Honda Odyssey Rattling/Whistling/Squeaks Noises

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Overall have been having a good driving experience with new Ody. Have got 850 miles on it. Got it in dec end 05. Getting about 20 MPG in mixed conditions. Was getting 17 MPG. Apart from the droning at certain speeds it is a good ride. However on slightly rough roads I notice a rattle coming from the sliding door on passenger side. I don;t know if this is a window rattle or the door (seems more like the window). Is this soemthing a dealer can fix easily. I notice it bcos there seems to be no other sounds like that coming from the door behind me on the driver side.




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    get it looked at. They can fix the problem most of the time.

    I think it can be the door itself, although sometimes it is the window shade that rattles.

    I have something similar in my '05 that I need to have looked at. It's not particularly noticable most of the time, so it can wait until thenext oil change.

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    My 2005 Odyssey with 5000 miles also has a sliding door rattle that won't go away. It has been back to the dealer 3 times, twice they kept it over night. Still a rattle problem. It is especially bad in cold weather (30-40 degrees F).

    Please let me know if your dealer is able to fix the rattle. I will have my dealer (who is unable to fix the problem) call your dealer.


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    I have'nt yet taken it to the dealer. Intend to first make a list of all/any complaints and get it fixed hopefully at one go. Will keep you posted.

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    Took my car today morning for rattle on sliding door and also
    humming noise.

    Got a call saying it was fixed. Will check and let you all know.

    According the service advisor I talked to he said

    1) rattle noise - door adjustment - has been done
    2) Humming/droning noise - according to him The windsheild which has been rectified. My hummming and droning was not that high anyway but windshield hmmm..

    Lets see. I will post when I check the results out after I pick up the car.

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    An update :

    For rattle : They say door has been adjusted. Have yet to really test it as dealership is close to home.

    Regarding the droning, according to the dealer it is coming due to windshield moulding ( I really wonder...) He has replaced windshield mouldling front both right and left and something called garnish ( I thought that term was used in cooking !!!).
    Again still have to test both out. Hopefully they have not made matters worse.

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    Be aware!! I have the same problem, the adjust the striker more that 7 times, and the problems continue, the Honda Service dept. said that they tried everything, but they don't know what to do, and because they don't know how to fix the problems there is not recall on the matter, also that they only have my case.

    If you want please contact HNTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 1-888-327-4236 and complain about your problems they need to have more complains to open an investigation, before any accident happens. In the past Honda recall the Odyssey because the door don't lock and they open when you were driving.
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    Another update :

    When I tried to reproduce the humming sound with the mechanic sitting in the car (after the replace Windshield moulding) it did not happen. In all fairness in my case the sound has come down a lot, it seems maybe in my case it was a combo of both windshield noise and engine, and at least it is better. I am not going to do anything for now. I will wait as sometimes they may screw up something else if they touch the engine. The rattle is something I cannot test till we get some snow/ice on the ground. It seems like a window rattle.

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    We have recently been shopping and comparing the '06 Odyssey vs. the Sienna. Both great brands, but I find myself gravitating towards the Toyota because I think that in general, Toyota vehicles appear to be more refined/quiet vs. the Honda's that have a more sporty feel/better handling, but maybe not so much emphasis on comfort/quietness.

    We currently have an '04 Odyssey EX-RES that we did a 24mo 15K/year lease on (it ends in June). Mechanically, the van has not given us any problems, but it has been a real rattle-trap since it was brand new. You can hear the gasoline slushing in the tank after filling it up, there is an annoying tapping in the dash near the radio, a whistling noise in the air vents when a/c is on, the sliding doors rattle, a harsh thumping noise after putting it in reverse sometimes, etc... Needless to say, we had higher hopes on the Odyssey (since they are so popular) vs. our actual experience with this one.

    We drove an '06 Odyssey EX-L last weekend, and it appeared to be fine, but I am worried considering the annoyances of our current vehicle, and some of the recent posts in the Odyssey Problems/Solutions forum regarding sliding door rattles and a humming/whining noise when accelerating.

