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Pontiac Grand Prix Tires and Wheels



  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I just saw this post. Did you guys get your questions answered? I need some winter wheels FOR my 2006 GXP.
  • I'm ordering tires today for my wife's GXP. Tire Rack has a special $194 for the front tires. They currently offer Bridgestone Blizzak tires in the same (rare) combination of 255/45/18 front and 225/50/18 rear for winter driving, although most posters on this site say they drive fine with the regular (summer max performance) Bridgestone RE050A.
    I'm sticking with the summer tires year round, as we live in Atlanta, and snow is rare.
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I live in WI, so I KNOW we'll get snow. I'm going to wait and see myself. I also have two Conti M&S, in the same size, that I had on the back of my Infiniti for the winter. I'll put those on if the stockers are too bad, otherwise, I'll use them for the dragstrip!
  • i got a decent set of winter tires (i live in MI) but i want rims.. i will need to buy new tires in 2 years if i drive on them until then.. so i was thinkin that i buy a new set of rims and tires and change em before winter.. so i want some 18" maybe 19" black machined rims for my car but im not exactly sure how big i can go without messing with the suspenion or anything. any ideas?
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    Depending how good or bad the stockers are, I'll actually go smaller for winter wheels and tires. Tire Rack shows that 17" will fit, plus, there's a LOT better tire selection, winter wise, for 17" as opposed to 18". As far as geometry, as long as you stay close to the diameter, and offset, you won't notice a thing. I'll drop down to a 215 width, so it will bite all the better. I know I'll lose some traction on dry, but in snow, it will dig a lot better.
  • Sorry guys, random gal question... my manual does not specify what psi my tires should be at... They are 17inch firestones... i drive a gt... any info please email me at

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859

    Every vehicle sold in the US has a vehicle placrad that lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. The placard is usually located on a doorpost or in the glovebox.

    I happen to have a book that summarizes this info by vehicle, and a 2000 Grand Prix didn't come with 17" tires, only 15" and 16". I can only assume the rims are from a later model. This changes everything and the pressure needs to be recalculated. Assuming you are using a P225/55R17's, the size the later models used, then the pressure would be 30 psi.

