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Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Control/STS/ABS



  • 2005gxp2005gxp Posts: 1
    gm customer service, i have under 50k and original owner, i have the same problem, can you advise how to get this fixed.. thanks denise..2005 gxp
  • aschoenaschoen Posts: 10
    I'm sorry Christina and i wasn't trying to be rude about the whole deal. I know there is nothing you can do personally to resolve my issues, let alone, the hundreds of others on this forum who have experienced the same two problems. I do believe, however, that one of the last people on here said it right talking about GM. I did call a GM dealer and they wanted $100 just to look at my car. Even worse, the man I spoke to cut down the mechanic I've had working to fix my problems, not even knowing who he was...just simply because it wasn't GM. My biggest that even if I do take it to GM, I am just about willing to guarantee that I am not going to get a free or cheap "fix". The man at GM said to me himself that my stalling and abs problems are not common....I beg to differ!!! This is just one forum and look at all the IDENTICAL complaints. They speak for themselves. I know I will be charged to "fix" my car even if the "fix" doesn't work (just as the many who have taken theirs to the dealer and not had their problem fixed). Whether it's fixed or not I will still have to pay $100 to "diagnose" my problem and then a higher than average bill for the repairs.
    I would hope as a GM customer service rep that you could pass on the stress we all feel over our problems...not that I expect you can do much. GM is about money, otherwise they would have already fixed this!
  • I have the same ABS traction problem; lights came on. I took to GM dealer 3 months ago and it was fixed for over $600. Now 3 months later, the lights were on. The dealer said each wheel has its own Hub and I would have to replace the other front wheel hub for another $600; total cost @$1300 and I don't know how long the lights will stay off. Pete

    Christina I sent a separate email regarding the problem. I hope you can respond and assist
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am currently assisting Christina on the forum. Are you still experiencing this concern? I would be happy to look into this for you. In order to do so I will need the VIN as well as your name, address and phone number send to me via email. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • gjw467gjw467 Posts: 5
    I did everything Christine is telling you to do and got no where. I was told there is no recall on my car and GM was sorry. That was the end of it. I'm still having front end problems but I cannot afford the rates the GM dealers charge just to tell you what it is let alone the cost of the repair. All I know is I will never buy another GM and I don't think anyone else in my family ever will again. We have all been dedicated GM owners but times have changed now.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    I am staying away from them for the lack of talent and most are Buick/GMC dealers under the new Govt. Mtrs..In replacing parts, the service dept will pick the oldest design in their inventory and it will probably be the same engineering level as your failed it will have a limited life..

    Been there on "Steering Shafts" commonly known as the ISS, 3 in 30k miles, however @55k it seems to be working..3 batteries in 30k miles, and seems to be okay..Service uses the "first in-first out theory..2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

    Been thru 53 autos in my life, all Big3 except 2 Porsches..Current GM car is a 2006 Pontiac GT, purchased used at local Caddy dealer w/4300 miles..Traded in a 2002 Olds Intrigue w/120k mi., purchased new, and also had 2 other Intrigues, 1998 and 1999..The 99 and 02 were great little cars, the 98 was repurchased by GM after 26k miles due to steering and brakes issues.

    I would not expect too much help from any GM dealer on the extinct Pontiac line, except high money grab..I was using the local dealer, however after 8k miles on Hankook tires purchased and balanced by the GM dealer the rear tires flat spotted due to alignment problems which the dealer had checked previously as OK..Dealers are too lazy to reslot the struts, however I have found that Chevy dealers are trustworthy..had the same problem with the 02 Intrigue and the Chevy dealer after 70k miles reslotted all 4 struts and after another 50k miles all was still in I was shafted twice by the Olds/Caddy on prior aligments..

    I am not a stop-light jockey, however I do travel fast on the interstates and demand "no shake", so balance+alignment are vital..and at rotation time if the car is smooth, I never rebalance..If shake develops then we check for a missinng weight for they are marked when installed..

    In reviewing the recent problems owners are having on this forum, I will chuck the car immediately for it is not worth pumping any amount of money into a dead model..I got this car for 1/2 of original MSRP in June 2007..Pretty car with sunroof, leather, chrome wheels, and w/tan interior..Only real concern with the car is a front end creak when acceleratoring from a stop..which disappears after a few miles..I live in Venice, Fla and the car never been exposed to snow or pot-holed roads..

    Let's face it, the GPGT is a warmed over Chevy Impala with maybe a better suspension, and the supercharged V-6 is fun at the higher speeds and gets the triple-digit test on every interstate venture..comes alive after 60 mph..

    My other car is a 2010 Mustang GT w/track pkg...bought used w/1365 miles..

