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Toyota Highlander Accessories and Modifications



  • racerx1racerx1 Posts: 35
    I used the Toyota All -Weather mats in the front but a Husky mat for the back. The Husky is great since it has a big lip (which fits the car perfectly and doesn't get in the way) to keep in the dirt in, like a tray. Plus it extends well under the front seats, which most rear mats don't.
  • Landdriver,
    I'm trying to shut off the loud thump on the JBL premium system. On your post #632 Connectors on the power amp everything you show matches. On the A connector I have 3 other pins,A2 gray,A12 brown and A4 blue. Do you know what they are or where I could find this out? When I run the radio with out the engine running I don't hear It.I tried pulling A1 remote wire and nothing works.
  • I left out the signals in my post 632 that you referenced for simplicity as they, to my understanding, are of no use in aftermarket applications; but for completeness, the remaining signals are:

    Signals present in the harness under the scuff plate relating to the sound system not present in post 632:

    Wire Color Description

    gray ACC IN **
    shielded blue BEEP
    shielded brown MUTE

    Connectors on the power amp behind the back seat not present in post 632:

    Connector/Pin Description

    A/2 ACC IN **
    A/4 BEEP
    A/12 MUTE

    ** Goes to "7.5A RADIO NO. 2" fuse in fuse block in engine compartment.

    I asked about some of these signals at an auto stereo shop a couple of years ago and the salesperson thought that the MUTE signal instructed the amp to mute itself when someone was placing a cell phone call, and I can't remember what the BEEP is for. The ACC IN line is connected to the battery when the key is in the ACC position.

    From your description of the problem it almost sounds like your remote input to your aftermarket amp is not functioning at all (is ALWAYS telling your amp to be on), and that maybe the +12V input to your amp is only supplying 12V when the key is in the ON position. If you have a voltmeter you should check that power is always available at the +12V input no matter what position the key is in, and that the remote input is only asserted when the key is in the ACC or ON positions, and the radio is turned on.

    If this fails to identify the problem, then its possible that maybe I remembered incorrectly as its been a couple of years since I installed my amp, and perhaps it was the A/2 ACC IN line that I connected to the remote input of my aftermarket amp, and not the A/1 line, so you may try connecting the A/2 line to your remote input and see if it rectifies both of the problems.

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  • incoinco Posts: 2
    There seems to be a limited choice available to upgrade rims from stock to say plus 1 or plus 2 sizing.

    Tire Rack has only 9 options and none of them appeal.

    Any web sites out there that people can refer me to or suggestions?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Try the link below. They have a pretty good selection and are reputable:
  • incoinco Posts: 2
    Thanks DG - I had forgotten about that site and they do have some interesting choices.Now getting them in Canada or to Canada will be the next problem.
  • wwlccpwwlccp Posts: 25

    I posted a long time ago about upgrading my sound system and I was planning to use a line converter to conver the line level inputs to the RCA jacks for hte amplifier. The item I cought was the PAC OEM-2. The instruction on how to hook it up is here:

    I was wondering if anyone could help tell me which wires(the ones located on the back of the JBL head unit) goes to which lines on the line converter. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    One more thing, for those who upgraded their sound system, was there a hole in the firewall you used to pass the power wire from the battery to the inside of the car? Thanks!

    -William C
  • wwlccp:

    Once again you avail yourself to the vast resources of the Highlander boards, and once again I'm the only one who replies to your question.

    The following are the pin numbers and wire colors for the harness connecting to the head unit for HLs with the "premium" JBL system:

    Pin Wire Color Description

    1 blue/yellow +12V/constant power *
    20 brown GND
    3 green/yellow Remote
    9 black Line-level FL
    8 white Line-level FR
    19 red Line-level RL
    18 green Line-level RR
    16 yellow Line-level common/return
    10 bare wire Shield
    11 gray ACC IN/switched power **
    17 blue BEEP
    7 brown MUTE
    13 black/red ANT

