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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • Message center jut up and quit. I am referring to the digital readout of fuel mileage, compass and a multitude of information on the how the systems are working. Does anyone have a suggestion on what may have caused it and just what controls this message center. Thinking it could be the computer, need help.. Thanks much... Art
  • gigi4224gigi4224 Posts: 1
    Had the cruise control recall repaired last night. Drove home approximately 4 miles home and 2 hours later, my car won't start. Had it jumped, and now no electrical works inside or outside vehicle. Headlights, blinkers, every light is out, but the ABS light on the dash is lit. Limp it back to the dealership and the car won't go over 40 mph. They had replaced some wire harness for the recall but obviously something wasn't done right. Ideas?? Suggestions??
  • a1mike1aa1mike1a Posts: 9
    I replaced my brake switch on the master cyl which is what they did to yours.
    I cleaned off the brake fluid from the wiring first.
    Try looking at the main fuses and breakers under the hood.
    They must have let the brake fluid short your wiring.
  • hlotzhlotz Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 ford windstar with the following electrical problems: speedometer does not work, brake warning light is on, a/c is not working, speed control is not working, brake release warning light is on, overdrive light is flashing on and off. IT seems that all of these problems must be related to some major part and the dealer wants to charge individual diagnostic fees for each problem that i cannot afford. Accordingly, I would appreciate some help.
  • a1mike1aa1mike1a Posts: 9
    Take your van to your Ford dealer for the brake switch warranty repair.
    This should take care of most if not all of your problems.
    The old switch leaked brake fluid down the wiring harness, causing a lot of electrical problems. I replaced mine for about $15.00 before the warranty campaign started.
  • that is absolutely ridiculous! you could buy the dang diagnostic reader and do it yourself for cheaper probably. Try checking the computer that is located in the trunk of the van where the jack is located, on the side compartment. it controls a whole but load of stuff. i had to replace mine, got one for 80 bones at a junk yard. dealers didn't know what the problem was but my hubby figured it out on his own and the Lord's direction. Thank the Good Lord! I am sure the dealer would have charged us an arm and leg and possibly or first born! ;)
  • 99 Windstar LE- Has taken to temporarily shutting off while driving, tack goes to 0- instruments fluctuate- engine refires, then after several seconds, tach comes back to life- and we go on down the road. Like everone else have had all sorts of electrical issues- some solved -some not- but this one is dangerious.
  • davisalodavisalo Posts: 1
    Help!! I have a 2003 ford windstar luxury edition with every electrical gadget you can think of. There seems to be too much amps coming in to the wiring system and it blows up some things. Example: when we put the ignition on and try to put headlights on or on AUTO, lights flash everywhere (radio too). We have a pop-up tent to hitch at the back but the tailgate lights don't work. We have been to the dealer, he put in 2-3 hours of work but couldn't find the problem.

