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Hyundai Entourage: Should I Buy One?



  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    There are two big factors I would recommend you consider as well between the Entourage/Odyssey/Sienna:
    - Reliability. Having been a Honda/Toyota fan you obviously know this, but these two are consistently at the top of the pack with regards to overall reliability. Hyundai has made progress, but the Entourage is a completely new model and nobody knows the reliability yet. The 5/60 basic and 10/100 powertrain warranty on the Entourage definitely helps, but I would prefer a more reliable vehicle to a vehicle with a better warranty anyday. Overall, I would say the Sienna would be the most reliable followed very closely by the Odyssey. The verdict is obviously out on the Entourage and time will tell.

    - Resale. In my case, I tend to only keep my vehicles 4-6 years (sometimes as little as 3), so it is important that a vehicle I buy has good resale value. If you plan on keeping the vehicle 8-10 years then this is not as big an issue, but if not you should consider this factor. The Odyssey retains its value the best of any minivan, and historically speaking, Hyundai vehicles depreciate pretty fast. Perhaps the Entourage will help to reverse this trend, but it was a pretty big factor for me.

    Obviously the Entourage represents a great value for the money and you already like its performance/handling/ride. Honestly, I do not think you can go wrong with any of the above minivans, but when you are dropping close to $30K (when you consider the cost of the vehicle, dealer fees, and TT&L) you need to consider everything.

    Good luck!
  • jdsharcjdsharc Posts: 3
    I just saw one today for the first time at a local dealer.
    Looks like a pretty good value for the $$ - especially when compared to the Ody and Sienna.
    Might wait this out to see about resale - if I can get a used one for a lot less, might be worth it.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107 and

    So far my Entourage has been 100%. You can say this is a new completely designed vehicle; tell me why my serial number is over 16,000 and mine was in the dealership's first batch of Entourages they got (they are in Southern CA). So if you buy one, they have already made over 10,000.
  • jdsharcjdsharc Posts: 3
    Got to tell you, the Entourage presents much nicer than the Kia. I wouldn't have even thought they were based on the same vehicle if I'd not read it here.
    Hyundai wins hands down in the appearance category - somehow seemed bigger too.
  • schmidtjschmidtj Posts: 5
    On the Odyssey vs. Entourage: I have not driven either, but from what I hear the two both have their own pros. Yes Honda is known for it's resale and reliablity, but if I remember correctly (and I may be wrong) there have been numerous recalls on recent Hondas. The Entourage is new, so reliablity is yet to be found out, both recent Hyundai have done well. Resale is not as good on the Hyundai, but they are coming up. But if you will keep int for a number of years, it's nothing to worry about. The long warrenty helps. Also of interest, the IIHS and gov. safety programs have rated the Kia/Hyundai 's the safest minivans on the road today, beating the Toyota, and even Honda. Something to think about...
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Posts: 74
    To start with, I am a guy who runs cars into ground, but I realize that resale value can have an impact. But be realistic - that 2006 Honda Odyssey may very well be $9k in 6 years. How much do you think the equivalent equipped Hyundai would be - prob a few thousand less.

    BUT you paid a few thousand less for the Hyundai to begin with (if not more). So it all averages out. Paying more up front so you get more back down the line sounds a lot like the people who get back a ton of money at tax time - yet they could have had that all along during the year. Just a matter of perspective.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    If you compare 02 model years, a Kia Sedona EX with leather and 130K miles is worth $7200 (private party), and an 02 Honda Odyssey EX with leather and 130K miles is worth about $11900 (private party) according to KBB. That is a difference of $4700. Your right, in the end it may equal out but the point is would you rather drive a Honda or a Kia for nine years if they equal out in the end?

    In addition, the majority of Americans do not keep their vehicles for 130K miles and nine years. In my area a 2-3 year old low mileage Honda Odyssey is only about 3-4K less than a brand new one. A 2-3 year old Kia Sedona is significantly cheaper than a new one. In short, folks could get burned on resale/trade-in if they decide to get rid of their Kia in 2-3 years.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    I think one thing everybody is forgetting here is that the 2006 Sedona is not a 2002; it's not even a 2005. From every review, car writer, news story, etc that I have read, the current generation of Kias and Hyundais, including the Sedona and Entourage, bear no resemblance to the 1990 and early 2000 versions of their vehicles. And I have noticed that since the new Sedona and Entourage have been out, and I'm sure quite a few sold so far, there has been nothing in all of the forums about any problems generally, and certainly no common problems that several owners have complained about. You can't even say that about the current Odyssey when it first went on sale (windshield noise, noisy power side doors, and no screen over the lower air dam to stop rocks from damaging the radiator are three recurring problems that come to mind most readily).

