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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • I have been searching several posts trying to find answers to my problem. We own an 05 freestar with just 60K miles. Thursday the tranny just croaked without any advance warning. No x-tended warranty, so going to be very expensive. Did have brake problems about 4 months after purchasing, but it seemed to be resolved. If I had researched before purchasing we might have kept our old caravan a little longer. Seems that Fords fix or repair daily is very true when it comes to the Freestar.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    You will be hard pressed to find a compnay that will sell you a warranty on a vehicle with 79k miles on it.

    YOu probably should get your power steering looked at. If you are adding fluid, something is wrong.
  • From what I've seen; there are alot of companies out there that will give me a warranty.
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    What kind of warranty did you get on your $3200 ( :lemon: ) transmission? I would be very leary of third party warranty companies that would offer one on a Freefall with 79,000 miles. How much longer do you plan on keeping it :confuse:
  • I got a 3/36K warranty on it....I owe more on it than what it's worth.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What company and how much was the warranty?
  • I think he got a 3/36000 warranty from Ford when purchasing the $3,200 replacement transmission. Chrysler/Dodge also warranties their replacement transmissions for the same time period, but they don't cost $3,200.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I missed your post when you asked him about the warranty on the tranny. the problem is the second transmission will probably go as well. Hopefully it is after he has paid off the loan and can unload it.
  • Hi,

    Same story too! 2004 Mercury Monterey. Tranny failure on 2/9/07 going down hill at 20 mph. No forward or reverse and no warning signs. We bought van new and have 43k miles and are out of warranty. Towed to Northern Ohio dealer where we purchased vehicle. Ford needs to step-up or I am buying another brand. I'll keep you posted.

  • In a way they have stepped up. They have admitted total defeat in the minivan market, and no longer build the Monterey, and Freestar production will cease soon, early 2007. That being said, I am enjoying my company issued 2007 Freestar 4.2 cargo van. While I can see why nobody buys these vehicles, it's a great improvement, comfort-wise over the 2005 Asstro I was driving. Only 2,200 miles so far so I can't really give it a dependability reveiw yet.
  • Hi
    Update.....I called my salesman (good friend) and told him to keep me posted regarding my Monterey transmission repair. First of all since we are good customers and have been buying cars from them for 15 yrs. he was able to get me a rental car for no charge. He also requested a certain mechanic to work on our van. The mechanic discovered the splines in the tourgue converter have failed and that he was going to replace the input shaft and inspect the entire tranny. Service called and said the repair would be 2,500.....but that they would work worth me. I pick the van up on 2-20 so we'll see.

  • sandireesandiree Posts: 1
    I too have a 2004 Ford Freestar, my transmission just went out at 44k miles. Had an old friend (certified mechanic) look it over and he said the tranny was gone because of internal problems. Called Ford and they said I had to take it to Ford Dealership for diagnostic before they could investigate. Got call yesterday from dealership and its an internal problem (only cost me $120.00 for this brilliance). Havent made the second call to ford yet...trying to do some investigating on how everyone else was dealing with the same problem. How did you handle it?
  • eleanor3eleanor3 Posts: 1
    I have a Ford Freestar with 53,000 and had trouble with my engine shutting off while driving. When I restart the car I have trouble in Drive moving like the transmission isn't engaging and reverse doesn't work. The check engine light would stay on. I would drive a short distance if I could and the engine would shut off again.
    The first place I took it replaced the camshaft sensor and it ran fine for two weeks. Then I had to take it to another station. The service person had a quieried look on his face as I told him my story.
    after he looked at it he told me I had to take it to Ford to get fixed. Seems water gets in the computer and the car shuts off. He felt that may be it and it was. Ford resealed the computer yesterday and said it was working. The processor had been wet and dried and they didn't think they needed to replace it at this time.(If it happened to shut off again they would need to replace the processor) I had until 80,000 miles to do that or 5 years under an original warranty so they wanted to wait and see!