    If the size is different, then I'll need to know what the size is.
  • mike189mike189 Posts: 23
    i have a 2001 gtp special edition coupe,the special edition package comes with chrome wells,on day i noticed my car not riding like it usually does,i work for a bmw car dealer here in new jersey so i put the vehicle up in the air removed the rim ,i figured a bad tire valve,,,,,,,,,wrong the rim had corrosion on the inside of the valve seat,amazingly all four rims had damage ,i was pissed,my car is cleaner then some people houses,i never use acid to clean them ,so i called gm ,they advised me that i do have a gmpp ,xtended warranty,which covers all with no deductible,i didnt think rims would be covered,i had to bring the car to a dealer of my choice and they would send a rep to see it ,the rep couldnt believe it ,he took pictures and gave approval ,btw eac rim was $450.00 within 4 days i had new rims,my car has low mileage and is well taken care of as the rep commneted ,good thing i had the gmpp ,btw i wax the rims when i have the wheels off,it does help keeping them clean ,so if you see you start loosing air pressure in your tires ,check the rims ,according to a friend its common with chrome rims
  • dstettnerdstettner Posts: 2
    I had to replact two of the Goodyear tires on my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix after 18, 200 miles. They were rotated, balanced, and alligned. I think GM and Pontiac Division are using substandard tires. The car was driven by a middle age woman who does not abuse the vehicle. Let the buyer beware. Dan
  • jlegojlego Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Grand Prix SE. I purchased new 70000 mile tires for the car 42000 miles ago. I have a shop do all the work needed so I was taking the car in for rotation every 6-10K miles. Recently I had some break issues (worn pads only) and while looking at them I notices the inside treads of the tires were worn down pretty good. I took the car in for another rotation and asked them to look at it. They said that the Grand Prix's and Grand Am's have a built in negative camber in the rear wheels which causes excess wear on the inside treads. I'm not one to argue much, especially when thrown a curve ball like that so I had them finish the rotation and left. Does anyone have any idea if this is true? I'm deciding if I need to go to a new tire place or if these guys are ok. :confuse:
  • Check your front tires especially if you have over 15,000 mils on the vehicle. Look for excessive wear on the inside tread. Due to the condition of my vehicle I suspect a problem with front strut bushings. I need to know of similar problems. I know of another GXP in my area and it has the same problem as mine.
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Your's isnt the only one. My 2005 just had to have the tie rod ends replaced a few months ago. I only had 16,500 miles on it, and when I got it inspected, they showed me the front passenger had the belts showing on the inside tread. They also showed me how loose the tie rods were by grabbing one of the front tires, and rocking it back and forth. After taking it to the dealer, they told me the tie rod ends were bad, and covered everything under warranty. They even paid me $290 for one of the bad front tires. At that point though, I ordered 4 new tires all around (NOT original Bridgestones) for $595, so the money the dealer paid me went towards that. That's sad that at 16,000 miles something like that would go bad. I guess thats what happens on new cars when they first come out, and dont have years and years to work out the "bugs".
  • Has anyone had trouble with the O2 sensors on your car? I fix one then the other goes out! What kind of nonsense is that?!
  • I was wondering if Wheel Bearing Inc (WBI), Federal-Mogul and/or BCA/National wheel bub assemblies are good? There made in the USA and they sell cheap on ebay! I believe WBI makes hub assemblies for all those companies it says they do on their website. Any suggestions maybe on a better brand except AC Delco (there way too expensive).
  • hello
    i have a 2000 grand prix gtp.i recently put on some 20 inch chrome rims (u2 007). i did not drop or raise the car at all.the rims fit almost perfectly,a little scrub scrub in the back on speed bumps but thats about it. today i walked out of the store and noticed that my back wheels are not cambered straight. the tops of the rear tires are in farther then the bottoms looks like this /----\ . well not that bad at all but you get the idea.the front tires are cambered perfectly,so no need to worry about those. my question: is the rear camber adjustable,(factory)with out buying a camber kit? because with a camber like this i am going to go through some $150 a piece tires quick like,and i don't like that idea. any help you can give me will be great!! thanks!
  • I bought a 2004 gtp comp g and have just fouond that all four tires - kuhmo - have no tread and are showing belt on the inside hafl of the tires only, the outsides look great. I have only had the car for about 8months. Is this normal and does anyone know what the normal camber set up is? thanks very much
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I have a 2006 GXP. I think that this car will be an expensive car to maintain. I am neither hard on brakes nor tires. I traded my 2002 40th Anniversary GTP with 51,000 miles on it and never had to replace the tires or brakes!!! I had two other GTP's before the 2002 and never replaced either brakes or tires. Well, at 23,000 I had to replace the front brake pads and rotors had to be turned, and then at 25,000 I took the car in for a general inspection and oil change, and I was shocked to find out my tie rods they said were loose and had to be replaced and my two rear tires were badly worn on the inside and cupping!!! Tire rods were under the warranty. I had to pay for the two new tires which were replaced with the exact tires originally on the car. The price they gave me for two new tires including labor, etc., was $528.11, which I thought was a good price. But I really was shocked because I am not hard on tires or brakes. Just thought I would send this little message because of reading others with the same problem. chats1
  • I dont think it is normal wear... maybe for the Grand Prix it seems. I have 106,000 miles on my 20004 GTP comp G and I getting ready for my 3rd set of tires. I drive about 150 miles on the express way each day round trip to work, so not much hot rodding done on them.
    I also found out today that my tie rods ends have to be replaced and my left CV joint too. I am not to impressed with the newer GP's reliability!
  • I recently purchased my first Pontiac. It's a 2007 Grand Prix GT with 17,500 miles on it. Within a few days of my purchase, we had snow. I was terrified after a few moments on the road, because I started sliding EXTREMELY EASILY. I have always driven smaller cars, and I realize I am unused to a car the size of the GP which I now refer to as my death trap!! I have driven on snow for 13 years now though and never had so much trouble getting traction! The tires are Michelin MXV4 Plus and look new. After some research, I ordered some Goodyear Assurance TripleTred tires hoping my problem is just the tires! Has anyone else had an experience with those particular Michelin tires on snow and ice? I'm so scared of driving it in the snow that I've even considered trading the car for something else and taking snow days off work if it snows again before the new tires come in!! :cry:
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Pontiac seems to have a reputation for putting "performance" (summer) tires on most of their cars. I think is the main problem w/ trying to drive in snow. I have 2005 GXP that came with Bridgestone performance tires. They are very expensive to replace (around $290 just for 1 front tire), but they SUCK in the snow. Last winter I got caught twice trying to drive home for lunch in light snow (less than 3 inches), and both times pretty much feared for my life, and wondered if I would make it home. On 2 different occasions I either took a half day off, or the entire day off just because I didnt want to go thru the hassle of driving in the snow.

