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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Electrical/Lighting



  • does anyone know where the oil sensor is on a 2001 neon?
    thank you

    xxxooo :mad:
  • dssrondssron Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, any help out there? :(
  • chat2mechat2me Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Neon and had the same thing happen. I found the solution on And it works! The fix is to pull the intrument cluster - which is very easy and the whole fix takes no more than 15 - 20 minutes.
    Here is the fix:
    You need to resolder the connections to the two large plugs of the instrument panel.You will need to lift off the dash board,just lift or pry it up. There is four Phillips screws that need to be removed,now with a gentle pull the panel should come out.Now you`ll need a torx screw driver to remove the circiut board to get to the printed side. Resolder all the connections going to the two large plugs and that should fix your problem. See the artical at the following page:
  • Where did you purchase your fuel filler neck from? Mine is leaking gas and I need to replace it asap but I don't want to pay $300 the dealer is quoting me for it. So I was wondering if you were able to purchase it from somewhere else cheaper. Thanks!
  • neon101neon101 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Dodge Neon, last night when I got home I noticed that my highbeams where on (didn't turn them on). Tried to turn them off but they wouldn't shut off. (Interior highbeam indicator and actual Highbeams where on). Took the switch off, lights still on (car is off). Eventually had to take out fuse so they would turn off but obviously I need to fix this because I can't drive at night. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas?? Please help! Thanks!
  • I have had my 2000 plymouth Neon for 2 years now. Bought it with 72,000 miles. It's now at 97,000 miles. The problem started a year ago, the fuse that controls the back-up lights and rear defroster blew and kept on blowing.(10amp) Replaced it one time to many. (I have packets of fuses just laying around in my car). In the winter I had to replace the fuse just to defrost the back windshield, and then it would blow after I put the car in gear.

    The recent problem started this Sat.8/4/07.

    The fuse for the the turn signal blew.(15amp) I replaced it several times since then, but it still doesn't work. The signals would work for 1-3 mins, then blow again. (Yet again I have to carry packets of fuses in my car).

    I have dealt without having any back-up lights for a year but not having any turning signal, is ridiculous. I just can't deal with that. I have tried everything to get it to work, but have not had any luck. If there is anyone out there that can give me ANY advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Matthew,

    Did you ever get any answers to your question, I have a 1995 Plymouth Neon with a similiar problem. Thanks in advance - Pete
  • neon04neon04 Posts: 2
    i got a quick question does any one know the correct way to install fog lights... i have them on my car which is an 04 but i replaced the bumper to the one with fogs and i just need to no the correct way to install them if u can help me out i would appricate it you can email me at [email protected]
  • Had this problem with the wifes neon, finally found the problem of the pins behind the cluster, vibration had broken the connection of the pins to the board. A small soldering iron to the breakes did the trick... worked good untill my daughter totaled out the car.
  • i have a 1999 plymouth neon expresso ((sp?)) and sometimes there is a dinging noise like the one when you dont have your seat belt on. it comes on randomly and there is nothing you can do to stop it. eventually it turns off. Another problem is sometimes my speedometer will flicker then die. somethings it comes back after a few seconds, but others it just stays dead until you turn off the car and restart it. Any idea's what is wrong?
  • I have a little problem, I bought this car a month ago after totaling my old one, and the speedometer worked fine. I hit a large bump on a gravel road, and now the speedometer quit working. Any help? :confuse: Thanks.
  • One more stupid question, how do you tell if you have a sohc engine or a dohc engine? :lemon:
  • Can someone tell me the easiest way to change the altanator ?
  • I was just in a accident in my neon, I hit someone in the rear-end at 50 mph and my airbags did not go off! does anyone know why this happened? :(
  • nona1nona1 Posts: 2
    I have 2000 dodge neon and i hit a concrete light pole. where the hell is the sensor located to the airbags? Someone please inform me of this they are not underneath the seats I looked. How hard do you actually have to hit something? for them to go off?
  • nona1nona1 Posts: 2
    Brandie07 I hit a concrete pole and hey! No airbags in site. I dont know but let me know something if you get a good answer. Nona1
  • Where is the fuse for the Rear Window Defroster for a 2000 Dodge Neon?
  • If you're lookin for the fuse it's inside the car. Open your driver side door and look at the opposite side. There you will find a little panel. Open it. In my car the fuse that controls the rear window defroster also conrols the reverse lights. Mine has been out for the pass YEAR AND A HALF. GOOD LUCK, You will need it.
  • tgf1tgf1 Posts: 2
    How do ya reset it? 2.0 L 5spd 1998
  • tgf1tgf1 Posts: 2
  • I have a 97 Dodge Neon and I had problems with 1 and 4 fireing. But if you took the cam sensor off all 4 would fire. I went through several hundreds of dollars in replaceing the brain, sensors ect. Found out it was the cam shaft pin. Now that I got it running again its leaking oil . Cant seem to find the leak. So if anyone on here needs a brain for a 97 Dodge Neon I have 2 for sale. One is for a 5 speed, one is for a automatic.
  • Anyone looking for the fuse for the 12-volt power supply, it's under the hood not in the dask. It's marked P-Out.
  • I am having some trouble starting my Neon. When I turn the key the engine turns over a few times, then stops. If I continue to hold the key I get a spining noise like something is still turning. The colder it is outside the less times the engine will turn over before it will stop. Rendering the car useless in anything below zero. I thought this might be the cam or crank sensor, but I am not sure. If you think it is, is there a way to bypass these sensor and say 'frig you' to Plymoth and their retard3d technologies? Sorry I just really hate this car for various reasons.
  • timsehtimseh Posts: 24
    It may be the battery.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    sounds like a bad starter motor.
  • j3ff3rj3ff3r Posts: 3
    1998 Neon Expresso