    Next day out of the repair shop I ran a few errands and the car shut off again and again!!! I had to have the car towed again to the dealer. They will probably change the processor but it will take a week to get!! I'm going to ask for a loaner tomorrow since it is under warranty. Seems to me Ford blew it bigtime with this model! :lemon:
  • ecarrollecarroll Posts: 1
    What is up with these vans? I bought my 2005 Freestar from a dealer. Only 28000 miles. It now has 43000 miles, and without warning left me stranded on the side of the interstate yesterday. I had it towed and lo and behold!! It's the torque converter and possibly something else, they will know when they tear it apart. If Ford is aware that an internal problem is causing these transmissions to fail, why aren't they doing a recall? Well, stupid question, I know why. But I gotta tell you this aggravates me to no end. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm stuck with this van because of the loan, but from what I've read, I've got a lemon....any recourse? :lemon: :lemon:
  • I have 85k miles and my transmission is gone in my 2004 ford Freestar sel.I think Ford needs to do a recall on all 2004 Ford Freestar due to a transmission because of so many customer complaints listed.The trans axal light comes on and off and the car does not want to start going after it has stopped at a light or anytime the car is stopped
  • I purchased a 2004 Ford Freestar SEL on 7-17-04 for my wife because I felt it was the best most realiable vehicle for the money. How wrong I was! I also, as do many other previous Loyal Ford customers, have now experienced "Serious Transmission Problems". I am retired living on a modest income and my wife is on disability. We do not have the $3,000 or $4,000 to repair the vehicle that apparently Ford Motor Co. cannot or will not acknowledge they manufactured a vehicle with poor quality. They did not issue a "Recall" because they probably knew the total loss they would have due to their incompetent product. I as well as many others suffering these problems will "Never" Purchase or own another Ford Product!. In addition to the shoddy quality of the Tranmission on this vehicle, we experienced another problem that Ford would not honor as well. The day I purchased this van my wife & I took a trip to the Ga. Mtns. and on the way home had extreme shimmy in the front end. I took this to the dlr. would advised both front rotars were "Warped", we had 400 miles on the van? Instead of replacing them the dlr. said Ford would only pay for turrning the Rotars which of coursed lessened the life of my breaks. It is my intention to go Nationally with this to expose Ford for what they really are by giving our Local Talk How Host, Clark Howard the entire details from consumers response via emails such as this,and I ask that every person having these problems do the same in their local area. In addition I intend to write to the FMC Customer Relation Center in Michigan as well as the Michigan Better Business Bureau. Again I ask any consumer do the same thing to let Ford know we will not put up with Corporate America. No one is so big they cannot be held accountable, remember Crystler Corp.
  • Our transmission on our 04 went out at 59000 mi. We too had problems with the brakes... took the van to my regular mechanic and he said the rotors were warped and he says that the metal used (can't remember the exact terminology used) is so thin that the rotors can't be turned. They must be replaced when we do have a brake job. He said that the replacement rotors do not have the same problem. I have seen other people say that their dealers have turned the rotors on their van and that the problem remained... I suspect that the dealers don't actually do anything to the brakes! I would trust my regular mechanic with my life and in the 20 somethings years that he has worked on my cars he has had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of us and has never... I believe what he says about the rotors.
  • I bought my Ford Freestar in 04' Transmission failed at 62,000 miles while driving to work. There were no “funny” noises, "funny" shifting or warning lights. The van just "popped" into neutral and started rolling backwards. I was lucky I did not hit anybody. I called Ford Customer Service and filed a complaint with them and was basically told parts sometimes fail. I ? why the Ford's replacement part has twice as long of a warrenty as the original. I had to also replace the rear brake rotors like many other people. This van was the worst investment that I have ever made and Ford does not live up to any quality standards in my opinion. I will never buy a Ford again.
  • Hi,
    I too have a 2004 Freestar I bought it used with only 21,000 on it from Capital Ford in Raleigh NC on Feb 20,06 and just this past Fri night driving on a straight rd with absolutley no warning the transmission just went. It was as if someone threw me in neutral and it wouldn't move. We spent $150 for towing back to Ford and found out that the warranty had expired of course and they gave me two options..either replace the whole transmission for $3400 or just the tourque converter for I believe $1200. I have 7 kids and needed my car back and opted for the $1200. The whole bill came to $1500. The problem I'm having with Ford is that they don't stand behind their products. I only owned the car for 1yr and 9mos. This is a factory defect and it should've been replaced with no charge. I pd $18,000 and even tried trading it in only to find out that the book value now was only $8800. The salesman wouldn't even consider helping me being that I still owed $15.000. Cars today are not cheap and as soon as you drive it off the lot..the value goes way down so they get you in repairs because they know you're stuck. We Americans are so stupid for allowing this to happen to us. Don't waste your time with Customer Relations because they only laugh at you...they hear this all day long from people it means nothing. I will report it to Better Business and Clark Howard is also good..but I also tell everyone I know and see...DON'T BUY A FORD! They do need to be accountable.
