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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    I'm anxious to get in and drive one! Glad you're loving yours, Mike. Have fun!!!
  • sp11sp11 Posts: 6
    Hello abacomike,

    Thanks for your input.

    I am fairly new to the luxury car world ( I have never owned one) and have been looking to lease a 2012 E class sedan 4matic ( in the midwest).

    I note you are happy with the 2012 E350 sedan and consider it much better than the 2011 counterpart, which I have test driven.

    My understanding of the luxury car since childhood is that it should be smooth and refined in ride and I note you have bought the sport model.

    How much difference is there in the ride and comfort for both driver and passengers between a sport and luxury model.

    I have only test driven a sport version so far due to it being more readily available on the lot and the ride for me was fine. The dealer says the ratio between sport to luxury is like 9:1.

    When I spoke to the dealer who is helping me out, he searched for only luxury models and we could not locate any that matches the colors and options I wanted so I may be forced to order one, which would take many weeks. But if I expanded my search for a sport version I may get one with the options I want, maybe ?.

    Also I will probably not qualify for any of the discounts quoted in this forum.
    The luxury version I had configured for possible order has an MSRP of $ 61, 875 or so. In negotiating with the dealer how much discounts can I possibly get ?

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    First of all, about 90% of all E350 Sedans produced are sport models, 10% are luxury models.

    Secondly, the sport models have wider wheels/tires, and the tire/wheel sizes are different on the sport (fronts are different than the rears which means you cannot rotate tires on the sport models). On the luxury, the wheels are 17" front and back and tires are the same front to back while on the sport, they are 18".

    Thirdly, the ride on the luxury is much softer and luxurious. The ride on the sport model is firmer and the car handles much better than the luxury. I would not purchase a luxury because I like a firmer, more responsive ride, and I like the 18" wheels compared to 17". I don't like the fact that I can't rotate tires, but I guess you have to give up something for better cornering and handling.

    All my E350's have been sport models. Much more difficult to find a luxury model due to the reason I outline in the first paragraph or two above.

    My new 2012 MSRP'd for $62325.00. I paid $55,000.00 + $599 dealer fee + tax and license/tag registration. There was a $1500 incentive from Mercedes Benz Finance for loyalty with 1.65% rate for 66 months. Then, there was a $2000 incentive through USAA. That was $500 over invoice less the incentive, or $1500 under invoice.

    I was very satisfied with the pricing considering the E350 sedan just hit dealerships on Monday.

    I am still averaging 33.2 mpg on the high at 65 mph in cruise. That is significantly better than my 26.5 that I got on the 2011.

    All in all, I am totally satisfied with the new 2012. Acceleration is phenominal compared to 2011 as is the fuel economy.

    Truly, the best E350 sedan I have ever owned (I've had 8 of them since 1987).

    Good luck.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • sp11sp11 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your helpful advice.

    You mention you paid $ 55,000 plus a few other fees despite MSRP of $62325. Was this the final price taken after the $1500 incentive and $2000 incentives you mention ? Or did you manage to lower the price even further than the $55K due to those incentives you mention.

    Also, did you get any other specific discounts to get to the 55K figure like conquest or any other discounts ?

    The reason I ask is because I am in the stage for price negotiation and since this is my first luxury car need to know how you arrived at such a good price. On my MSRP which I mention above, the dealer just quoted me split margin 7% with 3.5 % discount. I am not sure if this is a good deal or not.

    Congratulations on your new car.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    3.5% discount on a new E350 (remember, they just came out with this car on Monday of this week), is actually a very good price. Remember, the USAA discount is based upon "invoice" of the vehicle plust $500.00. Invoice was a little over 58.000. Add $500.00 to that, then subtract $2000. Additionally, I received a $1500 incentive discount because I had a loan with Mercedes Benz Financial. Finally, I got a loan for 1.65% for 66 months because I had a previous loan with Mercedes Benz Financial (their rate was 1.99% less a percentage for direct withdrawal from my checking account for the monthly payment).

    To the best of my knowledge, that was all I got as a discount.

    They gave me 1000.00 more for my trade than Manheim auction prices for the car, which was also outstanding.