    * Goes to "25A RADIO NO. 1" fuse in fuse block in engine compartment

    ** Goes to "7.5A RADIO NO. 2" fuse in fuse block in engine compartment

    Since the JBL head unit already has line-level RCA-level outputs, you don't need the adapter as I was able to connect my JBL head unit directly to my aftermarket amp successfully. However, if you still want to use the adapter for some of its other features (such as the variable level controls), you would use configuration 3 in the OEM-2 instructions as follows:

    JBL Head Unit OEM-2
    Pin(wire color) Wire color

    9(black) white/red
    8(white) gray/red
    19(red) green/red
    18(green) violet/red
    16(yellow) white/black, gray/black, green/black and violet/black
    1(blue/yellow) yellow
    11(gray) red
    20(brown) black
    3(green/yellow) blue/white

    (I'm not positive about the JBL HU pin 11(gray) to OEM-2 red connection; this is my best guess; this may not be needed by your aftermarket amp).

    Note that you want to maintain the existing connections to the JBL head unit when tapping into the harness.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
  • landdriver: Ever think you are the only one who knows the answer posting here? :-)) I would be glad to help but don't have a clue.
  • griggogriggo Posts: 20
    Did anyone purchased an aftermarket seat covers for Highlander. I have 2005 with ash cloth which is very light color. With kids it will be dirty very soon. Thanks
  • ebay has great selection at good prices. I got set for my 2004 HL. I was so happy with it, then I got a set for my 2003 camry. There are one or two sellers on the eaby who specialize in toyota seat covers.
    HEre is the link goryZ33702QQsorecoZ2QQsosortorderZ1QQsosortpropertyZ1
    or look for highlander seat. Just make sure you read descriptions. they are all different. power seat or manual or side air bag.
  • wwlccpwwlccp Posts: 25
    Thanks landriver!
    I was examining the car today for a way for the power wire to go frm the engine to the inside of the car. Are there any suggestions or is it required for me to drill a hole thru the firewall myself?
  • You're welcome wwlccp.
    I just tapped into the existing power so don't have experience going through the firewall, but took a look under the dash and there's an existing harness that goes through the firewall above the parking brake pedal and emerges in the engine compartment in a convenient area and on the same side as the battery, so I would try routing the wires through this existing hole, or drill a hole right next to it if for some reason you encounter problems routing the wires through it. Good luck!
  • wwlccpwwlccp Posts: 25
    One last thing.. I have the 01 HL Limited with the JBL package. Does the stock headunit have the anit-theft built onto it? If there is, then would I have the code to unlck it after I disconnect the battery or do i have to go back to the dealership for them to enter it in.
  • Nav system disables all programming functions while in motion. While, I see Toyotas purpose
    (sic) safety, I travel alot with my wife and navigator and would like to be able to defeat this so called safety feature,(since I have already punched a disclaimer button to start the system). Toyota does'nt even give me the courtesy
    of an answer. Pulling over on the road is the only way to do it(this is safer?)
    BTW the system works great, just dont try to change it on the fly.
  • I have a 2005 HL with tow prep package. Purchased an aftermarket trailer brake controller which came with Toyota harness to connect directly to vehicle. Has anyone installed one of these and where do you find the place to plug in the factory wiring harness under the dash? Does the trailer brake wire come out of the factory harness somewhere in the back of the vehicle?
  • I have a 2005 HL with tow prep package. Purchased an aftermarket trailer brake controller which came with Toyota harness to connect directly to vehicle. Has anyone installed one of these and where do you find the place to plug in the factory wiring harness under the dash? Does the trailer brake wire come out of the factory harness somewhere in the back of the vehicle?
  • There aren't any anti-theft features associated with the head unit; I've disconnected the battery a couple of times and the head unit worked just fine afterwards. Disconnect the battery, make the new connections, double-check the connections, if you have one use a meter to make sure +12 and GND aren't shorted together, and reconnect the battery while crossing your fingers. Good luck!
  • Has anyone had an aftermarket overhead DVD/Video installed on a Highlander with a sunroof? I'm in the process of buying a Highlander with a sunroof but the place where I had the overhead video screen installed on my minivan said the sunroof might make it impossible to have it installed.
  • Can anyone recommend a good online place to shop for parts and accessories. A couple years ago I bought from but they no longer exist. Appreciate any advice.
  • sdesde Posts: 42
    There is an excellent site to purchase Honda accessories online: . They not only list all of the accessories, but also have PDFs with installation instructions so that neophytes like me can figure out if we can do the installation ourselves.