  • Jim,
    I know its been a while since your post. what was the outcome with Ford? We too have just had the same exact problem and, of course, Ford is distancing themselves from the problem. The Customer Relations Center is absolutely dispicable in the way they treat people. The last person I spoke to, Deon, if that is even his real name, was extremely arrogant and basically laughed at me. We had already been turned down for any assistance from Ford when we saw that another family who experienced the same exact problem a week after we did, (11/22/07), received over $3000.00 in assistance with just 1 phone call to the Customer Relations Center. I demanded to know why this customer received assistance and we didn't and they refused to say why or to divuldge the criteria that is used when deciding who gets assistance and who doesn't. We are not going down without a fight, however; and are looking for others who are willing to join a class action. we will not rest until we get our money back and Ford issues a recall on these death traps on wheels. We have already lodged a complaint with NHTSA and the local Attorney General's Office and are filing suit locally. We urge everyone who is experiencing or has experienced the same problem with their Freestar transmission to report it to NHTSA so that they will conduct a serious investigation and force a recall of these vehicles. This vehicle was marketed as a safe family vehicle and is anything but safe. We'll see how that goes. :mad: :mad: :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
  • We would like to sue Ford Motor Company to force a recall of the Freestar/Monteray van. Our transmission failed without warning at 45000 miles in the middle of an intersection with my entire family on board. They were sitting ducks waiting to be hit until some nice people realized something was very wrong and pushed them off to the side of the road. My wife and kids, (17 months-15 years old) had to walk home. Ford has denied us financial assistance that they have given to others who had the same problem before we did and literally a week after we did. They gave the last people over $3K and refused to give us a dime! They refused to tell us why or tell us what the criteria is that they use to determine who gets help and who doesn't. If you have experienced this problem please report it to NHTSA via the NHTSA website. If enough people report it, hopefully they will force a recall. Of course, Ford will not do it on their own. I guess they will wait until someone gets killed when their transmission fails without warning on a busy interstate or something. It is entirely possible that this has already happened and the link just hasn't been made yet. Part of the research for the lawsuit will be to review all accidents involving these vehicles to see if they can be linked in any way to the failure of the transmission. Again, please report any and all transmission problems with your Ford Freestar or Mercury Monteray to this website as well as NHTSA. There is strength in numbers and it just might actually save someone's life.
  • does anyone know how to go about presenting a petition to FORD-If so I am sure we can get the signatures online .Something needs to be done about FORD not standing by the produst especially the costs of the van..
    My van is still sitting and It won't move and I owe 3 more years on this van
  • I think we have to find an attorney who will do a class action suit for all of us. Of course Ford doesn't care...just think of all the money they're making on all the new transmissions we have to keep all of their mechanics in business. We just can't let this corporation get the best of us. I will look into in tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
  • We are off to a good start. We cannot let this drop. We really need to keep the momentum going. It is easy to get discouraged when you are on your own but, as we can all see, we are not alone. There is strength in numbers! In the meantime, it is a fairly straightforward process to bring a suit against Ford Motor Company locally, wherever you live. You do not have to go to Detroit to sue Ford. Go to your local government website to find out who the resident agent, (RA), is for Ford Motor Company in your area. Then, go to your local courthouse or their website and research how to file a tort claim in your local version of small claims court. The paperwork can be served on the RA for Ford Motor Comapny in your region. It should be fairly easy and not too costly. I have done all of my paperwork myself and my attorney is looking it over before I file it. My total costs will be less than $200.00. Lets keep up the pressure until either Ford steps up and accepts responsibility or NHTSA forces a recall. There are many ways we can do this in addition to filing suit. Contact your local media; radio, television, and newspaper. Contact your local representative. Ask other Freestar owners if they have had the same problem and encourage them to take action if they have. Never give up! That is what they are counting on.