    HELP PLEASE!! Thanks
  • john458john458 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a good one. Any time the cab gets over 100 degrees. (vehical left out in the sun with the windows shut). The van will not crank. Leave the doors open for a while, then it starts. New battery ,starter checks out. can anyone shed a light on the problem
  • jmeadsejmeadse Posts: 1
    Hello, I am having similar issues. Did you get that figured out? Also on mine the passenger headlight won't work.
  • My passenger window will not work. I removed the door panel and removed the motor, hit the switch and the motor works fine. Replaced the motor and window worked fine for 1 day. Removed door panel again and was mad so I hit the end of the motor with screw driver and it worked for a little while and quit again. The motor seems fine, what could be the problem?
  • Ok so last night I take the family to see a movie. We come out and the battery is dead. I get a jump, get the van home, and replace the battery today. As soon as I connect the battery every single light on the van lights up. I mean every warning light, headlight, taillight, dome light everything and that is with no key in the ignition let alone turned on. Now I know why my battery went dead. Of course it is Saturday and no mechanic is working. Anybody have any thoughts?
    justinswyfe do you know what the name of that computer in the back of the van is? If I knew what it was called I could look for the part better. Maybe that is my problem too.
  • johnw99johnw99 Posts: 2
    My 2003 Windstar has an intermittent instrument cluster problem. Intermittently, when the engine is started, the tach, speedometer, temp, and fuel gauge needles go crazy, jumping up and down. This typically lasts for 10 - 15 seconds. Afterwards, everything works just fine. I have pulled the instrument cluster assy and checked the connectors and contacts for any indication of corrosion or other issues, but found nothing. Getting ready to replace cluster assembly if no other solution is found.
  • hlotzhlotz Posts: 2
    John , the last thing that i did was to obtain used parts pricing on the ABS MODULE. BUT THEN I STOPPED THERE AND AM ATTEMTING TO SELL THIS VAN AT A DISCOUNT.
  • fystywindstarfystywindstar Surrey, B.C., CanadaPosts: 24
    My 02 SEL does the same thing but only when I kick down the tranny into passing gear. As with John mine only lasts a few seconds then back to normal. But at the same time my battery display comes on & the info center says " check charging system. I am having my charging system checked as I type. also I have the sevice brake & Abs lights on all the time. Have been told this cvould be as simple as a slightly warpped rotor. Will advise upon completion of alt replacement.
    Holtz, where is the ABSmoduale located? Thanks. Angela. :confuse: :confuse: :sick:
  • My 99' Windstar has been doing the same. Needles slam into each other. I just bought the Chilton manual and tried to find a common electrical component. Nothing yet. My emergency brake light will also come on, especially when going down a steep hill. It goes of within a few seconds. ABS light is almost always on. These may be different issues.
  • johnw99johnw99 Posts: 2
    Any luck finding the cause of your instrument cluster issues?

  • i have a 2002 windstar . i disconnected the negative battery cable , reconnected it , found my radio is now dead . i checked fuses under dash and they r fine. would could my problem be.. where else can i check?
  • icevikeicevike Posts: 2
    This morning I had a problem with my Windstar 2000. I used it as usually the day before yesterday, it happens that we had a very hard rain down here, then yesterday I didn't used it, but the rain appeared again. So today I started it as any other day, but at the first time I had to stop, the engine turned off. I thought it was because it was cold or something like that, but then again at the first corner it turned off. Then, after a couple of meters it happened again, I noted that sometimes when I step on the break the engine simply seems to get disconnected, I needed to step on the gas and pump it up a little to recover the engine. At the third time the theft signal started to flash, so I decided to go back home. The same happened several more times, sometimes with the theft signal flashing some don't. when I got home, I stepped on the gas hard and noted that the engine hummed and then coughed, everytime I repeated the move, the engine coughed. So I think that maybe I have water on the tank or perhaps it's a problem with the gas pump, what do you think? Any ideas? :(
  • fystywindstarfystywindstar Surrey, B.C., CanadaPosts: 24
    icevic, I have an 02 SEL and I have had a plethera of electrical problems including wha you discribe. To it to my mechanic did a check on the Alt and fount that there was a dead diode in side . He replaced it with abrand new Bosch Alt with life time warrenty and I have had no problems since & it has beed 3 weeks. Good luck. ;) :D :D :shades: :shades:
  • fystywindstarfystywindstar Surrey, B.C., CanadaPosts: 24
    Yes John. After a drive the other day that left me waiting an hour on the side of the road for BCAA, I to directly to my mech, dicribed what had taken place this time & he found my battery was flat dead even after driving it to him (10k). Turns out that there wads a dead diod in altenator. Replaced with a brand new Bosch w/ Lifetime unlimited warrenty. I have had this on for a little better than a couple of weeks and have not had a lick of trouble. Alt that was replaced was stock Ford unit. IMO do not replace with OEM. :D :D :shades: :shades:
  • icevikeicevike Posts: 2
    Ok, thank you on the advice. I checked and it seems my fuel pump is ok, so next I will look into the Alt, it sounds very logical to me it is the failure. I'll keep you informed. ;)
  • i am having the same things going wrong with mine. have you found out how to fix this it is driving me up the wall,i have took mine to get AC fixed had new compresser and lines put in but still the same,and after putting that much money into it its crazy its not working thank you for all the help you can give.
  • Well here we are in Sep 2010 with the first post on this problem in 2007. I am have the same problem with lights that flash on and off on their schedule. The sliding doors will automatically open after they close. The driver door does it most often. help the dealer has idea; Ford has never been appraised of this problem. ya ya
  • 909geo909geo Posts: 1
    I have tried EVERYTHING ! ! !! ! I am frustrated , sick, confused, and felling like I have a real lemon. Fuses..check. Relays...check. switches...check. I am at a loss at what to do. I am somewhat good at dealing with electrical problems. I thought I was an electrician for the last 30 years. But nothing seems to check out. Besides the wipers (ft & r ), no turn signals, windows don't go up or down, the speedometer don't work, and interior lighting don't work.God only knows what else. I was told it may be a "body control module" and that there is two of them. I have no idea where they are or how to find out which one is responsible for the problems. PLEASE HELP ! ! I am going bald quickly !!!! thank you :confuse:
  • sgmaysgmay Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    I'm running into the same issue I was wondering if you were able to resolve?