    Please don't think I am nit-picking the Odyssey because it has been fine, but I also have to keep reminding myself that it is a short term lease (and a great monthly payment) most of the time I drive it and hear rattles. We just sort of accept them now... I just am not willing to put up with this again on another minivan that will be alot more money and a longer term lease or buy.

    Has anyone else had the same kind of experiences that I had with thier Odyssey or am I just fooling myself with thinking that the Sienna would prove to be more refined/quiet?
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    I did not buy another vehicle from the same company...for 30 years. My 1970 Dodge van was so horrible that I would NOT even consider another Chrysler Corp vehicle until my son got a nice used 2002 Grand Caravan Sport in 2003.
    You may forget the problems you had with your Odyssey more quickly. If the experience has not been too ugly and you like the Odyssey the best, chances are high that you would not get another bad Odyssey.
    If I were in your situation, I would buy a Sienna...unless you really like the Odyssey the best. Always buy the vehicle you like best.
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    not to go too far off topic, but either vehicle you choose, don't lease it, buy it. look at how they maintain their value. i don't know how you'd be doing yourself a favor, specially with a short-term lease, and specially in a mini-van, but i guess the economics work for you as a payment shopper. one thinks with one of these fine vehicles, you come out ahead if you drive it a long long time, then surprise yourself when 10yrs down the road, you sell it for a pretty decent price.

    some of the things you are complaining of are explainable, but should not be considered measures of refinement. personally, you are nit-picking and will do so on any purchase or leased vehicle you drive.

    for example the AC whistling? any chance you pulled in some debris from the intake (like leaves or pine comb pieces) at the bottom of the windshield cowl under the wiper blades?

    the clunk you hear when going in reverse is probably fixed with lubrication to the rear brake mechanism, and the rattling? is that the cup holder between the front seats? your door, a seat-belt clip against a door pillar? did you get the car serviced for the noise?

    ok, i'll admit, i had a ticking up front in my '03 that turned out to be a front strut tower on the passenger side whose welds needed to be ground down and lubricated.

    yeah, once in a while i notice the gas sloshing in the tank when pulling to a stop somewhere quiet like my garage after recently filling, but hardly something detracting from the vehicle or driving characteristics (which for me are much more important than overall quietness).

    you may be fooling yourself... you may not. chances are when you drive a new vehicle, you are not going to be as sensitive to particular noises because your going to be focused on other things and making sure you dont mess up the demo. ;)

    but seriously, drive both and see which has the qualities you prefer most. buy it if possible, and enjoy it.
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    i've noticed others have had rattling or "creaking" noises in the right sliding door. i took mine in for an adjustment but the noise reappeared after a day, has anyone with this problem had it corrected permanently? thanks
  • yeppoyeppo Member Posts: 17
    Yes, same thing happened for me. he adjusted door, but though I told the service advisor that it seems that the window rattles the message to the mechanic was "lost in translation"!!! The rattle is there when I go over rough road s. I also noticed that is more pronounced when the weather is very cold (near freezing) rather than at around 37-40 deg.

    My engine hum is still there, but is random now. Dont want to take the chance of messing up any more !!!
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    I have bought a 2006 Ody last week. 2 problems - (a)Vibration in the steering. Dealer says the rotor in the brakes warped - ordered for a new part. Hopefully that should take care of the problem. (b) I can hear rattle and squeaks in the back when the van goes over rough surfaces. Dealer lubricated the door weather seal citing that to be a common problem. That did not fix it. They tightened the bolts on the seat and now states that is how the van is designed. The third seat in the second row is squeaky nothing much can be done abbout it. Has anyone else noticed this rattling while going over rough surfaces and does this van squeak more than others. Thanks.
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    We noticed a rattling sound in the back of our 05 Odyssey after about 2 months of owning it. My wife went to the back and tightened the spare tire bolts and it disappeared. This might be the source of your problem.
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    :mad: We have an '06 Odyssey with an absolute annoying rattle in the back. Have had the van in the dealership-didn't get any help whatsoever. They "didn't hear anything" when they test drove it! Well, I hear it every time I drive the van over rough surfaces!!!!!!!!!! My husband thinks it's in the suspension, possibly a strut. We haven't felt any vibration in the steering, however, we do have the wonderful sliding door noise that many refer to. Ours is on the driver's side, not the passenger as I have read. Again, after trips to the dealership and a few so-called "adjustments" by them, we still have the marvelous rattle, click sound. Especially when it's real cold outdoors. I'm now to the point of taking the van to a body shop to see if they can possibly locate the problems. This van makes our sixth Honda vehicle and up until this purchase, we were extremely happy with the Honda product, but not anymore!!!! And we are even more disappointed with our dealer and their lack of consideration and help towards us to get to the bottom of these complaints! We wish all of you out there with the same complaints-GOOD LUCK and keep us posted of any rectifications.
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    don't be surprised if it isn't really in the dash. between the various cubbies, and the sunglass holder, it is possible that it is just a loose object bouncing around. I keep thinking ours has a metalic rattle that turns out to be a soda can sitting in the coin holder (aka the center tray cupholder).

