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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    My Ford dealer did the same thing to me. They called me right at the close of business so that there was nothing I could do and no one else I could talk to at least until the next day. This seems to be a common tactic throughout the Ford organization; lie, delay, stall, lie some more, obfuscate, and just plain beat you down until you go away. We can't give them what they want and just go away. We will be looking for your next post.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    A mouse? I suppose anything's possible.....Thank you for contacting NHTSA. You are absolutely correct. Something does need to be done before somebody gets killed. As I have said all along however; this could already have happened and we just haven't heard about it yet. Keep up the pressure. Keep spreading the word. Contact your local representatives. Contact your local media and your local Office of the Attorney General. I would say don't waist your time with the BBB because they are in bed with Ford however; in order to preserve your rights, you may have to exhaust all available remedies prior to suing. I have jumped through all of the hoops and am just awaiting a decision/opinion from my AG before I proceed in court. Ford needs to understand that they can't wash their hands of this catastrophe. This is no longer, (never really has been), just a matter of money. Lives are at stake. Working families and loyal (previously) customers deserve better than that.
  • I called the 800 number this morning and talked with someone named Dawn. She ofcourse took all of my information and then put me on hold for 15 minutes. When she came back on the line she said she would have to do some further research and call me back before 4:30pm this afternoon. I am really anxious to see what she has to say. I have been driving a rinky dink rental car for almost two weeks now and am ready to get my van back. I sincerley hope everyone can form an alliance and put a stop to Ford and their unreliable "transmissions". I am also ready willing and able to file a class action law suit!
  • I just heard back from Ford and they will not authorize any repairs. They are claiming that my extended warranty coverage is not up to them even though they sold it to me. I asked for permission to record our conversation and the supervisor "Steve" refused. I asked him why he was refusing if he was telling the truth and he would not answer that. I aked him how many people had the same problem and he would not answer that. Basically he told me that Ford will not release any information to us. I told him that the lawyer would be able to get all of that.
    They are so sleazy. I want to get these s.o.b's so badly! Talk about a bunch of crooks. Ok people, what do we do next? We are going to have to start communicating about what states we are in, etc. We need to get some press coverage so that we hear from more people. Any suggestions? I contacted 7 On Your Side here in the DC area but I won't hear from them for a while. Let's get going on this asap. Does anyone know how many people it takes to get a class action lawsuit going?
    Let me know what to do next. I am so mad! I want to make Ford pay for all of our transmissions and the hassle they have put us through!
  • Did you ever hear back from Ford? As I said in a previous post they told me that there is nothing they can or will do to help. I have never been involved in a class action lawsuit so I am not exactly sure how to get started but I do think it is our only hope of getting Ford to do the right thing.
  • I dont know how to do the class action either, but my P.O.S. freestar is still sitting in my driveway. the trans went out before christmas, and I dont have the cash to get it fixed. yet I still make payments on the junk.
    It just drives me nuts, that ford know knows about these junkers, yet does nothing. :lemon:
  • My van is at least paid for but it is sitting at Kip Kilmon's Tysons Ford in Vienna Virginia waiting on the repair. I have decided that it is time to use the names of these dealerships that are pretending that they have never heard of this situation before.
    It would drive me nuts to be paying for a van that is not working due to a MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT. I just received the complaint form from the Virginia Attorney General's Office. I don't know if you have contacted your state's AG yet but I do know that is a good place to go.
    I have a call in to a friend about a recommendation on a good Class Action attorney. I will keep everyone informed as to the situation. If anyone has already contacted an attorney let us know what the best form of action would be.
  • The week before Christmas the transmission in my 04 Freestar went :( I filed the report on the NHTSA website and dropped a new transmission in the van. Blah.
    We didn't use a Ford Part - it's a Jasper with 100k mile warranty.
    I'm so angry with Ford and their lack of response on this issue.

    I'm also in NoVa and would love to participate in a Class Action lawsuit against Ford.