    The best Grand Prixs were back in the mid-70s, had a 74, 76, and a 77. LJ coupes with big-block V-8s..great road beasts..
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    No problem, I would just like to assist you in getting this resolved. I do understand that they want you to have a GM dealer look at the vehicle. This is just a standard operating procedures so we can get technical information and try to resolve your concerns and find a resolution for this. I understand you would prefer a independent mechanic; however, it has to be a GM dealer due to the fact they are contracted with us. There are many different reasons for this. I apologize for any inconvenience. But these cases with Customer Assistance are monitored. The more people that have a case for a particular issue the more attention the issue will get.
    GM Customer Service
  • UPDATE: GM customer service Lucy called me, as a district manager responsible, said that "due to the age and mileage of vehicle" would not be able to assist me at this time. I asked, "so if the ABS lights go on again, we can assume it is not due to the age and mileage but a manufacturer's defect?" She replied, "you are free to call us back at that time". So I told her "most people on the Edmunds blog are upset paying for one service on the vehicle around $600 and then having to come back repeatedly for different wheels." I said, "if I knew what I do now, I would have just kept driving with regular brakes instead of potentially paying $2500 to keep the ABS light off. And once you pay for one wheel, if you don't pay for the next you feel like you wasted your first $600. "
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize you did not get the resolution you wanted. Every case is handled on a case by case basis. I recommend anyone who is experiencing concerns contact, myself or GM Customer Assistance. This way we can look into your specific situation and address your concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • aschoenaschoen Posts: 10
    So...In the last week I have taken my car to a GM dealership. They ran their own set of diagnostics. I was told that the speed sensor/hub that has been replaced in my car (twice) is an aftermarket part and is not reading the speed of my one wheel properly. Little do they know that my mechanic also replaced one of my rear speed sensor/hubs also, with the same model part, and there was no comments as to that one not working. I am not saying that GM is trying to get my money because the guy who helped me with my car at GM was honest and didn't beg me to have them fix it....just said it's good to at least get diagnostic done at GM. Anyways, he told me that in order to even find out if the problem is something other than the speed sensors....that I would have to change this front speed sensor...for a third time. After that we can tell if is really something else. In other words, I have to spend $500 on a factory/GM sensor and hope that it is really the problem and resolves my problem. As I said before Christina, I have already invested about 1500 into this car. It's rediculous to know taht I am being told I must spend another 500 and "hope" it fixes the problem. The ABS grinding sound and feeling has trickled off but the lights are still on. The only reason I was able to resolve my stalling problem was from finding this forum and others who had the same problem. CLEAN THE THROTTLE BODY!!!! it worked!!!! i spent over 400 trying to resolve that problem and not one 4 different shops...ever even thought to do that. I'm past frustrated....esp considering GM told me unless I wanna spend another 2000 its time to look at another car..... No recalls, no discounts, no free replacement to an obviously common GM/pontiac problem. Makes ya wonder if this is why they stopped making the pontiac to begin with. Any advice? I'd be glad to hear it
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Could you please send me your case number in an email? I would like to look further into the case.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I decided to go to my mechanic and see if he can find the problem thats causing my ABS to pulsate and shutter at slow speeds and slow turns. (also the ABS and Traction Control Service Lights go on, just like with everyone else) well he found a code C0040 RF Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction. So he changed the Right Front Wheel Hub. (it was all rusty inside) (i got the Timkin Hub) The problem is still there even worst now the ABS shutters on the first turn i make and the light go on instantly and my abs turns off and i have no abs during braking, so in the rain my wheels lockup and the car skids. I really do not feel like changing all the wheel hubs since its so expensive. So i hope some one can help me. I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 130k
    Im glad i was able to help some people here with the Stalling situation.
  • Have the dealier check the ABS control (computer) module (in engine compartment). that is what is is wrong with mine (2004 Grand Prix GT - 115K miles). I unplugged it as it costs over $1000 to replace and I'm not spening that much on this car. the lights stay on in car dashboard (including brake light) but ABS has quit coming on and off when it shouldn't.
  • mike5858mike5858 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    GM mechanic since 1983. 99% sure it is a wheel speed sensor harness at the front hub-sensor assembly. Can get harness online or at advance auto parts. Dooman part #970-042. This is for 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • I'm sure you good mechanic, but I had my wheel speed sensor harnes at front hub sensor assembly changed - it didn't help.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize you are having concerns. Have you tried speaking with a dealer?
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Thank you for your assistance. Vehicles can be hard to diagnosis over the internet. It is recommended to visit a local dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • jml755jml755 Posts: 2
    "Vehicles can be hard to diagnosis over the internet. "

    Uh, excuse me, but I disagree. The reason I am on here tonite is that my daughters came home for the holiday weekend with my '01 Grand Prix GTP (131k) that they are using at college. They complained that the car was "shaking". I had previously replaced p/s pumps (twice) as well as injectors, coils, etc. that caused poor performance, misfiring and rough acceleration. I thought that was what they were describing. I test drove it a couple of hours ago and found the ABS and Trac lite came on with rough "shaking, especially at low speeds. Puzzled by what it could be, I got on the internet and in 15 minutes I find the likely cause of the problem and lo and behold it is a common problem.