    Oh, and I don't think the center indicator lights up. I don't know if I could really see that too well anyway, and normally just look at the dash display.

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  • greghenrygreghenry Member Posts: 4
    fred and stick,
    Thanks. I haven't heard the rattle lately and since it's clearly not the center highlighted gear selection indicator that's loose (since there isn't a center highlighted gear selection indicator) I think I won't worry more about this until I hear a rattle again. And then I'll remove everything from the lazy susan, sunglass holder, etc and check to see if I still hear a rattle. Thanks again.
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    I also own a 06 odyssey and having the same problem. Went to the dealer, left the car for two days. They said they fixed the problem. After one week I am having the same problem. I don't know what to do. I am very disappointed. Friends any update pls let me know. Thanks.
  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    don't be surprised if it isn't really in the dash. between the various cubbies, and the sunglass holder, it is possible that it is just a loose object bouncing around. I keep thinking ours has a metalic rattle that turns out to be a soda can sitting in the coin holder (aka the center tray cupholder).
    One of my kids stashed a Game Boy oin the draw under the passenger seat. It drove me nuts for a while. I also had a pen in the top glove box that rattled. Also, around here we (not me) used studded tires in the winter so the road are really ROUGH. I noticed the remote control on the key chain rattling.
  • cliffprdcliffprd Member Posts: 1
    Check your spare tire, the nut haolding it in place comes loose!!
  • abbytobyabbytoby Member Posts: 2
    My husband did check it out. No luck. It was already tight. Noise is still there. :(
  • scoutleaderscoutleader Member Posts: 18
    I have an 05 EX-L w ~22,000 miles. I hear a constant tinny sounding rattle coming from the steering column. This has been going on for the past ~5000 miles. I hear it at driving around town speeds. I've mentioned this to the service tech @ the dealership on the last 3 visits. They can't seem to find anything and naturally when I've taken the service manager on a test drive, there's no noise. Anyone else experience this? Solutions? Thanks.
  • hound97hound97 Member Posts: 22
    I have a 2006 EXL bought in Oct. 2005 with 12k miles. The once very quiet sliding doors now make an awful creaking sound at both ends of their range, but especially when they are fully opened. It seems as though the motor wants to keep opening them even when there is no where left for them to go. My dealer told me they adjusted them, but it didn't help. They also seem to suggest that by nature the doors just get very noisy. I also have a problem with noisy door seals around my font doors. Over bumps (even little ones) I hear a rubbing or pulling type noise from the seals.

    Any thoughts?
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    No noise on my 2005 EXL (purchased 11/04) sliding doors but over any bump door seals on all doors squeak and rub. Sounds like I'm hauling styrofoam coolers rubbing against one another. Severely disappointed in squeaks, vibrations (center console) and rattles (headliner). Visited dealer multiple times they are now going to replace all door seals. Thinking of trading this in for a Sienna!!!!! My Ford Windstar had more interior integrity.
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    This past week I took my 2006 EX-L in for service (10,000 miles). One of the things I asked the dealer to look at was the driver and passenger front windows. Since the last time we had the van in for service we have noticed that when the windows are closed they both make a "creaking" noise when driving on anything but a piece of perfectly smooth and straight pavement. It seems that as the body flexes that noise is generated from the location where the glass seals into the rubber. When the windows not 100% up, the noise goes away.