  • I had my 04 Monterey at two different NoVa dealerships. Jerry's Ford in Leesburg and now Kip Kilmon's at Tysons. Both of these places acted like they had never heard of this before. Did you get the same song and dance at your dealership?
  • We had it towed to our Mechanic who has a bud at Sterling Ford & he reported that Ford was aware of the issue but not compensating - he said the best we'd get is 10% off parts, but they'd scorch us on labor.

    We had our Mechanic fix it bc we didn't want a "no-good" Ford part (duh) and I love and trust my mechanic.

    We replaced the transmission and the radiator for $3500.
  • I live in Sterling and that is where the tow truck was supposed to take my van. I wish he had because at least someone honest works there. If any of these mechanics would have just said that it is an ongoing problem but Ford won't fix it I would not have been so angry. What makes me so mad is that both these mechanics SWORE they had never seen this before.
    Obviously we need to get a class action suit going. I was at Claude Moore Rec center today and saw another Mercury Monterey. I was thinking that maybe I could print out a bunch of forms about this problem and this website and leave them on all Ford and Mercury Minivans I see parked anywhere. Up at Dulles Town Center, at my daughters' school, etc.. I wish I could afford an advertisement in the Post or USA Today. I have no doubt we would find 100's or 1000's of us out there.
    Don't forget to call the VA Attorney General's Office. The number is 800/552-9963. If they get two complaints in a single week regarding the exact same problem I bet that would get their attention. The guy I spoke to was very aware of Ford's horrible customer service reputation. He was very open to looking into this.
    Please keep me informed. It seems as we are neighbors. If there are two of us this close imagine how many there must be all over the country!
  • I'll call the Attny General tomorrow.
    Anyone I should ask for in the Attny General's office?

    Did you get your van fixed?
  • I talked to a gentleman but I did not write down his name. I feel like an idiot. I did get the impression that it is a one man operation. I think if you call there and ask for the guy in charge of consumer services you would get this guy. If you get his name let me know.
    My van is still up at Tyson's Ford. I have to call the extended warranty people and fight with them next. Ford sends you all over the place talking to so many different people that you end up getting frustrated and just paying for the repair yourself. My van broke down on December 15th. I was driving down Potomac View Rd when all of the sudden it slipped out of gear. I pulled off onto Hampshire Station and called for a tow. I had just come off the Toll Road. I had both my daughters (ages 7 and 9) in the car with me. Can you image if this had happened while going 60 mph! Unfortunately someone is going to get hurt or killed and Ford will act like they have never heard of this. Let's face it. Minivan drivers have little kids. Ford does not care.
    Let me know if you talk to anyone in the AG's office. At first the lady just said she would send me the form. Then she said heard how bad it was she said she wanted me to talk to the guy and connected me to him. I can't believe I didn't write down his name. I was so pumped to have someone finally listen to me and I just forgot to write it down.
    Take care and good luck.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Now we are getting somewhere! This is exactly the type of communication/cooperation that it is going to take to get this issue the attention it deserves and expose Ford and the entire Ford organization/network of dealers for the sleazy, fraudulent, and flat out dishonest thieves that they are. I am in Annapolis, (Koons Ford are you paying attention now?) so, the logistics of getting together on this should be relatively easy as far as getting a class action going. I think we should try to get some sort of internet petition together and get as many people on board as possible so that when we do go to an attorney, he/she will see that this is very real and will be worth their while. We should continue to use this site because, as we communicate with eachother, it will reach more and more people. At some point though, it might be a good idea to meet in person at a mutually agreeable location to brainstorm and set up a better - coordinated strategy. In the meantime, keep spreading the word. The fliers are an excellent idea. Every Freestar/Monteray owner deserves to know that they are driving a defective vehicle that could fail at any moment and possibly get them killed. NHTSA, are you paying attention? Let's keep this going people! These are family vehicles. Lives are at stake.
