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My 2000 LS V8 with approximately 42000 mi has a radio noise problem. In addition to the station I've tuned in or CD I'm playing the speakers are transmitting the sound of the spark plugs firing. When you rev up the engine you can actually hear it through the speaker system. (When the engine is off radio plays beautifully.) I evidently have a radio frequency (RF) shielding problem. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know what was repaired/replaced to cure the problem? Was it near the antenna or near the radio?


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    I have the same problem. Not only is it intermittent but it comes and goes when I hit bumps! I've had it in to the dealer 4 or 5 times. The first problem was getting it to occur when the dealer had the car. Then they replaced the amp twice. It's still there and they can't fix it. I also have a new problem. I get static on the radio at the high and low end of the FM band when I turn the rear window defroster on.
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    Have the dealer check for TSBs on faulty ground connections.
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    You don't say, but I'm guessing you've got the Alpine upgrade (with the subwoofers). I've had the same problem, once under warranty and once right now.

    It certainly has all the earmarks of a bad ground and/or internal connection, given the way it comes & goes when hitting bumps. The wizard who "repaired" it under warranty replaced the subwoofer amp, and it did go away. . .for awhile.

    Last summer, as I was rolling south through Nevada listening to a book on tape, it reappeared. In the ensuing months, I've learned that the single best way to make it go away (for up to a week) is to open the trunk & give the subwoofer amplifier a sharp rap with my hand. So far, it's worked every time. . .for awhile.

    I'm not sure what's in the Service Bulletin, but over the break next week I intend to have a careful look at how the amp is mounted & whether star washers and/or a grounding strap might be in order.

    After all, I don't want this "issue" to appear while I'm trying to sell my poor orphaned LS, which I'm hoping to do in the next ~year. It may only be worth $1.87, but if the audio system goes South during the test drive. . .
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    I have a 00 LS V8 with 80K. This problem sounds similar to one recently posted by someone saying their radio was playing the spark plug firing. I just had my car in to replace the sway bar and bushings. In the process, I had them replace the battery. Ever since then, I have gotten the weird feedback from the radio. I took it back in and they couldn't find anything, in fact in the process of their inquiry, the sound went away. Since then, a week has passed and it has come and gone. If I disconnect the amp for the subwoofers, the sound is gone, but then no bass. Otherwise the radio works fine. Could this be something with the battery, or the way its hooked up? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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    Recheck the battery cables and all connections in the trunk area. Sounds like a loose ground.
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    You mean the rapid "Tick, Tick, Tick...." noises?

    My dealer replaced my radio (under warranty)quoting "electrical problems".

    Funny thing?
    Some times my stereo lights stop working on the new stereo.
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    I had the same problem on my 00 LS. The problem is ignition noise being induced on the 12VDC supply to the speaker power amp mounted under the rear deck. I placed a 200 picofarad capacitor accross the supply at the connect to this amp this and it fixed it.
    Tim Agler
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    Correction - the capacitor I used accross the supply was a 200 micofarad capacitor
    Tim Agler
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    hey guys, having some problems from factory stereo in 01. Just bought it with 72k, and doing since test drive. The sound system has this crazy reverb, echo sound...Played with all the settings and cant change something wrong???

    Please help if you can.
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    It's a DSP mode. Check the owner's manual for specific instructions on changing it.
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    I recently installed a used factory 6 Disc Alpine Radio CD Changer in my 2000 LS. Radio works fine but having problems with the CD player.Can not get the CD tray to open to load a cd. If I hit the eject button the 6 cd circles blink for which one to select. As soon as you select a #, it says CD error. Tried hitting the load button and that says slots full. I can not get the tray to open. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I am having the exact same problem with the Alpine CD player in my 2002 Lincoln LS. Have you figured out they problem yet or have you had any answers to your questions?
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    I know you posted this last year-- my LS is doing same thing... it almost sounds like there is no bass... is that what yours sounded like? did the DPS change fix the problem?

