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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Highlander!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

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Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • ellybillellybill Member Posts: 5
    Karen/ Got my highlander on 1/09/01,was fist one in my county. Had been waiting over 6 months to see and drive one. Drove it about 60 miles and bought it. Needless to say, dealer didn't give it away, but I was satisfied with drive out. It is 2wd,v6 and can find no problems or nothing to complain about! Had 2000 4runner which I had to get rid of as my hip joint has gone out and after climbing up and in the 4runner, the pain was really bad,the HL is great as you just slide in.
    as for discussions, it would be great if folks would read their manuals before posting questions and post only their comments about likes and dislikes and operating tips like they run great on regular gas, performance and MPG. thanks for starting this' owners club'
    old bill
  • twillowstwillows Member Posts: 5
    Purchased my V6 HL with leather (withOUT getting the Limited Pkg), with convenience pkg (keyless entry & tonneau), roof rack, pwr seat, tinted glass, hitch installed, mats front,rear,cargo; alloy wheels, wheel locks, CD, etc. for $2K below MSRP. Yup...I know I could have done better six months from now on price, but I wouldn't be driving the closest thing to a Camry wagon for the next six months either! It is my third Toyota purchase since 1988 and they are as near to flawless as you get. With only one fillip to its credit, I shouldn't even quote the 23.0 mpg, but maybe it is an indication of things to come.... but am still keeping it in the 55 mph range for the first 1000 miles per the book. I plan to add photos to the Owner's page as soon as gets cranking. Uploaded them an hour ago and they still have not posted to their site for me to reference to Edmunds with. The HL is solid white with taupe perforated leather and feels real soft. Ted in sunny Florida....
  • shl72953shl72953 Member Posts: 53
    Wally at this end. Read about the Highlander on Sunday (local newspaper), took a look at a stripped down black one on Monday, and bought a fully loaded white Limited on Tuesday. (2-6-01) Had previously ordered an Escape on 9/1 under the Ford Z Plan but when it wasn't even scheduled to be built by 1/5, I cancelled. Had figured on waiting until the 2002's were eligible to be ordered and planned to get one of those, sans all the troubles that Ford has encountered during the first year of production. Gave up the Escape and about 9 grand more to get into the HL but figured it was worth it. Probably would have preferred something other than white but didn't want to wait and with the gold package it turned out pretty well. Have added some creature comforts (CB radio, backup alarm system, temp and compass cromatic mirror,Valentine One radar detector, all hardwired in) and am very impressed overall with the vehicle. Have put around 1600 miles on and am averaging right at 19 mpg. Had I known a little more about the Matrix, I might have been tempted to wait but details were awfully sketchy at the time. Waiting now for a center console from the dealer but not getting much encouragement as to the availability. Will try to respond to any questions but am very limited in terms of mechanical abilities. My former students also accused me of lying a lot. Oh, well...
  • sstobersstober Member Posts: 14
    Picking up my Limited HL in 2 hours from now. Millenium silver and completely loaded. (I'm not happy about having to wait for the centre console, however). Reason for choosing the HL over the MDX was twofold. 1. I like the drive of the HL over the MDX (wasn't at all impressed with the MDX). 2. Honda lease finance limited what I could put down in cash to 25% of the MSRP which would have left me me with a hefty monthly payment. Toyota allowed me to put down whatever I wanted and I'm left with a very low monthly. These chat rooms are terrific; I use one for my BMW cruiser motorcycle & has been very helpful with tips, common issues etc. - Steve
  • tomshadletomshadle Member Posts: 11
    Could you tell me who installed your mirror/compass? The salesman said I could get the
    mirror/compass from the Camry installed after-market.
    Thanks, Tom
  • shl72953shl72953 Member Posts: 53
    I had a local customizing shop recommended by the sales manager and service manager do the installation of all four items. I had asked that the dealership do the work because I didn't want any hassle over warranty violations. They said that any problems would be covered by the customizer and that the Toyota warranty wouldn't be affected. The mirror is the same one commonly advertised in many car magazines but I can't think of the name right off hand. I saved a few bucks by not having the temp feature connected since it is displayed on the information center.
  • rousselroussel Member Posts: 15
    We will be picking up our limited edition HL tonight. Paid $3K below MSRP thru Costco. Also inquired thru Autobytel. Both are willing to beat each other's price. So, ended up getting the lowest price from Costco dealer, who threw in the center console option at no additional cost. Test drove HL several times, and loved the smooth ride. We initially set our mind in getting just the SR5 with leather seats, but thought the additional cost to get all the other options that we like is worth getting the limited edition, plus we think we really got a great deal on this one anyway.
  • sasfiedsasfied Member Posts: 1
    Good experience in buying--I take delivery tomorrow. Managed to negotiate a $2,300 discount off MSRP on loaded Limited. Chose over ML320 and MDX primarily on build quality of ML and lack of vsc on MDX. Saw picture of MDX on roof with remark about how strong roof pillars were and that was enough.
  • sam815sam815 Member Posts: 3
    Presently negotiating price on HL 4x4 4cyl with options. I went to dealer since a friend of mine
    had previously done business there. The Sales Manager I'm working with is Tim McPherson and he is at Autoland in Springfield NJ off Rt. 22. He can be reach at (973)467-2900 Ext. 6051. Mention that you were referred by Serafin Melecio, I,m sure he will know who that is. Should be able to get below MSRP. Who know's I may get even better price. Good Luck!
  • rousselroussel Member Posts: 15
    Picked up our limited edition HL yesterday. Paid almost $3K under MSRP (YEAH!), purchased Toyota Platinum warranty, 6yr/100K, for $1025, since we plan on keeping this vehicle for good. Highly recommend those serious buyers to check out Autobytel or Costco. We really love our new car!
  • chucknmilchucknmil Member Posts: 2
    Our 4 cyl HL is on it's 1st thousand miles of what we hope (and believe) will be 100K! Excellent in ALL areas....except fuel consumption. Anyone got any ideas?