  • I agree. Lives are at stake. I am going to work on a flyer. I think we will also need to develop a new webpage devoted to this problem. Does anyone have any experience with webpage development. I do not but my husband works at AOL so I am pretty sure I can get someone he knows to help us out. I think that the better organized we become the faster and further we will go. I agree about meeting in person. This is not the forum to exchange name and phone numbers but we need to find a way to do that. Any suggestions?
    I am so glad we are getting this going. This is the only way to get this done.
    Thanks so all.
    Kelly (I figure first names are safe at this point:-))
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Webpage is a great idea. I am not very savvy in this area so any suggestions are welcome. I say we get together soon and put our heads together, exchange contact information, and formulate a cohesive, workable plan. I will defer to you as to a place to meet. I am generally available in the morning as I work the 3P-11P shift however; some mornings I am in court, sometimes not with alot of advanced notice. We will be coming from Annapolis so, anywhere right off of 495 would be good. In the meantime, keep spreading the word and getting our message out there!
    Jim and Michelle
  • My Freestar died on Freeway overpass back in November. Same problem as everyone else. I bought my van at Stillwater Ford and had it serviced at Forest Lake Ford. Neither dealership had ever heard of the problem before.
    I jumped thru Fords hoops and even complained to the service managers of both dealerships and the owner of one. No financial help. All said I should have bought the extended warranty. I have never bought an extended warranty because I never have felt that it was necessary. I will contact my AG next week. [jennifersmith] who was driving the kids back from Duluth must also be from Minnesota so I hope she too will get a hold of the MN AG at (651) 296-3353 or (800) 657-3787.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    I've been following the posts here and sympathize with your dilemma. I had the displeasure of owning a Windstar and have never considered another Ford since.

    I'd like to suggest that a good way to document what's happening with your issue would be to create a blog about it on your CarSpace page. Others can then comment on your blog. You can add entries as often as you like and send/post links to it.

    All registered members to the Forums have a CarSpace page available to them. All you need to do is click on "My CarSpace" in the top left navigation bar. If anyone has questions, please send me an email. Click on my screen name for my address.

    Here's my page: :)
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    The dealerships are LYING to you. Ford is and has been WELL AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM. The fact that they recommend a transmission fluid flush and fill at 30K is the first clue to this. The change is not recommended because it would prevent the failure, it is recommended so that when the inevitable failure occurs, they can blame it on the manufacturer of the fluid as they did in the case of an earlier post. Another reason they call for this ridiculously early flush and fill is that they can blame you for the inevitable failure if you do not have it done. When my transmission expert, a retired Ford technician with over 20 years of experience, pulled my transmission, I had him document the quantity and condition of the fluid that came out. Both the quantity and the condition were more than adequate to do the job it is required to do. The failure was due to a DEFECTIVE TORQUE CONVERTER that I believe Ford knew was defective when they built it. Please stay in this fight with us and spread the word. Do contact your AG. Stay tuned to this page. We need to stick together on this. In the meantime i am going to look at the suggestion in post 151.
  • My brother-in-law is the general manager of a major high end car dealership here in Sterling. He told me that in some states (not Virginia) you can get a list of who purchased specific automobiles. He was pretty sure that Maryland was one of those states. If that is true that would be a major place to start. I don't know how much mass mailings cost but I don't think it is much. I don't know how to find out which states provide that kind of list but I would love to find out. I have been working on the flyer to hand out. That might not generate much response but any is better than nothing.
    Also, my brother-in-law is going to try to contact his cousin who used to work at a Ford dealership and see what he knows about this problem. That is really who we need. Former Ford employees who would be willing to talk about this.
    I can meet any time during the week while the kids are at school. How many of us live in the NoVa, Maryland, DC area? Let's decide on a mutually convenient place and go from there.
    Jim, since you live in Maryland you might be in the best position to get the list of ford/mercury minivan owners. I am not sure if you need to be a resident of the state or not.
    Last, do you all want a blog or a website? I don't know much about either so I will defer to all of you. I can get either set up. I think that should be our next step so we can give that address out in our flyer/letter.