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    Mine didn't do it. If it's not the DSP settings then the subwoofer amp may have gone out.
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    I was wondering if anyone has instructions on how to replace the rear deck speakers on an 02 LS with the Audiophile System. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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    The automatic lighting system for my alpine stereo in my 2001 Lincoln town Car does not work correctly. Normally only the display lights up. The lights for the controls come on from time-to-time but not as they should. Any ideas on a fix??
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    My speakers have absolutely no base in my 2000 ls, i have the alpine factory speakers any ideas?
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    Replacing the factory speakers will help. Infinity or Polk Audio are good choices. 5x7s.
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    hi all,
    my 2000 lincoln ls has the premium alpine system in it still, and it plays fine. the only problem is that the display is completley blank. im thinking the leds might have broke or somehitng, but there is absouloutley nothing on the screen, its just always blac. Please Help!
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    Same thing happened to mine. You have to replace the head unit. I found one on Ebay for $50 shipped.
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    anyone have a diagram or know how to remove the stock 6x9s in the back of a 2002 lincoln ls ... not the door speakers the rear ones.. thanks.. email me if u want .. be greatly appr.

    [email protected]
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    From the trunk - where else?
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    thats what i thought the guy at best buy said u gotta remove the back seats side.. b ack side panels etc. i looked from the trunk it looks like there bolted in from the top
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    Hi, I have an 01 lincoln ls and I just recently started having problems with my cd player. I loaded a cd and then the player read cd error and now I try to eject cd or play cd it reads cd error and when I start car radio takes almost like 30 seconds to turn on. Can dealership fix or will I have to buy I new one?
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    Ask your dealer who does their radio repair - it's not the dealership. Normally they use a local shop. You can try to get it repaired there or you can try to find a used one on Ebay.
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    Hi, thank you very much. I was about to buy one ebay but I called dealership and they did refer me to a shop. Hopefully the repair will be less then buying a new one. Ill see what they say tommorrow. Thanks again.
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    I've had factory radios pack up more than once on long trips, and it's a . . . well, let's just say, a problem.

    Once with the minivan in Colorado I took a short trip to Denver to have the book-on-tape cassette removed from the unit, followed by installation of a refurbished unit. Had a similar situation with my LS a couple of years ago, this time in Edmonton.

    As Allen has pointed out, the car guys don't know from audio equipment, but they always have a captive car audio shop that does. Of course, this only works in relatively large cities. If you have a problem in Moab or Casper, you're probably on your own (YOYO).

    Good luck.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    I was able to buy a replacement head unit for a 2000 Audiophile system off ebay for $53 shipped. Mine worked fine but the display went out so you couldn't tell what you were doing as far as menus or other adjustments. Of course it's always a crap shoot with ebay, so I'd give them a shot at fixing it first.
  • coolbreze4coolbreze4 Member Posts: 7
    the shop I took it to and fixed it in about 4 days, price was about 170. Even though ebay has them for around 100 I figure getting the old one fixed is better because for one I had 6 cd s in there. That's 100 worth right there alone plus the give a 1 year warrenty. Thanks for the help
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    I was going to get a factory 6 disc cd player on Ebay but you never know the quality or even if it is working when you get one off of there.
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    You will have to pull the back seats top and bottom. Then remove the carpet or felt cover, then remove the foam sound deadener, then you can pull the 6X9 sub woofers. Once you have the speakers out, install some ""dynamatt"" sound deadener. Then put what ever speakers you want back in and reverse the removal process. Remember the bolts and nuts are meteric. I did the above and went bat S,,,, with the dynamatt and it is very well worth it.
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    :( My cd player stopped working after a cd was put in it. It played the cd then I tried to eject it and know it reads " cd error" please help the dealer wants to charge 300.00 to send out and fix.
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    Hi, I had the same problem. My solution is the call a dealer and ask where they get the cd players sent out to get fixed and call them, they probably don't charge as much. I took my cd player out myself and took to the repair shop and it was about 170 dollars with a one year warrenty. Other option is to by one on ebay that comes with warrenty or something and have someone put it in.
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    I bought a replacement for my audiophile head unit on Ebay for $54 shipped. Worked fine.
  • taypugtaypug Member Posts: 2
    thanks i asked the dealer and they said the place they send them to dont take walk in's I live in philly any suggestions?
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    How long did the process take you? I'll be removing mine in a couple of days once I get the speakers exchanged. (Crutchfield sent me 6x8's by mistake)
  • trent6_3trent6_3 Member Posts: 7
    Did you ever get instructions? I'll be replacing mine soon!
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    My 01' just lost the volume on the radio. You can switch stations, change tracks on the CD, but the volume meter is stuck at 4 bars and no sound. Can't even adjust the volume bars up or down, just stuck at 4 with no volume.
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    Time for a new head unit. Try ebay. I found a new audiophile head unit for a 2000 for $54 shipped. Worked fine. Caveat Emptor.
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    Just out of curiousity (and lack of knowledge) can you name the components of the LS audio system? What I mean is, what is a "head unit" and what other units are there?

