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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Starting/Stalling



  • rkericorkerico Posts: 3
    No. Have not yet determined the problem. Had a diagnostic test but the readings detected no fault codes nor any during the drive test. I continue to drive car occasionally and it still stalls out periodically. Crazy, but only happens when making right hand turns and not accelerating thru the turn. Please let me know if you ever find out the reason. Thanks.
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  • After several more incidents I believe the problem may have been fixed. The last time (about two weeks ago) the thing stalled out 6 times in about 2 miles! The mechanic replaced the Crank Sensor and I have driven it for a week now with no stalling, no hesitation and no Warning Lights. Hopefully this is it. You may want to try this.
  • I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon that dies and loses all electrical. If I let it sit for awhile it will come back to life. I've had different opinions from everybody I know - anywhere from plugs, wires, coil to battery, alternator, electrical shorts to O2, cam, and crank sensors. Today the check engine light finally reared its ugly head. What is the general concensus on this one? :sick:
  • I went throught fuel pump and wiring and found out that a condensed that is supose to stop engine noise for the car had a dead short. It would run great then while driving just stop, or try to start the car and it would pop the fuse. Come to find out it is attached to the back of the engine and got hot and runs a dead short. I removed it tapeed the wire no engine noise on the radio and no fuse poping. I still idels a little rough but i think it may be dirty fuel injestors.
  • Hey I developed a problem with my 97 neon 5 speed 2.0 single over head cam. My car wouldnt fire on 1and 4 but if you remove the cam sensor all 4 would fire and run for a second. I replaced the brain,cam sensor,coil pack,and crank sensor all of this cost me 500.00 or more. No one not anyone could figure this out. Not to messtion it would not get any right code on a machine. After spending alot of money trying to figure this out and takeing it into the shop I finally took it to someone who knew where to look at the problem. Even Dodge it self couldnt figure it out. I feel Dodge needs to remberse me for this problem because Im not the only one this has happend to. Heres what happend and it was fixed with a 1.50 part plus 99.00 an hour to figure it out. It was the pin inside of the cam that was broke.
  • While driving on the freeway my 96 Neon (Manual Trans) turned off and back on (almost like a surge) when the cooling fan would come on. At one point the battery light came on but when off again. When I got it home (luckily) and turned it off it would not start again. Power is really dim. I think its the alternator but would like some advice before I start throwing money into it. :(

    Also on a side note I put in a new battery about 5 months ago.
  • I have a Neon that when you turn the key the starter turns over very slow and then it finally starts the car. I have tested the battery and alternator and both test good. I haven't taken the starter off to test it because I think it is a electrical problem. The reason for my belief is that when I put the car on a car charger and use a 50 amp boost the car turns over just fine. This is a on again and off again problem. Is there a starter relay that goes bad that needs to be replaced?
  • HI i have a 95 dodge neon and was running fine and about a week ago i went to the store and came out and tried to start my car and it died right away. tried to start again and it didn't thinking th car was flooded i wait and tried again after about 5-10 tries it started and seemed to run fine so i didn't think anything of it. Went out later that night to start the car and the same thing happened.
    so next day i go to bring the car into the shop and when i got it started again it seemed to run fine but now when i hit about 20 mph it has a surge almost like a hard shift and then runes fine again doesn't do anything when slowing down the mechanic hooked up and found codes p0122, p0340, p0351, p0352d, p0422, cleard them out and the check engin light went off it has not cam back on yet but still have the surge at 20 mph and ideas were to starte looking they couldn't tell me with out charging and arm an a leg to replace the the seners the the computer said were bad Thx in advance
  • My 96 neon was doing the same thing and I kept getting codes that didn't make sense.after all the trouble shooting and parts swaping I found out it was the external fuel filter on my plastic tank ( dodge part #4546610 $46.00 ) According to dodge this IS NOT A REGULATOR. It is a bypass filter that when your car does not need the amount of fuel that the pump is pumping it will bypass inside this filter back to the tank because this car does not have a return fuel line to the tank from the engine. ( cut mine appart and was plugged to where the car would hardly run) It"s stainless steel and is located on the top of the fuel pump/sending unit. The fuel line exit's this off of the tank just in front of the pass. rear wheel. You can change it with the tank in the car but it's a pain. If you look at a new one first you'll see a tab on the side of the filter you have to depress and then rotate the filter counter clockwise about a 1/4 turn and slide it out.
  • I just purchased a 1996 Neon which has the same issues. Stalls frequently but only when making right hand turns. Did you ever find out the problem?
  • Crakerg,
    Sorry to have taken so long to reply. Also sorry I can be of no help. Gave up on the car and traded it in. Figured the car dealer could handle it better than me. Wish I had better news, I kind of liked that car and really wanted to keep it but the problem was driving me nuts. Hope you have better luck.
  • Did you ever find out what caused the power surge mine just started yesterday doing the same thing.

