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  • haulthault Columbus OhioMember Posts: 130
    I guess the front pads won't "swell" until the warranty is up or I'm glad the front pads don't get wet!!! I don't care what the reason is I'm just glad FORD is finally agreeing to help with the problem.
  • dnashdnash Member Posts: 35
    I disagree. I didn't purchase anything from the brake supplier. I purchased it from Ford an I therefore hold them responsible for the quality of the brakes. I don't particularly care whether it is a design defect or a qc issue. I care that I get decent life out of my brakes and that my car will stop consistently and safely.

    When I worked in a facility that assembled electronics, we QC'd all the materials as they came in. We didn't rely on the supplier to do it, but there are things that you can't check, such as long term failure modes. I don't want them putting 12k miles on every set of pads to see if they are good. Those type of issues either show up in long term testing, or in the field.

    By the way, I am right at 36k miles and still have the original pads. I am now kinda hoping they get too thin before the end of the year.
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    I don't particularly care whether it is a design defect or a qc issue

    But I do, since I said it probably would turn out to be a QC issue, not a design issue. :P
  • richfig23richfig23 Member Posts: 15
    I bought a used 2006 Limited AWD from a Ford Dealer with about 18K miles in October 2006. I was experiencing excessive brake dust in my rear wheels and after reading these posts, I had my Ford Dealer inspect my brakes last month. Sure enough, the rear pads needed replacement, and fortunately the rotors were o.k. (although I noticed that the rotors were not completely smooth). The dealer replaced the rear pads without machining the rotors and said the fronts were ok. The dealer charged me about $200 for this work and said the work was not under warranty. Since it was only $200 and my rotors didn't need replacement, I did not raise a stink. Now I have received Ford's letter advising about the extended brake warranty.

    I would like advise: I read on here that if the rear pads are replaced on an AWD, that the fronts should be replaced to maintain the brake systems integrity. Is this true? Also, is it a reasonable practice to replace brake pads and not machine the rotors? Should I go back to my dealer with letter in hand and demand a refund for the brake work and demand that he replace all pads on my vehicle, including machining the rotors? or should I hold the letter for the next time the rear rotors wear down. The brake warranty is for 3yrs or 36K. I will have warranty until about 12/31/08 since I wont exceed 36 before then.

  • pnewbypnewby Member Posts: 277
    I always like a bird in the hand. When will the 36 months since the first registration show up? I have 29k, and intend to take it in next week. I'd rather have it done before someone changes their mind.
  • lanbabalanbaba Member Posts: 45
    If I had my rear brake pads/roters replaced at 8k and now because of this letter, are they going to replace all the four wheels' rotor/pads again or only front rotors/pads? :lemon:

    Follow up: The relationship center phone number listed on the letter doesn't help at all. :mad:
  • indybellindybell Member Posts: 40
    I certainly agree with the comment in the "Follow up". I talked to "Margaret" in Customer Care today regarding what was Ford's position on AWD customers who had their rear pads replaced but the dealer did nothing to the fronts. She claimed no knowledge of any letter to the dealerships saying that needed to be done and that basically I was on my own to deal with the dealer on what would be done. She was pretty sure I would be reinbursed for the rear brake job done before 36,000 miles though.

