Nissan Sentra Noises

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Hey guys,
I just bought a Sentra about 4 weeks ago (posted in the buying experience forum about it) and overall I like my car, but there is this weird noise that is coming out of the dash area behind the steering wheel. It kind of sounds like a hissing or spraying noise, like when fluid or air is escaping from a small hole. I took it into the dealer twice, the first time they thought I was talking about the belts, so they fixed that, but then the next time they didn't hear the noise so they told me to bring it in and have one of their "noise experts" check it out. So I went in today, he sat in the car and right when I moved forward, the noise started up ever so slightly and he said immediately he knew what it was. He said it was the power steering fluid going through the system after the car warms up and it is a normal thing for all Sentras and it was not a defect. As a result, it isn't covered under the Lemon Law. Can anyone confirm that they have this noise with their Sentras as well and have you been getting the same response?

The noise is just really aggravating and I want it to stop! :confuse: :mad:


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    Drive another 06. If they all do it, then have the dealership let you drive a different Sentra to verify.

    I have no noise the way you describe the noise. The Sentra does have a fair amount of engine and road noise that are normal.
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    Thanks for the information, the car has been surprisingly quiet in terms of background road noise and engine noise, just that annoying "squeaking/hissing" noise. The background noise from the street, I would even say it is quieter than my fiancee's RAV4. I wouldn't mind if it was just the engine being loud, it just seems to be something totally different. I guess I'll go back to the dealership and do some test driving since it seems to not be present in other cars.
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    I bought my Sentra 1.8s Special Edition three weeks ago and it also has a very annoying noise under the dashboard. It seems to be coming from behind the speedometer. But it sounds like more of an electro-static noise (sort of like scratching or interference on a radio). It happens every time I step on the accelerator after the car has warmed up. The noise is loudest when gas is being actively fed to the engine – it diminishes when I take my foot off the accelerator and stops completely when the car is idling. The dealer heard it but couldn't figure out what it was. They told me to bring it back if it gets any louder. It's not extremely loud but it is noticeable and irritating. I'm planning on taking the car back to the dealer in a week or two. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are experiencing. But, this noise is definitely not normal.
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    I think the noise you have is exactly the same that I have. Tell the dealer that you heard it might be related to the power steering system. I think the way you describe it is correct, it does sound like electro-static noise.
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    Thanks, Hawaii007. I’ll mention that to the dealer and will let you know what happens. By the way, several Nissan mechanics heard the noise I was describing and none of them told me that it was normal. So, I don’t think that this is something we should be expected to live with. I’ll keep you posted.
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    Definitely keep me posted. A guy who knows something about cars took a look at it and couldn't quite figure out what it was but did not think it was normal either. And we got the noise to come by pressing on the accelerator AND turning the wheel to the left a little, maybe about 5 degrees or so. The noise was not present if I only turned the wheel without the accelerator. So that would tend to debunk the power steering contention. If I have time today I am going to take it back down to the dealer and set up an appointment. No one else seems to have responded that they have this problem so I am taking a guess it is not a normal noise.
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    hawaii007, don't necessarily give up on the power steering idea. After you mentioned it in your recent post I did some research and came across a Nissan Technical Service Bulletin for the 2003-2004 Sentra (TSB #NTB03096) that states: "An applied vehicle has a "HISS" noise from behind the dashboard after the vehicle has been driven for about 15-20 minutes." Furthermore, it tells the technician to listen for the noise while running the engine between 1500 - 2000 RPM and slowly turning the steering wheel. This just about exactly describes what I'm experiencing in my 2006 Sentra. It recommends replacing the power steering pump. I'm taking the car to the dealer on Thursday and will let you know how it turns out.
  • hawaii007hawaii007 Member Posts: 12
    I am going to have them replace the power steering pump as well. Can you provide me with a link as to the service bulletin? That way i can print it out and show it to the service people.

