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Lexus RX Accessories



  • Anyone recommend a source for a bra for the RX300 ? Caught a glimpse of one on a Rx on the way home from work. Seemed to cover the front end well. Thanks.
  • commack4commack4 Posts: 1
    I got mine through which is the online arm of a Lexus dealer in PA. They are prompt..courteous..and charge from 25-30% below list.

    2001 RX300 Burnished Gold
    2002 RX300 Black Onyx
  • sam3sam3 Posts: 2
    We want to add the navigational system to our RX300. The dealer said we must buy a new car. Has anyone added a nav system?
  • rhewinsrhewins Posts: 5
    Has anyone heard if Lexus will be making the Mark Levinson stereo available in the 2003 RX300?
  • naodsnaods Posts: 2
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I find the small fold-down armrests on the front seats of my wife's rx300 too small and unsupportive. I find my elbow is constantly slipping off the thing... especially when getting into and out of the car. Is there any way to add a center console that comes up higher in the center between the seats? I've searched over and over for a solution with no luck. I'm hoping some industrious RX owner who has the same problem has come up with a solution! Thanks!
  • rmd122rmd122 Posts: 21
    I need a hitch for my 00 RX300. Hitch place says I will need wiring harness from Lexus in order for them to install hitch. The hitch, harness, oil cooler, brake etc. will run about $750. Any ideas or experience towing with this vehicle?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I purchased a "Hidden Hitch" #90647 on the internet for $113.92 delivered, very easy to install. Then used a Hoppy #46255 power taillight converter trailer wiring kit for $34.99. My 99RX didn't have a plug for a wiring harness and the kit uses 3M Scotchlok self-stripping connectors to tap into the taillight wiring. That hitch is Class II with 3,500 lb. GTW which equals the Lexus' maximum tow rating. I can't imagine needing an oil cooler or brakes with such a low towing capacity. You're pretty much limited to a utility trailer, personal watercraft, tent camper of something of that size. I believe the Toyota Highlander hitch fits the RX, and these are Class II; but that doesn't change the vehicle's tow capacity. Hope this is helpful.

  • rmd122rmd122 Posts: 21
    Thanks for your advice. It became obvious that not many hitch shops are familiar with the RX300. The Lexus dealer gave the "I'm not sure" routine. A hitch place we've used before said something similar. I found a small private shop where the owner didn't have much experience with the RX 300 but spoke without a whole lot of "I don't know" and spoke intelligently about the whole deal. It cost me $463 with brake, plug, but no cooler. He emphasized how difficult the brake wiring job was.
  • naodsnaods Posts: 2
    I have had great service from LEXUSPARTSMALL.COM.I bought a spoiler from them, which I installed myself (221.00 painted) and the rear bumper protector for 68,.00. They will also do research for you on where you can get parts it they don't have them. Fast service also.
  • rwb944prwb944p Posts: 1
    Has anyone found a stone & bug deflector? Weathertech has a unit that is held on with adhesive. I'm not comfortable with that approach. Any thoughts regarding a bolt on unit which may or maynot use existing bolts? Any info would be appreciated Thanks Bob.
  • danny29danny29 Posts: 4
    Can anyone recommend a good alarm system for the 2002 RX300? I'm not sure how good the standard Lexus alarm is that comes in the RX300. I've always used the Viper alarm system for my other cars.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    The standard "Theft Deterrent System" is more that adequate in my opinion. When an attempt is made to forcibly enter the vehicle or open the hood or back door without a key, or when the battery terminals are removed and reconnected, this system sounds the horn and flashes the headlights, taillights and turn signal lights for about 1 minute to alert the owner. You also have the standard "Immoblilzer". This is a computerized security device whose aim is to prevent the theft of the vehicle. With this device, the engine can be started only with a previously registered ignition key.

  • outrunoutrun Posts: 539
    We got the Lexus hitch right from the dealership for about $200 installed. This also includes a 4/50 warranty on the hitch and installation.

    If you want to save a few dollars on your $40k vehicle, go ahead. But the best choice is obvious.

  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    You have a good dealer. I tried for years to get a factory hitch at a good price. I told them I would wait for one a customer didn't want. The best deal they would ever make was $450. The Hidden Hitch has been great. It went on in 15 minutes, looks better than the factory hitch and I believe was less than $150.
  • Mine was $119.92 delivered from the Internet, drop-shipped within two working days. Very easy to install, took less than 1/2 hour working alone. All you need are 14mm and 16mm wrenches. Comes with a slick black textured plastic cover which conceals the receiver and safety chain loops, which are all that is visible below the bumper. Also comes with removable drawbar for 3/4" shank ball, hitch pin and clip, hardware and instructions.

  • Hello,

    Can someone give me some advice on getting basic hand controls installed on an RX300. Do they have to cut the panels out? What do I need to pay attention to?
  • I am in need of slide on/clip on trailering mirrors for my RX 300. The ones I bought don't give the proper angle no matter how much I manipulate them.
  • I had to use my spare recently and at first I thought the spare wheel was really ugly--all black steel except for the chrome lug nuts. I used it for a few days and came to believe that it was better looking than the silver wheels that come on the RX. They have alway looked wimpy to me. Of course the spare isn't very stylish. Has anyone ever tried painting the OEM wheels gloss black? It's a lot cheaper than buying a new set of wheels, but would the paint stick? And how do you think it would look? My RX is black with gold accents.
  • any clue where to get the honeycomb grill that came on the rx 300 coach edition? i wanted to replace that with the grill on the 03 rx 300. thanks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • maxappealmaxappeal Posts: 17
    Here's a link to my brother's RX customized with 20's, Alpine DVD, etc. &make_type_query=make%3DLexus&model_brand_query=model%3DR- X-Series&tree=Lexus%20RX-Series

    Let me know what you think. I had the car customized by 310 Motoring. All dealers and other aftermarket spots told me an aftermaket stereo was impossible to install. When there's a will, there's a way!
  • lfong1lfong1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2 wheel drive, pearl white 2003 RX 300 that I bought two days ago.

    I'd love to have a wood steering wheel and wood shift knob. But haven't been able to find it anywhere but the dealer.

    Any ideas?

  • bh3685bh3685 Posts: 3
    I'm looking to get a hitch, as others have, for my '99 RX. Looking on, they say their class II hitch is for a 4x2. I have an AWD, anyone installed a hitch on a AWD? Also looking to add a wood trimmed wheel and shifter, only advice i've gotten so far is EBay. Thanks...
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Check the Hidden Hitch website:

    Hidden Hitch

    Their "Fit Guide" shows both a Class II and a Class III available for the 98-03 RX. I installed their Class II on my 99 RX a couple years ago. Very easy, took less than ½ hour working alone. Fastens to six existing weld nuts in the frame using M10-1.25 fine thread metric bolts included. All you need are 14mm and 16mm wrenches. Mine is FWD but I'm certain the mounting and fit on AWD is identical.

  • maxappealmaxappeal Posts: 17
    picked up the wood steering on ebay for $250. paid lexus $100 for installation (15 min. of labor).
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What year is your RX?
  • maxappealmaxappeal Posts: 17
    it is a 2002.
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