    My reverse lights don't turn on when shifted into reverse (5spd) . I checked the fuse and the bulbs. Is there a reverse switch on the tranny?
  • klbkmbklbkmb Posts: 2
    I have a strange problem that might just be a loose connection. The gas gauge is not even close to being accurate and the speedometer sometimes works. Sometimes I can pound on the dash and the speedometer will either work or at least jump. Sometimes I can press on the plastic covering the instruments and the speedometer will work. The temp gauge seems to always work fine. I'm thinking I need to head for an auto-electric shop and let them deal with it. Any ideas or quick fixes?
  • I have a 95 Highline - there seems to many post about electrical problems with the early Neons. The factory fix seems to be to replace the instrument panel, some as many as 3 times. One guy stated that his extended warranty had paid more in repairs than the car cost new. My speed-o stopped working more or less, under 40k but way out of warranty time wise. I use a TomTom GPS One XL around 200 bucks on QVC's web site. You can also use an external avail at JC Whitney for about 125 plus install. At times all my gages freeze for a couple of minutes but love to drive the car, kind of my sports car for the twisty roads.
  • klbkmbklbkmb Posts: 2
  • Added note on GPS suggested fix - My GPS fits nicely between the flasher button and instrument section using a piece of foam to fill the space and making a snug fit for ez in/out and see thru the steering wheel on trips less than 2 hours on battery.
  • icheiche Posts: 2
    are they cloudy lenses?
    If so, what u need to do is get the grit 2000 sand paper,(thats the very very smooth sandpaper) a spray bottle for clean water, a buffer, rubbing compound and a bottle of bluemagic headlight lens restorer. you can find this at your local auto parts store.
    you can take the lense out or leave it on to do this. I did it the quick way and left them on

    1. Spray the lense and start sanding the lense, this is called wet sanding. Depending on how bad it is you want to keep doing this a few times. spray and sand spray and sand, dont let it get dry. Do this to both lenses

    2. Once your done with the wet sanding you want to put some rubbing compound and buff it out until the lense looks clear again.

    3. Now, you want to apply the bluemagic headlight restorer. do this like two or three times, this will protect your lense and keep this from happening again.

    If for any reason it still looks cloudy you may have to remove the lense and repeat the steps on the inside of the lense.

    Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, use any type of degreaser on plastic, this makes it worse, it corrodes the plastic and may end up costing you about $150/$200 getting new lenses.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know how it turned out
    checkout my blog about mobile detail in florida @
    I have posted other tips on keeping your car looking good :shades:
  • icheiche Posts: 2
    My neon turns off once in a while, starting right back up in a few minutes.
    I took it to AutoZone and they connected it to the omputer and it said it was the cam sensor.

