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Hyundai Entourage: Should I Buy One?

caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
Hi- I'm back. While I'm probably going to end up buying the Sedona, I have a general question as applies to the Sedona/Entourage as well: Is it worth the approximate $1,000 to get the power side doors? I'm a bit nervous about the door motor(s) failing over time. Anyone here used power sliding doors on other (older) vans- how well did they (or not) work for you?

With similar packages, the Sedona EX (add power doors) is almost a dead heat with the Entourage price-wise.


  • vanfor3vanfor3 Posts: 14
    Maybe I'm just pricing it wrong, but the MSRP of sedona ex with premium entertainment, luxury, and power packages is $31,365 v. Entourage with Ultimate package and crossbars (to make features equal) is $33,640.

    Hopefully I've just missed some great features and when I get to see the Entrouage in person I'll find out.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    My parents owned a very unreliable '93 Pontiac TranSport with a power-sliding door. Problems included multiple occurances of doorlatch failure (related to holding the door in the open position and releasing it once the button was pushed for the door to close).

    Regardless, I certainly wouldn't suggest making projections concerning the reliability of the Entourage/Sedona from a single, 14-year-old GM unit. In fact, my parents are planning on purchasing an Entourage next week -- even though the manually-operating doors are light and easy to use, they insist on buying one with the power-sliding doors.

  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Do you have kids? If yes, then the power doors are a necessity. Also, the Kia has an extensive warranty and I can only imagine that the doors are covered up to 5years 60K miles.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    A necessity? My family managed very well with non-power doors through almost 13 years of minivan ownership. Shoot, for almost 8 years we only had one sliding door! But I can see it would be useful if you have young kids, or don't mind paying for the convenience of being able to open a door with a button when carrying groceries etc. My kids are 10, 14, and 17 now and can manage the doors on our minivan just fine.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little :) Before we bought our van this past Saturday (an 06 Odyssey EX-L), my wife asked her sister what her favorite feature of owning a minivan was (an 01 Chrysler T&C) and she said matter of factly "the power sliding doors". Granted she has three kids under the age of eight. Having a ninth month old in a car seat, I can tell you that the dual power sliding doors are an awesome convenience and safety feature (the door will not close someone's fingers/hand).
  • golddog1golddog1 Posts: 20
    That was my big question when pricing the two vans. Checked out both and determined there is no difference to warrant the $2,300 difference. Hyundai dealer explained that the Entourage is tuned for a better ride and has tighter panel gaps. The later I do not believe one bit since they are manufactured at the same facility. Except for the gauge cluster, which is green lit in the Sedona and electroluminated in the Entourage I cannot see anything else to warrant this price difference.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    It may not make a difference to you, but it has been pretty well established, based on discussions in different forums, and my conversation with a Hyundai rep at auto show, that the two vans are manufactured at same plant, but on two different lines, with different manufacturing processes. There are some who have indicated that the Entourage may have more insulation, sound deadening, better paint processes, etc. Is that worth the difference in price? I'm trying to make the same decision myself. Between the preference for the Entourage looks and the different manufacturing processes--maybe. It will definitely be a negotiating point.
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    I don't place a huge amount of faith in things said by representatives at dealers or auto shows. While it may indeed be true, it's not something that can be easily proved. I place more value on hard documentation, printed lists of feature sets, and such. While it certainly may be true that there's those slight improvements listed above, I don't personally believe it's worth two thousand dollars plus. These vans are basically the same- with the same 100K powertrain warranty, which is the absolute biggest selling point for me.

    In four years, when I have 80,000 miles on this beast, my only real concern is how to handle a transmission or water pump that failed, and I won't really care about esoteric differences in "paint process". To be honest, since about 1990, not a single vehicle I have owned has ever shown any signs of rust at all.....