    Does anyone know if there is some equivalent online place for Toyota accessories? We're about to buy an '05 Highlander.


  • Check out:



    Sign up for their VIP list and you will be offered discounts, usually 20% I have used them and they were prompt and efficient.
  • sdesde Posts: 42
    Thanks, desertguy.


    The site has drop-down lists where one chooses the model and year, but both of my Toyotas are 2005 models (Corolla and Highlander) and the latest model year I see is 2004. Do you think I can just order accessories for the 2004 model years?


    I guess I can e-mail them and ask...


  • As far as I know there is little change to either but I would email them to make sure. I am surprised they have not updated the site but I know the Florida hurricanes really slammed them. In fact they had a hurricane sale a couple months ago and I got a rear cargo mat and dash mat for my '04 HL @ 25% off.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    This may not be the right forum to post this, but my post in the HL problems board seems to have gotten lost amid the controversy over the hesitation I will try here to see if anyone has an answer for me. Thanks in advance...

    I understand that the keyless remote/door locks can be programmed so that one push of the unlock button on the remote will unlock all the doors, rather than only the driver's door. I would like this functionality. Does anyone here know the process??? Thanks
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Good morning JBolt,


    I know I've seen the question, but I'll damned it I can remember the answer (must be getting old).

    As a suggestion, you might want to try the search option on leftside bar, or just call the dealership and ask for some tech. support.


    Best regards,

  • I bought a '04 Highlander in June - it's now December and I live in Buffalo and am looking for a Remote Starter - I do not need an alarm with it. I'm told I need to have one of my keys "wired in", because of the key chip. Does anyone have experience or advice on this subject? Any comments welcome
  • gklatvgklatv Posts: 35
    Yes, it is correct. Your extra key is wired-in to override the engine immobilizer. This is needed only if your model has this option, however. If your HL has a factory keyless entry with remote, you may consider combining both functions (remote start and keyless entry) on just one new remote. It sure beats carrying two on your key ring. And this, most likely, would increase the distance range of remote operation. You'll need to find a reputable installer who knows how to do that, thou. On my '03 HL Ltd. the factory security system is combined with the DEI Viper remote system and is using the Viper remote.
  • Have any of you installed the 3M ClearMask tape on the front of their HL's?

    I'm looking at doing (myself) the bumper and grill areas and your thoughts/experiences would be appreciated.

  • I once installed clearmask tape (not sure whether it was 3M). Obviously wash, rinse and dry the area where it is to be applied, and then clean with alcohol using a soft scratchless cloth. I had the misfortune, when applying one of the sheets, of the wind kicking up between the moment I removed the backing and the moment I applied the sheet to the vehicle -- even though it wasn't a dusty area, still there is dust in the air and any air-borne particles upon making contact with the adhesive will of course immediately adhere. The result was the sheet exhibited a slightly bumpy surface after it had been applied to the vehicle. Bottom line is to prevent any dust from entering the operation. Wear non- or low-lint producing clothing; contain loose hair; consider wetting-down the garage floor or driveway to better trap dust; if in an enclosed area wait half an hour for dust to settle and try to not kick up any dust; and gently wipe the vehicle surface once with a tack rag (a ~$1 sticky cloth available from paint stores that dust will adhere to) immediately before applying the clearmask (i.e., think "cleanroom"). Also, think about and practice placing the sheet in the proper spot before removing the backing -- if you get it wrong, I doubt you will be able to remove and reapply the same sheet a second time.


    Overall I have mixed feelings about the stuff. It looks really cool at first and works as advertised in preventing pitting from road debris. But after a few years its surface looses its luster and begins to look dull (at least that's the case on my roommate's Audi). My preference is to avoid it except specifically in areas subject to excessive road debris exposure. But it does look really cool.
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