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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    Have the dealer make a copy for himself and send a copy to Ford. Normally you need the original receipt for any kind of warranty work, and to probe the work was done. Otherwise they can say you made it up.

  • trimadscotrimadsco Posts: 10
    Was the original work done at the Ford dealership? I did not have my original receipt with me, so the dealership printed out a new one from their records and used that.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I have the original customer copy in my file. I can't remember if they made a copy or not. I think there was an original attached to the customer copy but not sure. The process was very smooth for us.
  • amyd3amyd3 Posts: 4
    I just called into my dealer, who had submitted our claim some 2 to 3 weeks ago. It was explained to me that they submit the claim on our behalf, Ford sends them a cheque and they in turn issue us a cheque .... ???? Our dealer didn't do any of the work, they were just the medium used to initiate the claim. I'm unsure why they are even involved in the monetary exchange???
  • kaki1kaki1 Posts: 7
    edited July 2009
    My local dealer, Bankston Ford, did a great job of researching the issue and explaining the amount of the rebate. They were apologetic that it would only be $1450.00 since my replaced transmission cost over $3000. I expected a run-around since the dealership in Houston that did the work wouldn't even return my calls. Bankston is submitting the paperwork. I'll have feel better with check in hand.they asked what car I had bought to replace the Freestar. I told them a Honda, that I probably wouldn't ever buy another Ford though I grew up with them.
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
  • ddivittoddivitto Posts: 3
    I went to the shop that replaced my transmission and he wrote in on the receipt that the torque converter was included in the transmission replacement. He knew just to do, he said he has already done this for several people. Good luck!
  • I have contacted my mechanic several times. He is in Kentucky and I am in Michigan. I have had no luck yet getting a new invoice sent to me:( I'm still waiting.....
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    I repair shop re-wrote my bill to include the converter. I took it in today and the service manager acted like he didn't know anything about it. I explained it was a Ford recall and he said he would have to read up on the rules and find out how much Ford will pay. I explained to him, and reminded him that he does know about it, that he sends in the receipt along with any other paper work that Ford wants and Ford is going to send me a check for $1450.00. He asked where I got that amount from and I told him to read the newspaper and the letter from Ford. They said 1450 and that's what I want.

  • akachasakachas Posts: 5
    Latest and hopefully last update: We got our check for $1,450.00 in the mail today from the dealer (Watertown MA Ford). It took 7 business days from the day I brought copies of our receipts and handed them to the service manager. I have to say it is gratifying after such a long wait -- our tranny got replaced in Jan. 2009 and we traded the van in 2010. I also want to note that the Ford web site is not accurate. I just punched in our VIN and it STILL says there are no recalls. So walking into the dealer with receipts and having a calm, fact-based conversation with the service manager is the way to go.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 12,326
    that staying away from the Big 3 automakers has been a good and wise decision for my lifetime.
    '15 Audi S4 quattro AWD Prestige, '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD 2.0T, Wife's '19 VW Tiguan SEL 4-Motion AWD 2.0T
  • I too recieved a recall notice for my 2004 Freestar back in January and to date, have received no further communication. My VIN also doesn't show up as a recall vehicle. The interesting part to this is that I sent my daughter to the Ford dealer to get an additional replacement key and fob. They took the vehicle in and did an inspection "that we did not ask for", and said they needed to order the parts for my transmission. (We lost the transmission just over a year ago - my daughter was driving on a highway when it occurred). I paid $2980 at my local mechanic to have a Ford re-built transmission put in to replace the existing one before the recall went into effect. What I find interesting is that we never ask the dealer to exam the car, but they automatically did this and ordered the parts. It took the dealer 2 days to get the parts in. I now need to get my original receipt and look for certain part #'s to see if the re-built transmission needs the parts, but I will be looking for a rebate on the expense I paid to have the transmission replaced. I think it is disgusting that Ford is only willing to pay $1450. I guess the extra $1500 I paid out to fix their mistake doesn't make them feel justified in reimbursing us. Just my two cents.
  • I just saw on the news today that Ford is now suing the manufacturer of a part used on the freestar that has caused them to issue a recall of an undisclosed amount!! Do you think they will get more than we will?? I also heard that this same company is still continuing to make parts for other vehicles Ford offers. Maybe if they win their case, they will then refund for the transmissions too!! It would be nice for someone to take responsibility here!!!
  • nope i was 3 states away got mine in 5 days
  • go to another dealer there is no trying about it they will fill the form out and send you the money as long as it says torque converter
  • ok we got our refund but we still need it fixed what i have read and seen is there is a bad design flaw and they have a work around and they still have to fix that just because our van is moving and the torque converter was replaced it still can happen so help me help you by sending more e-mails to ford stating now we have our refunds now fix the flaw or you will pay again helppppp meeeee
  • she is wrong you get 1450.00 dont settle print all these 1450.00 out and show her what a joke she is going by what it would cost her to replace it ford is such a jerk they remind me of sbc ALL MONEY HUNGRY LIKE THEY HAVE NOT GOT ENOUGH WALK IN THESE BROKE [non-permissible content removed] SHOES FORD
  • I just got off the phone with Ford Motor Company. Looks like I have to go back to my repair shop and tell them to update my receipt so I to can get my refund.