    I think you have to factor in that with the tremendous increase in quality, with the continuing attention to value, and with Kia/Hyundai committed to being the number five car manufacturer in the world by about 2009 or 2010, that word is going to get out about the quality, maybe slowly, and that in five years or so, when you get ready to trade that 2006 Sedona in, the resale value of Kias and Hyundais will have increased substantially over what it has been in the past.

    In other words, with the current progress of Kias and Hyundais, quit living in the past and look to the future.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I totally agree with you. The 2006 Sedona is head and shoulders above the previous generation and it is clear to me that Kia/Hyundai are gunning for Toyota/Honda.

    I really liked the 06 Sedona that I drove, and quite possibly may like the Hyundai even more. I think that resale value and long term reliability will improve over time, but time will tell.

    My next minivan could easily be a Kia/Hyundai model, and I think anyone who can pickup a loaded Kia/Hyundai for $24-25K is getting a tremendous deal. If I would have qualified for either of the $2K rebates on the Kia back in April, I would have had an even harder decision...
  • I am considering the Entourage and the Odyssey (as well as the Honda Pilot and Toyota Rav4--the Sienna just does not do enough for the price). I just want to comment on Hyundai's quality.

    It is certainly true that Toyota and Honda have been quality benchmarks for a long, long time. But it's also true that they were not always perceived that way. They earned that distinction (just as American manufacturers lost their reputations for quality through their bungling in the 70's and 80's). Hyundai does not connote quality in the same way that Toyota does, but it's interesting to see how Hyundai has been shooting up the JD Power survey rankings in recent years. They are clearly serious about becoming a quality leader, and the recent JDP initial quality survey (IQS) suggests they are succeeding: "Hyundai ranks among the top three nameplates in the study for the first time in the history of IQS. Highlights
    include a top ranking for the Hyundai Tucson in the compact multi-activity vehicle (MAV) segment, and topthree
    segment performances for the redesigned Sonata and all-new Azera, as well as the Elantra and Tiburon." Now, I do not work in the auto industry, but as an outside observer, it seems that Hyundai is following the same script that Honda and Toyota pursued to their current positions. I suspect that buying a Hyundai now is a pretty good proposition from a quality standpoint, and you are able to do so at a much lower cost than buying from comparable Japanese manufacturers.
  • golddog1golddog1 Posts: 20
    I believe the quality perception of both Toyota and Honda are overblown (look at the new Camry transmission problems and the Avalons issues). I currently own a 2004 Sienna and quality has been marginal. Sunroof rattle, numerous squeaks, 2 recalls, trim issues (missing screws in interior and exterior wheel wells)liftgate drops in cold weather etc... Hondas have also had their share of problem with the Odyssey. I will definitely consider the Entourage for our next van and feel their quality has definitely improved.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Posts: 122
    The only recurring issue that I've read about on the HyunKIA minivan is that drivers above 6'3" are often too crampt in the driver's seat and wish there was an additional 2" of seat track movement. Oh, and the occasional TPMS sensor error. Engine, Trans, drivetrain, build quality....all major issues are apparently near flawless.
  • Conventional wisdom says not to buy a car in its first model year. Since Hyundai owns Kia and Kia has been selling the Sedona (the same car as the Entourage) for a year now, would it be fair to say that the Hyundai has learned from the Kia experience and that the Entourage is not really in its first model year.
    I would feel better buying a 2007 Sedona (the second model year) but am I getting just as good car with the 2007 Entourage?
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    YOU MENTION THE TPMS ERROR, can you explain?
  • hlphlp Posts: 2
    According to the dealer in San Diego, the Entourage has been on the market for 3 yrs. The Korean companies do not roll out their cars to the US first but try them at home and in other markets. If that is true, your concerns about this being an untested model are moot.........they've had 3 yrs to work out any bugs.

