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Pontiac Grand Prix Tires and Wheels

I was wondering if anyone else has pitting on the inside of the rim as a result of the road salt. I clean my wheels once a week (even if I can't wash my entire car due to wet weather) primarily because of the substantial brake dust. After the first snow storm, I noticed areas on the inside of the rim that I just can't get clean and it is slightly pitted holding in the brake dust. I use Westly's Bleach White and have also used Meguires Hot Rims. Neither one do the trick and I am reluctant to try anything harsher so that I don't make a bigger and uglier mess. I have a call into the dealer to see what they recommend. Some call me fastidious, but I like a nice clean wheel.


  • 303hp303hp Posts: 3
    I have not used the stock rims in the winter since I bought new winter rims and winter tires for the gxp.
    I bought the "American racing" (casino)18" rims they are even more open then stock rims and also collect a fair bit of brake dust. I just take a power washer to them and that keeps the dust/dirt down. It is not perfect by any means but it does help.
    I have been looking on this site and cant believe that people will pay this much for a car and then try and cheap out with rubber, slide into a curb once or another car and you just paid for your tires. Then there is always the insurance factor that goes up when you have a crash.
    Besides, the tires that come with the car are summer tires, not all season which is why the car slides so much. All season tires lose 30 % of their grip on dry pavement at -10c /14F so forget the part about snow added on.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I have driven my 2006 GXP in the snow with the original tires and have had no problem whatsoever. I have not slided into any curbs or other cars. The car performed superbly. Also, if you go into the GM website and click on Canada, these tires are considered
    All Season Performance (same exact tires), but nothing is specified on the website other than the tire sizes. Also, GM said that they should have specified on the tire that they are All Season Performance; they admitted it was a mistake not specifying this. Perhaps, it is the driver in the snow!!
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I couldn't seem to find anything that might have caused the "clanging" noise underneath, but I did find something else. The LF inner wheel is LOADED with grease, like it flung off from somewhere. It used to have a little on it, and I figured since this car sat a few months, it just dripped down. Today, while washing the brake dust off of the inner wheel, I found a LOT more than used to be there. I'll pull the wheel off and see if it might have just been over lubed and it's flinging off. Is there anything up front that might have grease in it and have a bad seal? Thanks.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I looked and found a ton of grease on the inner wheel, and brake components. It's not near the rotor yet, so I'll take it in. It almost looks as though a big rubber boot over the U-joint is leaking grease when it spins. I was on the highway a few times last week, so it must have flung it all over.
    As far as tire balance, they shouldn't have to settle in at all either. They should be done good initially, and maybe loose balance as the tire wears unevenly. It's possible to have a balanced tire that's out-of-round, since balance is a weight-only thing.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I found out today that my CV joint boot has a bad clamp and was leaking since new. They'll have to order it and call me back in when it arrives. I have about 1100 miles on it now.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Posts: 54
    All, what do you guys use to keep the wheels on the GXP clean? I have had mine about 2 months and there a few good scratches as well, just from driving around. Any ideas to protect and keep the wheels clean?

  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I get those towelettes, free after rebate, at Menards. I use one on each front wheel each week, depending upon how much driving I do. Are you getting scratches from curbs, or other things?
  • eagle75eagle75 Posts: 16
    Anybody know where to get a set of wheel locks actually made for the GXP? My dealer installed a set of GM locks (actually McGard) but all four locks are of the short barrel type while the front wheels need long barrels because of the difference in the front and back wheels. The current front locks are recessed and just look bad. I've been to a local wheel shop-they couldn't help. Also been to McGard website--no help there, either. If I can't find the correct locks, I'll just put the factory lug nuts back on the front and take my chances.
  • mrmedoesmrmedoes Posts: 3
    Why not just put a coat of wax on them? That will protect from more light scratching and make them easier to clean moving forward. If anything, it accentuates the mirrored finish.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Posts: 54
    Not getting scratches from curbs. I think I have gotten a few good rocks off of semis on the city freeway. Just wondering if the wheels are very prone to scratches? Are others seeing better "survivability?"

  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I have one small scratch on my passenger rear wheel, I think from when the raccoon was in my tire well. My brother told me I couldn't remove it. It's about an inch long. You can only see it if you get down and look for it. Other than that I haven't seen any scratches on my other wheels. But I drive four highways each way to work and from the cars with wide wheels and trucks get little knicks on my hood but you can't really notice them unless the sun is actually shining on the hood. Also I have little chips in my windshield but really just "dots" --nothing that will expand. Also, from the road. You really can't help this and believe me I am really a fanatic with my cars and always getting the Meguiars Wax out.

    Also, no vibration in my steering wheel. I have even taken my hands off the wheel while driving and it's fine.