    However-- I am certainly going to give the Entourage a chance- I have a hard quote for my new Sedona- I'm going to chat with the Hyundai dude today and ask him to make it worthwhile to buy HIS car.. :-)

    My main opinion on this overall: Whether it's Sedona or Entourage, both are in my opinion really great vans that are priced aggressively, and come with fantastic warranty support. I'm looking forward to owning one, whichever one it turns out to be.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    Test drove a Sedona yesterday. While out on the drive,without a salesman, of course, we stopped at Hyundai dealer to get closer comparison. The leather in the Entourage seemed a little softer and nicer, and the faux wood on center instrument console seems a little nicer looking. But hard plastic interior surfaces of Sedona the same on Entourage (that is, except possibly for quality of leather and faux wood, interior materials appear to be the same). I asked the Hyundai dealer to tell me, as a person who would have to sell Entourages, what the differences were, other than cosmetic, and why I should buy the Entourage at a $2,000 higher sticker price. He was honest and said he really could not see any differences or compelling reason to buy the Hyundai Entourage over the Kia Sedona. He said the same was not true for any of the other Hyundai models compared to the equivalent Kia models.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I did not test drive the Entourage, but did drive the Sedona. I agree with you, I am not sure that I would spend $2K more for slightly nicer leather, more chrome, and a few differences here and there. The only consideration (in my case) is that I would much prefer to deal with my local Hyundai dealers vs Kia. I was very unimpressed with the two local Kia dealers I emailed and the one that I visited. There are also more Hyundai dealers in my area which helps if there are warranty issues.

    But, $2K is still $2K..

    Out of curiosity, have you driven the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey yet? I would like to hear your impression of these vans compared to the Kia. I started out almost planning to buy a Toyota but me and my wife liked the Odyssey the best out of all the vans we drove. I liked the Kia as well, and there is no denying the value of the Kia. With the latest IIHS safety scores the Kia is even more desirable.

    I really like what Hyundai/Kia are doing and time will tell if they are going to really challenge the Japanese.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    I have not driven either. We will buy a fully loaded minivan when we buy, because we will keep it for a number of years, so we want to be able to enjoy it. I think being fully loaded also helps when it does come time to sell. A fully loaded Sienna is just way too expensive for the vehicle you get in comparison to the Kia and Hyundai. I mean, sure, a lot of people will tell you what a wonderful vehicle it is, and what a great reputation Toyota has--and I have no doubt it is and does. But not enough better to justify thousands (much more than $2K) more over the Kia and Hyundai, based on their features and everything I have read over the past year or more about the quality of the current generation of their vehicles. Pretty much the same is true for the Odyssey (although I have some feature problems with it--memory seats only control the seats, the third row windows no longer open, and front headroom with a sunroof is much less than the Kia and Entourage). The only "advantage" the Sienna and Odyssey had is that they have nav system options. But that is not really an advantage any more as I can get an aftermarket 2-DIN, in dash nav with just the features and quality I want rather than what the factory chooses to install (including back up camera and iPod connectivity).
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Posts: 14
    Looked at both the Kia and the Hyundai this weekend. I honestly couldn't tell any real noticeable difference in handling or driving, they were both very smooth and very quiet. The main differences seem to be all cosmetic that I saw. The Hyundai (limited, all the goodies) was $33k+, and it has a different front/rear bumper and lights (I like it better than Kia, but its just personal taste). It also has the extra chrome trim, a slitghtly different rear upper brake light, different rims, more chrome in some interior spots, nicer looking faux wood (and the option of the faux metallic trim), and a different gauge cluster. Everything else seemed identical to Sedona EX with Power, Luxury, Entertainment packages. The kia was $31k+, but my local dealer decided it needed $1200 worth of clear-coat and scotch guard and another $1500 "market adjustment" bringing it up to $33k also. I would still assume more wiggle room on the kia, but based on dealer experience alone and the fact that I liked the looks more of the Hyundai inside and out, I would probably lean towards it.

    Has anyone seen the Kia Olive Gray and the Hyundai Green Meadow Gray - are they the same?? I hope so.