    Of course, the noise is not heard when the radio is on.

    When I mentioned this to the service manager, he smiled and said he was familiar with this and knew exactly what to do. He said that a product similar to Vaseline needed to be rubbed into the rubber seal and the noise would go away. didn't. Now that we know what to listen for it is infuriating.

    Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you solve it?
  • kozinatorkozinator Member Posts: 3
    anyone have any comments about this? I have scheduled a visit to Honda Service tomorrow and any info would be helpful.
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Yap, we have the same exact problem as you've described. The noise mostly came from my drivers door/window than the passenger side. Yes, I also took our ODY to my dealership to have it checked. I was given the same reason as your
    dealership gave you, that is to apply some thin grease (Sil-Glyde from NAPA was suggested) to the seal but that never did anything to reduce the noise.... Please let me know what the result is after your re-visit to the dealership. Wish all goes well and have the problem resolved once and for all.. Looking forward to hear from ya soon. Thanks!
  • hound97hound97 Member Posts: 22
    I go in Friday for an oil change and to have this issue looked at for the fourth time. The dealer I bought my van from said my seals needed to be replaced, but they didn't have the parts at the time and are too far away for me to return there. The dealer I am working with now has looked at this at least three times. Each time I go home with the same irritating noise in my ear! I'll let you know if I have any luck.

    Anyone know why Toyota wasn't part of the recent comparison done by Motor Trend? Odyssey was #1, but Toyota wasn't even in the running. Kia seems impressive. Chrysler would be irrelavent if not for Stow 'N Go.
  • fantasiofantasio Member Posts: 1
    I am also getting some window noise from all front and middle windows in my 2006 Odyssey. I am wondering if it is the same kind of noise. The noise started after I drove the odyssey on a one mile unpaved road two weeks ago. The road was a gravel road with a few bumps. Since then, all four windows seem to have a "rattle" sound as if something was loose in the door. When I crank open the window a bit (1/2 inch), the rattle noise goes away for that door.

    I brought the odyssey to the dealer today. The dealer mentioned a service bulletin and that they did not have the new window seals in stock. I'm not sure if my "rattle" noise are the same as in the service bulletin. On top of that, instead of 90F and sunny weather, it is 70F and cloudy and the noise was not as present this morning. Could the heat makes it worse?

    Oh well, I will have to see what happens. It took 5 trips to fix my steering wheel vibration issue (4 tire balancing, and then new pads and rotor fixed). Hopefully this time it will only take two trips.
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    kozinator & hound97, is the "creaking" noise issue ever resolved by your dealers? Did replacing the window seals work for you?

    I believe I have found the exact location of the "creaking" noise, its not the channel where the glass touches the rubber seal (when the glass is all the way up/closed), but the seal that is in contact to the car when the front door is fully closed. To recreate the "Creaking" noise, I had the front window fully closed (up), I stood on the outside of the van and closed the front door; from the outside, at the top of the window seal where there is a Chrome strip (it runs on top the windows seal along the top of the door), I lightly pressed on the chrome around the window and Oh Yeah here comes that "Creaking" sound. The rubber piece/section "just" above the Chrome strip where in contact with the paint is where I heard the "creak, creak, creak" each time as I pressed on the chrome. I basically got rid of this problem (for now) by cleaned the under side of the seal with warm water and waxed the entire painted surface where the seal comes in contact with, real good. So far, it has been a week and no "Creaking" yet... Good Luck!
  • hound97hound97 Member Posts: 22
    My 06 EXL sounds like it has a diesel engine when RPMs reach the top end of each shift point. If the windows are down you hear a loud rattling or chattering. I read an earlier post about an exhaust shield that needed tightening. My dealer says nothing is wrong with the vehicle. Has anyone else experienced and resolved this diesel type noise.
  • cubby6cubby6 Member Posts: 1
    We bought our '07 odyssey six days ago. Four days ago I noticed a rattling noise coming from under the captain chair (on the driver's side)in the second row when going over bumps. I took the chair out today and all was quiet over bumpy roads so I'm sure that's where the noise is coming from. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was your solution?