    I now have 10,700 miles on the 2006 since August. I am very happy with this car even though I complain about the hissing. Now, I don't even notice it anymore and thank goodness it goes out once I get in the car and does not affect the radio/cd performance. Tell me, what do you use to clean the exhaust pipes. My brother told me that I am going to have to always keep them clean. I wipe them all the time but see little spots. Should I use a chrome cleaner? I was told to. I just had an express wax done and get a free detailing and free loaner car from the dealer (for one of my many complaints), so I thought I would use that in August since I don't work in August. Maybe the detailing job will get the scratch on that rear wheel out. Well see.
  • On cleaning those exhaust tips of yours, just take some of your Meguiars Wax, and some 00 steel wool. Just put pleanty of wax on the steel wool. That works great for taking water stains off the glass too.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks alot. I appreciate it. Will try that.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Posts: 54
    I have used zaino,, on the car, I got a starter kit, it was expensive, it took most of a friday and saturday, but the car looked great. It really helps it keep clean after rain and dust. I hadn't thought about waxing the wheels, will give it a try. Anybody else tried the zaino stuff?

  • eagle75eagle75 Posts: 16
    I have used Zaino products for several years on several black cars. I have not found anything to beat Zaino for streak-free looks, no white residue powder, ability to last (especially ability to last).

  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Bought Zaino a couple of years back and it is number 1 in my book. I've tried a lot of car "waxes" over the last 35-40 years and Zaino is no more work, but a lot better results.
    Just make sure you have a good paint job. The Zaino really improves the shine, but optically seems to magnify the flaws.( I noticed this especially on metallic paint) Looks like a coating of glass over the paint after 3/4 coats.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I contacted McGard to try and get some longer front wheel locks for those that got them from GM. I was told that they don't make anything longer, with that thread, for that car. It's hard to grab that thing insdie the front lug hole! Oh well.......
  • eagle75eagle75 Posts: 16
    I got the same answer from a local wheel shop. They have longer locks, but they are for trucks and the threads won't work on the GXP. So I took my GM/McGard locks off and will take my chances. I just didn't like the look of the front wheel locks being so deep in the hole. From mmost angles it looked like a lug nut was missing.
  • mmstidhammmstidham Posts: 3
    I've got a line on a new set of GXP wheels and I like the way they look. My Torque star wheels have been bent by the Indiana pot holes so I need to replace them regardless. I know they will fit clearance wise but I'm not sure the bolt pattern is the same. Has anyone tried this yet? Thanks.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I have a 2006 GXP, but sorry cannot answer your question. I have no idea, but I would think no. All the engineering put into this car has to do with the the wheels/tires, etc. Could you please tell me the price of the four wheels? Are they forged alloy? Are you sure that they are genuine GXP wheels? The GXP is not your standard Grand Prix. Chats1
  • mmstidhammmstidham Posts: 3
    I know they are genuine because I am taking them off the car personally. It was totalled by the insurance company. They are the Chrome 5 spoke with the socket head cap screws on either side of every spoke. I'm paying $100 for the set with tires.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    that's cheap because each tire runs about $250 plus because I just checked, and the wheels alone are about $1,000 each.
  • Hey im thinking about geting a new grand prix gxp. I want to put at least 3000$ into, but i dont want to waste my money, on it and only get like 10hp, i want to get at least 20, or 25hp gain's. What do you think i sould get?
  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Posts: 38
    Well first if your gonna spend 3k on upgrades to the motor you will definitely get a whole lot more than 25 hp,you could probably get 25 hp by adding a cold air intake for under 500.00,maybe a chip for another 10-25 hp or throw on a supercharger for 3-4k and get up to 125 more hp,your options are not limited.smaller pulley is another choice.,but with the way the torque steer is now,huh, good luck keepin that gxp goin straight.

    gxpjoeyp....2700 miles and lovin far i hit 105 with a lot more to go.....
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    Good luck pushing another 50 or more hp out of the GXP, the transmission and differential will be pretty much at their limits. The engine has the potential, but not without somehow increasing the strenght of the rest of the drivetrain.

  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I didn't think Tire Rack had these exact tires. When I looked at their website a while ago, I couldn't find them. Also, I don't think I would want tires delivered to my home. It's much easier for the dealer to get them, if needed, and mount them. I'll be sure of getting the exact tire. I know my brother gets his through Tire Rack for his 95 Impala SS. I do have their catalog.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,017
    "It's much easier for the dealer to get them"

    Just offering info.

    And Tirerack will drop ship directly to a dealer for mounting.
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks for the info. Chats1
  • Hi,
    I have a GP GT 2003 (3800) - (P225 60R 16) wheels and I'd like to buy winter rims for my winter tires, therefore I could do the switch myself in the spring and the fall.

    I would like to do this the right way and make sure that I do not damage my rotors (e.g. if improperly tightened), etc...

    As far, what I know:
    - Tighten wheel nuts in a crisscross sequence.
    - Wheel torque (100 ft lb), from my car manual/guide.
    - Rotation, from my car manual/guide.

    i) The work (rims switch) will occur on the ground. Should it be done when the car is elevated (hoist) ??

    Reason: I read (somewhere) that it made a difference for special rims, like chrome rims.

    ii) The Tires/Rims will be balanced initially, and I'd like to know if I should have them balanced every time I put them on (once a year), or for example every 2 or 3 years is good enought ??

    Thanks in advance,
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