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Toyota Highlander Accessories and Modifications



  • cooltruckscooltrucks Posts: 12
    For anyone needing a quick-and-easy internal bike carrier solution for the Toyota Highlander, I decided to look around at various no-drill options and found the Nissan Xterra Internal Bike Carrier' to be a simple yet effective product.

    The bike carrier is manufactured for Nissan by Yakima (must be an exclusive contract).

    The carrier comes with both short and long straps which fasten to the existing cargo tie down points, front and rear (i.e. no drilling, etc.), locking the support bar in place (straps pull equally from opposing tie down rings), and holds up to 2 bikes securely by gripping/locking the front fork (skewer type mechanism). A third very long strap laces through the tie down points and then though the frame or rear stays in order to keep the bike from potentially pivoting around the front fork skewer.

    I purchased the optional wheel fork so that, once you release the front wheel from your road/mountain bike, you have a convenient place to keep the wheel from becoming damaged or bouncing around inside the cargo area.

    I searched the web for best prices.

    "With optional wheel forks, this accessory bike rack keeps two bikes secured inside the cabin, safe from low branches, tailgating guppies and anyone with bike envy." (
  • brad_22brad_22 Posts: 154
    Hopefully you guys can tell me where I can get the following:
    1. After-market fog lights
    2. Brush guard (haven't seen any websites with HL configs)
    3. Fender Flares

    Also, ANDREC8513, do you have any pics of your sidesteps?
  • andrec8513andrec8513 Posts: 16
    I have been super busy, and it has been raining almost straight for the last week and a half. I dont want to post a picture of a dirty HL. Now that would be a shame. Hopefully, I will get to it this weekend. There are some pictures over at the Yahoo club of another HL with them. the url is:

    But you need to register to see photos first. Let me know if you find fender flares that dont require you to remove the mudguards. Happy Hling...!

  • brad_22brad_22 Posts: 154
    I like that look with the side tubes. Did you install them yourself? Any difficulty?

    Also, all the HL's w/ fender flares that I've seen don't have the mudguards.
  • HL's either come with the mudguards or fender flares. I thought it'd be nice to have both, but unfortunately, I only have the flares. Seems like the mudguards would protect better, however, the flares are basically cosmetic.

    I thought about the side steps, but I noticed that in getting in and out 1) you really don't need them 2) they rub the back of your leg and may get your pants or skirt dirty if they aren't completely clean. They do look nice, but I'm glad I opted out of them.
  • The bluestone highlander you saw at the yahoo site with the black side tubes is mine. They were purchased locally and manufactured by WAAG out of Los Angeles. I did the install myself...about one hour total. The instruction sheet was from a Lexus RX300 which included a handwritten addition of 2 self-tapping screws and flat washers, but with no further instructions for those additional parts. Only problem I had was figuring out where the 2 screws went...however, once I popped off all the rubber caps on the frame rails, I had my answer: the inboard mounting hole on each front bracket has a solid metal wall under the, drill a quick pilot hole, hold up the bracket and install a self-tapping screw, and you're all set. FYI-since it took some time to figure it out, the first side took 45 minutes, the second took 15. All in all a great product so far.

    They really don't stick out very far from the rocker area, so it's a nice clean looking install. I don't use them too much for entry/exit...but they are great to stand on when washing/waxing the highlander :)

    We also do some brook fishing far back in the woods from time to time...the property we own is accessible only by a somewhat overgrown road through a forest. With our other trucks (Toyota, of course), we found that one could stand on the running boards while another person drove slowly up the road...when you come to a branch/fallen tree/etc...that needs to be cleared from the roadway, simply hop off/hop back on. It sure beats getting in and out of the truck over and over.
  • brad_22brad_22 Posts: 154
    Thanks for the install tips...I'll have to print out that message when I attach the steps (ordered them last week). They should make retrieving my snowboards from the roof rack a little easier!
  • brad_22brad_22 Posts: 154
    Just received the side tubes this morning...can't wait to get off work and install them. Hopefully one of my friends has a drill...

    Also, I talked to one of the reps at WAAG and she said they're working on a brush guard and tail-light guards for the HL. They should be available in a month. It'll be interesting to see how they look.
  • One point I forgot to mention...there was not enough "ground clearance" for my drill/bit to fit under the HL. Therefore, I simply drove the HL onto a set of ramps used for changing oil, etc... Good Luck with the install.
  • brad_22brad_22 Posts: 154
    Yeah, I discovered that last night. : ) Luckily all it needed was to go up a couple inches - the jack handled that just fine.