    Thanks again everyone. I am really excited about finding all of you.
    Take care,
  • Hey I am new to this website, I feel compelled to speak up about this, I own a 2004 mercury monterey. Four months ago we had the transmission rebuilt (damage caused by splines stripped from the torque converter, 71k miles)($2300), last week the torque converter started slipping splines again(82k miles). We don't know what to do, this is obviously going to be a "chronic" problem. If anyone has any suggestions or knows a good lawyer in central Indiana, please let us Know. And yeah, we had a three month warranty on the repair.
  • Hey just tried to report my spline failure to NHTSA, spent about 30 minutes there only to have my report not go through, and only found one complaint listed in their data base about this torque converter/spline problem.....Our splines failed at @71k miles and at 82k miles.
  • rt1966rt1966 Posts: 9
    another great update!!!!! Thursday jan 10th we went back to pick up our van. when we got there the techs were just about to leave. the guy that worked on it said he found more water in the pcm and sealed it again, constructed a "trough" to bridge any more water from getting in. he also followed the wires to the transmission resealed them and constructed a trough around where the wires go into it and sealed it good. we told him about this website and that alot of people are having the same problem. and his quote was......"well your only as good as your mechanic." we gave him back the key to the loner and got ours back. we went out to the van. i left first in my car(i met my wife there) and got about 1/4 mile down the road when my cell phone rang and it was my son telling me the van wouldn't go into reverse!!!!!!!!!!! by the time i got back the tech was already in the van actually seeing for the first time what it was doing!!! again we exchanged keys and went on our way. friday i called right before closing time and asked the status of the van. the service manager said they ordered a new pcm and that it would be in monday. stay tuned!!!!! :confuse: :lemon: :lemon: also i must add that since we told them about filing a complaint to nhtsa we have not been charged a penny... not even for the new pcm.
  • Wow! What a difference a little bit of "name dropping" made for you. When I told my mechanic "Adam" at Tyson's Ford that I had filed a complaint he went from really sweet to really really nasty. At least your mechanic isn't still trying to make you think it is all your fault!
    Tomorrow I deal with the extended warranty people. Does anyone out there have any advice on the best way to deal with these people? Are there any key words or phrases that will get them to do the right thing or are they just an extension of Ford and their attitude that they will do nothing to fix the situation? Any help would be most appreciated.
    Thanks so much and let's keep up the pressure.
  • Did you ever get your report to go through? If not, try going in through your external browser (Internet Explorer, etc). I had a hard time going through AOL. Maybe that will help. Also, there might be more complaints listed under Ford/Mercury Transmissions.
    Good luck and thanks for your perserverence.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Please update us on your progress with NHTSA. Every report of this failure is critical. Think of each report as another brick in the wall that will be our case against Ford/NHTSA when this thing gets into court. The goal is to build our wall higher, longer and stronger than theirs. They will have lots of lawyers working for them. We will have lawyers plus THOUSANDS of plaintiffs when we are through. We cannot let this go. Stay tuned and continue to spread the word.
  • I have completed the form to NHTSA. On the form they also requested anyback up information as to what I have done regarding my Trans. failure as well as any correspondence direct with Ford. I sent them a great deal of info, copy of the dlr inspection report that was a joke as well as three separate ltrs. I sent to Alan Mullaly the CEO/Res. of ford Motor Co. I also sent them several copies of custome complaints I rec'd from Edmounds web site. I told them Ford has done "Nothing" to acknowledge their defective product or issue a recall and resolve their problem with potentially several hundred if not thousands of customer experiencing this problem. I also advised NHTSA Ford has known about this problem in many of their models for the past 10 yrs. but keep getting away with refusing to honor or have the integrity to resolve the issue for their customer via a recall. I used two prime examples of complaints that failure of their trans. called accidents that could have killed several of their passengers mainly children!I truly hope in some way all of us who has fallen into this terrible trap can band together, obtain Legal Counsel and develop a Law Suit or Class Action Suit against Ford not only for the repair but damages & financial expenses we all have hadl! This is the only resolution I feel Ford will acknowledge the problem & issuee a RECALL which they should have done long ago! The problems are all over the map as to mileage problems etc. & as I explained in my ltrs. to Ford this is "NOT A WARRANTY ISSUE", but a defective and unsafe product that "Demands a Recall. I hope somene is in a position to take the lead bringing all our complaints to issue resolve. A Nationwide Web site would be a good beginning and I for one would be willing to help in any way.