    The $55,300 price was the final price after all incentive. To that, you add their dealer fee (down here in Florida, most dealers charge a fee, which is PURE PROFIT! If they charge the fee, they must charge all customers the same fee, by law, so that fee cannot be negotiated, however, the dealer, at its discretion, can take that amount off the pre-fee amount, then add the fee back in, if you know what I mean).

    So, $55,300, + $599 + doc stamps for the loan, +title fee and tag fees, + sales taxes is what I paid.

    Hope that helps you.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    I have owned one of each---a Luxury and a Sport model. I'm currently driving a Sport model E350. I prefer the Luxury and am going back to it. It's really a matter of personal preference. As Mike pointed out, the ride of the luxury is smoother and I believe the Luxury cabin is quieter, probably mostly due to the different tires. I don't disagree that the Sport handles better, but the luxury model is no slouch. It corners pretty well at 110 mph on the Autobahn! (We did European delivery---a fabulous experience.) And, I fell in love with the Burl Walnut interior in the luxury and miss it.'s all good. I don't see how you can go wrong with either! Enjoy yours!!
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Hi Mike,
    I'm not seeing invoice prices on Edmunds for: (2012) Premium 1....or Wood/leather steering wheel....or Active multicontour driver seat. Any idea on those or where I could find it?

    And...opinion please, is Premium 2 worth the big bucks?
    Getting close to making a decision :-).
    Thank you!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    Go to and build your car. They have all the MSRP and invoice prices.

    I've had premium 1 and now, for the first time, premium 2. I drive at night, and prefer the premium 2 because of the xenon lights, curve illumination, and cornering lights. Also like the Keyless Go. Trunk openr/closer is unnecessary. So, if you drive at night, I recommend the Premium 2. If you don't drive alot during the evening, it is not worth the 2200 more, in my opinion.

    By the way, just hit 33 miles per gallon with the new 2012 E350. I GUESS I FINALLY HAVE AN ECONOMY CAR! Just kidding. But, it sure gets me more mpg's than any car I've owned.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    OK, I'll check out Thanks!
    That's a great assessment---day vs. night driving. Most of my driving is daytime, so that may answer that. Economy car? I'm in! I just got 27.9 on the highway with my '09 4Matic and was feeling pretty good about that. 33 is impressive!!
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Mike, I found invoice prices for everything except the Premium 1. Any guesses what invoice would be on that $4k msrp?

    Also---opinions of active multi contour driver seat? I was thinking I'd like that---but dealer has a luxury modelcoming in with everything else I want, EXCEPT Active multi contour driver seat. Decisions, decisions...:-)
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Ignore my Premium 1 invoice question---the amount just popped into the site---it's $3,720.
  • sp11sp11 Posts: 6
    I had a list of cars available sent to me by the dealer in which the pricing (MSRP) for premium 1 on the luxury models were listed at $3600 by the dealer.

    The premium 2 if I remember correctly was around $6400 or something but I can verify that the premium 1 was listed as 3600.

    Thanks for your reply and thanks also to Mike also for his detailed explanation to my questions.
  • sp11sp11 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your detailed explanation. It sure helps.
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Possibly Premium 1 was $3600 on the 2011's...but for 2012 the MSRP is $4000 according the MBUSA site and shows the invoice price at $3,720. Euro-flation? ;-)
  • mb1984mb1984 Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I went with my father in law today (unplanned) to go car shopping. He decided that he wanted to purchase a 2012 E350. Based on my previous relationship with Mercedes in my area, I was not able to get much of a discount because the salesman told me that they don't mark up the prices like they used to so there is no room for haggling.

    Well today, we looked at this 2012 E350 Sedan invoiced at $55,405. When we went into the salesman office, he said the best he could do was $54,872 with ttl and he will throw in 3 years free maintenance. On impulse, we agreed to it.

    I currently have a loan with Mercedes Financial and was just aware of the $1,500 incentive from reading this forum. So now, I'm feeling really down knowing that I didn't get a good deal on this at all. Can someone shed some light?

    Thanks in advance.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    Take $4000 and multiply it by .93 or $3720 is the cost of prem 1 pkg.

