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Pontiac Grand Prix Rattles, Clunks and other odd Noises



  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    "Did the removal of the badges leave any mark on the paint? "



  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Posts: 38
    only for me cuz im [non-permissible content removed] handy you know what i mean......
  • billgxpbillgxp Posts: 13

    Where did you get the "PONTIAC" lens logo for the third brake light??

  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    the hissing sound cannot be heard normally just sitting in the seat. i just noticed mine the other day when i had the door opened. i thought id put my head down to the speaker in the door, and i could hear it. but sitting in the driver's seat, i couldnt hear a thing. i live in a small dead-end street neighborhood too, so there was no other sounds to be heard.

    i dont think that it is as big of a deal as some people have made it to be, unless they can hear theirs while sitting in their seat. i fiddled w/ mine on friday, and found that it must have to do with the keyless entry system. if i sat there w/ my ear by the speaker and the door opened, i heard it, but after 30 seconds or so, it stopped. then, if i hit the unlock or lock button on my key FOB, the hiss would come back, and the "ding ding" sound also plays thru the speaker. if i had to guess, it sounds like this "ding ding" sound is just played extraordinarily loud, and when that sound isnt being played, all that can be heard is the "hissing". im pretty sure the manual gives instructions on how to alter the sound level of that entry "dinging". im not sure what mine is set to, but its plenty loud enough for me. maybe some of these other people have theirs set louder and can hear the hiss more than me.

    one thing to check is to see if the "ding" sound can be turned OFF thru the programming set up in the manual. ill bet that would fix the hissing. On the downside though, there would be no entry/door lock alert noises either.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks for the tip about the seek/scan buttons on the left side of the steering wheel when you want to fast forward or backwards playing a CD. I tried it this morning. Works much better than the actual reverse or forward buttons -- they take too long. Thanks alot.
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    I dont' mean to upset anyone in here. Im just saying that a lot of these problems arent really big enough get bent out of shape over.

    If GM did know about the hissing problem, maybe they didnt think it was that big of a deal to go and totally redesign the entire speaker/keyless entry system to fix it. Maybe there werent enough complaints received for them to actually worry about it. My GXP is a 2005, and the only way I can hear it hissing is if i put my ear right next to the speaker in the door, otherwise I dont hear it. I havent checked this on the 2006 model, so im not sure if its the same or not. Have you tried adjusting the volume of the door chime? Im pretty sure there is a way to set that in the manual. Maybe that will help with your hissing sound.

    I know how you feel about dealing with GM service, Chats1. I did enough of that when I had my Equinox. I wasnt directing that comment at you either, I was merely stating that it seems lately that subject keeps coming up over and over. I would rather read about good experiences and helpful tips about the GXP than read about complaints on GM's service dept. Its much better to be able to read about someone else's success in solving a potential problem, or sharing valuable information on here.

    Also, when I commented about parents buying their kids cars, I wasnt implying that it is totally wrong for every situation. Its just that there are some kids out there that are not deserving of an expensive gift like that, and are already spoiled enough. They should be made to go out and get a job and learn to earn their money, instead of having everything handed to them. But, there are also a lot of other kids that actually do receive a gift like that. They are the ones that are hard working and deserve such a reward. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

    There is always good and bad about someone's comments. They shouldnt always be taken as totally one-sided.

    Im sorry if I have offended anyone in this forum.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    It doesn't have anything to do with the keyless entry system. And, I only hear it when I put my ear to the door speakers on either the driver's side or passenger's side and when I sit in the car before starting it I hear it either coming from the middle light or OnStar (I can't tell which); then it goes out. It's either coming from the light or OnStar which has a microphone and since your car is always being monitored by OnStar, the microphone is obviously still on even though you turned the car off. OnStar goes off after 48 hours if your car is not in use so that the battery is not drained. Your car is always being monitored. If it is, indeed, coming from the microphone in OnStar, the only solution would probably be to put a foil box around the microphone. Who's going to do that.