  • fx35awdfx35awd Member Posts: 218
    I sorry to say, but I hear a few different noises inside my '07 van occasionally and the same goes with my '04 Honda Pilot. However, after a while I just learn to live with it. I know it can be annoying and frustrating. They don't make Hondas like they used to. I don't know is it because it is built in the U.S. now where the quality control is not as tight as in Japan. I don't know, but it sure is not the same quality like it used to be. :(
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    I have a 2006 Odyssey w/ about 2,600 + miles and have same rattle noise problem. The dealer dismissed it as a normal minor noise. I told them it is not normal and is very annoying. I talked to the case manager of american honda customer service and said that they can't do anything unless the dealer recommeds something. He advised to try another dealership. I'll ask the dealership if they could replace the seat under warranty. :mad:
  • gelanogelano Member Posts: 4
    I had this exact same problem. Initially I thought it was the window loose inside the door, but after having my brother sit in the back for a while, we found that it was one of the black wires associated with front slider release of the chair (this allows the seat to move forward and backward). If you look underneath the seats, there are two black wires, one on each side of the seat. The rattle was being generated by the wire hitting the metal slider. I have tried moving them around, but the rattle would always come back. My final solution was to wrap parts of the wire that came in contact with metal with a piece of rubber. Your local home improvement store should have a mat made of rubber that you can cut with scissors.
  • odybusnyodybusny Member Posts: 3
    I have a similar issue. When the car is cold (first 5 - 6 minutes), the engine rattles/pings/knocks when accelerating. Took it to the dealer and the service manager said it sounded like a "whistle" and is just exhaust backfire. It's hard for me to tell if the sound is coming from the engine because I also hear it coming out of the exhaust. It sounds very similar to when I drove a stick and was in too high of a gear while climbing hills. There is another thread that talks about engine pinging when the van is cold. I have a '06 Odyssey Touring.
  • ac2000ac2000 Member Posts: 36
    mine pings at around 1400rpm when the engine is cold. i have 05 EX-L RES. I had the engine old changed and putting premium gas but no help.
  • kris995kris995 Member Posts: 23
    My 2007 Odyssey EX-L has a rattle in the back seat that we just can't figure out. It just doesn't make any sense. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, how did you fix it? I've seen other posts for a rattle in regards to the 2006...
  • hondaoddityhondaoddity Member Posts: 25
    Got a 2006 EX-L with RES. My wife is the daily driver so I don't see it too much. While I was standing in the driveway watching her leave, I noticed clanking sounds when she put the van into gear from Park to Drive. Sounded like pots banging together. Later that night I need to move it, and sure enough I could repeat it just going from Park to Drive.

    My Sienna makes a slight clicking sound when putting it in gear, and this is what I've experienced on my 8 previous automatics.

    This is our first Honda with automatic, all the others were sticks. I don't think I should hear anything as loud or dramatic as pots banging just putting the thing in gear.

    Anyone else experience this?
  • odybusnyodybusny Member Posts: 3
    Any luck ac2000 or hound on getting it fixed at a dealer? More I drive it, more I'm certain that the engine is knocking when it is cold. I do not know why it stops after about 5 minutes. I am also not sure how much this should bother me, but I can't imagine it is a good thing. I would think that a new oxygen sensor or engine programming could solve something like this. I am also going to see if I can create a separate topic just for Knocking/Rattling Engine.
  • jimskinsjimskins Member Posts: 11
    I bought a 2007 Odyssey EX a couple months ago. It has been in the shop numerous times already for various rattles - both sliding doors, drivers side - side airbag area, and rear hatch. They fixed the rear hatch and the airbag area but both doors still rattle and now a rattle has developed in the dashboard on the driver's side. Also, I noticed a bit of play and a "ka chunk" sound in the steering wheel when turning left. The dealer replaced the rack and pinion but that did not help. Could it be a suspension problem or a tie rod problem? Has anyone experienced these problems and are there any ideas? Honda is supposed to be great but I am starting to have doubts. Other than that, I LOVE the van.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Member Posts: 503
    Our 2006 EXL/RES/NAV had a clunk in the power steering when it was brand new. After a few hundred miles, the noise went away. The dealer never was able to duplicate the noise.

