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Is the cost of ownership of a 9-2x Aero higher than the WRX? For example, my insurance quote was 5% higher for the Aero than the WRX. I'm also wondering if some kinds of repairs will cost more.

Any predictions for Aero depreciation relative to the WRX-- will it be more because Saab people don't want the 9-2x and Subaru people don't look for the 9-2x? Will a 2-year old 9-2x sell for more or less than a WRX?


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    1) Well... insurance is higher evidently.. maintenance will be less, because it is included for the first two years... repairs should be somewhat less, because the warranty is better.

    2) Saab dealer told me that he sold a lot of his 9-2Xs to Subaru people.. He also said Saab people don't want them.

    3) Depreciation vs. MSRP will probably be worse for the Saab.. But, depreciation vs. price paid will likely be even, or even favor the Saab as they are selling for less than the WRX brand new.

    Resale on the 9-2X could be iffy, though.. I'm just guessing.. but, I could think of two or three scenarios that would tank the re-sale values.... I never buy a car looking to trade in three years, though... If that is my intent, I'll lease..


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    I agree with kyfdx. I have found, with the people I talk to who are looking or want to buy a Subaru, that most are willing to consider the Saab as an similar, better designed, and cheaper alternative to the WRX. Those who don't consider it, often have their mind set on a Subaru already, especially the more powerful Sti. People don't know about the Saab because Saab isn't marketing it as well, especially when compared to the marketing campaign of their new SUV. And what is 5% extra for insurance when you already have to pay as much as you do; 20-50 bucks every 6 months? That should be almost negligible in terms of your decision, especially when you throw in 2 yrs free maintenance. But if you don't plan on keeping the car for a while, greater than 5 years, buying it without putting down a chunk of dough will not be worth you time, no matter what car you buy.
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    I'm not sure how the insurance on the Aero works but I checked with my provider (Progressive) for the Linear and it's funny how for a 2005 9-2X Linear will cost 90 bucks LESS compared to our 2002 GrandAM 2.2L SE Sedan!

    I was totally amazed. These are really nice little cars. Much better than anything offered at these discounted price ranges.
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    and bought it because it was much cheaper for what it was compared to a similar used WRX wagon (we bought a 2005 in march of this year with 13k miles on it for 16999)

    not bad for a car with an msrp of $32k!

    we love it - not everyone on the road has one, even though it is essentially a subaru underneath.

    -thene :)
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