    Also, we noticed a vibration/rattle sound on our bumpy road and on the h'wy. Dealer was baffled until my wife finally deduced: the roof rack had a loose bar. We tightened the knob on it 1/2 turn and, "Voila" noise!
  • devlopperdevlopper Member Posts: 44
    Thanks to all of you for reporting your purchase price in relation to MSRP! Now, if you would be so gracious as to let us know what state you bought your vehicle it would sure help the rest of us.

  • rousselroussel Member Posts: 15
    Hanlees Toyota in Davis, CA is where I bought our car for about $2900 below MSRP (thru Costco). Roseville Toyota, CA has offered it to me about $2800 below MSRP (thru Autobytel). Got the 2 dealers to beat each other's price, why I got the lowest discount from Hanlees. Good luck!!!
  • john_lisejohn_lise Member Posts: 22
    Well... soon to be anyway. This is why we purchased our HL, picked it up last week. Safety, comfort, luxury and no center console (so we can get to our new baby quickly). We purchased a fully loaded LTD., AWD V6, black in color. In Canada they come only two ways: base and fully loaded. Although fully loaded is 9200$ more, for a total MSRP of 45300$ (if you are curious what this runs in USD: 1$Can=1.54$US), it is definitely worth it! The deal we got (after some tough negotiating) is $2800 under MSRP (or dealer cost + 5%).
    The heated leather seats are awesome, the 6 CD changer, JBL sound system.. again awesome, but most of all VSC AWD. We live in Nova Scotia and we got the ``Norwester`` storm...(8 inches) a couple of days ago.... The HL is phenomenal in snow!!! We are very happy. Got 20 mpg on the first tank.... of course this is break in speeds and acceleration. Still waiting for my hood defector....
  • bosco13bosco13 Member Posts: 2
    Picked up my HL on 2/28. One week old. Handling, ride and creature features are all that I've come to expect from Toyota. A co-worker looked at mine and said she heard it was "the next step up" from a 4Runner. She was shocked to learn it was about 20% less than a comparably equipped 4Runner. One suggestion for future models. You need more cubby-holes to stash things like cell phones, wallets, garage door openers, etc.
  • cooziecoozie Member Posts: 2
    Hello HL Folks,