    Ron MacGregor
    Dawsonville, GA
  • I have completed the form to NHTSA. On the form they also requested anyback up information as to what I have done regarding my Trans. failure as well as any correspondence direct with Ford. I sent them a great deal of info, copy of the dlr inspection report that was a joke as well as three separate ltrs. I sent to Alan Mullaly the CEO/Res. of ford Motor Co. I also sent them several copies of custome complaints I rec'd from Edmounds web site. I told them Ford has done "Nothing" to acknowledge their defective product or issue a recall and resolve their problem with potentially several hundred if not thousands of customer experiencing this problem. I also advised NHTSA Ford has known about this problem in many of their models for the past 10 yrs. but keep getting away with refusing to honor or have the integrity to resolve the issue for their customer via a recall. I used two prime examples of complaints that failure of their trans. called accidents that could have killed several of their passengers mainly children!I truly hope in some way all of us who has fallen into this terrible trap can band together, obtain Legal Counsel and develop a Law Suit or Class Action Suit against Ford not only for the repair but damages & financial expenses we all have hadl! This is the only resolution I feel Ford will acknowledge the problem & issuee a RECALL which they should have done long ago! The problems are all over the map as to mileage problems etc. & as I explained in my ltrs. to Ford this is "NOT A WARRANTY ISSUE", but a defective and unsafe product that "Demands a Recall. I hope somene is in a position to take the lead bringing all our complaints to issue resolve. A Nationwide Web site would be a good beginning and I for one would be willing to help in any way.
    Ron MacGregor
    Dawsonville, GA
  • Here is the address of a website that lists the phone numbers for the attorneys general of each state.

    Each one of us needs to contact our AG and file a report with them.
    Does anyone know how to create a webpage? That is really what we need. This is the sort of information we can put on the webpage. We can also have a link to NHTSA as well as a list of people we have spoken to at Ford and their responses.
    Any suggestions from anyone on how to get this started?
    Kelly Lilly
    Sterling, VA
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Excellent work, Kelly. This is exactly the type of thing we need to do to take this thing to the next level. I think that, once we get a website up and running, we can collect names of people who are interested in a class action. The links are an excellent idea as well. Once we get this going, I think it will be very compelling for an attorney to see the gravity/extent of the situation. As far as actually getting it going, we need to network and try to get someone with the ability to create the site. My guess is that with all of the Freestar/Monteray victims out there, one of us has to be skilled in this area or at least know someone who is. We just need to keep it going. As we post these responses, our presence on the internet grows by default in a way. For example, if you go to Google or any other major search engine and type in Ford Freestar, a link to this forum will inevitably come up. I believe that, as more and more of these transmissions/torque converters fail, more and more victims will do exactly what we did and turn to the internet for answers. It is already taking on a life of its own. We need to band together and harness it though into one cohesive site, a clearinghouse if you will, that people can go to for information, answers, and, eventually, instructions/updates as to how to contact their AG, local media, etc. Also, my hope is that once we get a cohesive list of people, we can arrange some sort of meeting, either via the internet or in a central location that we could all travel to and meet in person, perhaps with an attorney. Is anybody out there willing/skilled enough to get this site up and going?
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    I have been communicating with an attorney friend of mine over the last day or so. He doesn't specialize in this area but is checking around town, (Baltimore), to see if he can generate some interst in the case as a class action. He is an extremely sharp guy so I'm sure the result will be good. The more people we get to join, the better it will be. Everybody stay tuned and keep us updated!