    You're not at all upsetting me with your comments. That's what this forum is all about. Speak your mind!! I appreciate all the help I get and want to know of anyone's difficulties to see if I might be or could be experiencing the same problems. So far, this car has been wonderful except for the humming/hissing. I'll say no more. Actually, I didn't even know I had this problem, until someone raised it on this forum. I sent a comment back and said I don't have the humming/hissing in my car. I got a response back saying "Yes, you do. Listen to your side door speakers and mirror." I did, and he was right. So, see, I didn't even realize I had the problem. This forum told me I did. So you shouldn't criticize me for all my complaining. This forum brought it all on!! That's why the service manager told me to stay off this site!! Have a good weekend. Have to get some work done. Hopefully, I'll be able to cut out early. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate everyone's comments and help. I'm not sensitive and don't take offense. Chats1
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    I didnt realize mine made the hissing sound until i read it on here too :) I decided to listen for it one day, and when i couldnt detect it, thats when i put my ear to the door speaker. What i tried though, with the door open, was to take the keyless entry FOB and press the door lock/unlock button, which makes the familiar "ding ding ding" sound come out of the speakers. While still holding my ear by the speaker, i sat and waited about 20 seconds, and the hissing finally stopped! To me, it just makes sense that the "ding ding ding" sound turns into a hiss after it gets "played". Try recording anything at a low volume level and play it back loud enough so you can hear it clearly. You will definitely hear speaker hiss/hum once the main recording is over.

    As for Onstar monitoring your car, i just dont believe that. Especially if you dont purchase their monthly plan. How could they afford to constantly monitor EVERY vehicle produced with onstar at any given time, even if people arent paying for it? True, if you turn the system on to call their service center, they can track you. And yes, if the car gets stolen, they can trace the locator in your system, but i highly doubt they would be monitoring that signal every second of the day for millions of cars that have Onstar installed in them. Besides, if it IS Onstar that is causing the problem, what does having the door be open or shut have to do with them? Onstar operates whether the door is open or shut. Doesnt the hissing sound stop once the doors are shut? (or the keyless entry dinging sound stops? hint hint, lol)
  • gxp4megxp4me Posts: 7
    Hey everyone ... I have a problem and was wondering if anyone has some input for me.

    Just recently I noticed that there seems to be a rattle coming from inside the drivers side door. It just started recently and isn't very loud but it is annoying since your ear is like right there.

    Anyone have any ideas? :confuse:


  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    No, I haven't heard any rattling in my door. But, I believe I did with one of my GTP's. The dealer fixed it. What dealer did you buy your car from, since you're from South Jersey? Take it back to them. You're under warranty. I bother my dealer all the time if I have a problem. They're used to me and are a great dealer.

    Now, I had a inch and a half long and half inch wide piece of sheet metal in my rear tire. When I got home the other night I heard this loud hissing. Computer came on halfway to the gas station telling me to check pressure. I already knew. I went straight to the Amoco station and they didn't think it could be plugged. They plugged it and it held. They told me to come back the next night for them to check the air. No air leakage at all so the plug is holding. They suggested buying four new rims and four new tires to have on hand!!! I said no, but was thinking, what are you nuts?? That could be an easy $4,000. I did call Bridgestone though and they didn't have the right size of our tires in their computer. They had for the rears REO50, not REO50A. The guy said they would have to track the tire down and it would take 2-5 days. He also said it must be awful in the snow; I said the car performed this past winter superbly in the snow. He was surprised. I said I do not want winter tires. He said I would never put winter tires on that car anyway. I just am writing this for everyone's info, if you're interested. Chats1
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    keep in mind you need to reference the TPC code on the tire when replacing the stock Bridgestones, not just that it's a 050A