  • Did you ever find out what caused the power surge mine just started yesterday doing the same thing.

  • I have a 96 neon, sometimes when i am driving it will just turn off. The oil light is the only light that comes on. It ususally happens when im slowing down or when i am idoling. I thought maybe it had to do with the amount of fuel going into the engine, so i had my fuel filter cleaned and my fuel pump checked and everything checked out fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what i can do to fix it...
  • My 96 neon recently started to stall out while idoling, and then would have issues restarting. I noticed the 'charging system light' would come on right before the stall, and a few times, by revving the engine, or just giving it gas to go, it would stop sputtering, and the light would go off. Any advice or experience in this problem?
  • andrle97andrle97 Posts: 2
    i have not found the problem yet but now that the weather is getting better i can pull the car out and dig into it if i find any thing i will post it here.....
  • ronc59ronc59 Posts: 6
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum.
    I have the same problem with a 97 2.0 DOHC. It will run gr8 for 2 or 3 days then boom. I've been working on this car for 2 months now. When it stalls, if you don't turn the key off but try to start it, you get no rpm,cam or crank sensor readings on a Snap-on scan tool, no spark and no injector signal. but if you turn the key off (for 5 min.) it will start and run gr8, till it stalls again that is. I've changed the cam and crank sensors, egr valve, pcm (reprogramed it) asd relay, battery terminals, pulled and cleaned all fuses inside and out,and cleaned the throttle bore. I've checked the tps, map, repaired the crankshaft sensor wiring under the exhaust, and cleaned the contacts at the pcm. I'm running out of ideas. If anyone has run into this problem I'd like to hear about it. Fuel psi and ignition are fine. There are no TSBs on Mitchell's on demand about this problem.I'm hoping it's something stupid that I'm overlooking. If you didn't figure it out yet, I do run a small independent repair garage and yes this one has me stumped. sorry this was so long.
  • Hi my name is June I have had a number of problems with the same my 97 dodge neon. I have put it in the shop a number of times only to find out that the brain might be whats wrong. I do have an extra brain there hard to find if you go to a parts store you will pay almost 300 dollars for one. If your interested please contact me I also have contact with a person that specializes in dodge neons. I spent well over hundres of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with mine I can give you some input.
  • I have a 97 dodge neon single over head cam 5 speed. I had the same problem you are haveing. I replaced every censor just like you have except the wireing. Im not a eletrician when it comes to cars and several machanics said to me its the wireing. I even put it on a machine to find this out. After spending hours of my time and talking with dodge dealers and putting it in the shop I found a person that Napa gave me right here in my own town. He specializes in hard to figure out cars. Well as I was saying I changed everything. Even dodge was stuped and couldnt figure this out. You need to check your cam pin mine was broke and replaced it for 3 dollars lol yes the pin . Now my car is running perfect. But like I said I do have 2 brains one for a automatic and one for a 5 speed and they are hard to find.
  • ronc59ronc59 Posts: 6
  • I have a 97 Neon that is misfiring and then stalling out. She particularly doesn't like left hand turns. If the gas tank is full she runs better but as soon as it gets to 3/4 of a tank it just gets worse and worse. I recently had to have a seal replaced because tranny fluid was leaking out. I think it was the cam shaft seal. I read on this site that cam shaft pin being broken can cause similar problems. Any thoughts...please help. I have already spent over $500.00 trying to fix this problem. At this point I think I am just being taken advantage of.
  • ronc59ronc59 Posts: 6
    Thought someone might like to know what I found with my 97 2.0 DOHC, To recap, it would just shut down at any given time and wouldn't restart till you shut the key off then re started. The problem turned out to be the entire wiring harness. it looked fine on the outside but once opened I found all the wires were kinda melted together. had to strip the harness and separate and reinsulate all the wires. the main ones were the cam and crank sensor wires. My local dealer told me that is common, although I messed with this problem for 2 months and couldn't get any answers from anyone. So if you loose your crank signal, look at your wiring, all of it.
  • Hi . My granddaughter has a 1998 plymouth neon that every now and then loses power. Everything keeps running but the car will not move. Can anyone help with this as it is getting expensive. Thank you My email is
  • I have a 2000 Ply Neon that has no spark i have replaced no coil and as it rolls over behind the mileage it flashes FUSE . I have checked all the fuses and they look good.Can someone help me out ? Thanks
  • monchemonche Posts: 1
    does anyone know where the starter is on a 98 neon
  • mistered1mistered1 Posts: 2
