: When trying to start, we hear the click of the solenoid and the starter turns and then it just keeps cycling/spinning/clicking, etc. After 15-30 sec. of this, it will usually finally start. Or sometimes, we will have to stop, wait a few minutes, then try again for another 30 sec. attempt.

    As I mentioned, about 90% of the time the car starts fine.

    The latest time though, I couldn't start it, had it towed to the dealership and it started right up....of course.

    I'm suspecting it is something electrical since we have no fuel starvation issues while idling or driving...

    Had the battery tested and it is strong and spark plugs/wires were recently changed.

    Any ideas? Ignition Switch?
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    davegenest18davegenest18 Member Posts: 3
    Every once in a while, when I try to start my 2004 chevy malibu maxx LT V6, it sound like its' still trying to turn over, or start. Is this because i tried to turn the key too quick? I let my hand off the key, and its like its almost skipping?!? it sounds like its trying to start. Like I said, every once-in a while. Don't want it to get too often.. Please help. Did I buy a damn lemon??? (I love the car!!) except for that- :-/
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    same issue here as well...dont have a solution for ya.....mine still running fine and just turned over 160K..................happens either on the remote start or turning the key in the ignition.......
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    vasy1vasy1 Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    same issue here as well...dont have a solution for you as well. Running fine and just turned over 65K. Happens either on the remote start or turning the key in the ignition, probably just a present from a G.M. :sick:
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    malexbumalexbu Member Posts: 169
    The problem description is not completely clear to me but this is what
    I've observed with my 2006 Maxx LT, bought at 56K miles in August
    2009, currently at 58K miles.

    * When I was buying the car, I noticed that it was starting very
    hesitantly. Could compare it with my other Bu's -- in this car, the
    engine would start with a scary hesitation.

    The dealer checked out the battery and found it bad. So, the battery
    was replaced with a new (NAPA) one.

    * With the new battery, the engine would start better, but still very
    differently from how my Malibu sedans start -- and I was never
    comfortable with the feeling of Maxx's start.

    * At the end of December, at 57.3K miles, in brutal cold, after I
    stopped to fuel the car at a gas station, my Maxx refused to start
    at all. "Oh, damn thing", I thought, "I knew there was something
    wrong with you -- that's why they sold you!.."

    I went to the station attendant, to "call somebody". At 9pm, not being
    a AAA member... No number I knew to call... Cold...

    A GENTLEMAN was buying some small stuff at the cash register -- he
    heard me asking the attendant for a phone directory "or something".
    "Wait", the GENTLEMAN said, "Does it crank? It may be the
    battery... I may have the jumper cables in my truck... I'll come by
    in a moment."

    So, he drove over, got out his cables and gave me an easy jump
    start. God bless him! Many safe miles to him! May he be rich,
    healthy and always loved! Never cursed with a car lemon!

    The GENTLEMAN drove his way, and I drove mine, to a small shop that
    I knew was to be open till 10pm.

    It was -- and they checked out my battery, while I was holding my

    That damn new NAPA battery was being charged but was not holding the
    charge. Thus, it was the battery, not my beautiful Maxx!..

    * They started to replace the battery. Looked up the OEM one. I
    said, "Give me the best battery!" They looked at the one one step
    up. "Yes, this should be all right for your car."

    And so, they installed a bigger battery there -- still compatible
    with Maxx, of course.

    And since then, with the new battery, the car starts like a dream --
    no more feeling of slipping, skipping, missing or whatever.

    So, think about your battery, too -- and when replacing it, spend
    extra $20 and get the best battery that fits. May help.
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    red5guyred5guy Member Posts: 2
    I have owned my 05 3.5 LS Maxx for a little over a year now and I really do love the car. It has almost 170k miles and still runs great. I've been experiencing a few unrelated (IMHO) issues and was hoping someone might be able to provide a little insight...
    Check Engine Light is on and the display says "Check the Gas Cap"...of course, it's not the gas cap. Checked the diagnostic code and it said "EVAP Emission Control System Leak (large)". I'm not experiencing any other engine related problems (other than the occasional starting issue) so I'm thinking it's either the EVAP canister or the sensor. Anybody ever deal with this issue? I suppose it could tie into the starting issue but wouldn't bet on it.

    Also experiencing problems with the remote start. I get the "double lights flash" also. My guess is that it's a faulty hood sensor. I will try bypassing, clearing any codes stored and will post any results later.

    My main concern is the transmission though. Sometimes, when starting from a dead stop I get a pretty severe "shudder". I haven't been able to figure out if it's the tire's not hooking up with the pavement (no biggie) or if it's the transmission not hooking up with the wheels (biggie). Has anybody had the same experience? I'm due to change transmission fluid but I'm afraid to do it (for fear of making it worse) without knowing what's going on here.