    Did I tell you about the person that listened to the car and said the noise was definitely NOT normal? Anyway...definitely let me know how it goes.
  • godot4godot4 Member Posts: 5
    hawaii007, unfortunately, the Nissan website only gives the title of the bulletin and a one sentence description of the problem. You have to have a paid subscription to get the full bulletin. But I happen to have a copy of the complete bulletin in .pdf format that I would be happy to send to you. Click on my username and send a note to my personal email address and I'll send the file to you. BTW, I'm taking my car in on Monday and they are going to replace the ps pump (I hope). I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I've got a 2003 Nissan Sentra and for the past two weeks I've noticed some noises. To start off, when I start the car it makes an awful sound like its coming out of an old car. Sometimes it takes 2-3 cranks to get it turned on. At the same time I notice that when I turn on my air condition or heater it makes a noise as well. Not to mention when I accelerate and brake in cold weather. One mechanic said that my starter was about to go out. Another mechanic said that it was my belts making the noise. The third mechanic said it was the compressor....Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? :confuse:
  • agent6537agent6537 Member Posts: 2
    I figured out what was wrong...the belts were cracked and had too much tension on them. Got it changed at the dealership and now my sentra is sound free--yipee :D
  • hawaii007hawaii007 Member Posts: 12
    Congratulations agent on getting the car fixed. godot, it looks like we are the only ones having the squeaking/hissing problem, it makes me think we might have a :lemon: on our hands. Also, when i turn on the AC, there is a pretty loud CLUNK sound, I am afraid there may be something wrong with the motor or compressor.
  • sep1sep1 Member Posts: 3

    I too am having the same issue with a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8 special edition. I too notice it after about 20-25 min. of driving and it gets worse or better depending on whether you are turning the steering wheel. What did you ever find out when you took your car in? I am taking mine in on Friday. Also you mentioned that you had a PDF file of the service bulletin. Your e-mail was marked private so I could not contact you directly. Do you still have it? Thanks in advance for your help. I am just curious as to what you found our prior to me taking my car in to be checked.
  • godot4godot4 Member Posts: 5

    I had the dealer replace the power steering pump, but it really didn't solve the problem (although it may have helped a little). I'm going to take the car to a different Nissan dealer in a few weeks to see if they can find the problem. Still, I would definitely recommend that you ask the dealer to take a look at your ps pump. This was such a common problem with earlier Sentras that they issued a technical service bulletin. I've unblocked my email address, so feel free to shoot me a message and I'll send you the .pdf file.
  • hawaii007hawaii007 Member Posts: 12
    Hey guys,
    From what it looks like based on the fact it looks like more and more people are coming out of hte woodwork with the same complaint, Ithink that my dealer might be correct that the noise is normal. This blows, but the noise has gotten better on my car so that if Ihave the radio on at volume level10, Ican't hear it. Definitely can't hear it with the windows open.
  • rjritenourrjritenour Member Posts: 2
    my car pretty much makes weird noises wear the timing chain is can someone give me any ideas of whats going on">
  • metallicatmetallicat Member Posts: 5
    I too have some noise complaints.

    My Sentra 2.0S is three weeks old, and the engine after it is warm and there is no other sounds, makes a ticking noise. It only noticeable when everything else is quiet.

    Also, when using the auxilary jack for my iPod, the speakers emit a squeal if you will.

    Anyone have similar issues?
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    Hey Guys,
    I just found this site--so back in september I bought a
    2006 nissan sentra 1.8 S, and I also have that dam noise behind the dash to--I noticed that when it is cold it does not do it,meaning cold weather or first thing in the morning
    but when it gets hot I can hear it--I use to be a mechanic--more on the older cars and I do not see how it could have anything to do with the power steering in any way---my car you do not have to turn the steering wheel,but I noticed that when you rev it up between 1000- and 2500 rpms is when it does it--like there is a slight rubbing from the needle???--I do know that it does not have a cable to it--it is electronic..
    So did anybody figure this out yet--or have the dealer fix it??????
  • sep1sep1 Member Posts: 3

    I had the same issue, I bought mine in July and bagan to notice it in the Oct. time frame. My issue sounds identical to yours. It did occur in the RPM range you speak of. But with mine the noise would get better or go away when you moved the steering wheel left or right and put it under a load. My dealer here in Florence Kentucky changed the Power steering pump in late Nov. However I have heard the noise on two different occasions. Both times when I had driven it for a couple of hours straight. Before I would hear it after about 20-25 min of run time. I am curious to see if it gets worse as the weather warms up. My dealer described the issue as the power steering fluid pulsing or surging as it was being pumped. I do know that if you remove the belt and start up the car the noise is not there. I feel it is an issue with the pump, but may be a problem we have to live with.But clearly mine is 80% better with the pump replaced!! I do have a service bulitin for a 94 sentra that describes the problem and suggests changing the pump. Give me your e-mail and I will forward it to you.
  • nordiconenordicone Member Posts: 4
    Having your speakers squeak when usung AUX is normal as long as it's not persistent.

