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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling

virg15370virg15370 Posts: 1
I've had a 96 Dodge Neon for a couple of years now, a problem that started last year and I've been fighting with is it keeps stalling and sputtering. I've replaced the O2 sensor, plugs and wires, fuel pump, altenater, just about everything I can think of. I replaced the O2 sensor because the first time it did this the engine light came on and the only thing that came up was the o2. But when it did it again soon after that, I started changing things, I'm starting to wonder if it is the relay to the fuel pump, because that is what it almost seems like is that it is starving itself for fuel. I was wondering if it could also be the coil pack? Really need to get this problem fixed before I have more invested in fixing this problem than I do in the entire car.


  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    virg15370: Had a very simular problem. The dealer found the two cam sensors were bad. Hope this gives you some help.

  • jed9jed9 Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 plymouth neon with about 265000 kms. at x mas time i had a simular problem where i had changed everything u did but the alenator. it ended up being a power sensor modulator. 365 cdn for the part and 650 labour because they have to reprogram the computer after. as far as i can tell its the silver box on the drivers side by the battery. since then the car has ran like new again. last week i spit the tranny shifting into second. i have put new struts all the way around new controll arms at the back, all i have left to do is ball joints again, and tie rods and i will have a new car again, the motor still runs like brand new
  • teena78teena78 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 neon and last night while driving it went from 45 mph to 0 and stalled when i stopped at a light. Now it won't start. It acts like it wants to crank but its not getting any gas to actually start
  • Check your fuel pump. This is how they go.
  • teena78teena78 Posts: 2
    i had the fuel pump changed and it still wont start any idea what it could be
  • skibum1575skibum1575 Posts: 1
    So about six months ago I was driving on the freeway to Seattle, and about one hour into the drive I pressed down the gas to pass someone, and I heard a clanking. If I removed my foot, the sound would go away. About five minutes later the car began to jerk back, and eventually stalled completely. I went to the dealer and he couldn't find anything. Two weeks ago I was driving down the freeway again, and the car stalled, and all of the electronics turned off, including the power steering. I started driving to the dealer but everytime I stopped at a light the car began to shake, and eventually stalled again, with the electronics and everything. The dealer said "it's the computer." They apparently fixed it, but two weeks later my car did the same exact thing. I took it back to the dealer and he said they didn't plug the computer in properly.

    Today, I was parked, and turned on my air conditioning, and it stalled completely. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my car? I'm tired of these dealers lying to me to make money.
  • i have spent alot of money on this neon
    so far this year i have put 18"chrome rims with 215/35/18 on
    lambo doors and i have full air ride on this car and a octane body kit.

    this car is now 11 years old nad the own before never changed anything. so guess what.
    i've bin changing this ever t month in this car.
    but im having trouble with it stalling.
    ive changed the plugs
    wire. coil twice
    2 new battery
    3 fuel filtters. and still trouble
    even time i slow down or stop at light my car will be fine until i push down on the gas. and theres nothing, no move ment no noise nothing. i have to tap it over and over again nad then slowly theres like a burp nad it slowly starts to move nad then the power kicks in.

    and if it stalls i have to tap the gas pedal when turning it over....does anyone have an idea... i have it up on blocks right now so i can drain the gas out, and then in the morning im going to get a new fuel pump and hope to good it fixes it...
    the only weird thing is the check engine light comes on and the codes tell me that its a throtle senor issues and a multpil cylinder miss fire.
    and a injector miss fire...

    so that changes things from what i thought but still they all need gas to fire so hopefully im right .... if anyone has an idea please let me know thanks steve.
  • Codes don't lie. As I was reading your problem I was saying "Throttle Sensor" because my 99 will sometimes want to stall after I've first started it on a cold or wet day and I've installed high performance wires on it. If you have the bucks, get it to a shop and have a diagnostics test done on it. Also it's not a bad idea to go to Autozone, PepBoys or Advanced Auto Parts and pick up the Haynes Manual for the 95-99 Neon. It's a great investment. A "Throttle Sensor" is what was called the "Choke" on the older cars with regular Carburetors.
  • i have that book it helps out alot.... but its just not on a start its when im driving also..... and when u hook a computerup to it it just gives you a miss fire error. thanks for your quick input thanks.. nad i have pro plugs and i put in a stage one chip too. which caused alot of problems for me. so i took it outand had to get my computer reset.
  • drake2drake2 Posts: 1
    i have a 95 neon, i delt with the identical problem back awhile ago. what i did was go to a Junkyard and look for a new throttle body with the TPS connected, has run fine since, and that was a few years ago. plus the dealership was about 5x more expensive for just the sensor than the complete part at jy.
  • thanks man i'll try that after i put the fuel pump in...

    if i start the car with out the filter pluged in nad gas should pure out it will for a bit then nothing. nad then the pump makes a howling sound and then starts up for a second nad then quites again.. so i have order a pump just waitting for it to come in nad try that if not im going to try what ur saying..... can anyone tell my how hard it is to change the timing belt on neon.
  • Standard timing belt change requires the removal of the water pump. They usually replace it when they remove it.
  • djk111djk111 Posts: 1
    my neon will run for about 10 min, then stall out. it will restart but then just die agian. the longer you wait the longer it will run. on shorter runs it runs great. i replaced the o2 sensor but that did nothing.
  • lanie3lanie3 Posts: 1
    Try checking your EGR valve assembly. My 97 Neon was doing the same thing. It works by opening a small passageway between the exhaust and intake manifold to allow a metered amount of exhaust to flow back into the engine. This reduces combustion temperatures and helps control the formation of oxides of nitrogen. If it sticks in the open position or fails to close all the way, it acts like a vacuum leak resulting in a rough idle, hesitation and possible stalling. This is what my neon was doing. The valve was stuck open and would run great on short runs but not on long runs. The part cost only 80 bucks and it has been running great ever since. :)
  • mike889mike889 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2000 neon es, 5spd 94k miles. The car had been well cared for and is in great shape. It drives and rides vgood. It does have one very annoying problem. Every once in awhile it is very difficult to start. I'd say this problem happens roughly 10% of the time you go to start it. I've replaced the plugs and wires. Two days ago after not experiencing the problem for about a week, I took it to my mechanic. He hooked it up to the computer which showed no problems, it started every time for him. I got into my car to drive home and it wouldn't start. This car is otherwise in great cond. and fun to drive. any ideas?
  • Okay so my starter recently went bad had it tested... sure enough was bad... They usually go bad... No big deal. So I went and bought a new one... Stuck it in... Connected it all up... Still won't start.