    I have never had the multi-contour seat before (I have it now on the 2012). I like the fact that you can set it to "grab your sides" more tightly, giving you better support on turns. Also, that you can "extend" the length of the thigh bolsters - I'm 6'2" and that certainly mades driving more comfortable.

    I have not tried the vibrating massage function yet (don't know why I haven't, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet). Best add-on option to me was the ventilated front seats - it was very warm and humid here on Monday, and the fan (3 speed choices for each front seat) really cooled by rear end and my lower back.

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    If you currently have a loan with Mercedes Financial, then you should qualify for the 1.9% financing for up to 66 months. I got 1.65% as there is a 1% markup on that rate for the dealer. Since he sold me the car for invoice, I agreed to the 1.65% so his finance man could make a few bucks. I only borrowed $18000 for 66 months at that rate. My dealer's general manager and sales manager told me to "never" pay off the loan because so long as I have an existing loan with MB financial, I qualify for any incentives such as the $1500 + the great rate.

    It sounds like your salesman and his manager did not afford you with the oppotunity to save some big bucks.

    First of all, the dealer will get the 1500 incentive instead of you. Next, unless you got a .9 % finance rate (remember there is a 1% markup on the 1.9 % rate) he made some more money.

    He was correct in stating that up front profit on Mercedes Benz vehicles has been dropping every year, but their "hold-back" on a 62325 MSRP car like mine is over $2000.00.

    So, even though my dealer sold me the car for $55320.00 (invoice was $58420), remember, I got 1500 for the MB Financial incentive and another $1500 net incentive from USAA. So, he made at least $2000 on the deal with his hold back.

    It's their holdback that has been increasing yearly, but the difference between MSRP and the so called dealer invoice has been narrowing.

    We all have to remember something - dealers would go out of business if they didn't make an average of at least $2000 per vehicle. So, just because they sold me a car for 3000 dollars below their so called invoice, they still made a nice net profit on the deal.

    I hope this has helped.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    All I try to do is pass on information to other E350 enthusiasts to help them get the best possible deal on a new E350.

    The more information we have at our fingertips prior to going in to buy a car, the better chance we all have of getting a fair, if not good deal.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • Hey, everyone....I just picked up my 2012 E-350 last week from a dealer in Hamilton Ontario (just outside of Toronto). Canvasite blue with apaco(sp?) beige leather seats and about every option EXCEPT night vision. The intelligent cruise is AMAZING. The car has PLENTY of power, and gets better mileage than the Lexus IS-350 (same size engine) that I sold.

    Abacomike....and other, question. I own this car straight out, want to keep for at least 4-5 years. I want the car to be pristine. What do you think about (remember I live in CANADA) 3m StoneGuard and/or MUDFLAPS on an E Class to avoid that nasty road spray/rock pellets???
  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Ah, a multiple---.93, huh? Thank you!
    Since you've got the ventilated seats, I'd go ahead and turn the vibrating massage seats on high! lol...
    I, too, have long legs---once had a Mustang with extendable bolsters and loved them.
    As always, very helpful. Debating back and forth on what I want. It's exhausting ....
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    I would put the mudflaps on, for sure. The stone guard may be unnecessary. I've owned a 2010, 2011 and now a 2012, and I've never had a problem with rock chips on the front of the car or the hood. I avoid dump trucks on the road like the plague - they are my number 1 hate on the roads today. When they go over bumps, they fling gravel and rocks out the rear - had a 2005 BMW and was hit with a rock on the top of my hood, had to have the entire hood repainted.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    Is it possible to choose Premium 2 and stay with MB Tex, or do I have to go leather because of the heated/ventilated seats?

    When I "build" the car online it lets me build it with MBTex and Premium 2, but if you choose the heated/ventilated seats individual option it forces you to pick leather.

    I've had both leather and MB Tex, and while I miss the leather aroma, I like how the MB Tex is holding up better.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    edited October 2011
    You can get Premium 2 without leather, HOWEVER, if you want heated/ventilated seats, which to me is a requirement here in Florida during the summer, you MUST order leather. I believe the same is true if you select multi-contour adjustable seats with massage. It has to do with the fact that with ventilated seats, there are a multitude of perforations in the seats, MBtex seats do not "give" or stretch like leather does.