    The customer support center indicated that if it specifically did not identify the replacement of the torque converter, it wouldn't be paid. I told them there was no "recall" at the time of the incident and that the entire transmission was replace as a result. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! I had a Ford transmission installed which means I could potentially have the same problem with that one, but I don't dare bring it to the dealer, I don't trust them. Guess we'll wait and see.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    My work was done by a local transmission shop. The receipt did mention the torque converter. My van was part of the recall and I took the information to a local Ford Dealer in Huntersville, NC. We received a check for the full amount they allowing from the dealer within 10 to 12 days of submitting. I was pleased with the overall process on this after working almost 2 years on this project.

    Any lawyers here?

    Does this mean Ford will now be hanging up on any calls we make?

    I had to replace my entire tranny and torque converter at the Ford dealership.

    The tranny's clutch was banging between gears, torque converter filings likely to blame.
    They replaced it all with remanufactured parts, cost 2300.

    AND that was after they subtracted the cost of the torque converter components and installation cost.

    what is MY recourse.

    We purchased new in 2004, work done last month w/ 75000 mi.
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    I guess my dealership lied to me (again) by telling me that it was the stator, that it did in fact spread metal shavings throughout the trans, and by telling me that they had never heard of a problem with Freestar transmissions and had replaced very few. This is a good sized dealership too, not some small town operation. I would hope you don't do that.
  • I also got the recall letter on my Ford Freestar. Are we required to go to a Ford dealer or can we go to our regular mechanic? The car has been acting up and now I am anxious to have it looked at.
  • lollymoplollymop Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    Is there a California or federal law that says I must go to a Ford dealer to have this problem taken care of that Ford has caused? Frankly, I don't feel comfortable about taking it to a dealer when they are the ones who caused this problem in the first place. :confuse:
  • ghardieghardie Posts: 1
    I lost my torque converter @ 99k miles on 4/2009 Dealer repaired my vehicle for $3100 45K later 3/2012 I lost torque converter again, Dealer repared vehicle for $1100 inhouse.. I was told to submit my invoices for reimbursment to local dealer..and they and Ford refuse to reimburse anything..Count me in on any civil wonder they turned down the Obama money ..they just steal it from their customers
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    Anyone have any specific questions I can ask Ford or my dealership? I called Ford this morning checking on the status of my refund as they have confirmed my dealer has submitted the invoices and were received on July 14. When I called Ford this morning they told me I have to call my dealer for status updates--but I'm pretty sure they are going to tell me I have to call Ford. FYI--the dealer did the trans replacement--only option-and my invoice from them just said "transmission"; they subbed out the job and I have never seen any detailed invoices so I don't know if the words "torque converter" are on anything. Also--Ford tells me they will be processing any potential refund but I'm hearing some of us are getting checks at the dealership? What gives?
  • Recieved my 2nd invoice from the mechanic today, took it to Ford and they said nope, not good enough. So once again I have to contact the mechanic that is in Kentucky (I live in Michigan but broke down on a trip to Florida) and ask him to send a detailed, itemized invoice. The last invoice he sent took a month, can't imagine how long this one will take.
    I was sure to let the Ford service dept know that I hope there will be a claim on the entire transmission. I wouldn't be dealing with this bull if Ford was on the ball. My whole transmission had to be replaced because of the torque converter!!!!! DUH!!!!!
    I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • On Monday, 8-6-2012 I filed for reimbursement for my torque converter replacement. The person at my Ford dealer (not the one that repaired it as that dealer was out of state) was very pleasant and efficient (just wish Ford Motor Co was) and said that I should receive my check within 10 to 14 days. I did not want to leave my original so she made a color copy of it. I will post when I receive the check!!!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2012
    I have been boycotting Ford since the paint peeled off my F150 24 years ago. I paid to have it repainted because they out right refused to acknowledge they had a paint problem, yet only months later it came out in mass media that Ford was repainting the victim's vehicles for free. I mailed them a letter asking to be reimbursed since I had paid this out of my own pocket only 4 months earlier and they outright refused and called my bluff when I promised them that if they don't do the morally no-brainer correct thing here, I will boycott their sorry butts for the rest of my life, AND I would spread the word when situations arise that sharing that type of info is appropriate.

