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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • tim4746tim4746 Posts: 2
    3 months ago when you turned the key to start the van all the dash board lights came on, but it wouldn't turn over no click or anything. Tried jumping the battery, tapping the solenoid. The next day tried wouldn't start, the third day started fine the first time and worked for 3 stratight months. Last week same thing happened would not start but all dash lights came on. It was not the battery. It was 10 pm so we couldn't have it towed to a mechanic. The next morning it started fine and the dealership diagnostic came back fine. My guess is intermittent electrical in nature since somtimes our tail lights remain on when the vehicle is off and as we're driving down the road the dome lights may automatically come on. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
  • See my post #89 on this board for some ideas on the fix
  • Auto part store tested my computer, and the code is "Misfire in Cylinder 1" What should I check first? Spark plug? Timing?
  • Pull the spark plug to see if it is fouled. If it is check the plug wire with a ohm meter.
    Your parts store should be able to help you if you do not have a meter.
    These plugs are hard to reach so they are probable original.
  • van7188van7188 Posts: 8
    I had the same issue with mine this spring. It was a real b*tch to get to the back plugs. The #1 spark plug in my engine had a crack in the ceramic.
  • I had the same issue with mine after having a trailer hitch and electrical socket installed for my pop-up camper. After playing around with the latches and having no luck, I tried checking the gasket to make sure it was put in properly. After fixing the gasket in 3 different areas around the whole lift gate, the door finally fit right and the liftgate ajar message went away.
  • oyevey1oyevey1 Posts: 2
    Our rear tail light on the driver side doesn't work (we've been pulled over 3 times by the cops), the rear heater goes on and off by itself, the dome light and side lights are like a disco from the 70's, the electrical door doesn't always work, dash board lights flicker, and I don't know where to start...

    In reading the posts it sounds like I should start by looking under the air filter electrical components and wiring harness. Has anyone figured this out?

    Thanks for your thoughts! :sick:
  • oyevey1oyevey1 Posts: 2
    Did you ever figure these problems out? I'm post #160.
  • did you find the solution ??? please help
  • newby here, not a mecanic, however, after experiencing the needle dance, I had a
    couple quick times the starter misfired-or whined, but still started, with a trip planned
    for this week-end, I had the mechanic pull it, and took it to a local "automotive electrical rebuild" shop, only a couple of teeth left on the gizmo, can't imagine why,
    it has only been started around 7,000 times in the couple of years I have had it, ye
    olde yard and garage sales, ya know, but, don't hold your breath, the berserkness
    has stopped for the moment, the mechanic is further checking some other electrical
    problems tomorrow, window won't work, cigarette lighter, etc., cost was less than
    1/3rd of auto parts place rebuilts-I called them all, of course, these forums are great,
    as I probably would have spent a lot of money for a "guess what it might be" trip to
    several mechanics, thanks so much to all, and this forum, I will be back with an update, asap, be safe, and help one another!
  • 2003 windstar, headlights, radio, power windows, wipers, brake lights, turn signals, and climate control stop working while driving. vehicle still runs. is it a problem with relays? or with computer? :mad:
  • well, the fix lasted a little over a week, for the instrument dance, van performed well
    otherwise, another trip planned mid-oct, so time to continue the "o what can it be"
    routine, I will update, thanks to all, be safe,
  • The cold air instead of heat up front maybe a bad heater door activator. It's a white rectangular box under the middle of the dash with wires connected to it. It activates the door that allows heat into the passenger compartment from the heater core. sorry, I can't remember the official name of the part.
  • #165-- I just got in from fixing my dash Flixxering around. It was pretty easy on mine. Under the steering colum you need remove the plastic cover, then the metal plate behind that (total of six screws) The second wire connection from the right controls the instrument panel. 1st make sure it is plugged in all the way, mine was not and it looks like Ford taped this part together. 2nd make sure the connectors are clean. This has solved my problem. What makes me mad is I know Ford did the taping, my van has never been in an accident so I know nothing has ever been done under there before.
  • While driving don the road, I get an alarm and the following warning lights come on: Brake, Traction Control Off and ABS. I pull over and shut down and restart and the warning lights go away. I get this at least once a day. Van just rolled over to 70,000 miles.
    Any ideas or suggestions would most welcome!!!
  • Same exact symptoms on my 2003 windstar van at 62000. After 4 mechanics who could not find the cause, I am picking up from a shop today after they have replaced coil and wires. They said one cylinder was misfiring and they coil being bad could shut down the van. He is also sending us home with a "flight recorder" to record if it happens again. This problem does NOT produce any codes so it is a shot in the dark. UGH! I have been so frustrated with this for 2 months now. I will keep you posted on results.
  • I FINALLY got mine fixed yesterday with same problems. It was a cracked coil. Replaced coil pack, spark plug wires, and spark plugs, left on a 400 mi trip directly from the shop and it now runs like new. The coil can cause all sorts of "WEIRD" problems. There were never any codes, etc, just shut off. Mechanic found 1 cylinder misfiring and the found the cracked coil. After 2 months and 4 mechanics perplexed, FINALLY blessed to find the right one and had it fixed in 2 hours, whew!!!!
  • we had a similar problem with our 2002 windstar last winter....for us it was all the lights in the rear of car(brake lights and such) and all the lights on inside(dome lights) and the power windows and hmm what else...directionals, rear a/c, maybe other stuff too. my hubby and i tore the whole van apart on the inside...inside panels, carpet...he checked all sorts of stuff...the wires, fuses, and come to find out there was a computer in the rear of the car...where they keep the tire iron and jack....that was no good! all those things i mentioned that were wrong were controlled by that one computer! we got a replacement at a junk yard for 80.00 and worked like a champ! now i am having a problem with my hot air not blowing out....blower works..a/c works but no heat.???
  • #171 thanks for the info! 1, check actuator switch-inside dash behind radio, cd player-
    closes door to change from ac to heat, 2, check water flow through heater core inside
    vehicle, usually near passenger side front door under dash, 3, may need to flush
    cooling system for partially clogged radiator and/or heater core, good luck!
  • All four parking lights will not go on.
    I know the switch, bulbs, fuses & relays are good.
    Any ideas??? How do I fix this?
  • I also have a Winstar 02 (LX) with 66,000 mi. The van became very erratic since it became 60,000 miles old. I cannot open the driver side power window. The passenger-side window can be opened from the driver side switch but cannot be closed from the same switch. However, the passenger window can be opened and closed from the passenger side. The rear vent window appeared to have stopped working. They were on and off for some time. Fortunately, they stopped at the closed position. Your post shed some lights. But I also hear that these problems could be due to a problem of the Front Electronic Module. I couldn’t find any one supplying this part and some one said only Ford carries this and it is very expensive. Probably, I need to talk to car wreck guys.