    I prefer MBtex. They are easier to clean and hold up better to wear. This is the first Mercedes I've had with leather seating. And you are correct, they sure smell better than MBtex.

    Quite frankly, the leather seats feel and look like the MBtex seats.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    When I was driving today, I noticed that there is a BRAND NEW feature with the Sirius satellite radio service on the E350 - not only do you get traffic, but you also get WEATHER as well. On the screen, if you select the globe icon at the top right hand side, it brings up "weather". When you click on that, it brings up several options. 5 day weather forecast for the area you are in or you can select another vicinity or area, like if you are traveling from Miami to Jacksonville, you can get Jacksonville weather. It also has a "map" icon that, when you select, it shows you the weather map. When I selected that this morning, it showed the hurricane off the coast of the Yucatan Penninsula. Truly an amazing new feature. I believe it is included with the traffic option. I have used the traffic option many times and it is quite accurate and timely.

    I seem to be finding more and more new technologies on the 2012 E350.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    I could be mistaken, but I'm thinking Heated/Ventilated seats are part of Premium 2. So, what you're saying is that with P2, you can select MB tex but then you just get "heated" not ventilated on the seats? I can deal with that. If I ever move to Florida I'll reconsider ;-)
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    No, heated/ventilated seats are not standard with the P2 package for the E350 sedan. I believe they are standard on the E550. You might want to recheck.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    for 2012, heated and ventilated seats are standard in P2 package for all e's. Check the mercedes configurator on their site.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    edited October 2011
    I thought the same as you - that they were standard and that I was being charged for them inappropriately. So I called them (Mercedes Benz Customer Service). They researched it for me and got back to me. They said it WAS NOT A STANDARD FEATURE ON THE P2 PACKAGE FOR THE E350 SEDAN! I looked at my MSRP sticker they took off the left rear window of the new car and it shows what is included in the P2 package, and ventilated/heated seats are not listed. Instead, it is listed as an option. So I called them again, and they assured me that it was not a standard feature on the P2 pkg. Only "heated" seats are standard. They told me that their website was incorrect - that heated/ventilated seats are only standard on the AMG E63 and the E550, not the E350.

    I would suggest that you give them a call yourself to satisfy your concern. I was just as concerned. Believe me, I checked into this thoroughly and I was satisfied with their response. Remember, if they charged me an additional $500 for an option that is standard on the car, they would have been liable for fraud, at the very least.

    2017 BMW 740Li

  • bevbranbevbran Posts: 40
    You are correct; despite the website, heated/ventilated seats are not part of P2 for E350. Ordered my car yesterday E350 Luxury 4Matic, Steel Grey, Black MB Tex, Burl Walnut trim, P2, Wood/leather steering wheel. To be built mid-November, expecting December delivery. (Fast, huh???) . With luck, USAA and MBFinancial incentives will still be in effect at delivery. Mike, hope I'm as lucky as you with that roll of the dice. :-)
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,396
    USAA incentives will always be available. The incentive right now is $2000 below invoice + $500.00. What that means is the dealer will sell you the car at $500.00 over invoice less $2000, or a net of $1500.00. The MB Financial incetive for customers currently on an MB Financial lease or loan, is $1500.00 + a 1.9% finance rate for up to 66 months. THat 1.9 % can be negotiated, which I did to 1.65. They have a 1% dealer markup.

    I would guess that Mercedes Benz will also add other incentives for NOvember and December. Last year, you got 3 years of Mbrace services free. Remember, if you use the USAA incentive, any other incentives available to you cannot be used with the exception of the MB Financial incentive. For instance, if there is a loyalty or conquest incentive, it cannot be used in conjunction with the USAA incentive. Last year, I go the $1500 MB Financial incentive, but not the 2000 loyalty incentive offered to current MB owners.

    If the car is scheduled to be built in mid NOvember, REMEMBER, it takes about 6 weeks from start of build to delivery to the port. So, you are running very close to end of December, beginning of January.

    Good luck, I hope it comes prior to January.

    2017 BMW 740Li

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