    And I (as only a small voice in the sea of vehicle ownership) will boycott any other manufacturer that is equally unfair in such a no-brainer type instance. Fortunately, all other brands since (foreign, since GM, Chrysler had all been unfair to me earlier also, and the paint deal on the Ford was, in fact their second chance to redeem themselves) have not had issues significant enough to warrant an outright ban.

    I am convinced that the delay and "we have never heard of this problem before" tactics do save these big companies money in the long run. But that is only because not enough small voices stand united and stay firm in their convictions. And the crooked manufacturers know this and continue to take advantage until pressed against the wall to make changes. Sort of like what Mazda had to do when denying all the legitimate rust claims since early 2000's. They had very loyal customers whom they took advantage of and finally those same customers vowed to (even though they loved all other aspects of their Mazda) never buy another Mazda product again out of principle if nothing else, even though they might find some offerings from year to year very desirable and tempting.

    And that works for me too re Ford.
  • Today I received my second recall notice stating that I should take my car in for torque converter issues or I have done that to send in a request for reimbursement (which I did last week). The letter clearly stated that we would only get $1450. I will let you know when I have the check in hand and according to the dealership it should be this Friday. We'll see!!!
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    I received my check for 1450.00 the beginning of last week. It only took a few day, but the check came thru with the dealer name and account number on it.
    Then on Saturday, I got a letter from Ford that my dealer now has the parts to replace my torque converter. My complete trans was replace last December. Good record keeping - not.

  • Went to one dealer they told me since I had the work done at AMMCO Ford would not refund my money I told them that other people had been getting money they said they wouldn't even try, so went to another dealer they sumited my bill for $2450 I got a check today from the dealer for $873.09 asked why they said I should be happy to just get anything. NOT. went to the mail box today finally got my recall notice. I have had the car in storage for the last 3 months since the transmission went out for the 5th time, this time ford said it was the transmission & they would not fix it. never buying from Ford agian :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Well, after 3 tries Ford finally took my invoice. They tried saying there wasn't enough info on it again but after she got out the "rule book", then decided it was good enough. And they kept reminding me the refund was only for $1450 not the full amount of my transmission being replaced. YES, thank you for reminding me.....ugh! My mechanic put on my invoice that my torque converter only cost $325.00. Is that normal? So I'm guessing that's all my refund will be. $2800 dollars later......... :cry:
  • I submitted my refund to ford and it came back incorrect part number. Does anyone have a part number for there torque convertor?
  • kaki1kaki1 Posts: 7
    Part number:3F2Z-7902 ACRM REMAN CONVERTER ASY
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    My receipt said "transmission including torque converter". Sounds like they're getting desparate. I got paid the 1450.00 in less than a week.

  • After many letters and phone calls to Ford, NHTSA and Center for Auto Safety I have finally gotten my check ($1450) for the replaced torque converter. I guess I am one of the lucky ones as the cost of replacement was $1549. When I trade my van in I will close a chapter that has been one of a lot of frustration. Good luck to all of you that are still waiting. Have patience.
  • There is more than just what Ford is recalling the vehicles for. It is more than the torque converter that is the current recall. There is a design flaw with the protection of the electrical as well. Water is coming through the vents of the wiper blades and going to computer componats and other electrical parts and shorting them out. I have had the chip for my transmission shorted out twice in 6 months because of it. Ford is well aware of the problem but will not do a thing about it. Everyone needs to contact their local BBB and and file complaints with them. NHTSA will investigate and can force Ford to recall for that problem and fix it. I was lucky that there wasn't an accident my grandchildren and I hurt.
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    And if you dig deep enough, some vehicles, they didn't say which ones, also have a problem with the power steering hose coming loose, and poor manufacture of the front wheel assembly. And a minor problem with certain make filters. None of these have specific model numbers or VIN numbers so I don't know if mines is on the list or not According to Ford's web site, they don't have ANY recalls on ANY vehicles.
  • I just replaced my PCM about a week ago due to this problem and replaced my torque converter a few years ago. I got my refund check today, but I have had NOTHING but problems with this van. Replaced the torque convert, A/C unit, tierod, coils and plugs and now the PCM. After all this my van is still not running correctly, paid over 40k for the van. It is currently nothing but a huge waste of space in my garage and probably about 5k in repairs.
  • Just got my check (for $1425) ... What a nightmare! My transmission is out for the second time, and getting them to reimburse me for the first one was the most frustrating experience of my life. I like many others had the tranny go out at 67,000 miles, and had a rebuild from a shop, not a Ford dealership. (Not to mention, I splashed through a puddle one time and had that same PCM failure many others have had).