    Can anybody tell me where in the 4311 is this sensor I cant find it.
    Thanks to those who reply :sick:
  • pcoutupcoutu Posts: 1
    I need to replace the running light modular and have no idea where it is located under the hood ?
    Can anyone help
  • j3ff3rj3ff3r Posts: 3
    My tail lights aren't cloudy and I removed the bulbs from the tail light covers to test them and they don't turn on. Any other suggestions?
  • amunnamunn Posts: 9
    HI I have a 97 Neon with same problem and i found a quick and easy fix. All you have to do is push up on your dash panel and it will pop up and you will be able to see 4 screws that holds the gauges case in take them screws out and pull the case straight out, it will come all the way out, then on the back there are about 10 screws with a hex head. remove them and take the Green electronic board out and on the back you will see where the 2 black plugs are sodered to the board. all you have to do is touch them soder points with a hot soder iron just untill they are melted then let it harden back up then put everything back together and put it back in. the reason it is that simple is when they were put together it was done by cold soder and it leaves it with a faulty connection
  • j3ff3rj3ff3r Posts: 3
    Thats good news, i'll try that soon and let you know if it worked. thanks!
  • bvvneonbvvneon Posts: 2
    Can some one please tell me the order the wires go in on my instrument cluster? :confuse:
  • amunnamunn Posts: 9
    Clear coat works wonders on headlights it works the best that i have seen you just wash the lights to take off the dirt then just spray on the clear coat
  • amunnamunn Posts: 9
    the thing with those problems there are many things it could be. I have owned and seen cars with the same problem and it was fixed by simply by burning plus or supreme gas instead of reg. also it might be worth getting the oxygen sensors checked
  • amunnamunn Posts: 9
    unhook your battery both terminals for 5-10 mins that should do it
  • amunnamunn Posts: 9
    i would like to know why my blinkers flash 2-3 times everytime i shut my car off its a 97 plymouth neon
  • I am so glad I found your answer! I just got this neon, at a great price,from a good person.first one I ever had,usually have honda's and I love them! Anyways-So the gauges starting wacking out on me the other day, and now I know why. I am sure my boyfriend will be able to fix it-he is car genius!

    Alyssa :)
  • dboytroddboytrod Posts: 1
    Ok, So i have a 2000 Dodge Neon and i think I have an electrical problem. At random times, the dome light will come on and off, the doors will lock over and over again, and the alarm system activates randomly. What could be wrong?? Please help!
  • I see that you posted your problem in 2007. I am having the same problem with my 1997 neon. Did you find out what the trouble was??
    Thanks, Vaughn
  • Mu guess is that you have found a remedy to this issue. BUT,,,,my daughter had an issue with her '96 Neon also, it turned out that the solder points on the back of the instrument cluster sometimes need to be "retouched". we took her car to a local car electrical specialist who pulled the instrument cluster and just "touched" the solder point with a soldering iron to refresh the connection. He said "there are only about six connectors that he needed to do, but since he had the cluster out, he may as well do them all", the charge was VERY reasonable (around $100, which included pulling and re-installing the instrument cluster) and so far no more issues. Hope this helps for future reference.
  • Thank's, I will try that next. I have done every thing else. I hope it's the problem.

  • I bought my Neon in late 05 as used, the car has been a great car, and it still is AT TIMES. It has a little over 76,000 miles on it, I recently had the battery replaced. After doing so, the car has been running awful, not everyday, not all day, just sometimes but often, the engine light will suddenly come on as I'm driving, then it usually happens while taking off from a red light, or going up a hill, the car will spit and sputter, and act like it is about to shut off. Sometimes it helps if i let off the gas and just let it do it's thing. I was thinking it was the Fuel system, but I really don't know, a worker at Auto Zone said it's the Cam Shaft Sensor, or something related to that, he said the wires may have came loose when the battery was replaced. I need help on what that may be...and where it is located BUT...theres more, the car has lost a lot of power,gas millage etc. even when it's not doing the whole deal I just mentioned the car can barely make it up hills, I have to put it in 3, and push the petal all the way down to the floor, and it still won't go over 40. Also, what has happened after being stopped at a red light, I accelerate, but the car will not make it over 35-40 mph, the petal is TOUCHING THE FLOOR! The car would not go over 35-40 mph. PLEASE HELP ME! I had the spark plugs changed a little after I first got the car, but that was the only time. Oh... and I think I need Motor mounts, because while i'M at a red light, the car vibrates uncontrollably, and I can hear it vibrate also. It does it worse while at a red light, or while in park, it feels like the motor is going to fall out.

    Again, PLEASE HELP!

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    The camshaft sensor is located at the rear of the cylinder head, at the end of the camshaft cover.

    Pretty easy to replace. Remove the brake booster hose and push it out of the way. Then take off the electrical connectors to the sensor, then unbolt it.

    A good repair shop can test the camshaft sensor on a scope.
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