    Now, it is fair to say that I cannot say for sure EXACTLY which of the components discussed online are the problem on my car, but I do know where to start and will start diagnostics in the morning. I have already replaced the LF wheel bearing (including sensor) over a year ago, so I know the symptoms when a bearing goes bad. I don't think it's my bearings and will start with looking at the the speed sensors and harnesses. Last thing to replace will be the ABS computer and I may just leave it off, as others have suggested.

    And the original comment: "Vehicles can be hard to diagnosis over the internet." makes me laugh. It can't be any worse than paying a GM dealer who has the benefit of training, diagnostic aids and service information from the manufacturer big $$$ only to find out the problem is NOT diagnosed correctly and fixed. Plus a dealer will consistently deny that it is a common problem (BTDT with LIM on Grand Prixes). GM (and their dealers) could get away with this years ago when there was no way for owners spread across the country to communicate. But the Internet and these forums are a huge benefit to those who can't afford to just take the car to a dealer and write check that sometimes is larger than their mortgage payment for REPAIRS to a car.

    And every time I hear about some new "feature" on a car (cameras, memory seats, motorized doors, etc) all I think is "how much will it cost when THAT breaks?"

    So, yes, Virginia , there IS a Santa Claus, but it's not GM, it's the Internet.
  • jml755jml755 Posts: 2
    I got a Timken hub locally today ($117). Was going to replace both fronts but they only had one. I had replaced left front last year (but not a Timken) and left turns seemed to be worse than right turns, so I took a chance and took off the right hub. Found the x-mas tree clip that holds the sensor connectors out of the way of the half-shaft had broken and the sensor wire plastic sheath had been rubbing on the spinning shaft and worn away, exposing the 2 wires inside. The insulation on the 2 wires was still ok, but when I removed the hub I found that one of the wires had broken right where it enters the hub. No way to solder that back on. Suspect that the loose assembly had caused the wire to constantly vibrate/flex and finally break.

    Had to heat up one of the 3 bolts that holds the hub on with my oxy/acet torch and accidentally melted the HARNESS connector. Darn (not exactly what I said). Got the new hub on and scraped enough melted plastic away from the connector to plug the new hub in. (Will get a new harness monday, $38). Took it for a test drive and NO ABS or TRAC lite! Yippee. But...... power steering fluid all over the floor. The drivers side boot on the steering rack was leaking fluid. Looks like a new rack & pinion steering gear is next weekend's job.