  • Jim, I have been fighting this problem for over 7 months. After reading all the complaints, researching all the problems that Ford has had for the past 10 to 15 years they need to be held accountable for all the grief and financial strain they have caused so many Ford customers. Ford has had problems with Trans.torque covertors and brakes with Taurus, windstar, Montrey, Aero star and most recently Wind Star. I for one would gladly be involved in having a total Class Action Law Suit against Ford! It is time they should be held accountable for an unsafe and defective product that has caused so many to have not only mental and physical damages but personal as well. From this link and web site there are hundre if not housands of Ford customers that need to be sompensated for not only the repairs via a RECALL but monetary damages as well. I am convinced the only way to get Ford to be held accountable to to bring a National Class Action Law Suit against them. They apparently feel they are so big noone can touch them, WRONG the American customers can make them to be held accountable but only thru legal means. When they have closed so many plants and reduced thier production the way the have in the past two years exemplies the urgency to make them accoutable and ramin integrit to their customers. I for one would go on board if you can find a strong legal counsel that could take them on. I know everyone that has voiced their problems on this site wopuld join as a National team to force Ford to resolve this long overdue problem and compensate evry owner for their financial grief and personal hardships. Let me know if any of us can help and I encourage all of us to find LEGAL COUNSEL AND PRING THEM TO JUSTIC. tHE ONLY WAY THEY WILL LISTEN IS IF WE CAN HAVE A STRONG LEGAL Nationla Counsel. iF WE CAN ESTABLISH A National Web site, Band together we can win this thing! Let me know what I can do to help/
    Ron MacGregor, Dawsonville, GA.
  • We need to get a website up and running. We have got to get organized. If ever there was a cause for a class action suit and a recall it is this one. I have no idea why NHTSA is not working on this but possibly they are in Ford's pocket as well. Whatever the reason let's get going. How do you find a lawyer that specializes in class action suits? I am sure they are out there. I bet there are even lawyers who have fought Ford and won! Let's figure out the best way to band together and go from there. Is there anyone who would like to be the group spokesperson? That will be step 1. We can go from there.
    Any volunteers?
  • rt1966rt1966 Posts: 9
    just to get back to all of you......... my local ford dealer said they got a "tech message" from ford that there is a problem with the PCM!!!!!!!! they replaced ours last week and so far (knock on wood!!!!!) NO PROBLEMS!!!!!! they only charged us for 1 hr. of labor, $78. could this be the real problem all along and they just blame it on the trany? i will continue to monitor your progress as well as give you updates weekly if this looks to be one possible solution. keeping our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  • Hi There,
    What is a PCM? I hate to sound ignorant about mechanical things but the truth is, I AM! That is how these mechanics get away with so much.
    Please let me know so I can at least pretend to know what I am talking about with the mechanic.
    Thanks so so much.
  • rt1966rt1966 Posts: 9
    PCM stands for powertrain control module....... the computer. 7 days and all is still well. fingers are still crossed though!!!!!!!!!
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    You are very lucky that this is all it was. Just for your own peace of mind however; it wouldn't hurt to have your transmission looked at by a professional transmission technician who is not associated with Ford in any way. Also, be aware that the torque converter could go at any time without warning.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    I wish I could say that I don't believe it but both my Ford Dealership, Koons Ford of Annapolis, and Ford Motor Company are refusing to participate in mediation as requested on my behalf by my AG's Office. What is really ridiculous is that both parties gave a DIFFERENT and BOGUS REASON why they didn't provide me with assistance as they have to so many others. These criminals can't even get their stories straight when they are lying to the Office of the Attorney General! I am preparing my lawsuit for small claims in my local District Court. They have actually given me information to build my case even stronger through their deceipt of the AG so I had to re-write the whole thing! I have also written a letter to the AG outlining the fraud and requesting that a criminal investigation be considered. f anyone would like a copy, you may Email me your mailing address at [email protected] I will be forwarding a copy to the major papers in the area as well as the 8 major television stations. Somebody is bound to pick up the story and the Baltimore/Washington market is huge. I will not let these crooks get away with what they have done to me and my family and I certainly will not stand by and do nothing while there are thousands of families in danger of being seriously injured or killed because the cowards and liars at Ford refuse to step up and do what they know is the right thing to do. I often wonder how these people can sleep at night. In the meantime, as an interim suggestion until the website gets up and running, I would suggest/request that everybody go to the consumer safety website where you can check off whether or not you are willing to be part of a class action. (The name escapes me at the moment but it is mentioned in a recent post.) I don't know what the magic number is but, the more names we get, the better our chances are. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
  • rt1966rt1966 Posts: 9
    the torque converter was already replaced back in may. after it was replaced it lasted till december till things started again.