    Driver side window does not go up, goes down slow. Power to the switch, was able to get the window up by jumping the switch, Sounds like a common problem, I was wondering if the switch or FEM (Front Electronic Modual) were the ultimate replacement part?
  • i have had all these same problems. had all the recalls done, changed the alt., replaced the batter and starter, all this year and some just last week. yesterday morning i went to turn the van around in the driveway to unload some things and it died when i put it in reverse. started it back up and continued on. then, we drove to my parents house for dinner. when we loaded up to leave, it died again, but i was able to restart again and go on. 15 miles later and almost home, i had complete electrical failure followed by engine failure shortly after. my power steering has been making a whining noise for month prior to me replaceing the starter and battery last week when it wouldn't turn over. now, there is nothing, no lights, no van. it is absolutely dead(no clicking either like a drained battery or alt. problems). any clue cause i don't know.
  • oyokidude1oyokidude1 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    I used to help people out with Windstars, but I am at a loss on mine!
    It's a 2001 SEL with about 198,000 miles

    We replaced the alternator about 2 years ago, with one from ford brand new. The battery was replaced with a diehard about 5 months later.

    Regardless., just recently it started to buck at speeds of 35-40 mph. And the check charging system message and battery light will illuminate intermittently. (Ironically it has been in the 40s today the the electrical related message has not appeared)
    The check engine light eventually came on with the code P0305.
    It has started to make a clacking noise. I suspect a misfire though the check engine light is not blinking. I am reading maybe a misfire at Cylinder 5.( I had problems with the rear plugs and wires, the wire would get burnt by the exhaust manifold causing the spark to escape)

    When it started giving me problems related to mechanical 30k miles ago, i did the following (They went away until now)

    Cleaned MAF and IAC
    Replaced upper intake seals and isolator bolts
    Valve Cover
    Replaced all spark plugs with motorcraft.
    The wires were replaced also
    I replaced the coil pack with a new one from ford as well.
    DPFE replaced

    More recently we replaced the belt with a motorcraft replacement, the problems proceeded shortly after this.

    My suspicions are
    a loose connection somewhere
    More notably the positive wire harness, where the battery physically is connected, is somewhat corroded.
    A bad MAF, IAC or EGR valve
    Dirty EGR ports

    I took out the MAF and IAC to clean again, and cleared the codes on the computer.

    If the wire is not the issue I was thinking maybe something near the footwell, as the hood release cable may have dislodged something?

    I doubt its the alternator or battery because the car has started and not exhibited any electrical problems besides the messages on the dash.

    My concern is this electrical problem, causing mechanical as well because of miscommunication amongst sensors?
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