    Eg: my LS has the 6 CD changer built into the radio. Seems to me if something goes Kaput, I need a new "radio with built-in CD changer". Or is that now called a Head unit? TIA
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    Head unit refers to the main control unit - the ones with all the knobs and displays. As opposed to a separate CD player or amplifier.

    The 01 LS should have had 2 models - audiophile and premium.

    Premium only had 4 door speakers. Audiophile had 4 door speakers plus 2 speakers on the center console and 2 subwoofers with a separate amp in the rear package shelf.

    Just make sure it has the built-in 6 CD changer and it matches yours as far as premium vs. audiophile and it should work.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    Thanks. Mine is not audiophile, but it does have speakers on the console, near where the knees would be. No subwoofer though.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    You have the infamous Sport Audiophile. Everything is the same except they deleted the subwoofer to save weight for CAFE compliance on the sport models. You probably also have a cheap steel spare and no rear headrests IIRC. And no moonroof available either. I ordered mine in August 99 right before they made that change.
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    Removing the stock speakers is real easy, I can give you directions if you really need them. I had trouble with the front door panels at first but they are actually very easy as well.
  • falcettifalcetti Member Posts: 2
    I have an extra cd player and 6 disc changer if anyone is interested. I actually had an aftermarket head unit, all new door speakers, capacitor,amplifier and subwoofer installed....i am very happy with the new sound in my car. About $1200 invested.
  • trent6_3trent6_3 Member Posts: 7
    I Already replaced them but thanks anyway! Wow, thats alot for two subwoofers! I had to remove the entire back seat, the two post pillars, seat belt harness, brake light and rear deck. It gave me a chance to clean the upholstery though. The amp had a short so I soldered the points. The new subs sound great. Just a hand full of shops sell 6x9 subwoofers so I got mine from the dealer ($75.apiece) Can't put the bass on level 4 without the mirrors vibrating.
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    Just fixed my problem by disconnecting the battery for a minute. The radio volume must have locked up somehow and by disconnecting/reconnecting the battery it reset and the volume is back.

    Thanks for your responses!
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    i have a 2000 LS with the Alpine 6 disc changer and sub in the trunk. is there a nice Amp replacement that would fit in the same spot as the OEM amp?
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    Tuesday the 20th I became the owner of an '04 Premium. Trying to learn as much as I can about it.

    I have the 6-disc CD player and speakers by the knee on the center console. Crutchfield shows a 12 speaker system?? I don't have a brochure to tell me what is really what. I've read here on some things and have a few questions;

    Are the factory speakers Alpine? Are there 8 speakers, with 2 subs on the read deck, or somehow 12? Where are the amps assuming the 90w for the amps and 180 for the system? Does anyone have pics for replacing the speakers if I decide to?

    Also, I've seen mention of another site that has a fee to join. What is the fee and is it worth paying for?
  • squidnomoresquidnomore Member Posts: 9
    I'd like the directions when you get the chance.

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