    We also had the same problem – no hot air. I just solved this. Mine was the “Front Air Door Actuator”. I paid $50 to get the part from Pepboys. Same price as those on the Internet. I opened the old actuator and found that the gear wheels were made from plastic, and one of the gear wheel’s teeth had been damaged. Suggestioon for Ford is to get some good material for that tiny wheel. Even some good plastic can increase the life time of this car. That is why the AC door was always at the Cold Fresh air position. Changing this self needs to remove the radio and the panel. If you change it by yourself, make sure you plug power supply to the new actuator and slide the temperature control slightly away from the Coldst position, so that the actuator can be placed in the fixture in the car. Good luck.
  • mine did it and it was the relay swith for the fuel pump
  • OK I have a 99 windstar and i hit a bump and the radio wont come on also my remote to lock and unlock doors is not working either Ithe book says they are on the same fuse but the fuse is notblown there is no power to either, I dont no what to do autozone treated me like and idiot but i am so confused
  • I have a 2003 Windstar with all the same window, light door lock issues. It started with the rear windows sporadically not working. The rear wiper and door lock work sporadically, also. Now, the door locks don't always lock when pushing the button. Also, our dashboard lights go on, such as check engine, and there is nothing wrong. The temperature on the dash actually bounces with the radio, so we'll have no idea if the engine overheats. It all started around 60,000 miles. Any luck with these issues?
  • you need to check out the computer that is located in the rear of the car behind where the jack is kept. do you know where that is? in the trunk on the right side compartment if you take the jack out hidden back there is a very important computer that controls a great deal of things in the car. we replaced ours after we practically stripped the whole inside of our car and tested all the wiring and stuff and traced our problem to that controlled the locks and dome lighting and rear outside lights(brakes, parking, reverse lights) and the rear ac and gas gauge and probably more things i just can't remember. but we got a replacement computer at a salvage yard for 80.00 bucks. what a releif we did it ourselves and it didn't cost us our arms and legs and our firstborn!:) so check that.
  • Our windstar has been having a stalling issue for sometime. In 2007 the dealer replaced the fuel pump system. The mechanic got stuck when getting lunch. Things were fine up until about nine months ago and the stalling returned.
    There maybe a day, a week or a month or more between events, no rhyme or reason to it. After the vehicle has been running about 20 minutes you will detect a lurching sensation, then a rough running while driving like the firing order had been corrupted. It might simply stall the first time you have to stop or it might simply go on until you park to pickup something at a store. In any event when you try to restart the van it will crank just fine but will only run for about 10 seconds and it will simply shutdown. If you wait from three to four hours, it will restart and be just fine for anybodys' guess how long. The dealer has had the van for three occasions in the past nine months and they have it as I type this query. They can find nothing, no codes, error messages, fuel faults, electrical faults even though they had to push it into the garage after the tow wagon dropped it in their lot this afternoon. Just some observations: appears that there is no fuel during this down time although the smell is awful, if it initially does catch the idle could stir your coffee, firing order, rough almost like several cylinders not firing.
  • Hi there. I don't have a solution for you, but I wanted to thank you for articulating it the way you have because I have exactly the same problems. Please let me know if you get a solution. Cheers, Dave
  • Does your van smoke when it starts running poorly? Mine did until I replaced the pvc valve. Now it runs fine and clean.
  • Once again, the check engine light on the Windstar is on, and the car runs very rough. Whenever accelerating, it always cuts out and sometimes there's a popping sound coming from the underside of the van (almost like a quieter version of a backfire, but not heard at the back of the exhaust, seems to be coming from the front of the exhaust system). Could this be a catalytic converter failing? Thanks.
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