    Pretty good "customer service", huh?
  • angelpahangelpah Member Posts: 5
    Best bet before you do anything is call Ford. The way things are going for them, they will bend over backwards to help you. I do not have AWD. But I can tell you that they called my dealership and helped me quite a bit. I am expecting a refund for the front brakes done on my 05 Freestyle.
  • summewesummewe Member Posts: 14
    I took my '05 AWD Freestyle into the dealer for the brake repair extended warranty. I apparently was the first at the dealership with notice in hand because they (service dept) didn't know a thing about it. They took the car, said they would "look" into it and make all necessary repairs. I mentioned, on the phone, that the dealer received a letter and in it states that they are replace the front brakes when the back brakes are replaced. The service technician said he'd look into it. I went to pick my car up and noticed that the front brakes were not replaced. I spoke to a service technician (not the one on the phone as he left for the day) and he didn't know anything about replacing the front brakes. I told him to look on Oasis (their web site). Reluctantly he did and when he put my VIN number into the system, the letter to the dealer was in the system. I pointed out the paragraph that stated they were to replace the front brakes. He agreed that the letter stated to replace the front brakes however he needed to contact Ford and get authorization. I told him the authorization is the letter in the system under my VIN number. We discussed the matter for approximately 30 minutes until I was ready to bang my head against the wall. He told me that I could leave the car there while he looks into it however he said he didn't know how long it would take to "straighten out this matter". What is to straighten out I kept asking. I felt that my car would be held hostage by an incompetent service technician so I took my car home with the rear brakes replaced and the rotors machined. The Service Technician is faxing the letter that Ford sent to the dealers back to Ford to see if they authorize the front brake replacement???????

    Background: Car currently has 50K miles. Replaced rear brakes and rotors at 29K and at 49K was told rear brakes needed replaced a second time.

    Dealership: Apple Ford in Columbia, MD
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,992
    Anyone have any luck getting reimbursed for a rear brake job done at a local shop instead of the dealer? I have the receipts and the letter doesn't say anything about only getting reimbursed if you had the work done previously at a dealer.
  • summewesummewe Member Posts: 14
    bobw3 - Take your receipts to the dealer. They will forward them to Ford. It states on my letter not to send them in yourself as it must go through the dealer.
  • summewesummewe Member Posts: 14
    I called Ford this morning and they were WONDERFUL. They called Apple Ford and spoke to the Service Technician and told him to replace my front brakes!

    I do hope this ends the saga of my brakes.

    Thank you to those who posted information and letters. The information supplied me with knowledge to deal with the matter so I could at least pretend that :blush: I knew what I was talking about when speaking to the dealer and Ford.
  • lanbabalanbaba Member Posts: 45
    What is the phone number you called? And do you know which guy/gal you talked with? :shades:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Please take that kind of info to your CarSpace email and keep it off the boards - we don't have time to check that phone numbers are legit. Thanks!
  • haulthault Columbus OhioMember Posts: 130
    I would take the letter to your dealership and ask them what they can do for you. I find most dealers would follow the letter and provide the work if necessary and put in for your refund for the prior work. Ask them to write on your receipt how much pad life is left on each wheel. My dealership gave me the number in MM(milimeters). I haven't contacted my dealership yet. I had my rear pads replaced also. Mine is an 05 FWD. Post your results.
  • volfangaryvolfangary Member Posts: 105
    Took mine in for brakes yesterday and they had to order parts. Said won't be in till Friday. You would think they would have these parts in stock? :confuse:
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Eugene, OregonMember Posts: 41
    My son purchased a used 2005 Freestyle from a Saturn dealer. He just spent $600.00+ at Midas for front and rear brakes. When he got "the letter", he marched on down to the local Ford dealer and gave them the Midas bill and the letter. Yesterday, he got a check from Ford for the whole thing. The dealer said his was the first letter that they had gotten, so they had to do some checking but nothing more than what I would do if I owned the dealership.
  • freestyler1freestyler1 Member Posts: 4
    Yes I did the work on my rear brakes with oem rotors from ford and Kragen pads. Took all my receipts too a dealer and the letter I got from Ford and the y submitted it too Ford. Just got a check for the whole amount. Very pleased with my dealer, he didn't even want too see the old pads.
  • pnewbypnewby Member Posts: 277
    Took the Freestyle in yesterday. Brakes are grinding metal to metal and the dealer rep agreed that it needs all 4 brakes replaced(AWD). Also having the door recall done and a problem with my RR 3rd row seat. Since it has 30,078 miles I also asked him to do the 30k service as well. I'll post back to let everyone know how it went.
  • richfig23richfig23 Member Posts: 15
    I brought my freestyle limited AWD to the dealer this past spring to check my brakes. My Freestyle had 19K miles. They replaced the rear pads. They made me pay for this service and I will be returning with my warranty letter (07N10) in hand for a refund. Before I do, can anyone please answer the following:

    They did not replace the front brakes and I will insist that they now replace the front brakes. The brake job was done in late March and I have put about 1,500 miles on my Freestyle. Should new front and rear pads be installed now?