    My wife and I recently took delivery of a V6, 4WD, un-Limited (SR5) Highlander. After extensive research on the net (with special thanks to Cliffy1 and Autobytel) and some bottom fishing at a northern Virginia dealership, we were able to land a deal @ 3K under MSRP (in Fredericksburg, Va.). Now, despite my ramblings that follow, I can assure that we are MOST pleased with our purchase. But, I must admit that our first impression of the HL was that it lacked style and pizzazz. This was, of course, after looking at the sporty styling of the 4Runner and the glitziness of the Sequoia. But add the sunroof, spoiler and roof rack to the Vintage Gold color HL and it dresses up quite nicely. After our purchase, we had planned to purchase an extended warranty through 1SourceAutoWarranty.Com. But, the dealer came in with identical B2B coverage, 6 year/100k mile Toyota warranty for $950, slightly (50 bux) above 1Source. (Note: After studying the contractual fine print, I personally became a bit leery of the on-line auto warranties as they seemed to come across as kin to an HMO – and you know how much we all LOVE HMO’s!). Wife also opted for the aftermarket stuff. You know, undercoat, paint and interior fabric protection (kids!) Not bad for $595. What the heck, it’s her HL.

    My thoughts thus far?

    Pros: Nice stable ride & handling. Similar to the Camry we previously owned (before we made the dreadful mistake of buying a 97 Dodge Caravan which proved woefully problematic). Roomy enough for the whole family. The kids love it! Ample legroom for driver & passengers over 6 foot tall. Very practical for those somewhere in between the Minivan-SUV niche. Can’t wait for the first ski trip!

    Cons: (and I hope folks at Toyota take note) Take this test next time you’re cruisin down the road at, say, 45 miles an hour. Fully roll down only the rear passenger windows… and hold on. If I’m correct, you will be visited by an incredible aerodynamically induced, harmonic head pounding thump. What is up with that? I can only hope that the driver door and front passenger door wind/rain deflectors I plan to install will minimize this obvious aero-flaw. Also, the location of the driver and front passenger cup holders are in a lousy location. (I see the potential in the future for a police officer to assume your distraction is due to your fumbling around looking for your non-government approved, old style pocket cell phone). And I find that Toyota, at any level, builds far too superior a vehicle not to include items such as: automatic door locks when shifting into “drive”; a “near empty” gas gauge chime to supplement the idiot light; storage drawer under front passenger seat; fog lights as standard equipment (the silly finned grilles on the un-Limited are rather cheesy); and gee whiz, how about a single pinstripe? Finally, as with the Camry, cool it with the constant flashing seatbelt lights. There are some of us who, at times, cannot get comfortable with ANY seatbelt. Although I use it more often than not, I prefer to make the choice.

    We plan to keep this vehicle for a number of years and delight in our return to Toyota. So instead of the little “bug of dread” that usually plants itself into the back of our minds as we hit the 100K mile mark in previously owned American made vehicles, we look forward to that milestone in the HL where we will simply hit the gas and SMILE :-) !!!
  • lcjibrownlcjibrown Member Posts: 1
    Help; I need the e-mail address for costco
  • toyotawalttoyotawalt Member Posts: 15
    I joined the proud group of HL owners at the end of January. As most of you did, I tried several SUVs (including the Lexus RX) and even AWD station wagons, but waited until HL came out before I bought. I'm glad I did.
    Never spent this kind of money on a vehicle before, but it is also my third Toyota and therefore it was an easy decision. I got the AWD v6 with Limited, VSC and a number of other goodies.
    With nearly 1500 miles on it, here are my early impressions:
    Pros: Great car/truck whatever. "Toyota Quality" isn't just a pair of strung-together words. Good and comfortable seating thoughout. Built for people! Outside mirrors are excellent (providing good visibility around), controls are intuitive, although somewhat different from previous Toyota experience. While the ride is a little more jiggly than the Camry, it's not unexpected, and the best SUV I've tried. Powerful engine, great brakes. Super sound system (6-cd JBL). And it's got something I hadn't planned for: head-turning potential. I was having supper at a friend's house, and a stranger came to the door to comment on the nice-looking vehicle in the driveway!!!
    Cons: Well, the lack of center console tops the list. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still results in scarce storage for any item more than three inches across. And the front cupholders are not the best. They also are not as bad as I expected, but the insertion of a soda can or a "Gulp" must be done by the Braille method. No spill yet.
    Now to the name: I don't have children, but I do teach a Jr Hi Sunday School class; and they have historically helped me with naming my cars. The 1990 Corolla was named "the Toy," and later became "Junior" after I got the 94 Camry. (Think Sean Connery's accent when calling to Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones film). The Camry was "Traveler" (Robert E. Lee's horse). The 01 Highlander has already been dubbed "Silver," possibly because it came with the most delightful Millenium Silver finish.
    Hi-yo Silver, away!
  • georgejacksongeorgejackson Member Posts: 9
    Notice that several members have received $2000 to $3000 off MSRP for a HL. Our local Costco dealer rep say their contract is only $1500 off. Autobytel indicates about the same. I am interested in how others got this great Costco discount.
  • alex_huynhalex_huynh Member Posts: 8