    The first dealership I went to (Crown Ford in Nashville) was totally inept. They seemed clueless to the process, and found every reason to block me from my reimbursement (to the point I had to call corporate and three way their service manager in on a conference call). They made me get a letter from the shop stating that the torque converter was part of the tranny rebuild, then eventually they told me they couldn't do anything cuz I had a copy of the receipt, not the original. I drove to the shop finally to get the original, but when I did I saw a different Ford dealership on my way home (Ford Lincoln of Franklin). When I took it in there, the service manager Chris (who was the only helpful person I encountered) said just make a copy and leave it, that he didn't need the original cuz all he would do is fax it to them anyway. Wow.

    The following week, he said they would give me $980, but I stood my ground. I mentioned this forum, how others in the exact same situation had received the full amount, and that I would not rest until I got the full amount. He said he'd call and ruffle some feathers about it. A week later, yeseterday, I got my check. (I got $25 shy of the full amt but I'll take it at this point).

    Anyway, now that I have my $ I get enjoy it by spending it on a new tranny rebuild. Needless to say Ford will never get my business again. Not only did they screw all of us over on this vehicle, but the sleezy way they attempt to NOT take responsibilty for it is reprehensible! Hopefully at some point they will be forced into some sort of restitution on the PCM issue as well.
  • What is a PCM??
    I just got my Torque converter replaced through the recall, but still had to pay $180 out of pocket to reseal something & get a new transmission filter.
    I too have had nothing but issues with this, second owner - purchased from my brother-in-law. I've had it for 4 yrs, only has 107k miles & I too have replaced coil pack & plugs (twice) and axel & sway bars. It still isn't right! I have this piercing noise that is almost constant while I'm driving it. They can't find the cause. I picked it up from the recall fix & had to return it the next day b/c my engine light was on. I then had to pay for an EGR valve?? The dealership was kind enough to cover the cost of the part & I just paid labor. I really despise this van & will never purchase a ford again, this was my first & last for sure! :lemon:
  • The PCM or ECM as it is also called is basically the "brain" to the car. It stands for powertrain control module. I wonder if my EGR valve is bad too and why my van does not accelerate smoothly.
  • I'm wondering if anyone else has had strange noises since the trans was replaced. Ever since mine was replaced, it has an intermittent humming noise. It makes a sound like when you blow across the top of a bottle. I can trace it to a general area under the hood on the passenger side, but can't find a specific item. Anyone else have this. Service dept always says they can't hear the noise when they have the van.

  • I recently had the recall torque converter replaced. While there the steering alignment was messed up and my steering wheel was out of lign as well. they have scheduled for me to come in again 2 weeks later to have this fixed.

    In reading some of the below discussions I see that the torque converter is not the only problem. I to have had to change the coil pack 3 times and have had a transmission rebuild. The good thing in relation to all of this is that I took my van to an independent transmission specialist and he caught the fact that the tranny had a little bit of sign of water in it. This means it is considered that the trany has been flooded. He called me and said that my comprehensive insurance would cover this repair. He was right. I jsut had to pay the deductible. Geico covered the rest of the repair.

    When it rains really hard i have a problem with my transmission now. My van will not go. it jerks and misses and will finally go dead if you try to drive it. It has done this three times recently. When I have called the dealership they say they have no idea what is going on. I wonder if Ford has decided to do anythign about this design issue???
  • Received my $1450.00 check directly from Ford. Still would never buy another Ford product.
  • Has anyone paid to have their EGR valve repaired/replaced? My check engine code is on for EGR, and I'm curious what it should cost
  • I think it is about 180. How is your van running? I wonder if mine is bad because it feels like it is going to stall when I put it into gear and give it gas. I've had torque converter replaced and the PCM replaced just last month. This van is a piece of sh*t
  • I just had to replace the filler neck, fuel pump, egr valve, and gas tank pressure sensor totaling approx $3000. Not to mention the entire transmission 3yrs ago for $3000. P.O.S. Will never but a Ford again!
  • It's running just fine... I just had the transmission replaced (used unit, also had it rebuilt at 65K) ... it has 170K miles on it but runs fine again after the tranny repair. I had the PCM replaced once before too, bercause it was doing the same thing. Recently I think I remember seeing a link about how the PCM can get wet, and there might be a way to service it yourself if you are a DIY-er.

    I agree, van is a POS and I would've scrapped it had Ford not given me $1,425 for my previous repair, making the new repair free. Love the features, hate the problems.
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