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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    I concur. Finding an existing car would be best! I'm not in the exact boat as you, but I'm on the hunt for a Luxury model, so expecting to find fewer to choose from. I assumed I'd have to order, but perhaps that assumption is off base and maybe I need to think more positively that I COULD find what I want from the 1 out of 5 that are manufactured in the Luxury config.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    USAA also offers their own car buying service... likely through ZAG...

    Not that that will necessarily get you a better deal...

    Just google it... all the info is on the website..


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  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Yes, I'm aware of that. Is the USAA car buying service separate from the straight incentive programs? From some of the posts I was starting to think the car buying and incentive programs were one in the same. That's great if they're not....
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    The answer is YES and NO! Firstly, if you qualify and utilize the USAA incentive, you would not be eligible for any other incentives (with the exception of a Mercedes Benz loyalty incentive, which they offer from time to time for those currently leasing/or have a loan with MB Financial.). But, as I said above, they are separate, but you cannot utilize a regular dealer incentive if you use the USAA discount - it's one or the other, and the USAA discount is much better because they actually set the price of the vehicle for you and the dealer, usually dealer cost, plus a small fee ($500 to $750, depending upon the time of year and the model), LESS the incentive, which I believe will be around $2000 when the E350 sedans finally are released from the ports of entry, where they all sit at this time.

    Release date is supposed to be this weekend or Monday of next week.

    Hope this was helpful to you.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    Luxury models are, as you said, rarer then sport. Only 10% production is luxury. I believe the best time to find what you want would be immediately, as soon as they are released from the ports. That's because there is a huge inventory just sitting at the ports right now.

    My dealer told me he expect them down from Jacksonville next week, or perhaps this weekend. He said he has over 100 sitting there awaiting release. So, those sitting at the ports of New Jersey/New York, Los Angeles, South Carolina, etc., would also be large in terms of arriving vehicles.

    My dealer told me that, at the present time, in Jacksonville, there are four boat loads of cars awaiting distribution since September 21st.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    edited October 2011
    Have percentages changed? Earlier reports were that Sport models would make up 80%, leaving 20% for Luxury fans like myself. From May "Autoblog" >with its M276 3.5-liter V6, it's expected to remain the lion of the line, with 80 percent of North American E-Class sales.

    You mentioned you used the USAA incentive before---when you did, did you use the USAA "Buying service" (seems unlikely with your excellent dealer relationship) or is it just a straightforward print-off-the-certificate once they verify your membership sort of deal? When I mentioned the USAA incentive at my dealership the tone of the conversation turned a bit. I suppose they see the $$$ flying out the window.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    I went right to my dealership and they went online, using my info and ID number, pin, etc., and they printed the coupon right there are the dealership.

    If you go to "", you will find out all about the new E350, 2012, production amounts for sport, etc.

    good luck

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Confirmed membership and number with USAA today--I think we're all set there....assuming they decide to have some incentives soon :-). Thanks for the info and for the direction to check out Headed there now! Appreciate all the great info and discussion, Mike.
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 87
    I noticed the USAA incentive and figured I'd call since my 09 TL lease was due in November. Without even mentioning the USAA incentive the internet salesman quoted me a price even better than USAA's price. The Internet sales manager called back the following day.
    Ended up with an E350 sport w P1 premium, parktronic and folding rear seats. MSRP- $56.4

    Paid (lease) $46.7

    The internet sales manager at LB MB was great.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    The reason you got a better price was because of a "conquest" incentive the Mercedes Dealers have available. These are not availabe on 2012's (E350 sedans) is because they have not yet been released.

    My dealer expects the incentive to be availabe on 2012's when they are released next week from the ports of entry. You must currently own a luxury vehicle, BUT NOT A MERCEDES!

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • That's great that the conquest incentive can be applied to the 2012 E350.
    What are the differences between the 2011 and 2012 models E350 Sports Sedan?
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Mike can recite chapter and verse, but generally speaking it's the fact the 2012's have Direct Injection. More power out of same sized more fuel effecient.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    New direct injection gas engines (no change to diesel)

    Improved transmission (lighter transmission fluid, ....)