    Any hints/tips/tricks/suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

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    drejdrej Member Posts: 119
    I've replaced the Gas cap twice at like 20K miles all under warranty (knock on wood it been good since!) there must be a slew of defective ones out there?
    I have 88K now & I get a false start sometime, but i rarely use the remote start. I find if I realy turn key all the way to start its' not so bad and don't get as many false and "rumbly starts".
    my 05 also shudders , but very rare, let us know if you figure this out. BTW- My Max will break-loose the front tires at will , I'll say the 3.5 in our cars has got the gear on steroids. A post mentioed it was not the typical malibu drivetrain... D~
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    malexbumalexbu Member Posts: 169
    "Check the Gas Cap": had it in one of my Bu's about three years ago. It was not the cap -- mice had eaten through the fuel line. The same effect -- the air gets sucked into the fuel system. $600+ to repair. (Mice built the nest on top of the fuel tank -- I think while the car had been sitting on dealers' before I got it; it waited long for the right owner :-))
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    good to see another high mileage maxx on here...04 LT with 163K on it here..so you are tops......as far as the transmission is concerned....I experienced it once around the 100K mark....and discovered during the transmission fluid change.....the mechanic didnt fill it full..in fact was a qt low when all said and done....once I had the additional fluid added...never had the problem again....

    I have changed the trans fluid every 50K....though GM schedule is every 100K.....doesnt answer your question, but just my experience with my high mileage MAXX
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    red5guyred5guy Member Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone for your insight and suggestions.

    Unfortunately, the only thing I've been able to confirm is that my remote start problems were the result of a faulty hood latch sensor. Bypassing the sensor and clearing the codes did the trick and it starts remotely like a charm.

    The starting issues I've experienced ocassionally also, it's like the starter is trying to start the engine but it doesn't quite fully engage. Not sure what the problem is because if I give it a little gas, it usually starts right up.

    As far as the transmission I think I'll just change the fluid and filter and see how that works. I'll post again if I gain any insight.
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    tl1gt228tl1gt228 Member Posts: 2
    For me the Check Gas Cap issue was because of a faulty fuel tank (I had to go through 3 gas caps before that though)

    My '04 MAXX was also only filling up about 3/4 to 5/8 of the way unless I 'topped it off' about 20 times.

    Dealer found a TSB that called for replacing the fuel tank and that fixed the fuel up issue as well as the Check Gas Cap light.

    Apparently was an incorrectly designed fuel tank initially, this one seems to work better with the electrics.
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    flyhi85flyhi85 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Malibu LS Sedan with 150k on it. At about 145k I had the same situation with the Chk Eng Light, Chk Gas Cap, and OBD-II Code. I traced it to the EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid which is quite easy access under the hood. It is on the driver side of the engine block near the top. The problem with mine was the male port on the solenoid broke off and the vacuum line was not attached. All I had to do is turn the car on, open the hood and I heard what seemed to be sucking air. Otherwise it could be the EVAP Purge Valve, which is above the fuel tank and would require dropping the tank. These are what I traced my problem to. I hope this narrows down your investigation.

    As for the remote start problem, I have just run into that problem as well. Unlike your description, my Malibu will blink once. I asked a mechanic and they suggested reset the system by disconnecting the battery for 10 seconds or the following:

    1) Turn key ignition to the on position for 10 minutes
    2) Turn key ignition to the off position for 6 seconds aftwards
    3) Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for two more times.
    4) After last step 2 proceed to crank over the vehicle.

    He then said if those didn't work that it may be a remote start relay. Unsuccessful stil... Hope all goes well with your repairs.
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    good to see another high mileage malibu still out there...04 Maxx LT with 171K on it here..and still going strong....no major problems.....
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    06maxx_toronto06maxx_toronto Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I have read about this issue before, and it also happens on my 06 maxx every now and then.I just live with it.It is a fault that is known by GM. It is what they refer to as a "hot start" condition where the starter motor will keep spinning even after the engine has started. There is a flash for the ECM that the dealer can do that will rectify.
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    hdstevehdsteve Member Posts: 1
    How were you able to bypass the sensor and clear the codes? The dealer wants to put in a new sensor and charge me a bundle.
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    07maxx07maxx Member Posts: 7
    Anyone doing their own sparkplug replacement at the recommended 100K miles? My '06 Maxx is over 97K miles and I'm thinking of putting in the new Delco 41-101 plugs.
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I replaced mine with the OEM ones at 100k....in my 04 Maxx LT.....has 177K on it now....no problems at all..replaced the serpentine belt, plug wires and flushed all fluids at the same time as well......
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    07maxx07maxx Member Posts: 7
    Did the belt at 60K and the transmission flush (expensive) at 80K. How did you go about flushing the coolant? Thanks.
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    paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I have never done a complete power flush...simply drain with mechanical assistance and a refill. Does completely do a 100% fluid changeout, but enough for my peace of mind....have had it done twice now...(transmission)..at 100k and 150K