  • ademaaademaa Posts: 2
    I am a the newest member of the Freestar Failed Transmission Club. Mine died on 1/17/08 at 73K. While looking for a reasonable repair service, I found this site.

    The jury is still out on my repair... I bought the extended warranty (100K), so the jury is still out regarding the repair. The warrant company is waiting for the trans to be "dropped" so they can inspect. They sound like they are looking for a reason to deny my claim (they've probably been burned by this, too!)

    However, I am still out of money on car rental, etc. Count me in as a member of the class-action suit. Once upon a time, I would only buy a Ford. Now two transmissions in my last two Fords. NEVER AGAIN.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    I know what you mean. I grew up on Fords. I would say that my family has purchased, new and used, over 50 fords in 40 years. sadly, based on the way Ford has treated my family throughout this incident, I WILL NEVER BUY A FORD< NOR RECOMMEND A FORD EVER AGAIN. I could have remained loyal if they had just been HONEST with me but they just couldn't do it. They lied to me from the moment I called the dealer they day after our van broke down. Now it has become my mission in life to assure that Ford is held accountable for their fraud and deception and the fact that they sold my FAMILY a defective vehicle that could have gotten my wife and or children injured or killed. Our Christamas was ruined because we had to pay out of pocket for a new torque converter and a rental - over $3600.00! Again, it was not necessarily that the transmission failed at a ridiculously low mileage, it is the way that Ford has handled the situation that has motivated me to take this route. I will not sit by while a corporation knowingly puts a defective product out on the market, puts my family and others in danger, and then lies about it and claims no responsibility. Please keep us all updated on your situation, report your failure to NHTSA, VERY IMPORTANT, and stay tuned for class action updates. Also, spread the word. tell everyone you know, especially families at your school, church, workplace, etc., that also own one of these vans. They could be in real danger.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I don't know how I missed your post. Please go back to the NHTSA website and try again. As of today, there are 28 posts on the website under 2004 Freestar and possibly 1 under Monteray as you indicated. In your complaint, please stress the safety aspect of this failure and demand a recall of all 2004 Freestars and Monterays. Stay engaged, stay tuned, and please keep us all posted.
  • Did anybody else see the posting yesterday after the report that Ford was going to lay off a lot of workers. A gentleman wrote that he worked for Ford and that they are having to replace so many transmissions and parts for transmissions they are having to get the parts from Canada. What does that tell you! They know their transmissions are bad. There has to be a record of this somewhere. We really need to get a lawyer and fast. Anyone have any suggestions on how we get this going?
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Where was this post and did it mention the person's name? This would be an excellent bit of information to have to support our case. Another brick in the wall of our case, so to speak. I am still waiting to hear back from my labor attorney in Baltimore as to a good referral for our class action. I didn't expect an answer from him overnight. He is going to be methodical and do his homework before he refers us to anyone.He is an OUTSTANDING attorney so I am sure that whomever he recommends will be the right person for the task. In the meantime, keep the good information coming. I should be filing my case in my local district court sometime this week. I don't expect a response from either Koons Ford of Annapolis or Ford Motor Company until the last minute, typically 30-60 days. At least they will have to respond in a court of law where they will be under oath. This should be very interesting as I am no stranger to the courtroom and will not be intimidated by anyone. Keep up the good work and, everybody else, keep spreading the word and keep the faith. I have an excellent feeling about this situation.