    My 1.8S has squeaking problems as well, whenever I'm accelerating from rest there is a slight sqeak from behind the dash. Actually, I've identified 2 distinct squeaks. I also had trouble cranking the engine--that turned out to be a bad gas pump which they replaced under warranty. We also have an '02 Altima that is basically no good now and these cars are well kept. I've also passed a few '07 Altimas that broke down, one owner told me hers was apparently electrical but no one could figure out--a dalership that's not helpful--big surprise!!! Basically, nothing phases me now. Didn't these companies pioneer 'built to last?' Whatever happened to that? I can assure you that this will be my last Nissan which is too bad because I like their design direction.
  • outdoorsman65outdoorsman65 Member Posts: 2
    thats wierd that it is the power steering---I hope they solved the problem for you---I live in Las Vegas and it was cold here for little while and noticed that the noise went away until it warmed up.
    My 6-CD player also cuts in and out until it warms up---
    --but no sqeeking or any other problems.
  • rasldaslrasldasl Member Posts: 74
    My new Sentra has a developed a nearly contstant rattle in the passenger side B pillar on rough roads and bumps (which constitutes nearly all roads here in New Jersey). The driver's side is starting to rattle a bit, too. The mechanic at the dealer looked at it and said he pulled off the cover of the seat belt adjuster (not sure exactly which piece he meant) and did not find anything loose. We went on a test drive and while it rattled a bit over hard bumps it was pretty quiet and I thought maybe he had fixed it just by removing and replacing whatever cover it was. Then I drove home and on the way it started back with it's old tricks, rattling over every joint in the concrete pavement. Anybody out there have any ideas?
  • txn_egl_scttxn_egl_sct Member Posts: 20
    I know its not exactly the solution you would probably like, but depending on your skill level you might consider getting some sound mat like is used in competitive audio cars. It is an asphalt/fiber matting that is used for sound insulation. It might (if placed behind the b-pillars fix your problem). This material has an adhesive backing and can be installed with a only a blowdrier and a cutting blade. You can see pictures on the Crutchfield web site.