    as far as the coolant....Im not sure how it was done.....again...not a power flush....my local mechanic takes care of it....so I believe it was simply another drain and fill......again did it at 100K and 150K
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    rdesantisrdesantis Member Posts: 30
    The "check gas cap" icon came on on my 2005 Maxx system monitor after i filled up the tank last week. Of course the first thing I did was go aroung the car and tighten the cap. It evidently did not go off. Frustrated, I hit the arrow button under the menu key and it cleared the message until next start up. The chime and message appeared for the next start ups. the manual only suggested to tighten the cap and the message should dissapear. I went to the dealer to see if I could get a quick tip. THe service advisor suggested that I clean the inside of the cap. Worked great. Here is what i did;

    Sprayed the inside gasket of the gas cap with carb and choke cleaner to break down the dirt. noticed right away that the dirt broke right down, wiped clean with a rag. Then sprayed the metal that the gas cap fastens to and wiped with steel whole to break down dirt. wiped clean and tightened gas cap back on. Started car messaged did not appear and has not since i cleaned it. Happy motoring! :D
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    gerardpgerardp Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 Malibu Maxx and live in Puerto Rico and I have the same problems you have.

    When I start the car every once in a while the car shudders and shakes as if the timing is

    badly off of something is misfireing. I immeditely shut off the engine for fear of the timing belt

    slipping a notch or two which would mess up the timing. What I do now is I first turn the key

    one notch for a couple of seconds which allows the fuel system to squirt its first shot of fuel

    into the engine( which is why you don't have to step on the gas pedal like in carbarator

    cars), then I turn the key all the way to the start position. Since I have began doing this I

    never had a shuddering start.

    The "Check gas cap" problem comes and goes. Even after changing my gas cap twice.

    One mechanic put a tester on my car and asked if I ever fuel my car with the enging running

    which I have done once in a while. He said that throws off the computer when the tank is

    vented to the atmosphere when the engine is running.. I then did what he

    said and ALWAYS fueled up with the engine off. The problem went away for a while but every

    once in a while the "Check gas Cap" alarm pops up it's ugly head. The engine V6 runs

    smoothly but my mileage stinks. (14 to 18 MPG). There is no smell of gas. I'm thinking that

    there is some kind of vapor or fuel return line with maybe a solenoid in the line that is faulty

    and the gas tank pressure is not operating at the correct pressure. If anyone has the cure to

    this problem please send it along.

    The car is OK but on another subject my recline seat levers(cheap PLASTIC female splines

    that ingage the metal male splines coming out of the seat) are broken and I have to gently

    put on a vise grip pliers to move the seat. I also have a 2000 Chevy Blazer in NY and both of

    the reclining adjustments are broken. My whole life I always buy American to support my

    countries economy, but if GM doesn't

    get its act together on such a simple task I may buy my next car elsewhere. Very frustrating.
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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    curscurs Member Posts: 5
    I've gone through and read the majority of the threads and find that my "issue" (or set of issues) might appear to be related to the BCM. I will be cross posting this in the Electrical/Lighting, Climate Control/AC and Fuel System discussions since it touches a bit into each area.

    I have a 2004 Maxx with just at 70K miles on it. Since I purchased it at 40K miles I've had the following issue:

    Car will do the infamous "hard start" where it will sound like it is going to start but won't turn over fully until I give it a bit of gas. Seems to happen most often will gas is half a tank or lower and/or it's super hot outside.

    However, I have a special bonus of when it does this my A/C will turn on and blow but the air it blows is not cooled. Problem in the summer. Also when it does this (in the winter) my rear window defrost/defog won't turn on.

    Beyond that I am having cruise control issues that started at about 65K miles. When I first start the car if I engage the cruise control within about 5 miles or 5 minutes, it will engage just fine. However, once I have to disengage (step on the break, hit the off button) it will not allow me to resume OR reset the cruise control until I have put the car in park (for just a few seconds) or restarted it.

    Beyond that one night a friend who was traveling behind me mentioned my CHMSL was flickering and now it is out entirely. I've read that can be BCM related.

    I have an appointment next week to have diagnostics run on the car at $100/hour. Before I walk into that expense, can anyone give me any thoughts or even suggestions at how much replacing a BCM would cost. One place told me $80 for the part and then labor to program it (which has to be done at a dealer???) and another place told me I might need to replace the whole grid (?) at a cost of around $2K but even just the BCM being $800.

    To replace the CHMSL is $110 but I don't want to do that if it's not the part but the BCM that is the issue.
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