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  • ski3269ski3269 Member Posts: 1
    Hellow all, My in dash changer will not eject any of the 6 cd's currently in it. Keeps saying CD ERROR. Anyone have a Match for a 2002 LS. or any suggestions on how to fix Thank you.
  • trent6_3trent6_3 Member Posts: 7
    Things to try, disconnect your battery for 30 mins this will cause the radio to recycle once you reconnect it. This worked for me on a couple of occasions. The surface of personal CD's are often too smooth for the rollers to eject. If the gate is open you should barely see the edge of the CD.Hit eject but push CD back in without scratching it sometimes this is enuff to kick it out, GL.
  • stuartpieperstuartpieper Member Posts: 1
    Screwed into the rear deck :shades: have ta get there from the trunk
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