    The problem is over rough roads like the frost heaving you get up north the constant vibrations WILL make thing rattle eventually.
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    Hello all. I'm new in the forum, first time i own a Sentra and have a question about a brand new 2.0S - manual trans. i bought back in April of 2007.
    Around Nov. of last year i noticed a knocking sound coming from the engine when warming up the car early in the morning. Then the noise would go away and come back anytime when waiting at a red light for example. Took it to the Nissan dealer and they said the noise was caused by an aftermarket filter (mobil 1 oil filter + mobil 1 synthetic oil) i used on my 1st. oil change and that i should use a Nissan genuine oil filter cause theirs have a check valve that keeps the pressure inside the engine to avoid this sound. I found that to be BS when my dad changed the oil for the 2nd. time but using an OEM Nissan filter + Quaker State synthetic oil. At the time i'm writing this my car has about 14000 miles and the noise is still there.
    Took it to the dealer for the 2nd. time. Waited until the next morning to turn on the car with me and their mechanic inside, the noise is very weak and can only be heard when it's really quiet and yet they can't determine what it is. They said they would contact a Nissan expert and would let me know within 2 weeks - well i'm still waiting for their call.
    Great car so far, cheap on gas, love the 6th gear and the bluetooth features.
    Anybody else with the same issue on the new Sentras?
  • papahoveypapahovey Member Posts: 1
    I also experienced the same knocking/ticking sound from my 2007 sentra. I took it in and had it looked at several times. They finally had a regional tech from nissan look at it and they told my there was a bad bearing in the bottom end of the engine. They have the car right now for an engine replacement.
  • xhch2008xxhch2008x Member Posts: 1
    Yes i also purchased an 07 Sentra when im pulling out of my driveway or speeding off a red light i hear a ticking sound from under the car Ive had this problem took it to the dealer they told me it was normal i was like no its not normal. so i keep taking it to the dealer but they always make excuses cause i have it fixed up with rims sound system they blame the noise on the rims and claim they will charge me even if its under warranty. Thing is all dealers are rip offs since its under warranty they find nothing. But once the warranty is over they will even contact you and let you know about problems that don't even exist I love my sentra but thats the only flaw with my car does anyone know what this is??? or how it can be fixed ? :sick:
  • jsmith178jsmith178 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Nissan Sentra GLE; I've owned this car for 6 years now and I have never had any engine problems which I am very fortunate for!! However, for the past several years, I've noticed a "clattering" sound everytime I make a long swooping corner. It almost sounds like something is loose and "clattering". Also, I've noticed when driving down uneven roads or hitting small holes or potholes, the same things happens.... there is sort of a "clattering" sound. I've had my axel and boots replaced several times. Anyone elese having the same problems or have suggestions. Could it be the struts?
  • tomasstomass Member Posts: 1
    My nissan sentra 2007. I just noticed noise under dashbord (right side). Car has just 18 500mileage. Any halp? I don't want to put car to the delaer. (have bad experiencis - no more!!! dealers form Chicago). :sick:
  • BlacknapkinsBlacknapkins Member Posts: 1
    Did you check your CV Boots? If one is split sand can get in the joint and a rotational clicking sound is exactly what you will hear. :shades:
  • CovertFirewallCovertFirewall Member Posts: 2
    I have a '99 Sentra GXE which has started to make the grinding, radio chatter sound that seems familiar to everyone. It is quite annoying but only seems to occur when making right turns and having the accelerator down a little bit. This issue came out of nowhere so I'm trying to figure out what to do.
  • okieloanchickokieloanchick Member Posts: 2
    I JUST went through the same thing. They had my car for 5 weeks and eventually had to put in a new motor. They blamed the oil filters and all that. Oh, and by the way, they WILL ask you for receipts for all oil changes. My husband changed the oil in our car himself and they told us that we had to bring them the receipts from when we purchased the oil and filters. I had 33000 miles on my car so they asked for 8 oil changes worth of receipts. If I did not come up with them, we were going to have to pay for the repair (over $3000). Even under warranty. Tell them to check for a premature bearing failure. That is what was wrong with mine. It would only make the sound when it was cold too and by the time I drove to the dealership 45 miles away, it was warmed up and they couldnt duplicate the problem. I took it several times and finally ended up demanding a loaner car so they could keep it overnight. They heard it the next morning.
  • rockydog1rockydog1 Member Posts: 1
    I have A nissan Sentra 2007 that I love! Only problem is that horrible knocking/ticking sound it makes during warm up. It used to go away after a few blocks but now lasts for several miles! I have taken it to two different dealerships now. The first one said that they couldn't hear it. The second one heard it loud and clear but says it is normal and does not hurt the drivability. I think it kills my resale though and even though it has only 34,000 miles I wouldn't feel safe taking a trip in it. I just want my car fixed. I have been told that no one else has had this problem. I am finding lots of reports though. I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if anyone would share what dealership they have taken their car to with similar problems.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    You can look for consumer reviews of dealerships and repair shops in your area at this link: Dealer Ratings & Reviews. Hope this helps!
  • okieloanchickokieloanchick Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with mine. I live 45 miles from the dealership and so everytime I took it in, the car was warmed up and the knocking stopped. I finally left it over night and they started it up first thing the next morning. They heard it then and they said that since we didnt use Nissan Filters when we changed our oil that was the problem so they changed the oil. The next day they called and said it was fixed and when I went to pick up the car. I heard it again. So, they kept it. They had my car for 5 1/2 weeks. Turns out, there was a premature bearing failure in the motor and they had to replace the small block. Keep on em until they get it fixed because your warranty is almost out. If you have any other questions, email me @ [email protected] Hope this helps.
  • bartek2bartek2 Member Posts: 1
    I had same problem with my 95 Sentra GXE. The clattering sound when making turns (as I remember it was happening mostly on the right turns). I've been hearing this sound for years - and nobody could find the cause. Finally, last year I had to replace the starter and when they took the old one out they found that a piece of the starter gear cover broke off but did not fall out completely. Instead in remained loose inside the starter body and every time I made a right turn, the centrifugal force pushed it against the rotating flywheel - making the clattering sound.
    Of course after installing new starter, the sound disappeared.
  • dieskaudieskau Member Posts: 2
    The odometer is just 220 km. I puchased it about a month ago.
    From just a week ago,
    when the speed is between 50 km and 55 km, I can hear whistling noise.
    Even if I put the transmisson in neutral postion I can still hear the noise.
    The Nissan service person said it's normal. But I don't think so.
    Does some one have the same problem with me?
  • jjustus616jjustus616 Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    I'm having the same exact problem with my 2009 Sentra. It's just the basic model and has 36900 miles. I've taken it 3 times and they have already changed the oil filter. Now they are telling me it's a normal noise and if I had bought a top model I wouldn't hear it because mine doesn't have the sound proffing. I'm livid! Regardless if it's a basic model or not it shouldn't be making that noise! Please let me know if this bearig issue is the same for my model too. If so, I've only had the car a few weeks and I'm going to take it back and get my money back because they don't want to fix the problem! Thanks!
  • she3she3 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2010 used Nissan Sentra and I'm having the problem with a knocking noise. It gets better when it is warmed up, but it still has a knocking noise. I had it a couple days and brought it into the Nissan dealer for them to look at it. They are telling me that it is normal. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Many people tell me they too hear the noise. I will go in and tell them to check the premature bearing failure in the motor and if they don't fix it I think I will return it. I believe I have 31 days to return the car?
  • shirokumashirokuma Member Posts: 1
    Well its not a loud clank, but more than a click. And it happens almost every time I start the car up and press the accelerator the first time. After that it goes away, but may come back if I am stopped at a light say, and press the accelerator to start up. Either it started a few weeks ago or I just never noticed it in the 4 months I've had the car, which seems unlikely. Any ideas?
  • colordancercolordancer Member Posts: 1
    Hey Shirokuma, SAME thing is happening to my 2011 Sentra! The dang Click; I think it is more when the weight of the vehicle shifts rather than the accel/brake pedals, but it's driving me nuts! I'm taking him in to the dealer in 2 weeks to find out!