    "I did call Bridgestone though and they didn't have the right size of our tires in their computer. They had for the rears REO50, not REO50A. "
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I now know the hiss/hum that some of you have been complaining about... I went to get something out of the GXP the other night. It was dead silent in the garage and I open the door and as I was looking around inside for what I needed, I heard a faint "sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" sort of like a radio that is in between channels, but very faint. It lasted for maybe a minute or so and then stopped. I must admit, that some of you either have excellent hearing or yours is definitely louder than mine. It is definitely something to do with the radio or OnStar. Since my radio/stereo was turned off, I suspect it was OnStar. It doesn't bother me any, but for conspiracy theorists - Big Brother is using OnStar to keep track of us! ;)
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do know about that TPC number and I mentioned that to him also. I know it is important because that shows that it's a genuine GXP tire. I would completely check all the numbers anyway before I had any tire mounted. I think I'll stick to the dealer though. They said only one day to get the tire; Bridgestone said 2-5 days. Ugh!!! My tire's fine though; the plug worked; no leakage. Thanks.
  • Ive got a rattle in the headliner around my sunroof on the gxp. It seems to be worse when its in the tilt position, or when the cover is open. Does anyone have or had this problem? If so, what was the cure?
  • I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT and have noticed a high pitched whining noise that increases at low speed accelerations. I've also noticed that when accelerating at low speeds, the engine drags/shutters.

    Not sure if these two are related or separate problems.
  • If the rattle is by the actual moving roof section, it might be one of the tracks are slightly loose. If it is a new car it should still be under warranty right, so just take it back to the dealer and ask them when you get some time.

    pckeenan, is it a whining noise or a hissing noise?
  • I have a 2000 gran prix gt with 78,000 miles on it.

    I have had a few sensors go bad and have replaced them no problem.

    Over the last few months my car has been making these thumping or clunking noise in the front. I happens when put it into gear an move forwards, backwards, and turning the steering wheel while doing both of these. It also sometimes happens when I am braking. Haven't taken anywhere yet since I don't what is wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with the car that I know of except for the noise.

    If anyone has any ideas what it is, it would be a lot of help.
  • My 2001 Grand Prix SE has been doing the same thing. It doesn't make the noise when changing gears, it makes the clunk when I am backing up/turning right or left and moving forward/turning right or left. I have had the bearings replaced, the struts/shocks (new tires -needed those anyway, alignment. I have had the car in a tire shop (mistake) as well as a personal mechanic and they cannot determine what it is. If you find out what may be causing this, please let me know. Thanks.
  • I've had this noise in the front (more to the front right) of my car for some time. It only makes the noise (sounds like a loud tin can noise or something that is loose) when I am accelerating. It stops when I take my foot off of the accelerator. I've had dealerships, personal mechanics look for the noise - they cannot duplicate it (of course) and cannot see anything loose or anything that may be making the noise. Would anyone have any ideas?
  • Hey a quick question...

    I have an 05 GP. Everything is great except for one thing.

    At 1000 RPM I can hear a vibration from what appears to be right in front of the glovebox. Does anybody know what this could be?