    Where can you get those wind/rain deflector for the Highlander? Will they cause damage to the paint once taken off? Thanks.
  • daltexdaltex Member Posts: 19
    I live in Dallas, and so far NONE of the dealers in the area (including the Autobytel rep) have hardly even budged from MSRP. For those of you who have gotten the $2-3k BELOW MSRP deals, can you give me a contact/phone # for your dealer??

    (Also, what is Costco's website? I tried the obvious, but it was just a discount warehouse, not a auto dealer). THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP!
  • osoriobosoriob Member Posts: 44
    Finally made it past the 1000 mile break in period...
    PROS: This SUV rocks going down the Highway, love the power that it delivers. The wife and I are Very happy with it. room and comfort is excellent both up front and rear, those arm-rest really make it comfy during long trips.
    Gas mileage so far---close to 22MPG at 70MPH
    Found a great use for those 2 extra buttons on the visor (HOME LINK system)one controls my Garage opener--the other one the exterior lights around the house (X-10 leviton system) and the third button.... controls the FOG-LIGHTS that I installed on the highlander using the (auxiliary REMOTE LIGHTING SYSTEM by RALLY Manufacturing Inc.)
    It saved me from drilling holes on the firewall and putting in an after market switch on the console.

    CONS: No place, but the floor to put the CELL PHONE while charging, CUP holders should be below the shifter (at least ONE), the fabric on the seats that I wish was a little darker and finally the only thing I really miss is the rear flip up window/ access that I had on my rodeo.I think toyota could fix it by installing an automatic roll down window like the 4-runner.

    We paid 500 below MSRP, it was the best we could do, at the time. 25 days after it hit dealerships in California. But it is worth every penny.
    happy motoring fellow drivers!
  • mkstringmkstring Member Posts: 53
    Hello, I bought a HL for my wife on 2/15 (I am the only income so yes, I bought it). We're both 28, have a 3 year old and a newborn. We were in the market for a minivan. The walk-thru seating and the room on a van were the things we needed most. Since I drove a 98 Accord, were planning on being repeat Honda buyers. While having her brother finance a 92 toyota pickup i bought used (traded in her old buick), she saw and fell in love with the HL. And, after looking at it seriously, liked it better than the van. And, for the 3 days we had it, we loved it. We expect to get it out of the shop on 3/16.

    We bought a Base V6 AWD with mats, security, tinted windows, compass/temp rearview mirror, and i don't remember what else :).

    Paid $1200 below MSRP at a Houston Dealer, just cuz her brother worked the sales mgr for us. And, we even liked the sales guy.
  • rrmcdonaldrrmcdonald Member Posts: 29
    Only had it for 3 days before the shop? Are you the one who, while driving it home, had an accident?

    I bought my wife's Sundown Red Limited on 2-14, and I got her 96 Accord (she drives our children and their friends around town more than me). We love it so far. One drawback - she isn't tall enough to wash it, so I get to do that.
  • ycr1ycr1 Member Posts: 17
    Does anyone know where I can get aftermarket parts for my Toyota Highlander? Just purchased vehicle on 2/9 and would like to add fog lights and running boards. The dealer doesn't have these parts yet.
  • osoriobosoriob Member Posts: 44
    There isn't too many aftermarket parts for the highlander yet, is going to be a while before you find running boards, I read some where that NERF bars will have something by the end of april,

    as far as the fog lights go, you have to order just the fog lights from toyota (they are specially shaped to fit on them holes) and here is a good place (Always 25% off Genuine Toyota Parts at then you will have to get a wiring harness from an autostore like pep-boys or autozone, I installed a remote operated one from RALLY on my highlander, it comes with 2 remote controls and you can progam your (HOMELINK) buttons on the visor to turn the lights on and OFF. it works great.
  • mkstringmkstring Member Posts: 53
    rrmcdonald: yep - that was me. Nice to know I'm famous for something ;-). Once we get it back, I'm going to spend some quality time with it in a large parking lot.