    New multicolor dashboard with comand 4.5 (already available on some late build 2011's. (some minor increased function plus sirius weather in the US)

    LED license plate lighting (no idea what this really is)

    Some changes in the packages
  • I am planning to buy a new E350. This will be my first mercedes.

    I need your guidance on buying this car.
    Q1. How can I negotiate a good price? How much under invoice do delears generally sell it?
    Q2. Is it better to lease or buy the car? Is it better to get lease and then may be buy at end of term?
    Q3. What money factor should I try to get incase I go for a lease?
    Q4. I saw on craigslist ad. someone offerring lease on Brand New 2011 with P1 package for $469. When I called them they said they have this deal since they get volume discount from delearships. Is it something worth considering?

    Any other tips to guide me will be appreciated.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    The first thing you have to do is decide if you want a 2011 or a 2012. See the post just above yours for the differences.

    Q1: Dealers in California seem to be selling the 2011's for about $10K off MSRP...that includes "conquest" money for those that own higher end competitve cars now. No one knows about the 2012 deals yet.

    Q2: Generally this isn't a good idea..the numbers just don't work...but sometimes it does work (when they are giving money to inspire a lease but won't give it to you on a purchase).

    Q3: The mf is set by mercedes not the dealer, although some dealers seem to try to jack it up. It's usually posted in this forum...I believe the current mf is .00192 or close to that.

    Q4: Can't really comment, but personally I'd rather deal with a real brick and mortar dealer.

    If you want the very best deal on a mercedes e today....get a blueTec (diesel) and lease it for 24 months.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    I have some information from my dealer about incentives on 2012 E350 Sedans:

    *There is a loyalty incentive from Mercedes Benz Credit for $1500 if you currently have a loan with MB Credit.
    *The USAA incentive (if you are a member of USAA with account numbers, etc.) is $2000 below invoice + $500, or a net of $1500 under invoice.

    *The 2012's were released from their ports of entry to "carriers" (truckers who transport vehicles to the dealerships) today! That means they should be arriving at dealerships some time today or tomorrow, but definitely this week.

    My new car was released to the transport company yesterday, which means it should be at the dealer today or tomorrow. The invoice on my car is $58026.00 (MSRP is $62350). Since I qualify for USAA as well as the MB Credit incentive, my final price will be $3000 under invoice.

    As for leasing, I do not know since I purchase my cars and use a $10,000 loan to qualify for the MB Credit incentive (minimum loan is 10K). As for the APR, I believe it will be 2.9%, give or take .5%.

    Good luck!

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • I have been a member of the Mercedes club(MBCA) for many years. If you are now a member for a minimum of 1 yr you can print a Certificate on line for $1,000 discount from your selling dealer. Just bought a 2011 E350 Sport with USAA program PLUS $1,000 MBCA discount.
    Have bought 3 new MB's in the last 3 years and have saved $4,000 total on my purchases from MBCA.
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    You did very well, Mike! Congrats on your new car. Anxious to hear your impressions of the new direct injection. Enjoy!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    The car still has not been received by the dealership, still in transit. They told me it would probably be in today or tomorrow. The way they explained it to me was that there were many, many shiploads of new 2012's waiting at the port to be released by Mercedes Benz to the dealerships. Depending upon where the car was, physically, determines how fast it gets out. I am anxious as well to try out the new engine, and from what my brother tells me about it (he has a 2012 coupe), he is getting 32 mpg on the highway, and 22 around town. So, since the sedan is a little heavier vehicle, I expect a little less, obviously.

    Will let you know as soon as I take delivery, and thanks for the well-wishes.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    You're NOT getting 4Matic, correct?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    Correct! Down here in Florida, one does not need an all wheel drive vehicle.