    They also did not machine my rear rotors when they replaced my pads. Is it an acceptable procedure for a dealer to replace pads without machining the rotors?

  • summewesummewe Member Posts: 14
    I would make an appointment to have the rear brakes checked and have them replace front and rear again if necessary.
  • richfig23richfig23 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply summewe. Do you know if replacing pads without machining rotors is an acceptable procedure?
  • freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    if thery are above min. thickness and there is no grooving then it's ok not to machine the rotors...
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,992
    I agree. Plus the more you turn the rotors, the thinner they become, and the more likely they are to warp in the future. If they're within specs, just leave them alone.
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Member Posts: 70
    The dealer will not replace any of the pads at this time. The rear pads that were installed for the repair were of the original design, that means the front brakes are still adequate to keep the brake performance as designed. The new rear brake pads require the front pad replacement on AWD models to keep the brake performance original. Rotor resurfacing is a judgement call as far as glazing scoring or rust formation. If their is no noise or vibration or pulsation then the rotors are ok.
  • catmouracatmoura Member Posts: 29
    I took my letter from Ford with my original receipt and Ford will be sending us a check for the amt of the brake replacement. The set we paid for also wore through so the warranty set now on the car and they are covered per the letter till the end of December.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    07N10 Certain 2005 through 2007 FWD & AWD Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle & Mercury Montego Vehicles - Rear Brake Wear

    you should be getting a letter from ford.

    you can also get more information by putting your vin in here:
  • volfangaryvolfangary Member Posts: 105
    Took my 2005 FWD in for brakes per letter. They not only turned and replaced rear breaks for free, but also the fronts too, even though the fronts were less than half worn! :)
  • pnewbypnewby Member Posts: 277
    Same for me, replaced front and rear and turned the disks on both. Had a 3rd row, left side seat bottom replaced as well, it had a distorted shape. Not sure what caused that, but all was done under warranty. Reminds me why I always get an extended warranty with 1st day rental coverage also. Always a car to drive (actually an Expedition this time), and never a hassle.
  • tim156tim156 Member Posts: 308
    I stopped by my Ford dealer today to take a look at the X and spoke with a service technician about the rear brake issue. For those of you who are considering having a independent brake shop do the work hold off. He said if you have received the letter, a Ford service department must do the replacement, you will not be reimbursed. Only those who had the work done at an independent shop prior to receiving the letter will be reimbursed. He said the problem with the rear brake pads is water contamination. Not water from rain, snow or washing but water that contaminated the pads while in storage. The distributor dried the affected pads out, repackaged the parts and shipped them to Ford. That's why some pads are wearing prematurely and others are not. He also said it's not unique to the Freestyle, some Expeditions and F-150's are having the same problem. I rotated my tires yesterday at 3000 miles to inspect the rear pads and there was quite a lot of dust on the inside of the rear wheels and the disks were slightly grooved. I mentioned this and he said that the dust is from the disk and not the pads. Ford began using a softer metal for their disks and excessive dust has been a problem for all models with the softer disks. I hope this clears up some questions and stops anyone from having to shell out for a brake job after receiving the letter.
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    He said the problem with the rear brake pads is water contamination. Not water from rain, snow or washing but water that contaminated the pads while in storage. The distributor dried the affected pads out, repackaged the parts and shipped them to Ford.

    That was my interpretation of the letter, as well. In other words, "defective pads" were given out, caused by water contamination at the supplier, not from Ford, and not from getting the tires wet.

