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Lincoln LS Audio



  • I've done that but it didn't help. I kept the battery disconnected for about 20 mins. Everything reset but the radio. (all station were still saved - maybe it saves them in NVRAM).

    A new development after I did the battery disconnect - the display is all black now. I don't see the message that says CAUTION you need to instert the system disk but nothing else displays either. :(

    I will pass by a dealer in a few days to see if they can help.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
  • ttrittri Posts: 2
    Hi...Just bought a 2002 LS. Need to replace the two tiny speakers on either side of the "center console". They look like 2.5 inch speakers. Can't find any anywere, though. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find a pair of 2.5 inch speakers to fit the 2002 LS?
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    I think they are 3.5 in. speakers. Not positive though. You might not see much difference with new speakers. From what I've read on other forums, these just help fill out the sound and are not that noticable.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    Disconnect them and you'll never know they were there. Not worth replacing.
  • Hello All, im still new to all of this, but you guys seem helpful, can anyone please tell me if the 2003 and up THX system on the lincoln ls will fit on my 2001 Lincoln Ls, i want to put that T.V. into my car instead of my cd player
  • inztagatahinztagatah Posts: 9
    Hi names mike, i have done all the electronic work on my 2000 ls v8, iv wired RCA hook ups behind my head unit, too install an aftermarket amp to my stock radio, because i like the 6 disc changer. Just wanted some bump. i know of a good ground also willing to help out anyone doing the same thing......Also just throwin it out there i got a replacement head unit off ebay for 27 dollars free shipping which i dont need model # XW4F-18C870-AJ if anyone needs a replacement let me know?
  • When my LS was about one year old, an odd static appeared in the AM mode of the radio. While idling or coasting the radio had a steady static in the AM mode, however when I would accelerate the static would subside but as soon as I let up on the pedal the static would re-appear. While under warranty the dealer replaced the radio and the problem disappeared. Not much later the problem re-appeared and has been that way ever since. Does any one out there have any clue what the problem may be?Every ting is original equipment and has had no modifications or additions.This static does not change in frequency with the change in engine RPM.
  • Hey, just read your post. I posted before and didn't really get any feed back. I tied my line level converter after my stock amp (Alpine) and then had to add a booster from that to my amp because I didn't like the sound it produces. I run an MTX 250 watt amp to a 12" MTX sub. It bumped pretty good in my old ride but now it has more of a higher thump and I can't adjust my levels on the amp too much because it seems like it is too much or maybe not enough. Someone told me about wiring RCA's behind the deck but can this be done at the trunk so I can keep all the wiring back there? I live in a small town and the local audio shop isn't much help. They pretty much charge you just to look at what ya got.
  • New to this site. Would like to know if anyone has installed CL-441dsp and CL-SSI in 2001 LS with premium sound system. If so would you be willing to share how you went about this.
  • I have 2000 ls with alpine system with out the amp/woofers in the trunk, but i have the harness will be able to install the factory amp/woofer and will it work
  • That's all you need to have the booming system,
  • i have a 2000 lincoln ls and the subs are not working. i just bought it but i didnt notice it until tonite that they were not on is there another fuse besides the one in the trunk i checked that one and it was fine
  • What did u just by, the speakers or the car? If you just bought the car,the speakers could have got wet eg...shampoo, windex or excessive water from tinting. If the speakers are new, are they the right wattage? The original speakers are 35-45 watts. The Amp may not be able to drive anything out of this class.
  • hey mike my name is paul i have a quick question on how to hook up a pair of 12 inch subs and amp to the stock head unit and still have the luxury of the 6 disc cd changer into one of my friends 2000 lincoln ls... if possible could u send me a wiring diagram to show me how to properly hook this system up...

    thanks, paul
  • I have the same problem, right down to the dealer fixing it once!

