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Poor quality re-paint

d_henryd_henry Posts: 1
At the time we were taking delivery of our new car we noticed an area on the passenger door that was deeply scratched, perhaps by vandalism. The area had been covered over with some touch up paint and the scratches were still quite obvious. To make a long story short, the dealer assured us that they could repaint the door and it would be good as new. Well, we picked up the vehicle yesterday and discovered that the painted door has a certain unevenness to the paint, you can almost see spray strokes. The door looks repainted and not as promised.

The problem is that to really be noticeable, it has to be viewed in just the right light. Does any one have experience with a similar situation. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed as well as how I might reproducible demonstrate the somewhat subtle but noticeable differences in the finish. This may seem like nit-picking to some, but it is a brand new vehicle and it should look like one.



  • cookie22cookie22 Posts: 73
    Sounds to me like some 18 yr.old shop flunkey painted your door. I cannot imagine a dealer putting a car on the lot that needed painting. Let alone selling it and then repairing it . IMHO
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Well, without seeing the door it's hard to advice you. Quite frankly, if you have to like kneel down with a flashlight during a full moon and point and say "see? see?" and the dealer is going "what? what?", you are in for an uphill struggle here and not likely to gain many sympathizers.

    If you feel the defects are more apparent than this, you could always hire an appraiser and then threaten the dealer with a lawsuit or a claim for Diminution of Value...that is, due to his shoddy work, your car is worth less at resale than an equivalent car. So you could demand compensation for that diminished amount, if you could prove that somehow.

    You might ask friends to see if they "notice anything" about your car's paint, but don't tell them where. If nobody can find it, I suggest you live with it, because that means at resale time nobody will notice either.

    All that being said, be sure to document all this in case the paint falls off someday.
  • reid8reid8 Posts: 28
    that the door needs a good buffing out.Talk to them and see.
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