    Hello - my name is Ed and I live rurally outside the small town of LaPine, OR. I have owned many Dodges from my first, a pristine '65 four door Dart to my current a 2000 Neon which is where the "Help Needed" part comes in. About 2 months ago on a routine run I make and upon return it began to "stumble" and lose power. I pulled over and it continued to to idle but very rough. I was out of cell range and in the mountains so it was spend the night in the car or try to limp it along. It started up again and idled ok but would not accelerate. I shut it off and waited a few minutes and it started up and seemed to run fine. it made it the next 50 miles and then it stumbled again. It would not come back to normal this time but it did get me home at approximately 20 mph for about 10 miles. The check engine light came on and set the codes, # 1684 and 0171 which I have already researched. Fortunately a good friend of mine is a well respected mechanic in my area and I took it to him for some ideas. He ran it all afternoon on the scanner and it did not repeat the problem. A few days later the codes cleared, the light went out and for the next month and a half it seemed to run fine until this week. It started "stumbling" again but this time the check engine light would flash four times and not stay lit. I talked to him and fortunately he happens to have a 98 Neon in his shop with a blown motor so he suggested I take the coil pack and swap it out to see if that was the problem. It was not and started to stumble again but would eventually run. He suggested I try swapping out the crank position sensor with the one from the dead Neon. I did that last night and it seemed to run ok. Ironically I had to make the same run today and it ran great to where I had to go but on the return trip started "stumbling" again AND at almost the same location as the first time a couple months ago, but this time it would idle ok but pushing the gas pedal did nothing. I shut it off, waited a few minutes and started it up again and as the first time ran fine for about 50 miles and then again almost at the same location on the way home started stumbling, the check engine light began flashing the four times but this time, as before, it stayed lit and set the same codes again - 1684 and 0171. As before it stumbled for awhile and then suddenly came to life and seemed to run normally but with the check engine light on. My mechanic friend is bewildered as am I. Any ideas? I am ready to go nuts here. The bottom line is it definitely seems like an ignition problem (as opposed to fuel) because when it stumbles it is like a switch turning the engine on and off. PCM going bad? HELP!!!! Thanks - Ed
  • duelly95duelly95 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 2.0 that runs normal sometimes, and sometimes seems to be running on one cylinder. I have checked wiring and replaced the injectors, but nothing so far has made a difference. I did notice that when it stumbles If I step the gas pedel all the way to the floor it takes off like crazy. I cant seem to find any similar problems here where you can push the gas pedel all the way down and it runs perfect and has tons of power. This happens from time to time not a constant issue. But I did notice the full throttle option will at least get you away from a stop light. Otherwise you can barely get out of your own way. I need some help here as this car is for my son when he starts to drive in a short while.
  • menickmenick Posts: 1
    While I was working as a auto technician I had seen the same problem you are having. Has your fuel pump been replaced? The reason I ask is that sometimes "In Tank Fuel Pump Modules" are very difficult to change, especially when there is a lot of fuel in the tank. When installing the new fuel pump module, some technicians are not very careful and end up bending the whole unit. When the unit is bent to either the right or left, it is not fully submerged when the fuel level drops. One way to test this is to hook up a fuel pressure gauge to the rail with a long enought hose that you can see the gauge while driving. Make sure your tank is below 1/4 tank and just keep making left hand turnd, Watch the gauge while turning (careful; don't crash) and see if the pressure drops. If the pressure drops, then you might have a bent fuel pump module. Good Luck
  • mac1971mac1971 Posts: 1
    My wife has a 96 neon , I replaced plugs, wires, cam sensor and the car keeps stalling on her while driving. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi, my name is Dawn.. I own a 1995 Dodge Neon. I bought it for 600 off a co-worker and since then I've put almost 2000 dollars into it... I am a single mother of two so I can't afford to just give up now I need to fix this problem. Some of the things I've put into it are.. Rotors, brakes, tie rods, ball joints, sway bars, callipers, radiator, and just recently wheel bearings.

    So now it seems to do this thing where it will putt when you accelerate, as if you were just moving from a red light, it will putt once in a while, sounds like its backfiring, and then it feels like it isn't getting enough gas. I was thinking it was the fuel pump but you can hear it turn on when you start the car? So anyway.. it seems to only do this when it's hot outside, as if I drive it at night when I get off work at 1 am it drives fine, like a champ. When it stalls out the whole engine shakes and then when its out, its out. It won't start for a while, hour or two, and then when it finally will start, its hard to get it to start but then it runs perfectly fine. Sometimes the battery even dies from trying to start the car because usually I am trying to get somewhere in a certain allotted amount of time. It's not overheated because it's right where it should be in between C and H on the gage. There is a hole in my PCV hose that I just recently noticed and I was wondering if this was causing the problem? Maybe it's sucking air into the engine? It's the only solution I could come up with. If anyone has any other general areas I should look into it would be greatly appreciated as I don't know much about cars and taking it to the shop as many times as I have has gotten extremely costly..

    Thank you so much!
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