  • Hey Jim,
    There was no name on the post, just a screen i.d.. It was one of those responses to an AOL story regarding the Ford layoffs. In my first ever response to a news story I wrote that there were literally 1000's of us having transmission failures due to poor quality from Ford. This guy wrote back in response to my post. When I went to find my posting it was gone! I have no idea why. I am sure AOL saves those postings to a folder somewhere. Do you think we can get this guy's name? Obviously this is a well known problem for Ford. I am going to go ahead and bite the bullet and get my van fixed. I have been driving my brother's spare car for a month now. I hate to do it but I need to get my van back. I am wondering if I will ever be compensated for this expense.
    Let's keep this thing alive. I hate Ford now. I literally have driven Ford cars since I was a teenager. I can't believe they have sunk so low.
    Thanks for all you are doing,
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Bummer. That would have been a great addition to the folder. I guess as our case progresses, we can put it out there that we are interested in interviewing any ex Ford employees who are willing to talk. As far as getting your van fixed, when you do, have the mechanic DOCUMENT the reason for the failure. It should indicate that the failure is a result of the defective torque converter and not abuse or neglect. I had my mechanic document the amount of fluid that was in the transmission and its condition, (still serviceable), and I also had him photograph the whole procedure. If there is one thing I have learned in my profession, it is how to build a case. Even a compilation of seemingly meaningless details can come together and form one heck of a "big picture." I really like the brick wall analogy best though. 1 brick laying there on the ground is trash. 1000 bricks, carefully gathered and laid up, one by one, together make one hell of a strong wall. Keep the faith. We are ALL in this together and, together, we will prevail.
  • after 2" of rain the same problem occurred again. took back in to dealer for the 6th time. supposed to go to n.c. next weekend and we are afraid to. i am going nuts!!!!!
  • hi. never thought i'd be joining this club so quickly. a few days ago on my way to work i stopped at a 3 way stop, never to move again. well, i got half-way through the intersection. just like many of you, i had no warning. one minute driving, the next minute. nothing. the news from my local ford dealer sounds very much like the party line i've read here: "never seen this problem before..." and again, they too waited until late friday to get back to me, when the other tranny shop in my small city is closed. i'm a single father of 3 young girls and i'm now thankful i didn't have the same experience as some of you. at least i was alone when stranded. what are some things i can do up here in canada to make some noise? i checked out the transport canada website which seems to be the equivalent to the nhtsa but didn't find much for resources. thanks.
  • I am sorry to hear of your experience, though, not surprised. Please report your experience to NHTSA none the less. When you do, make sure you check BOTH the Powertrain-Automatic Transmission, and the Powertrain-Torque Converter components boxes. Also, check your manual to be sure that it indicates your model of transmission for the 30K mile flush and fill. My manual did not indicate my model transmission, therefore, we did not have it done. Even though Ford seems to think that they are on solid ground saying it is still my fault, it will give me one more bit of leverage when I get into court. I am still working with my state's Office of the Attorney General-Consumer Protection Division, hoping that Ford and my local dealer, Koons Ford of Annapolis, will stop LYING and do what they should have done a long time ago, provide me with the assistance they have provided so many others and, make the public aware of this potentially fatal defect in their vans. In the meantime, please keep us all updated on your situation and, by the way, your dealer is lying to you. They do know about this problem and have known for a long time. it is just amazing how every scenario place out exactly the same. this pattern, in my opinion amounts to nothing less than a conspiracy to commit FRAUD and, if somebody gets killed, it amounts to criminal negligence. There has already been at least one documented accident that was directly caused by this defect. Luckily no one was seriously hurt or killed as a result. It is however, just a matter of time; especially as these vans begin to reach the 44K +/- mile mark. Ford and NHTSA, are you paying attention yet?
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