    The installation was a little tougher than I imagined due to the install on the driver's side. And I'm not proud to admit that I lost one of the t-screws inside the frame somewhere. That caused a lot of swearing. But so far no rattle.
    However, after almost 2 hours of crawling on asphalt, it looks terrific. The bright anodized steps really go well with the silver of the HL. My neighbors came by to admire the steps, and to crack jokes like "how many computer engineers does it take to work on a SUV?" (Answer: three....but one guy was just handing us tools).
    After I give the entire thing a wash this weekend, I'll try to post some pics.
  • goalie1goalie1 Posts: 3
    Hi folks---thanks for your helpful info. Has anyone found a source for a rubber cargo area mat with raised lip edges to fit the highlander? Thanks!
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    I talked with the Toyota parts department today and they're telling me that Toyota has not yet come out with a wind deflector for the moon roof on my highlander, but they believe that they might be available through some other auto accessory company.

    Anyone seen this item for a highlander out there?

    Thanks you any information.

    Best Regards,
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Just what I was looking for.

  • I have mine from the dealer. Perhaps it's a port installed option?
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    The parts dept. at the dealership that I've purchase my Highlander from is not showing any Toyota Wind Deflector for the sun-roof yet.

    Is your wind deflector a after-market product?

    If's is a Toyota product do you have the part number listed on any paper work that you could give me.

    Best Regards,
  • Eliza's Mom,
    We had the same problem. We didn't drill a new hole. Our Highlander has the tonneau cover for the wagon area. The cover has clips in the back of the seat, including one in the center. We removed the center cover clip from the back of the seat and replaced it with a child car seat tether bolt. Worked like a charm. Good luck!
    Alyse Peterson
  • Sorry I took so long to reply. Haven't been on line for a few days. I'm looking at my HL window sticker and it's listed under "Distributor's Installed Options": CF1 Sunroof Wind Deflector @ $109.00 Hope this helps, let me know.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    I'll contact my dealership and pass on your information about the Sunroof Wind Deflector.

    Best Regards,
  • alsopalsop Posts: 38
    Philip (goldston), and All, if you are interested in checking out, they have a Highlander wind deflector for $68. FYI, they list the dealer price as $75. also has some other items for the Highlander. Here is the link to the Highlander items on their Web site: I have not dealt with them, so I cannot comment on them, however here is the link if interested! I may buy the deflector from them some time in the future. /Ron
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Once again Ron you're a great source of information, I'll follow up with your web link.

    And thanks for your kind words about my problem with the Home Link opener.

    Best Regards,
  • eraperap Posts: 8
    I have a V6 2WD HL with th e FF: options: CP, QOP, PP. I would just like to ask if it's still possible to install an aftermarket alarm? Will it invalidate my warranty?
  • tdattdat Posts: 27
    I bought a Sunroof Wind Deflector for my HL from Toyota Guys. Excellent company to do business with. I'm very happy with the wind deflector as well.
  • alsopalsop Posts: 38
    tdat - Thank you for the info on the sunroof wind deflector from Toyota Guys. I have been wondering how it attaches... have heard no holes to drill, so if that is correct, how does it attach to the roof? Simple adhesive or what? Was it easy to install? Thank you in advance for any information on installation and related issues! /Ron
  • tdattdat Posts: 27
    Installation was quite easy. the deflector has two holes, thru which two screws are inserted and into two matal brackets that hook on the roof where the sun roof opening is.
  • jreajrea Posts: 26
    I'm curious about the need for a sunroof wind deflector. The little deflector that pops up automatically when I open my sunroof keeps any air from entering the passenger area. Is there a particular reason some of you are purchasing an additional deflector?
  • tdattdat Posts: 27
    OK, I admit it, I bought it for a purely cosmetic reason. I really did.
  • jreajrea Posts: 26
    Thanks for the honesty. Hey, nothing wrong with cosmetics. It does all of us a bit of good from time-to-time!
  • egreen2egreen2 Posts: 3
    I just bought a V6 AWD LL package with the EJ prem JBL audio system. This comes with 8 speakers but I've found only six speaker screens: one regular sized at the bottom of each door and one small at the top of the front doors for a total of 6. Where are the other 2 hiding?
  • egreen2egreen2 Posts: 3
    I just bought a V6 AWD HL with the EJ optional prem JBL audio system. This comes with 8 speakers but I've found only six speaker screens: one regular sized at the bottom of each door and one small at the top of the front doors for a total of 6. Where are the other 2 hiding?
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