VW Passat 95 - transmission troubles

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I bought a 95 passat glx almost two years ago and have sunk a ton of money into it - electrical problems, brakes, etc now the transmission is going. Have heard from various mechanics that this is common.

Anyone have experience with these transmissions - either experience the same thing or worked on them? Because they made four different transmissions for this car in 95 the service dept at the dealer is having a hard time finding one. I don't want to spend another $4500 on a rebuilt tran. Used ones run 1500k. Any advice welcome.


  • fritz1224fritz1224 Member Posts: 398
    I feel your pain. Don't have one, but know I don't want one. May the VW force be with you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    kdarlington.......hi....sorry to hear about your troubles with the car. You know, it sounds like the service department isn't trying hard enough. I don't see why an hour on the phone and some aggressive dialing couldn't locate a used trans for your car in this big wide country of ours.

    Maybe you need to help this along.
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