    I've ridden in my friend's 3 yr old Sienna and before it had 20,000 miles on it, the thing developed all kinds of squeaks and squacks, not to mention the recalls for the fuel tank exploding and then seat belts not tensioning, plus the rear tires wore strangely due to poor alignment and the CD player went kapootz. Contrast that $30,000 plus car w/ our fleet vehicle - cheapest Dodge Caravan they make and it's amazing! I'm not fond of Dodge due to comfort but this car has over 77,000 miles on it and zero trouble. My friends Sienna, same yr but 30,000 miles less, isn't going to hold up as well at the same mileage.

    Another friend has a newer top of the line Odyssey and the MPG has been most disappointing -- only 16 in town, where most minivan families do their driving -- might as well get a crew cab truck and use diesel! Seems that Honda & Toyota's quality has been hyped and that really, nowadays, unless you get a lemon, any brand should easily take you 100,000 miles.
  • I also had a problem with TPMS - in the cold weather it seemed to malfunction. Pressure was fine when I checked it (on all tires) manually. I've also had a problem with one of the sliding doors that occasionally doesn't want to latch closed. Gas mileage is just awful, but other than those 3 minor annoyances, the vehicle has been great. At 5'11" the driver's seat is just right for me - I wouldn't want to be any taller as I have it maxxed out.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    There are several cosmetic features the Entourage has the Sedona does not that attracted my wife and I. Chrome handles, spoiler with much larger 3rd brake light and a better looking grill. The only issues we have had are the same, gas consumption, driver side sliding door that refused to latch several times( corrected by dealer with minor adjustment ) and the TPMS issue from time to time. Overall a great Van.
  • Let me add to the other posters about my TPMS malfunction light coming on in my 2+ week old Entourage. Tire pressure is good, and no other cause that I can think of based on info in manual. Dealer said he would put vehicle on computer (had to update his computer for Entourage). Also have had one sliding door not want to latch occasionally. Other than those two minor problems, love the vehicle. Have put 1,500 miles on in about two weeks and have had no other issues. It's been a great road car.
  • Went back to the dealer today. He said that he was getting a code for the left front wheel (tire pressure is fine, so it is not the tire). But he said when he attempted to find, I believe, the receptor for the signal from the wheel transmitter, he could not find it where the Hyundai service guides said it was supposed to be. He said the Hyundai TPMS system is fairly new, and he has not had experience with it yet. He said he has a tech going to Hyundai training tomorrow and he instructed the tech to ask about the TPMS code he is getting and call him back during the day with the help from Hyundai (they were closed today for the holiday).
  • burnieburnie Posts: 10
    I ve had nothing but problems with my 2007 Entourage that I got 2 days before Christmas...I would have taken Coal instead..I m 8 months pregnant and I am living at Planet Hyundai In Las Vegas...The shimmy they thought was tires or alignment ...has now gotten to replacing the axle ...Still Shimmies at 50+..I m going to dealership again...My time and aggrevation.I would rather be getting the nursery ready, but I need a reliable vehicle to get to the hospital and home with a newborn....HYUNDAI doesnt cut it....Pay the extra $$ and buy Toyota or Honda... :lemon:
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Your dealer has let you down NOT Hyundai. Your dealer should be providing you with a loaner until the problem is resolved. Your dealer has given you an Entourage that IMO has sustained serious damage prior to delivery or the techs have no clue what they are doing.

    If you have not contacted anyone but the dealer on this issue its time to do so. I have included a number for you to contact.

    Let us know how you make out.