    As an update, the dealer still has not received any 2012 E350 Sedans from the port, nor have any other dealers in southeastern Florida. My dealer called me last night and told me that the transport company said the cars will be in this weekend. From past experience this week, I would doubt it, but as soon as I get it, and try it out, I'll share my experiences with the new engine and new equipment.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • Hi,

    Was looking at the BMW 535 and Mercedes E-350. Based on reviews in this forum I am veering towards a Mercedes mainly due to stated problems on the BMW.

    Now on the Mercedes:

    1. Like the Sports Package but am concerned about the possible issues with the tires etc. and so decided on the Luxury Package. What do you think?

    2. I am being offered 4K off MSRP and 3 year servicing free on the 2011. Can i Hope for any better?

    3. On the 2011 i am not getting the color of my choice. If i do wait for a 2012 can i hope for a similar discount if I go back in 2 months? If so what is the discount on MSRP that i can hope for.

    I am neither USAA nor any special discount category.

    Eagerly awaiting responses
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I'd wait for the 2012. Mercedes usuaslly has good incentives in December, but they wont match the 2011 pricing. If you wait you'll get the new engine and the color you want, which will pay off at resale time. I'd go with the luxury model for the more comfortable ride, better tire wear, etc. Good luck.
  • Hi Kish1970,

    In regards to your Q2, I suspect that even without Conquest or USAA rebates, you should be able to get a 2011 model for >$4K off of MSRP.

    That said, if you are partial to particular color and option set, I would wait for a 2012 as it will feature improved engine and mileage. And, as Kevinc5 notes, MB may offer compelling rebates during the holidays.

    My two rupees...
  • Just to share my recent experience with 2011 E350 from a New England dealer - was offered one for ~$6k off sticker (msrp was about $57k+, was offered $51k+). I did not qualify for the $4,000 conquest money). The $6,000 off was thrown at me at the beginning of the talks, so I presume maybe there was some more leeway but I eventually decided to wait for a similar discount on a 2012, so I didn't try to bargain.
    I think we all expect (and hope) to be able to get ~$10k off a 2012 next summer but I think even $6-7k off this winter will probably be good enough for me. For some the updates on the 2012 maybe minor but to me its worth waiting for and getting slightly more powerful and very slightly more economical engine, along with the updated interior (mostly steering wheel) and exterior (straight line DRL LEDs come to mind).
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    Well, finally my dealer got my new 2012 E350 sedan from the port in Jacksonville this morning. I drove the new car about 50 miles this afternoon and these are my imporessions of the 2012 over my 2011 E350:

    *The pick-up and acceleration are unbelievably superior to the 2011. Difference is 278 hp vs. 302 hp. Quite an improvement!!!

    *The engine sounds "throatier", if you know what I mean. Sounds more like a V8 than a V6.

    *The ride and handling seem a bit more responsive and "tighter" than my 2011. This could be due to the mere fact that they are different cars, since the suspension and wheels/tires are the same as last years.

    *They increased the number of speakers in the car from 12 to 14 - with the Premium 1 or 2 packages - Harmon Karden. Surround sound seems more realistic than last year's model. I believe this is due mainly to the addition of the 2 speakers.

    *Since I got the tire/wheel package with AMG wheels, the steering wheel is a sport steering wheel. Much nicer than last year's steering wheel - addition of more aluminum trim on the wheel - much sportier looking and feeling, as well.

    *The car is equipped with a Premium 2 package. My 2011 had Premium 1. Big difference driving at night with the bi-xenon lights and cornering lights. Adaptive headlights also light up the round as you corner. Very distinct improvement in visibility over the 2011.

    *Also have the contour seats - also a great improvement when adjusted correclty - they seem to hold me and grab me for support on both sides - less movement in the seat during turns.

    *The car also came equipped with ventilated seats. Down here in Florida, they seem to be a necessity with the heat and humidity. They have three fan speeds for each front seat and really do cool the "derriere". Had to also get leather seats with these two options, and quite frankly, I do not notice the difference in the texture or feel of the seats - but do notice the aroma of the leather in the car over the MBtex seats on my 2011.

