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HI..I need some help on this issue please...I have a 2000 isuzu trooper that I really love, but I started to develop a problem when I go to lock the vehicle with the remote. usually you hit the lock button once for the locking of the doors and then twice to activate the alarm. the horn then beeps a couple times and you are ready to if you would have a door open or something, it would beep at you multiple times telling you something is wrong...i have checked all of the doors, replaced the batteries in the remote and it still wants to just beep like crazy at will lock the doors, but I imagine the alarm is not getting set...please help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi , Have you tried just using the key to lock and set the alarm? When you remove the key from the starter/ignition switch, the alarm module goes to the ready mode and flashes the dash light. If that light is not flashing once you close all the doors, hood and rear hatch then my first guess would be that one of the door switches or hood switch is not working properly. I have an older Trooper, but you can check each door switch by simply watching your dome light to see if it activates each time you open each door. Once you have done that, the hood switch would have to be checked to see if it is working. That could be a little more problematic, but a visual inspection for an intact boot over the switch and maybe to see if the wire going to it is Ok would be a good start. If all these appear OK, then you might be looking at the keyed door switches, alarm module or other component for the problem. My guess would be a door switch that is inop or wire corrosion somewhere at a connector (perhaps in door) that is not apparent. I include the manual description to help you understand how the system works. Hope it helps, Good Luck.

    2000 Isuzu Truck Trooper LTD V6-3.5L
    Vehicle Level Accessories and Optional Equipment Antitheft and Alarm Systems Description and Operation

    The circuit consists of the starter switch, anti-theft & keyless entry control unit, anti-theft horn, front door and tailgate key switch (detect and tamper switch), door lock (& power window) switch, door lock actuator for each door, engine hood switch, clutch start switch (M/T), ANTI-THEFT indicator light and mode switch (A/T).

    The system operates as follows: After locking the starter switch and removing the starter key (this sets the alarm), if the door is unlocked in any way other than with the proper key, the headlights start flashing, the horn sounds, and the starter circuit is disabled. (However, the engine hood and all the doors must be locked and closed.)

    Once the system has been placed in the warning or alarm condition, it can be released only when the starter switch is shifted from "OFF " to "ACC" by the starter key, or when the lock of the front door or the tailgate is released (to activate the detect switch) by the starter key.

    2000 Isuzu Truck Trooper LTD V6-3.5L
    Vehicle Level Accessories and Optional Equipment Antitheft and Alarm Systems Description and Operation Circuit Operation

    The Anti-theft System consists of the following components:
    Anti-theft and Keyless Entry control unit
    Left and right door switches
    Left front, right front, and tailgate door key detect and tamper switches
    Tailgate switch
    Engine hood switch
    Door lock actuators
    Left and right front door lock switches
    Lighting relay
    Starter relay
    "ANTI-THEFT" indicator light
    Anti-theft horn

    The arming sequence is initiated with the starter switch in the LOCK position and all doors closed. This results in all theft related switches to be open to ground. The "ANTI-THEFT" indicator then flashes for about 30 seconds or until the arming sequence is completed. When the driver's door is locked using the door key, the door lock actuator internal switch will open, removing the ground signal from the anti-theft and keyless entry control unit input. Now all inputs to the anti-theft and keyless entry control unit are open to ground and the "ANTI-THEFT" indicator stays lit for about 8 seconds . The anti-theft system is now armed. If any of the theft related switches are grounded, the theft alarm is activated. The anti-theft and keyless entry control unit does not allow the vehicle to be started by not applying ground to the starter relay. The anti-theft and keyless entry control unit pulses a ground signal to the lighting relay causing the headlights to flash. At the same time, the anti-theft and keyless entry control unit pulses a ground signal to the anti-theft horn, causing it to sound. The system alarm is cancelled when the anti-theft and keyless entry control unit sees battery voltage at its ignition input or a ground signal at its key detect input.
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    I just purchase a 01 trooper with 82k miles. It had an omega al 100h alarm added to it. It would go off periodically. I'd have to use the valet mode to prevent this.
    I first unplugged the impact sensor . Next day at work the alarm just went off. I unplugged the omega control box. I thought I had a bad sensor. Early the next morning the horn on the trooper went off . Neighbors are getting upset.
    The battery is good and hot. I've checked all the doors with the dome light. The all work. I checked the hood latch and the back doors.

    I would appreciate any suggestions

    thank in advance
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    The alarm on our 2000 Trooper is also going off in the middle of the night or early in the morning. We just want to disconnect the alarm, but we don't know how to do this. How do you disconnect the alarm?
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    i have a 1994 isuzu trooper...the alarm started going off when i closed the rear door...i have been unable to reset the alarm and it appears to have disabled the ignition...can you please tell me how to reset the alarm or how to disable it so the vehicle will start?thank you...
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    I am having the same problem with my 1994 trooper and have not found a solution. I cannot start my car. How did you rectify your problem?
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    I just purchased this vehicle and it did not come with a remote so, I went out on ebay and bought a remote for this car.
    I have tried to program the remote many times and even went back and asked for a replacement for the remote and got the secone one and tried to program it and nothing.
    1. What is the proper way to program the remote?
    2. Where is this unit so if I want to replace it I can?
    3. Are there any tests that I can perform to know if the unit working correctly?

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    When I push the Torque on Demand button on the dash of my 2000 Trouper instead of the display going to Auto and everything turning green, I get a red error where it usually would show Auto.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to what is no working correctly? and hopefully it won't cost a fortune to repair the problem.

    Thanks for any of your help.

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    Help! I have a 2000 Trooper and for some reason, while driving, the alarm goes off, lights flashing, horn blowing. I have to put the transmission in park, turn the key off, then re-start the engine. But after a mile or so the alarm goes off again! Sometimes the alarm goes off when just parked in the driveway without the key. For my nieghbors' peace I've pulled the fuse to disable the horn but the lights still flash, confusing other drivers (not to mentioin I look like an idiot)! DOes anyone have a solution? Is there a way to disable the alarm? I tried pulling the fuse for it but that doesn't seem to work! Any and all ideas will be of great help! Thanks!
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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem :(
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    Never have found what is causing this and also not being able to program my remote or when I want to put it in "Auto 4 wheel drive" I get an error and it just stays in rear wheel drive.
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    Still haven't found as olution that "fixes" it but I did get it to stop going off by pulling the fuse for the electric door locks. I can live without electric locks!!!! :)
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