  • burnieburnie Posts: 10
    Have been on the phone with corporate and seen factory representative on Friday...I think Hyundai knows the deal...I took a brand new Entourage off lot for a test drive & it does the exact same shimmy/vibration...the car vibrates soooo much my 4 yr old asked "Why I was driving on the Reflectors?"
    I think a major recall is in the near future..It s not just my vehicle...Take it for a test ride on the highway & 75-80mph the steering wheel shakes uncontrollably and the seats in the car shake...Not what you would expect for $27,000..They gave me a loaner-Sonata..but I BOUGHT a minivan because of the young one & #2 on the way,,,I do not want to live at the Dealership anymore...I think they have an engineering fault between 17 inch tires & suspension...BUT IT S NOT MY PROBLEM TO FIGURE OUT...I JUST WANT MY $$$ BACK AND LET ME GET BACK TO MY LIFE BEFORE HYUNDAI... :lemon:
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Hi Burnie, I'm sorry for your trouble. Your case seems to be isolated however as others are delighted with their cars. I read in another forum about a special balancing mechanism that fixes the problem. here is a link to the forum link title
    Otherwise, I've noticed your posts on other forums to the extent that as soon as I see a negative attitude before reading the posters name I find myself thinking "O! there's Bernie again!" I've also noticed that your approach has been slightly irrational, a calmer, more dignified, and reasonable approach may yeild much better results. Others, including me, have been delighted with the car and the service, try a different approach and maybe you too can enjoy your purchase. :)
  • tomcat5470tomcat5470 Posts: 8
    Burnie: I wish you a good resolution to your challenges.

    To anyone else who is considering an Entourage, I would suggest a thorough test drive (or 2 or 3), and make sure it fits you well. I have had mine for a week now, and thought that I could make the seat slide back further (by modifying it after purchase (I am 6'4")). I tried tonight, so far, I haven't got it where I want it. Plus the seats don't actually pivot their backrests at the bottom; they kind of place the pivoting area at the bottom of one's back, and create a less comfortable seat than most. (especially on the 2nd row seats).

    The safety features being standard on all trims, the great engine, and the price lured me to buy this, and I still will want to make it work out. Also, the suspension on the GLS is a wee bit stiffer than Grand Caravan, and maybe the Limited Entourage. Here again, I was tired of the Grand Caravan, and wanted more of a "driver's car" experience.

    Hyundai is very close to being a large threat to Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler if they prove to have reliability, and tweak up the comfort a bit, plus come up with something like stow and go. The drivetrain is a tough thing to pass up, but make sure that everything else can work out for you.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    Hey Tom
    If you have the Limited make sure the adjustable pedals are all the way down. I'm 6'5", mostly torso, with 34 inseam, but I'm comfortable without the seat being in the farthest back position.
  • tomcat5470tomcat5470 Posts: 8
    Hi Dave:

    I have the GLS, and 36" inseam. I put in some washers at the front seat rack mounting point, to lift up the front seat cushion a bit, after seeing that I couldn't relocate the rack / rail back any. The Limited has a broader range of adjustments with its power seat - the manual adjustment for seat height on the GLS lifts the rear more than the front, very goofy, IMO. But having accessing to lowering the rear of the seat bottom, and raising the front of the seat cushion has always made more comfort for me. I probably should have looked at getting an SE, to split the difference on price between GLS and Limited, but still get the power seats.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    Very clever of you, Tom. It's tough being tall in a short person's world ;) ......just kidding folks
  • scrazscraz Posts: 3
    Air pressure sensors are very accurate, but remember, air pressure changes with the temperature. I'm guessing you are in a cold climate. I had the same issue and the dealer pointed this out. Makes scientific sense. I have no problems with air pressure during warm months. Suggest putting an extra pound or two in during winter.
  • rav12rav12 Posts: 1
    I have Hyundai Entourage, when taking right turns that are slightly elevated for e.g. driving into my drive way, I get grinding/clunky noise from the front on the driver side. It is like dragging metal shovel on side walk/

    I took it to the dealer, initially they suspected strut on the passenger side and replaced it but the noise was still there...then they replaced tie end joint...and then finally after getting some tech help from Hyundai techline they replaced the sway bar and some bushes, then they replaced driver side strut the problem is persistant and easily reproducible...

    I am not sure what else is left to be checked or changed in the front suspension has been with the dealer most of the time after I bought it...I am really being patient all these days :) but I am getting disappointed now...

    The dealer is very receptive and trying his best but looks like it is going no where except me revolving around the dealership..

    could any one please help..
  • genricogenrico Posts: 1
    I read that a Sacramento Bee reviewer warned that the Entourage's AC might not be strong enough for drivers in hotter climates: "The minivan's air-conditioning system struggled in the Sacramento area's summer heat, taking many minutes to cool down a moderately hot interior, even with the setting set at full-blast." I don't know which model year was tested. I am car shopping and would appreciate hearing about anyone's experience with minivan air conditioning after having to park in the sun in a hot climate.
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