    All in all, the greatest improvement is in the transmission (smoother gear shifts and more responsive with the changes they made) and the engine is gutsier and significantly more responsive. I LOVE MY NEW CAR and I know anyone who gets one will feel the same as I.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I am waiting for my dealer to get a 2012 bluetec e-350 because I want to see if the transmission has really changed in a noticeable way. It's actually the only difference between my 2011 bluetec other than the license plate lights.

    The review above does not surprise me...the e needed a bit more power. I'm actually interested in trying a 2012 C350 which should be a terrific handling, sporty car.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    Yes, the transmission has a noticeable improvement in smoothness. In my previous E350, there was always a slight "jerk" in the transmission when first starting the car. When I would put in in "D", it kind of "jerked". My service dept. told me it's the same in all the 2010's and 2011's. This is not evident in my new 2012. I do not feel the gear changes as abruptly as I did in my previous car.

    I took it out on the highway last night, and my fuel economy, according to the onboard computer, was 32 miles per gallon in cruise control for 25 miles. That's a huge improvement over my 2011, where I was lucky to get 26 mpg in cruise at 65 mph.

    I mentioned in my review last night, as you read, that the engine sounds more "throaty". Sounds more like a V8 than a V6 when accelerating. Also, the acceleration is phenominal in comparison to the 2011. This is a car I am going to "KEEP". They have refined the E350 sedan into a sound, superior vehicle with the addition of the new transmission and engine. Also, the sound system is unbelievable with the addition of the two new speakers. Where they put the speakers is a question, but wherever they put them, the sound has improved significantly. It's like being in the studio where they recorded the music. The surround sound is outstanding.

    I was lucky I had a previous loan with Mercedes Financial because I got the $1500 incentive discount as well as the 1.65% financing for 66 months (the reason I took out he long term loan is because of the outstanding rate - why not take advantage of it - they reduced the 1.9 rate to 1.65 because I used direct withdrawal from my checking account each month). The USAA incentive was a net of $1500 under actual dealer invoice (The incentive is for $500 over invoice less $2000, or a net of $1500 under invoice).

    Another noticeable difference was in the steering. The steering is very "easy" in turning a low speeds, and stiffens up nicely as you increase speed.

    I'll post more experiences with the new car after I've had a chance to put more miles on it.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    Abacomike, Good to hear you're enjoying your E as much as you are. Sounds like the wait was worth it. Did you get the dealer to tint the windows for you? I don't live in Florida but would still like a light tint to keep the heat out during the summer. Should I roll this cost into my lease or do it as an aftermarket addition? Thanks!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,334
    Do it "aftermarket" or, in other words, pay for it yourself. A fairly good window tint for side and rear windows is about $135-$150, at least down here in Florida. If you put it on your lease (have the dealer install it and charge you back), you will be paying interest on that money, not to mention the fact that you are giving the dealer an opportunity to make some additional profit on you. If the dealer adds it for you and charges you separately on the lease, they will probably charge you $30 to $50 more for the tint than the dealer will pay for it (dealers usually have someone who does all if not most of their window tinting which means they have a bulk price which they might not want to pass on to you). Why pay interest in your lease on it?

    As for tinting in general, my 2011 did not have an aftermarket tint on it and I had the car right through the hottest part of the year (June through September), and quite frankly, I really didn't miss the tint. Let me explain why:

    First of all, I purchased a sun visor from my dealer for the front windshield (cost me about $65.00). Secondly, the car comes with a rear electric sunshade for the rear window. So, during the heat of the day, when my car is parked, I don't get much direct sun into the car because during the summer, the sun is directly overhead and does not come throug the side windows. I found that the car was no hotter inside than when I had the tinted windows on other cars.

    With age (I just turned 67 and am retired) my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. Night driving is more difficult with the tinted windows, especially in the rear, so I don't get tint.

    Hope I answered your questions.

    2017 BMW 740Li

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