    It only happens when holding steady at 1000 RPM?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Ok not sure if anyone else has had this problem. When I reach the speed of about 70 mph on up I can hear a howling sound now I am not sure which direction this is coming from, but I have narrowed it down from the front window cowl to the back rear, maybe a tire or something. My window cowl is actually loose. Now I was told this is the way all GP are made. So far in the mean time it is driving me nuts. I thought it might be comeing from the cowl maybe the wind is hitting it at a angle so that the faster I go the louder the noise gets. Has anyone come across this?
  • I have a 07 Grand Prix GT. I wish I could help you with this. Unfortinetly I am having the same problem when I am backing out of the parked position or pulling out while turning the wheel I can feel and hear a rubbing or clunking sound come from the front tires. The dealer said that they can not find what is wrong with it. Anyone else having this problem?
  • mike189mike189 Posts: 23
    as a owner of a 2001 gtp special edition coupe,i can say you made a great choise in vehicles,but did you ever think that the dummy in the mustang or cobra wishes he had what you have????/mustangs and cobras are cheap cars,quality wise,they have no class,they all look and sound the same ,nothing i mean nothing special,they are a dime a dozen,thats why they sit on dealers lots .better yet,go into edmunds and look at the forums on mustangs,i laughed my butt off,they hve more problems then the beatles have hair,no grandprixs attract another breed of people,people with class,that just wont settle for anything,because if you did ,you would have bought a mustang to begin with ,and you are too old to play with toys,you have a great car,smile you earned it,and i say it with pride,mustangs suck,over priced escorts with a v-8,wowwwwwwww ,im scccaaarrreeeddddd
  • msmishmsmish Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 Grand Prix and wanted to know what is that annoying whining noise I hear when I turn! Does anyone else have this problem? As I continue to drive it subsides but it still bothers me. :confuse:
  • kevin41kevin41 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 06 program Grand Prix in December with 28xxx and have enjoyed the car. But of course after the 36,000 mile warranty goes by problems arise. First as summer came on I notice the engine becoming sluggest and surging as you give it gas. It idles smooth and seems to run down the interstate fine. Then the steering became a issue, when you turn it feels like something is giving and kind of a elastic feeling. Called the dealer and he thinks its the steering shaft????? I'm coming back to GM from a bad experience with a 96 cavalier that was a lemon. Had great luck for the last 10 years with Ford and decided to give Pontiac a try. If anyone has had similar issues please let me know, really like the car but seems like alot of problems right off the bat.

  • Tell me you found out what this is! I've been having this same issue. I've narrowed mine down to coming from the front drivers side, but can't find what it is. My howl generally kicks in around 70mph, depending on the wind conditions. On windy days it can start at 55mph. With no wind, sometimes there's no howl at all at 100mph. It's to the point now that I'm going to have to get rid of the car if I can't fix the problem.
  • Sorry but so far I haven't. I've been told that it could be my power steering going out. I've had so many other problems with this car that I haven't had the chance to check it out! I'm so disappointed with this car that I can't stand to drive it.
  • I have the 06 3800 as well and I'v been having the same problems. First was the steering popping noise during turning at low speeds, I've been told the steering box needs to be greased or replaced. As for the surging during takeoffs, it happened to me today for the first time, freaked me out. I let the car cool off , then made sure the spark plug connectors where tight. I drove again and it was fine. The surging is electrical. Also, I noticed when the sluggish takeoff was happening, the battery was only charging at 12.5 volts, it usually charges at 14. Maybe thats another problem. Let me know if you find out anything else.
  • msmishmsmish Posts: 7
    Well i found out alot. I took it to a Pontiac dealership and had to have my steering box replaced. Ever since then there has been no noise. The sluggish problem turned out to be my catalytic converter had to be replaced. Also had to replace my computer. Next it was the O2 sensors! Had them changed twice within the last 4 weeks and engine light continued to come on! So finally the diagnostic tests showed that my Mass Air Flow Sensor needed to be changed. Just got that done today so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong with this car. It seems to me that once one thing goes out, everything goes out! I've put over $5,000 in this car over the last 2 months (parts and labor)! I can understand that eventually I was gonna start to have problems due to high mileage but I wasn't expecting all of that. Made sure everything was serviced at the right time and changed my oil every 3,000 miles faithfully. I'm so disappointed in this car now. Good Luck with yours. :sick:
  • wikiwiki Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2007 GP used w/ a good 26000 on it and the first thing I noticed was that weird sound coming from the front tires. I know it's not the engine compartment noise or even the engine itself because I stopped accelerating and the noise was there. I didn't notice this when I test drove the car because I was trying some of my cd's at the time and it covered that weird noise. It's not much but it's just there. I didn't buy a 4 cyl camry or a 4 cyl fusion because the engine noise was invading the cabine, but this is also bothering me. So, if you're looking for an answer, I guess I'm not your guy. I'll post it here if I get one.
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