    Which is why I wondered how in heck that some people had their pads replaced not once, but two or THREE times, and still had the issue.
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Member Posts: 70
    I believe the problem with the pads was that they would swell with "moisture" while in service, meaning the way they were manufactured or the material that was used could be effected by anything in the enviroment could cause them to get wet; high humidity, prolonged rain or snow, or even washing the car. I did not get out of the letter that the pads were installed after they were wet. I do remember when the '05s came out, there was a letter sent to the dealers stating to apply the parking brake during prolonged storage on the lot to prevent pad to rotor material transfer. Maybe tehy were on to something way back then.
  • freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    and how exactly would applying the parking break PREVENT pad to rotor material transfer???
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Member Posts: 70
    I think the idea was to have the pads tight on the rotors so no moisture could get at the pads. Also it was explained to me that the small gap left between the pad and rotor, if the park brake was not on, would make the rotor corrode at that point if the rotor was not moved from that position for a long time.
  • summewesummewe Member Posts: 14
    I received my reimbursement check from the dealer for ~$137.00. The amount reimbursed was an adjusted refund from the work I had done (paid for) at 29K miles and the recent rework I had done at the dealership. I'm extremely pleased with my Freestyle other than this minor brake issue which thankfully Ford owned up to. Thank you for listening and supporting me through this ordeal. The plethora of information on this board really educated me on various issues that supported me while dealing with the dealership and Ford Motor Co. :)
  • kbbbmallardkbbbmallard Member Posts: 7
    I haven't posted for a while. I have a 2005 FS AWD that the rear pads were replaced by the dealer at 18000 and the dealer paid 1/2. I have not received a letter yet and wanted to know if there are others who have not got one. Or did I get skipped over.
  • freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    I haven't received the letter either, we have a 2005 fwd and had rears done at 18k which the same thing dealer split it with us for 1/2 of $200.

    funny thing is I just had our oil changed at a lincoln dealer that is closer to us and they said to get in before december to get the rears done as they were still the "old" style pad.

    our ford dealer was supposed to have replaced them with the new style pad... not sure what's going on here.

    I'll tell you one thing though, getting basic service at the lincoln dealer is nicer than getting it at the ford dealer for what I believe is the same money(carwash alone). I'll be switching permanently once I get my 4 remaining free oil changes from the ford dealer we bought from.
  • catmouracatmoura Member Posts: 29
    I just had our 3rd set of brakes on an 05 FS!!!! Got the refund check from brake job #1. #2 & #3 the dealer paid for. 41,000 miles on the car- think they finally got the right pads on this car? I hope so.They said these were from a different manufacturer. Oh and they had to replace the rotors again too :mad:
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    I took my Freestyle in, and they replaced both front and rear brakes (it was AWD). I'm not sure why, since I had them checked at my usual oil-change place and they said that there wasn't much wear on them at all.
  • catmouracatmoura Member Posts: 29
    Maybe they replace them because of the problem wit the brake pads. My front brakes(AWD too) have been fine through all this.
  • jwgasnerjwgasner Member Posts: 12
    Local dealer has stated that with my 2007 Limited AWD I should have rears checked before 32k and if required they do both even though only the rear seems to be at issue. Something about keeping the AWD balanced is what I understand based on their comments. As long as warranty covers it, I certainly won't argue the point.
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    I agree that if they replaced the rear pads they should also replace the front pads.