    yc1: look in the "Toyota Highlander Owners" group, there's a section for accessories. I posted the note about them being avail. around the end of April, per one online shop.
  • rrmcdonaldrrmcdonald Member Posts: 29
    Glad no one was hurt and you are soon to have your HL back...
  • wh98wh98 Member Posts: 1
    mkstring: could you post the dealership/sales rep info here? I'll probbaly start shopping around soon... Thanks.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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  • georgejacksongeorgejackson Member Posts: 9
    I was surprised to settle a price with the dealer and then he added the Toyota ad fee ($270), doc prep fee ($45), and tire recycle fee ($5). Anyone else run across this? Understand the tire fee is California only.

    Also, my Costco membership is not saving me any money. The best deal I have found so far is $1500 above the above fees.
  • rlan52rlan52 Member Posts: 2
    We got our 4WD, V6 non-Limited HL a little over a week ago. We absolutely love it and enjoy driving it. We had the same problems getting one as everyone else. Our Toyota Dealer was not willing to negotiate one bit and in order to get one without waiting a long time, we had to settle on one with a bunch of options we would not have ordered(but we do like them, especially the moon roof)and a color that was not our first choice. My question is this, we are not thrilled with the Charcoal interior and it seems like it will show each and every stain(we have two young boys). Does anyone have any Ideas/experience with seat covers? Does Toyota offer these as an after market acc.? Has anyone found a better way to deal with this issue?. BTW, we ended up with a price of $850 under MSRP. We did walk out thinking they would call us back in and offer a better price but they did not. We ended up going back to them when we found that no other dealers would even consider a better price. I was originally considering a Hyundai Sante Fe which I drove and liked as well but, in the 4WD, V6 there were none to be had. The Hyundai Dealers were not willing to budge of of MSRP either...
  • gwkisergwkiser Member Posts: 326
    Daltex, if you have access to Sam's Club, use their membership services (car buying club) to find the local cooperating dealer. FYI, AAA Texas has a similar plan. In S.A., the dealer is Cavender Toyota. Be aware that you must wait for the club to give you a contact person before you can contact the dealer. Although I did not buy from this dealership (as the dealer I bought my '97 Avalon matched their price), the contact was in the Fleet Sales dept. At this dealership, I was told that the pricing structure was the same whether I used my Sam's contact or the AAA Texas contact. My recommendation is: (1) Go online here at Edmund's and / or Kelly Blue Book to get dealer cost / MSRP. I found their prices to be accurate. Print out the vehicle configured with the specs that you want. (2) Contact the club (maybe even and get the contact name and phone. (3) Call the contact to make an appointment to test drive. (4) Commit the salesperson to a price ( not list or above). I was told that I could get the HL I wanted the way I wanted in about 4-6 weeks. List was about $31,500, price quoted was about $28,600. Only tax, title, and registration was added (about $250). No other add-on fees, etc.
    Good luck.
  • shelby101999shelby101999 Member Posts: 4
    I just wanted to add my two cents on consoles. I find not having one makes it a bit more roomy. I also like having the cupholders away from any crucial areas (just in case of spills). The kids spilled soda all over my hubby's radio and shifter. Not very easy to clean up. The radio buttons still stick.

    I find that having that open space is great to put my purse. In the Camry it was always on the passenger seat, the floor, in the backseat with the kids. I like having it readily available, especially on the turnpike, drive throughs, etc.

    I have an V6 in India Ink color and many people have stopped me and said how much they love the color. It has gone over 1,000 miles and through six snows and I absolutely love it.
  • adman2adman2 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased my Highlander yesterday, and was completely suprised to find out that the dealer gave me 2,000 under MSRP without much of a struggle.

    For those of you wanting to know, I bought at Courtesy Toyota in Brandon, FL. Salesman was Jared.

    All I have to say is that these people were world class. Test drive was no pressure, as they just tossed me the keys! No high pressure tacktics etc.

    Needless to say, I am very pleased with the vehicle and the price. I was also pleased when I was the one to drive the truck off the lot. The dealer had 2 in stock, and there was a line of people waiting to test drive and buy them.