    I also get noise when I shift from rev to drive and turn the wheel... sounds like pulling the parking brake in old stick shift cars.

    I can also hear the suspension (like... springs or air puffs) every time I go over any bumps in the road.
  • cab2887cab2887 Member Posts: 1

    I'm having the identical problem in my 2010 Sentra SR... a knocking noise when braking and accelerating, and a screeching sound when turning the wheel immediately after coming out of reverse.

    If you can, please let me know what your dealer says about the problem. I've had the car in for this issue twice and have been told that the sounds are normal--but I'm not ready to accept that.
  • airforcdinstarairforcdinstar Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra SR, I just purchased. It had seven miles on it. During initial start up and for a period of 2-3 min it has a loud whining/buzzing noise emitting from the engine compartment. It is noticeable from inside the cabin and outside. I thought it was a just a break in thing that would go away. However I have around 200 miles and the car still has the same issue. I talked to my local Nissan service section over the phone. They tried to tell me it was normal, I requested documents to validate. He tried to tell me it was TSB and I have access to TSB and I could not locate it. He then fumbled around and told me he would call me back.
  • malachymalachy Member Posts: 17
    Your call sounds just like my 2010. No problems however...
  • wischigirlwischigirl Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra. There is a distinct knocking noise that happens under the following conditions: the car has not been driven for a while, engine is cold, and I reach 19-20 miles per hour while accelerating and the car makes a knocking noise (like a hammer on metal) a few times then stops. It goes away as I drive the car more. It seems to happen only once and only under those conditions. I took the car to a Nissan dealership service to get the right front struts replaced because that's what I was told was making the knocking noise. I also had the oil changed. The knocking is still there. Any ideas? I've read that it can be an engine bearing problem. How expensive is this to fix? Anyone have this knocking noise and just lived with it? I feel that if I try to sell or trade in this car in the future and the knocking noise is there, it will diminish the value of the car. I'm very disappointed. This is the most expensive car I've ever purchased and it's already giving me problems.
  • mauka1mauka1 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. Knocking when the engine was cold. Had 55,000 miles on the car. Long story short...Dealership said car needs a new short block and that it is covered under warranty at the moment. Defective bearing, etc...?
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