    Do you notice the infamous drone noise in your '07? I'm curious because we are in the middle of a Lemon Law case with our '06 and may take an '07 as a settlement option.
  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    I have a 2006 Odyssey EX-L purchased in Sept of 05. This vehicle "rattled" from every point possible. I posted about this sometime in the past. Both front door windows rattled when up and made loud popping sound when slightly down. The sunroof rattled when in the vent position. Both power doors rattled. A bunch of the seats rattle. The list goes on.
    I took the van in to Honda for its first oil change and gave them a written list of things that I wanted them to look at. They kept the vehicle overnight and did a pretty good job of fixing most of the rattles. I am a little suspicious of the methods used. For the sun roof, a couple of pieces of a very light grade of foam weather stripping were applied to a couple of the tines of the wind deflector. It does not look very professional and is probably not very durable.
    I like the way this van drives, but am very dissapointed with the various sundry rattles that I have encountered. I have to question what this vehicle will be like in a few years.
    Another peeve is removing the middle seats. I have done this a few times now and find it quite difficult, specifically to get the seats unlatched. I had a 92 Grand Caravan with middle buckets and a 95 Suburban with the removable rear seat and in each of these the removable seats were much easier to remove.
  • jimskinsjimskins Member Posts: 11
    I did not notice the infamous "drone" noise that I have seen a lot of posts about. We recently traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin and never heard it - only the rattles I mentioned. I have less than 1500 miles on it. I can only hope the drone noise does not start. I really love the van but I am starting to wonder about Honda's quality. This is the first Honda I have owned and I traded in a Ford Windstar that was nothing but trouble and was a settlement for a lemon law claim from my first Ford van!!
  • hondaoddityhondaoddity Member Posts: 25
    My wife owns a 2006 Odyssey. I don't drive it too often, but I have been the last couple of days.

    I hate rattles. I don't know what it is about them, but it's akin to a screech on a blackboard.

    Anyway, figured out there's a rattle in the driver side door when the window is up. There's a black plastic strip that sits between the top of door interior and the window. It's the black plastic strip that is rattling. I can replicate the exact sound by tapping on the plastic strip with my fingernails.

    When I take it in for it's first oil change, I'll bring it up to the service department.
  • jameshaydenjameshayden Member Posts: 16
    I figured that noise was from the seal. I wonder if you could just spray some tri-flow or WD40 or some other teflon based lubricant on the seal to resolve the noise. It seems like the noise is caused by friction. I find that it happens more when it's hotter. Maybe since the seal is expanding in the heat. Hmmmmmm.

    Thoughts anyone?
  • jameshaydenjameshayden Member Posts: 16
    Aarrgh! My 05 ODY has turned into a banshee at high speeds. There's a really annoying whistle that seems to come from either the windshield or HVAC vents. Can't pinpoint it. The radio does cover it up well but sometimes I hit a patch of fresh asphalt and just want to enjoy a sublimely calm and smooth ride in my sweet Ody. Then the noise kicks in. Imagine hitting some fresh virgin powder on the ski slope and you start to float down. Then they turn the snow guns on. In your face.

    Anywho, has anyone heard of any service bulletins for Banshee like whistling?

    Take it easy
  • dsudocdsudoc Member Posts: 1
    My 02 Odyssey has developed the same type of noise on the driver's side at 60- 70 mph. I can't tell if it is from the windshield or post area. Strangely it stops when the driver's window is lowered 1/2 inch, but that creates more noise. Any ideas??
  • kcassidykcassidy Member Posts: 2
    Bought an 2007 EX two weeks ago. Within days of purchase both sliding doors started rattling. Dealer has tried to fix them twice, but has been unsuccessful. What has the shop told you about the rattling in your sliding doors? Have you had any luck getting it fixed?
  • bobber1bobber1 Member Posts: 217
    No Idea.

    I bought my 2007 EX two weeks ago and it's been tight as a drum.

    The road noise on cement is a bit annoying, but I notice that in about any vehicle I drive. Our 96 Buick Regal is actually the most quiet car I've ever been in.

    We did get the Odyssey under coated and rust treated and it did help quite a bit.
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