    I would highly recommend this truck to ANYONE. Only drawback is that darn missing console. They could have put at least a cubby under the shifter. One can only hope that Toyota figures this out and offers an aftermarket center console.
  • cap420cap420 Member Posts: 6
    I always wanted a Land Cruiser but didn't have the budget. Saw the Highlander and figured, work up to your goals... they look the same anyways -- at least at some angles. : )

    So we (me, wife, and baby) spent St. Patrick's Day getting our Indigo Ink Pearl V6 Leather Limited Highlander last Saturday 3/17 from San Francisco Toyota. Ask for Rita and Lloyd - very cool. Paid close to $2000 below MSRP on a difficult color / package so we're extremely happy.

    Man, it is hard trying to stay within the "break in" limits for the first 1,000 miles. No heavy accelerating / stopping, or driving no faster than 55? This car wants to come alive. The AWD/4WD paired with the suspension is AWESOME. I've driven an Audio A4 Quattro and a Ford Explorer 4x4, and the Highlander feels more like the sportier Audi than the Ford truck -- it grabs and almost leans INTO corners. If TRD comes out with performance upgrades (i.e. supercharger), we're in for one serious grocery cart.

    Pros: SOLID ride, SOLID V6 engine, SOLID construction, SUPER road visibility, GOOD sound system (6 disc), GOOD breaking, GOOD rear reclining passenger seats & leg room, OK power drivers seat, OK climate controls, OK wood trim.

    Cons: there seems to be a consensus here but where can I put my phone? We didn't want a center console (for baby access), but still, Toyota should have built at least one sizable compartment other than the glove to put junk into. There's only the ashtray and that coin holder to the left of the steering wheel. Make that ashtray into a big drawer and you got some happy campers out there. I wonder if the RX300 owners have the same gripe.

    Conclusion: Awesome family car for the family who doesn't want the traditional mini-van. My boy will probably drive it and try to impress the girls.

    Here's to many happy miles to you and yours.


    Mini-Land Cruiser
    San Francisco, CA
  • mkstringmkstring Member Posts: 53
    I'm curious on the "offical" word about the break in period. I know it says it in the book, but is it really necessary with the engines today?

    Also, about the cell phone thing. I'm considering a handfree assembly for mine. It's kinda necessitated it with the Highlander, and I'd rather do it now before i'm forced to...

    And, congrats. Getting our two kids in and out of ours (3yo and 7mos) is much easier than our Accord.
  • dniehusdniehus Member Posts: 83
    A center console IS an option (SK) on the HL. It is shown in the brochure. Compared to other vehicles, the console is fairly small. However, it would readily handle a cell phone, CD's, etc. Plus, it places cupholders at a more reasonable height/location than on the FLOOR. (Good grief, who came up with that idea?) Also note that a center console is standard equipment on the Lexus RX300. I understand that a console can be added later. For some reason, they seem to be in short supply, at least in certain areas.
  • pyrman7pyrman7 Member Posts: 3
    Picked up our HL on 3/17-Limited dark green-everything but center console.Dealer said we could order later,not available now.Drove it home thru 10" of snow without problems.Traded a 96 4Runner-wow what a difference in ride!We love the HL!Got 1800 off MSRP
  • gregt1310gregt1310 Member Posts: 2
    Daltex - I live in the Dallas area and I received an e-mail from the Internet Manager at Metroplex Toyota. They are offering $1500 off of ANY HL. Here is the info:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Your price on any Highlander will be $1,500 off MSRP. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 972-283-6381, if I am not available one of my assistants, Tre or Jim, will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for spending the time to e-mail me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Barbie Kopacki
    Internet / Fleet Manager
    Metroplex Toyota
    730 E I 20
    Duncanville, Texas 75116
    [email protected]
    972-283-6381 direct
    972-263-2355 metro
    972-709-9064 fax

    Good luck and happy shopping!!

