Chevrolet Malibu TSBs/Recalls/Problem Codes

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I remember seeing a bulletin number some time ago on either this or the Malibu Maxx thread here. I don't remember that specific number at the moment.

Perhaps Chevrolet's "answer" is premature? Perhaps the "new" part they thought would work failed in extended testing?
I do not know.

Then again, Toyota is now recalling a million Priuses world wide with defective steering columm components. We are not alone :sick:


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    Found it on another forum:
    I took my '04 Maxx in this morning for an oil change and tire rotation and mentioned this "rough road clunk" that I've had for a while. (The folks in Edmund's still haven't hit on the answer, but I have it). (e2helper, feel free to enlighten them).

    Turns out that there's a Preliminary Bulletin #PIC3747 dated 10/24/05 that addresses this issue. Per the Bulletin, "the root cause has been determined and corrective action is in the validation process". Which means that the fix isn't ready yet. "Service parts are expected in the first quarter of 2006".

    The Bulletin specifically advises against replacing either the intermediate shaft or rack&pinion, or reloading the steering system, because the system will reset and the rattle/clunk will return (folks in Edmund's swear that these recent fixes work. They're in for a letdown).

    This issue most often appears between the 3,000 to 5,000 mile mark. And never goes away. Appears to come from the left front suspension.

    That's all I know for now.

    Issue also affects '05-'06 G6s.

    Another post on the forum said fix is delayed to third quarter '06. But at least I have something to wave in the face of my dealer!
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    Yep: here's what I had saved in a word document, just waiting for the parts to be made:

    At the top of the page is a Document ID# 1819760. Subject is labeled:

    Subject: Knock, Clunk or Rattle Noise at Low Speeds with Suspension Input - keywords intermittent shaft steer steering #PIC3747B - (04/21/2006)

    Models: 2004-2006 Chevrolet Malibu/Maxx 2005-2006 Pontiac G6
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    Last week the 05 malibu had a warranty work for the excessive long cranking time . Thanks e2helper for the TSB on this issue. GM re flashed the computer a it's starting great now. There's no excessive cranking time with the starter still's turning when the engine is all ready running. Thanks e2helper for the info :D .Russ
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    Does anyone have information on AM reception problems with the 2005 Malibu? I thought I read something here in the past but I can't find it now. I am also experiencing the long crank time sporadically and figure I'll have the dealer look at both problems when I bring the car in. If anyone has the TSB # for the cranking problem I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    #06-06-04-049 LX9 Engine Only, Intermittent Extended Crank Time on Hot Engine Restart, Starter Motor May Not Disengage After Engine Start (Reprogram PCM)

    #05-08-44-017 Radio Static Noise on AM Stations when Using Rear Defogger (Install Capacitor)- Sedan only
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    Thanks for the information e2helper.
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    the warranty on my wifes 05 malibu is almost up and i wanted to know if there are any recalls or tsbs that i and maybe others should know about. weve had nothing but a trouble free vehicle and im planning on keeping it for a while. 30,000 miles so ive got about three months or 6,000 miles to go before expiration. thanks in advance.
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    Is the trouble code precedures in the Hayne manual for the 05 Malibu?

    Anyone know the procedure and the codes, and the procedure for clearing the codes.

    My check engine light came on today. I need to check it out and clear it
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    Just bought an 05 Malibu and the heated seats have not worked , The lights come on on both switches , but no heat. I have gone over the wire connections and the fuse is good. Is there a common problem for them not working?
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    Perhap prior owner had them disabled by the dealer. I have a 2006 Maxx. Me and few others on these malibu forums have the opposite problem. The heated seats turn on by themselves. The dealers have not been able to determine cause.
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    Got a letter from GM this week, they are extending the warranty on steering columns on the electric steering vehicles (Malibu, G6) to 7 years or...over 100,000kms (cant recall the exact figure).
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    are you in state KMS in the distance.....havent seen such in the US yet?
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    Yes I'm in Canada and it's 7 yrs/110,000kms. A steering column assembly at no charge. Only covers loss of power assist, and having had a DIC warning message about power steering. It also covers reimbursement up to the end of 08 if you've had to pay for it in the time period stated.
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    that is weird that they have that policy for canada and not the us. My car is also exhibiting the same symptoms just bought the car several days ago for short money. so far the dealership is attempting to keep me from returning the car i am in talks with gm to rememdy the situation. it has been stated in other forums that their is a flaw in the current design of the iss to the same extent of the prior problem with the silverado recall. i have the tsb available for anyone that is interested. also if anyone has further information or remedies feel free to drop me a line. thanks
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    I have an 04 Malibu and I have the same problem. I will make certain to ask my dealer about this the next time I take the car in. Thanks for the info.

    I have a question though. Do you a problem with the blinker light bulbs going out on a frequent basis? My husband has to replace at least one every 3-4 months. I have never had lights go out on a car that frequently.
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    make sure you clean the sockets out very well when replacing bulbs....dont get finger prints on the bulbs....and if you havent changed your battery may be time for that as well...after I replaced my car battery...seems most OEMs are good for about 3 years.....I havent blown a bulb...go figure....
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    I have a 2000 Malibu LS, and recently found out that there are 3 recalls on it!! I'm the 2nd owner and I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED ABOUT THESE RECALLS. I found out by viewing my Progressive Car ins. online. Why was I never notified? All my info. is correct and has NEVER been changed.
    The info that I got about having 3 recalls was or had been provided by "Edmunds".
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    Do the recalls definitely apply to your vehicle, by VIN?
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    did you purchase the car from a GM dealer or another brand dealer or private party....all depends on who registered the car in the GM database....
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