    Have you found a solution?
  • Hey I want to do the same thing to my wifes LS, I want to keep all of what I have but add an amp and a 12" sub. Do you have any more details on how to go about it? I've done a few systems but nothing crazy, I should be able to do this pretty easy.
  • ok all i have a 2000 Lincoln LS, 3.0L V were to start with the issues.. first one would be the audio the acc wire went out on the radio and i have checked the fuses and nothing is blowen not sure about the trouble shooting on that one but on the other hand i have a huge issue with the misfiring and smelling like gas when i start it up... When i hooked it up to a computer it said cylinder 1,3,5 were misfiring so i have changed all the coils but 2 the 2 that i knew that were not bad and i have changed all the plugs... but when i took out the coil and plug on cylinder 3 there was a bit of crud on it but nothing since. i have changed not i have put new mass air flow sensor. ran a bit better but not sure if it could be an 02 sensor and if so witch one there are 4 and they are anywere to 30 to 60 bucks...
  • are u goin to keep the stock radio in there or put a new one in.. if you are goin to put a after market one in there Lincoln Ls 2000-2003 Mach 460 1000 Amp Wire Harness is what you will need so it can turn on the stock amp.. but i have 2 memphis 10s and a 1000 watt amp and to be honest it awesome...
  • i have an issue with my radio its the acc wire for the radio and none of the fuses are blew and i dont know what or how to fix it i have tryed alot but nothing i have a after market cd player the hot wirer works but its just the acc any ideas
  • I have a 2003 Lincoln LS with the THX audio system. Typically, when I put the vehicle in reverse, the rear sensors will beep and the radio volume will go down until I shift out of reverse. Recently, when I was backing up, the volume went completely off and never came back on when I shifted out of reverse. Now, I get no sound (CD, radio, touch screen beeps, etc) from the radio...except when I'm in park. It's instant. As soon as I shift out of park, the audio sound is gone.

    Any ideas on what the issue might be???

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
  • yes i have a few good ideas first does you car run like poop or also does ur acc wire work or does ur car start overheating when you it did work.. and does it have the factory amp and 6x9s in the back.. if it does all that not what i did to make my car not overheat and all start working right i cliped the acc wire and from the power wire i ran a wire offe that to a toggle switch then a wire from the toggle switch to the acc on the radio and its gotten rid of all my problems.. i can take pics and send if u would like
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    Hi all, new to this site....i have a 2003 LS with a factory 6 pack CD player and the premium sound package. I bought a factory Nav system out of another 2003 lincoln ls, but my dealer says i would have to put a whole new wiring harness into it. I took the existing head unit out and the connectors do not match so i know i need to get some kind of an adaptor, but to go to a whole new harness?
    I really need help, ant would be appreciated
  • Friends,

    My 2004 Lincoln LS came with the touchscreen navigation system. The radio has quit and is too expensive to fix. I found a used radio with a 6 cd changer out of an 04. When I connect the 2 plugs that fit, the radio lights-up, but no sound.
    Question. Should the different radio work with the existing pigtails, or is there a difference? If it's the same, I may have a bum radio.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    IIRC there were 3 systems - premium, audiophile and THX. I don't think they're compatible. Was yours THX and how many speakers do you have?
  • Thanks for the reply Kirby,

    It was the THX. I appear to have an amp between the back speakers. I guess it has to have power or a relay to turn it on along with the radio. There are 2 plugs that match up, including the largest one. The smaller one has many contacts but only two being used. There are 2 pigtails that do not fit the radio. The radio has 2 small jacks that do not match my plugs.

    thanks again
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    Hi....i was going to put a NAV system into my '03 which came with premium sound, it now sounds like i can't because it won't fit, so i happen to have one for sale right now. It was a Ford Factory refurb off of ebay. I paid $300 for it and just want my money back. Get back to me if interested.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    THX is a whole different animal. It's a matched system. You need to replace it with another THX head unit or you'll have to rewire the entire system.
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
  • mac024mac024 Posts: 4
    hello all, i have an '03 LS with a factory 6 cd changer in it. I don't know if it is premium sound, audiophile or THX. I bought a factory NAV system that also came out of an '03 LS and the wiring doesn't match up.
    First how do i tell if i have premium sound, audiophile or THX?
    Second how do i install this unit in my car short of putting a whole new wiring harness in it?

    Thanks Frank
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    If it's a THX it should have THX labels inside the car. Audiophile has subs, premium does not.
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