    But thanks to this forum, I got pointed in the right direction very quickly and for $117 solved the problem (oops, forgot to add the new harness cost, ok under $160).
  • kburriskburris Posts: 1
    The guys not trying to jip you from what i can tell.if you have any other problems then the wheel bearing/hub the diagnostic test most likely won't read the issue causing the abs/traction lights from staying on.the wheel bearings on the back tires don't have traction replacing it with an aftermarket hub doesn't make a diffrence.paying 500 dollars to get a new hub assembly installed seems really steep to me,but keep in mind your gonna pay top dollar the the namebrand,just like anything else.find a mechanically inclined friend to do it for a case of beer.i've replaced a few hub assemblies myself and it's not technical or very time consuming,usually takes about 45 minutes tops.another easy quick way to see if an after market hub assembly will work for your front end is to go to auto zone and purchase on for 130 to 150$ and disconnect your plug to your hub assembly,(located on the bottom/inside of your fornt tires,very acessable)and plug the store bought one in and check your abs/traction lights.make sure to check both sides lol,if it doesn't resolve the problem return the hub.or it might be a problem in your wiring,can'[t help you there lol good luck
  • lclay23lclay23 Posts: 1
    I too am having the same issue with the "service traction control/ABS" lights coming on with the pulsing and shuddering, feeling like the ABS is kicking in when it shouldn't. I understand under some constraints that it should be looked at by a GM tech, but when the issue has no explanation to solve the problem except throwing money at it, well that just seems wrong. Especially having to pay for the diagnosis that there's no explanation. For the stalling issues, I will be cleaning the throttle body, as that seems to have worked for several people on this forum. With the braking issues, it seems to me that GM should take note of forums like this and address the problem and help it's customer. Negative publicity is not good for business. Christina, what is your email so I can get more information. Thanks
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    My email address is in my user profile. Please include your Edmunds username as well as your VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, as well as your concerns. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • courtniscourtnis Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if you might be able to help me. I just had front and back brakes as well as the rotors replaced on my 2004 GTP. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry due to time retraints and I am wondering if the bf forgot something. After replacing them, now everytime I get in the car my ABS, Service Traction Control soon, Stability, and effortless steering (or something like that) lights all come on. After reading around I am thinking maybe there is a wheel sensor unplugged or knocked loose maybe that we didn't notice. The bf said he didn't unplug anything like that though. Oh and we also replaced all spark plugs and wires that day too (just in case that could mean something as well, something up front that could have got loose). My brakes work but the ABS don't seem to be or Traction Control. My steering seems fine though. I'd like to get some ideas to start with/look for and maybe any assistance in finding proper diagrams etc. I'm a girl LOL but am intersted in figuring this one out. I am guessing it has to be something not done right during the brake job because all of those lights weren't on before. Thanks for your assitance in advance!
  • mstanley1mstanley1 Posts: 1
    I have been having the same issues! This is my 5th pontiac and never have i had this problem... My ABS ,Traction, Steering and brake lights have been coming on as soon as i start my car.. It started by when id first start it and start moving it sounds like a growling for a quick second then stops.. then began to start that noise when id be pulling in to park.. ive had it hooked to a diagnostic machine and at first it threw a few codes.. one being the main abs computer and sensors in the wheel hubs.. so the hubs was replaced.. started it and it threw an new code for my steering sensor..when i took it back the next day it wouldnt throw that code so we didnt replace that.. i then drove it directly to the GM dealer and they said that it was pointing to the abs module system which is i guess the heart of all this .. Guess its tied in together.. but then was told that they was only about 90% sure that this was the problem.. after being told i was gonna be paying .. could there be something that is being overlooked that would be the problem.. i hate to sink this into it and not be the problem..
  • ecugirl81ecugirl81 Posts: 9
    I've made several posts here about this issue (for my 2004 Grand Prix). After having EVERYTHING replaced except the ABS computer control module it has become obvious that this is the problem. I have a friend who had same issue and that is what cured his, but the part is between $1000-1200 so I'm not investing in it. Just unplug the ABS control module and the growling and ABS kicking in when it shouldn't will stop. You won't have ABS but of course brakes work. The ABS/Traction Control & Brake warning on the digital display will ding and flash everytime you start it, but for me that was the only thing else I'm willing to do. I'm just waiting until January to ditch the car, which I love other than this issue which is frustrating. Don't look for GM to help you out. Many, many others have tried and they won't do a recall although it obviously needs to be. :( :mad:
  • avila5433avila5433 Posts: 2
    After gaining speed from 60 to 80 and BF jerking the car to the left real hard these three lights came on. One is service brake system, the other service abs system, and lastly service traction system. I don't know where to look. I had it hooked up to a computer to check and it gave me no code or anything. Could someone help besides GM ppl? Thank you!
  • hesermonhesermon Posts: 3
    Mike, hope you can help me with your experience. Just bought an 02 Gran Prix GT, the ABS and Traction Off light are constant on. Using a Genesis I've determined that both rear sensors are reading correctly but both front sensors read "2MPH" constantly rather I'm moving or not. Checked the front sensors at the wheel with a volt meter and both showed to be working when spinning the front wheels by hand. The right front has a history code and the left front has a history and current code. Tried to clear codes and the lights never go off, as soon as I turn the key back to the on position both lights come back on. I'm thinking short in the harness as you've described. I see that Dorman offers one for the right side but not for the left and that is where there is a current code. Will a damaged harness on the right cause codes on both sides? Do you know of a replacement for the left side or can I just cut and splice in new wire? Thanks in advance for your advice and help!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Please keep us posted when the issue has been taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • hesermonhesermon Posts: 3
    I found that both harnesses to the ABS sensors had deteriorated and broken about 4-6 inches from where they plug into the sensors. Fixed both sides and now the ABS and "TRAC OFF" lights don't stay on but instead they both blink together for the first several minutes while driving. There are several history codes stored but no current codes. History codes will not erase using a Genesis scanner????? So far I've noticed no shuddering or other unusual braking issues, just the #@$% lights! Can anyone offer up some advice on what is causing them to flash? Should I try a used ABS module or ECM? Will I likely just get another module or ECM with the same issues? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  • avila5433avila5433 Posts: 2
    Update to my post. I posted about my BF taking off and jerking my car to the left then all these lights came on. ABS, brake, and traction control. I forgot to mention the steering wheel hardened. Well today we found out that the wiring harness was stripped and getting hit by the belt. We just retaped it and moved it away from the belt. All three lights came right off and my steering wheel loosened right up. Everything is back to normal....I guess if anyone is havong trouble with lights only should really check the wiring harness, make sure they're in good condition.
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