SAAB Reliability

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    I would like to pass along an outline of the abysmal experience I have
    had with my '97 Saab 900S. Perhaps this will help to warn others
    about this make and model.

    I leased this car new and it has been a nightmare almost from the day I picked it up. Over the course of 4 years and 156,000 km the following repairs have been required:

    - replacement of alternator and battery
    - replacement of water pump (disintegrated on highway)
    - replacement of fog light housing
    - re sealing of windshield due to air leak (led to very loud, high
    pitched whining)
    - replacement of air conditioner condenser
    - re gluing of sagging headliner
    - replacement of all plastic trim on B and C pillars due to cracking and buckling of trim
    - removal and resealing of rear refelctor due to accumulation of water behind it
    - replacement of warped front engine cover
    - failure of heat seater
    - repeated failure of glove box light
    - replacement of several sections of exhuast pipe and muffler
    - intermittent failure of power antenna

    On top of all these problems the engine (2.3 L four) has always been
    very rough at idle and the interior the car is a cacauphony of rattles and creaks. Something is loose and rattles continually inside the left side of the dash. And finally the car has recently begun to stall without warning. This has led to some dangerous situations when the car has suddenly stopped running on roads and highways. Fortunately it has not yet occurred while passing on the highway but it certainly could. Despite repeated visits to the dealer for this problem it remains unresolved. This dealer is the only one within about 1000km and Saab Canada refuses to help.

    Fortunately Saab has been helpful in covering these repairs even after
    the warranty has expired. However, Saab Canada refuses to acknowledge
    this car is a lemon and unusual with respect to quality and
    reliability. They give the impression that this is simply to be
    expected of a Saab and have refused to compensate me for the
    inconvenience and frustration of leasing this vehicle. The quality and reliability of this car is totally unacceptable for a car that costs more the $30,000 (Canadian).

    I strongly recommend that others not consider a Saab when planning
    to purchase a new or used car. There are many far superior choices.

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    In the 9-3 topic, it appears Saab offers incentives worth between $4000 to $5000 if you lease or finance through them. hmmm, maybe that's how they do it.

    Richard, not to make light of your situation, but seems as though your lease should almost be up.
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    Hello All!

    I'm in the market for another car to drive to work and back each day. Daily communte is about 100 miles R/T, and mostly highway (avg. 75 mph). I love the look of the 97 Saab 900, and see them coming off lease for between $13,000 - $16,000 with approx. 36,000 miles.

    Questions -- is this a reasonable price for this car? Will it last for 150,000 miles? (I maintain cars very well). Will it be a pleasure to drive on my daily commute?

    Appreciate your thoughts, and I did read Richard's post of March 2....hope that was just a lemon sold in Canada....

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    Oxymoron (n.), a combination of contradictory or incongruous words, for instance-Saab reliability
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    direct links to our Saab 9-3 (Pricing & Information) and Saab 900 (anyone own one?) discussions. ;-)

    Hatchbacks/Station Wagons Message Boards

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    My 9-5 has been reliable so far. I can say one thing for sure; the driving experience is terrific. I rent cars frequently and drive all the domestics and many imports. After putting hundreds of miles on a rental, I'm delighted to hop into my Saab. It's a world of difference.

    Saab's may not be the car for everyone, but that's one thing I like about 'em.
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