    Needless to say last May I replaced all 4 tires. This was due to my tie rods being defective at only 16,000 miles, and caused one of the front tires to wear down to the cords. I ordered Pirelli all seasons all the way around for around $600 total. Luckily my dealer pitched in for one of the front tires at $290, so I only had to pay a little over $300 for all new tires, front and back. So far this winter, there has been a world of difference! I feel like I can go thru snow now like all of the other cars. I dont spin or slide nearly as much, and I havent had to call off work yet this year! LOL
  • gearrgearr Posts: 21
    I have had 3 pontiac's and now am on my 4th I put goodyear's on
    all of them I found that thay work the best in all type's of weather
    I am from ohio so I know snow and ice.
  • I have a 2006 Pontiac GT with the 17 inch wheels (225/55 17). A buddy have given me a set of Bridgestone Blizzak 205/60 16 tires (free). I am trying to find a set of wheels for those snow tires. I am having trouble finding anything that will fit them. I did locate a 16 X 6 6.5, Black, Steel for a 2004-2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. Will this work? I am still looking at junk yards but not sure what size wheel I should be looking for. :confuse:
  • does it matter what size rims you put on a Pontiac Grand Prix GT ?
  • Well I have to agree. Took my wifes car into the tire shop today and the owner couldn't even guess what the strange wear pattern was from. We both checked the strut towerers for wear marks as thats what it looks like is happening. When we called the dealer he advised us to take it in and have the alignment checked. And he would see what our extended warranty covered. This car is driven by a 48yr old middle school teacher back and forth each day a whopping 4 miles. My first exp. with Goodyear is not a good one. Ours is a 2005 as well. :confuse:
  • polk40polk40 Posts: 1
    Hey what's up im new to this but my name is Ryan and i drive a pontiac grand prix sittin on 22" rims
  • henryval3henryval3 Posts: 1
    I have the perfect wheels for your car. We just purchased a 2004 GP and 4 mounted winter tires were included. The tires are Bridgestone Blizzak Revo 1 Size: 215 65R16 and are like new with no visible wear! The wheels are ASA JS5 Silver.
  • I had pitting on the outside of all 4 of my rims. I bought my GXP brand new in November and by April they were all pitting. I took them to the dealer and the GM rep had to come in to okay the warranty work. I am nervous that these rims will never last a winter. The tires did fine and this was one of Wisconsin's snowiest winters in a while, but the rims...that's another story.
  • oneadam13oneadam13 Posts: 1
    Sorry if this has been asked before...

    2007 GP owner and the rear wheels are angled in, why? Can I correct it? I noticed many others with the same problem.

    My tires are wearing on the inside very quickly.

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