    However, according to my oil change place, there was only about 20% wear on the rear pads and 10% wear on the front pads (at about 15k miles). Not enough to qualify for the recall.
  • passat_2002passat_2002 Member Posts: 468
    Once again.. it's not a recall. It's simply an extended warranty on the rear-brakes
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Member Posts: 1,106
    it's not a recall. It's simply an extended warranty on the rear-brakes

    I've never heard of a warranty being applied when nothing was broken before. :P
  • catmouracatmoura Member Posts: 29
    It seems that Ford- or at least our service dept. wants to keep us happy.... That's OK with me. I've gotten 3 sets of rear brakes and 2 new rotors on them.... :)
  • elibrunoelibruno Member Posts: 16
    my 05 Freestyle FWD has 22K and just had the rear brakes done under recall. Dealer also ground the front rotors for me at no charge. They have really been great to me! Countryside Ford in Clearwater is a winner.
  • passat_2002passat_2002 Member Posts: 468
    There is no recall on the brakes. There never has been. It was simply an extension to the warranty. That's all.
  • rphman1rphman1 Member Posts: 2
    Just had my 06 Freestyle AWD in for a LOF and needs the rear brakes, dealer is replacing rear rotors and servicing all calipers also is replacing fronts but the rotors are with in spec. Only at 13,000. Owned lots of Fords and they all chew up brakes. Had a 02 F150 that needed them at 16,000 which dealer warrantied too.
  • sbogartsbogart Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle purchased new in April of 2006. This is my wives vehicle and I rarely drive it. On Jan 19 2007 the vehicle registered just over 11,000 miles. I drove the car and observed a loud grinding sound. I then stopped the car and inspected the rear rotors. There were deep scratches and grooves in both rear rotors. The car was immediately taken to the dealership. They replaced both rear rotors and pads. Again at 27,000 miles I drove the car and heard the same noise. AGAIN the same problem. The dealer told me that under the Ford extended warranty program they only authorized the replacement once and that I would need to pay for the repair. I told the service manager that I would be happy to do so, but that the car would be parked in front of the dealership and painted yellow like a big lemon that it is. At that point they decided to not charge me for the repair. Now only 4,000 miles later at 31000 I told my wife to have the brakes inspected when she was having the cars oil changed. I got a call back that the front rotors are shot. I immediately called the dealership and they told me to bring the car in so we could discuss. Prior to taking to the dealership, I paid a certified repair facility to do a complete pads off inspection of the vehicle. I was blown away to discover that the front pads still have approximately 50% life left, however the pads are CRACKED in half and the rotors are shot. The rear rotors are starting to show wear again and it seems to me that we are going down the same road with future replacement. In my opinion the dealership was negligent in putting the car back on the road at the last rear brake change without inspecting the front brakes. The dealership and Ford in my opinion is putting the lives of our families and others at risk by not addressing this serious safety issue. The car has been left with the dealer and the Ford rep will be called in to inspect. In my opinion Ford is attempting to hide a major design flaw with some of the Freestyles. The same problem also exists on the Ford 500. In my opinion this is just another example of huge corporations taking advantage of the little guy. I can tell you this however, this little guy is going to go to bat if need be. Is it going to take the death of one or hundreds of people do to brake failure in order for Ford to respond? Sounds like the Explorer roll over issue all over again. In my opinion again, Ford is only fixing the symptom not the cause. In doing research on the NHTSA website there are a number of complaints regarding this issue. Ford themselves may never do a voluntary recall to fix the problem. If the NHTSA receives enough complaints, they can force a mandatory recall with Ford. I encourage anyone who has had problems with the rear brakes on the Ford Freestyle to file a complaint with the NHTSA. In my opinion Ford needs to recognize the problem and fix it the right way, not just fix the symptoms. The website for the NHTSA is
  • freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    sorry, while I am not happy to hear of your issues, tehy are just that, YOUR issues. do what you must to take care of your issues with the dealer and ford. I'd argue the dealer is at fault as it seams there may be other things wrong with your braking system as it comprises more parts than pads and rotors. could be a proportioning valve defect, could be improper install, could be unfortunately defective parts again.

    Your extreme brake issues are the exception rather than the rule. yes myself and others have had them and ford made good by the extended warranty. apparantly they replaced your faulty parts with more faulty parts that caused some/most of these problems in the first place.

    This is no explorer by any stretch of the imagination. Again take them to taks to make right on your car but again, this seems the exception rather than the rule.
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