  • A petition is not likely to get any action out of Ford. Lawsuits work better. Especially class action lawsuits. Do you know that Ford recently gave another customer with the same problem over $3000.00 in assistance after they complained to the Ford Customer Relationship Center? You can see for yourself. Just go to the NHTSA website and look it up in the complaints section. The website is extremely user friendly and it is a very recent complaint so it shouldn't be hard to find. When you go to the website, register your complaint as well. The more complaints they get, the more likely they are to take notice of the problem and issue a recall. After all, this is a potentially deadly defect.
  • My car showed no signs of anything wrong..not even a light on the dashboard came on. I was doing about 50mph and it was as if someone threw me into neutral and the car wouldn't move in either direction at all. We were towed to Ford and they knew what it was right away and fixed the torque con. and still isn't running as good as it was before They said this doesn't mean the transmission won't have to be replaced next. The cost was $1490. The new trans was quoted as $3400. This car needs to be recalled and I'm working on it. I hate the fact that I can't trust the car and travel with it for fear of it breaking down. I'm trying to trade it in somehow on a Toyota van but for now we're stuck. Just think of how much Ford is making on everyone that has to buy a new transmission. It's just not fair...we pay alot for these cars and expect to get at least most of our money's worth out of them. Well, I hope this helps and good luck tomorrow.
  • I would be more than happy to help you. It is my understanding that Ford was aware of this problem as far back as at least early 2004 but chose to keep selling these dangerous vehicles to families like mine, all the while marketing them as "safe.' I'm sure it is the same transmission problems they were having with the Windstar, part of the reason they abandoned that moniker and rebadged it the Freestar. I don't know the exact cause, likely cheap, substandard, poorly manufactured parts combined with poor engineering, but the bottom line is this; the torque converter fails catastrophically, without warning, and the transmission basically comes apart, rendering the vehicle inoperable. Imagine this happening on a major highway with a tractor trailer barreling down on you at highway speed. You're gonna be toast. It happened to ours in the middle of an intersection. We are lucky that my family wasn't hit by cross traffic or traffic coming up from behind that had no idea why the van was just sitting there in the middle of the road. I am in the process now of researching every single motor vehicle accident in the United States that involves the Freestar and Monteray vans. From there, I will narrow those down to accidents that could have been the result of the transmission failing but were not attributed to this as the cause. I will take however long I have to, travel as far as I have to, and interview as many people as I can; accident victims, first responders, accident investigators, and mechanics at repair shops that worked on the vehicles post crash. I am also putting together a campaign to canvass every single transmission shop in the country to determine exactly how many of these transmissions have failed in this way. Based on what I know so far, it has got to be in the tens of thousands. It is no wonder Ford doesn't have the guts or even the decency to issue a voluntary recall. Unfortunately, instead of paying billions to fix their mess, ordinary consumers like you and me are having to foot the bill while they continue to profit by supplying the parts. For the life of me, I cannot understand why NHTSA hasn't issued a recall. My hope is that we can get this thing out there on a broad enough scale that NHTSA and Ford have to take notice and do the right thing which is to ISSUE A RECALL and for Ford to reimburse people like us who had to pay out of pocket to fix our family's only mode of transportation. Keep up the pressure. Lodge a complaint o the NHTSA website. It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes. If enough people take this step, NHTSA will have to stand up and take notice. They say that there is no set number of complaints needed before they issue a recall but I don't believe them. This is just as dangerous as the brakes failing and there are enough examples to indicate, if not prove, that this is an ENORMOUS and WIDESPREAD defect. I guess some poor family is going to have to get killed or maimed in an accident caused by this failure for either Ford or NHTSA to do what is right. Lets hope not, though. Please post the results of your dealings with Ford both here and on the NHTSA website. Also, take note that they reimbursed a family over $3000.00 in the last 2 weeks for the same problem. The post is on the NHTSA website. They refuse to tell me why they paid that family but will not reimburse us.
  • Please follow up on this. Do not let it drop. Post a complaint on the NHTSA website. It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do. Remember, there is strength in numbers. In my opinion, Ford knowingly put you and your family as well as mine and countless others, in danger by not issuing a recall on these vehicles. It is well documented that this problem has existed pretty widespread and consistently since at least 2004 with the Freestar. Just ask any transmission shop owner who doesn't have to answer to Ford or go to the NHTSA website. The information is out there. It just has to get into the hands of enough people who will then stand up and demand that Ford do what is right and issue a voluntary recall or that NHTSA will force a recall of these dangerous vehilces. Keep us posted!
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