    Cleaned my battery connections so you can eat off them.
    Tightened battery connections.
    Tested 12v across the battery. Tested 12v across the starter. So I have power okay?

    Noises when starting
    I can hear the fly wheel and the starter clicking. I can also hear something else clicking... Like a relay/fuse near the driver side dash... But Im just thinking thats the starter relay engaging...

    Now originally all that was wrong was a bad starter... So whats up? Need anymore diagnosis on the situation to help me? Just ask and I'll go check... Ive been without a car for over 6 months and I just want a car again

    98' Plymouth Neon SOHC 2-Door Red... It doesn't work
  • Don't know if you fixed your problem but perhaps you bought a bad starter. Back in 1994 I had a 1980 Dodge 150 Custom pickup truck that also had a bad starter. They were easy to install so I bought one and did it myself. Guess what, it didn't work. :mad: I went back and told the parts guy and he assured me that the starter was tested before it was sold. So I had my truck towed the way it was and my mechanic told me the starter was no good and installed a new one. I brought the starter I bought back to the parts store and got my money back. :D
  • Try testing the battery voltage while trying to crank the engine. If the voltage drops way down,you may need to charge or replace your battery
  • bigo2bigo2 Posts: 1
  • I tried to start my 98 neon and it wouldnt, had it jumped drove it - went to start it again wouldnt and jumping it didnt work. The lights come on, headlights everything it just wont turn over - I have no idea, my mechanic thinks it is starter?
  • I have a 97 Neon. When I start it, it starts fine but unless I step on the gas it stalls right away. It is fine to drive, but as soon as I take it out of gear it stalls. This will continue to happen until its been driven for about 5 minutes. No engine fault codes. Any ideas?
  • hollyhhollyh Posts: 2
    I was wanting to know if anybody could tell me why my neon rolled in park? On saturday we had went to my mother and father in laws home to look at the brand new 2007 truck they had gotten that day. I parked my car pulled up the emergency brake and left it running to get out and look at the truck. The car stayed there in park for a good 5 minutes. Then I went back to the car to get my 3 kids out of the car and go in the house. As soon as I turned off the ignition the car started rolling and hit my father in laws truck. It drug me and my 6 year old son down the driveway. We are ok,but my car is having a transmission tear down now. I was just wondering if somebody could tell me some possibilities as to why this happened. The car was in park with the emergency brake up the whole time I am 100% sure of that.
  • i have this identical problem. i have a new o2 sensor, new egr valve, and replaced my crank sensor.... nothing has worked yet. It is so hard to find anything online to help, i was wondering what you did djk111 to fix your problem? :cry:
  • keiautkeiaut Posts: 1
    We just spent hours looking for this problem and it wound up being the crank sensor. Relatively inexpensive and easy to change, it is down by the fuel filter, only one bolt and one plug. However it did break when taking it out so had to drill a small hole in the center and put in a screw to extract it.
  • rkericorkerico Posts: 3
    This sounds crazy but my 1998 plymouth neon has recently started this unique stalling problem. Car was recently tuned up (new wires, plugs, gaskets, etc.)and was running fine for a few weeks. However, it now seems to stall out when making a right turn. Runs just fine when going straight or left. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  • craig53craig53 Posts: 3
    I have a '96 Neon that recently developed a problem. It runs fine until I have driven a few miles, then it begins to miss, "bumps" (much like a bad plug). This gets progressively worse. Then, if I slow down, turn a corner, etc. it completely dies. After sitting for a few minutes, it finally can be started again. "Service Engine" light stays on. It coded as a "Primary Coil" problem. Coil was replaced. It still acts up. This tends to be worse when it is in the '80's outside (?). Fuel line pressure checked out okay. Any ideas? I need the car! Particularly for the gas mileage.
  • oilcan3oilcan3 Posts: 1
    Craig53, I have a 96 Neon and I am currently experiencing the same problem. My coil and cam sensors have been replaced the problem is still there. There are no codes that register. It's going into the shop tommarow again for the 3rd time. It sounds like the same problem you have, have you gotten in figured out yet.
  • craig53craig53 Posts: 3
    Hey oilcan3, actually I had the car at the mechanic's a third time. He removed the code and has had me drive it for a week or two with the new coil. I don't drive it over 55-60. I have driven it to work a few times (16 miles each way)with no recurrence of the problem so far. This problem seems to occur with no regularity. Very frustrating. I changed the air filter and was going to change the PCV, but couldn't find it. I wish you luck with your car. Let me know if you find out anything. I'll do the same.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 10,803
    I don't think Donald Trump could have afforded to keep my 95 Neon running much longer than I did exhausting my financial resources taking it to 65K miles!!
    '16 Audi TTS quattro 2.0T, '17 VW Golf Alltrack SE 4-Motion 1.8T, '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6T
  • Im having the same problem now didyou find out what it was
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