  • pyrman7pyrman7 Member Posts: 3
    I've got nearly 900 miles on my HL-still can't believe how smooth and quiet it is,even at 60 mph.We are averaging about 19 mpg in rural driving.I had 3 4Runners and thought they were good,can't hold a candle to the Highlander.
  • localboy49localboy49 Member Posts: 4
    I am picking up my new HL next week and want to get feedback from anyone who have bought the Base model with 2WD and the 4 cylinder motor. I test drove the HL with the smaller motor the other day and it seemed fine going up the steep hills. It wasn't the fastest but it was quite responsive once the overdrive was clicked off so it wouldn't keep shifting between the two high gears.
    I've been reading the various messages and haven't come across too many owners of the 4 cylinder HL. Your input to me would be deeply appreciated. Cruizin in Hawaii...
  • marphylousmarphylous Member Posts: 16
    We've had the 4x2 6 cylinder AL for about three weeks and 650 miles. I am very satisfied with the vehicle. We live in a mild climate so 4 wheel drive is not a necessity. It handles well in suburban driving and has good power. It took a little while to get used to the brakes, but they seem to be able to bring the vehicle to a stop in a reasonable distance. I have not seen any detailed road tests. It is a very comfortable and quiet car.

    We purchased the car by getting quotes from dealers through We got the car for about 4000 below MSRP (100 below invoice) by looking at dealerships as far as 500 miles away. It cost a few hundred to have the car shipped to us, but the car price we got was deemed "impossible" by the local dealers. The good price made it possible for us to get the side impact air bags which seem, at least in CA, to require the "limited" with leather and ad changer. The result is that we are enjoying a more luxurious car than we thought we could afford.

    I've been following the posting regarding the Japanese version of the console and wonder if it will be possible to get it in the US and if it will be compatible with the cup holders? I suspect that in Japan they do not have the cup holders, as the Japanese think it is inappropriate to eat or drink in a car.
  • chucknritachucknrita Member Posts: 1
    Where in CA (what dealership) did you get your HL for $4000 below MSRP ($100 under invoice)? That's a really good price, considering some of the posts I've been reading about outrageous HL prices.
  • georgejacksongeorgejackson Member Posts: 9
    Where is the dealership and the name of the salesman? I am ready to buy, but the best I have found is about $1500 over invoice.
  • marphylousmarphylous Member Posts: 16
    I bought the car from Toyota of the Desert in Cathedral City, CA. The salesman's name is Dan Dixon. He is an Internet Sales Director and Fleet Manager. The number is 800-479-5744 or 760-328-0871. E-mail is [email protected].

    It is possible that the good price was partially the result of the fact that the car (2WD and green) may not be the hottest seller in the desert. However, it was what I was looking for.

    Let us (Highlander Owners) know how it works out.
  • zemmy2zemmy2 Member Posts: 5
    I recently got a 4cyl. 4x4 HL and I have no complaints. The engine is just fine for what we will be using it for. I don't find it slow at all. My wife initially wanted the V6 but after driving them both she said the 4cyl is fine. Either way you can't go wrong. It is a really nice car. Got rid of a '98 Contour for it. Night and day difference. From what I hear the 4 cyl. is in higher demand than what Toyota thought. The dealer said it was supposed to be 90/10 6cyl vs. 4cyl. but they are coming in more like 50/50. At least in the midwest anyway.
  • dean2sm1dean2sm1 Member Posts: 34
    In looking over the "How much did I pay" section, I note nobody had the factory installed hitch, but many the TO prep package. Is this because factory has problems with hitch supply or wiring harness? Are some of you getting after market hitch? If so, no problem getting add-on wiring? Local parts dept. told me Toyota not able to come up with satisfactory add on harness; blowing fuses, etc. Would appreciate comments. I'll supply my purchase price as soon as I get ordered HL, which may, or may not, have desired hitch. Thanks dean2sm1
  • christina490christina490 Member Posts: 2
    I've had my silver HL for 2 weeks and love it. After driving a Blazer.......well you can imagine. Today I drove it on a 450 mile trip, as fast as 80 mph and jockeying with the 18 wheelers. It has more than enough energy for hills, passing, etc and got 25 mpg on this trip.
    I like it more each time I drive it. Do not be afraid of the 4 cylinder engine. It's great.

    I had leather installed after market for $1000 and it looks every bit as good as the Limited factory leather. It was the only feature of the Limited I really wanted on my base model.
  • timunderwoodtimunderwood Member Posts: 1
    Dear Martin R (and others),

    How much of a hassle is it to get a car delivered from hundreds of miles away? Any drawbacks with dealing over the phone? I live east of Sacramento and will probably have to buy in SoCal to get a decent price (though I hear San Rafael is pretty good).

    Thanks for you help,
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