    Lastly, feature wise the Odyssey really needs the Touring package which puts it over the top price wise. The Sienna XLE Pkg 7 seems the closest fit, and at MSRP it is also quite a bit more - but they are discounting/rebating pretty heavily these days it seems, pushing them down well below the Hyundai's MSRP for sure, and not far from the Kia's. A local quote I got as well as carsdirect confirmed this - and makes my decision even that much more complicated!
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    You sure about that Honda price? Two weeks I got quoted 32,800 for a Odyssey Touring model (that price included freight, did not include TT&L). Although that model did not have RES or NAV (I prefer aftermarket options).

    Also, it seems like you should be able to get the Hyundai/Kia dealers to deal. The completely loaded Entourage Limited models in my area are going for about $30,500 (including freight) which is about $1K below invoice. The invoice on a loaded 06 Sedona (EX w/luxury/premium entertainment/power pkg)is $28,895, and Kia has incentives too (2K competitive bonus +1K + 3.9% financing through Kia Fianance). I think you should be able to pickup a loaded Sedona for $26-28K easily (including freight, before TT&L and dealer fees). Those fees your dealer added on are a joke, you should not pay them. For $33K you can get a loaded Odyssey or Sienna, and you will be overpaying on the Kia/Hyundai. The minute you drove that loaded 06 Sedona off the lot, it will probably be worth about $23K...
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Posts: 14
    I honestly hadn't gotten to the negotiating part with the Odyssey Touring, so that sounds OK. I wasn't aware the Touring came without the RES? The quote I got on the Sienna XLE#7 (has RES) was $31,500 range incl frieght (+ttl). I've seen 2 different invoice prices for the Sedona, one of which is the 28,895 you mention and the other is more like 29,700 (carsdirect), not sure which is right.

    Either way you are right, you should be able to get the Sedona around $28-29k (or less if you qualify for the competitive rebate) and the Entourage $31 or less. My point related to the Sienna was just that at $31,500 with RES it isn't That far out of the Entourage range, to me at least.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    According to Edmunds, the 28,895 price is correct. I am glad to hear that you are not planning on spending 33K on the Kia Sedona when you can get the same van for much less...

    That is a good price on the Sienna, I advise you to drive them back to back and decide which van is best for you..
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Posts: 14
    Um, no. Never considered $33k for Sedona. I actually let a little laugh slip out when the dealer tried to explain the "protection package" and "market value adjustment" markups. Of course, the only thing even more humorous was the hyundai dealer stumbling thru a very unprepared explantation of the Entrouage price premium over sedona. Wonder why is so different on the sedona invoice, kbb agrees with edmunds.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Dealers have tried to pull the "market value adjustemt" on me a few times on a new model.. What a joke..

    Perhaps the price added the tow package or something else to the invoice price.

    Glad to hear that you are an informed buyer. I wonder how many people fall for the good ole "protection package" scam.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Wonder why is so different on the sedona invoice, kbb agrees with edmunds.

    Could it be the dealer advertising fee?
  • leon111leon111 Posts: 5
    Excellent analysis :shades: - Having done mucho research on these vans and current and resale prices - I totally agree.
  • tydupreetydupree Posts: 1

    The Sedona being sold by KIA was actually designed by Hyundai. Ten years ago when KIA wasn't doing well in the market, Hyundai sold its right to this Minivan to KIA. Now that KIA is doing well, Hyundai took back the rights. Hence, they couldn't very well design the same Minivan they did for KIA, hence the entourage was born. They had to make it bigger and better than the sedona. But since they are the ones who designed the KIA sedona, I can see why there are so many similarities. I myself have been waiting for Hyundai to bring the Entourage to the states for years. It has been sold in Germany for some time now. I will be making my purchase of the Entourage, Ltd edition within the next 2 weeks if not sooner.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    They had to make it bigger and better than the sedona.

    :confuse: It's the same van, with some trim differences. It certainly isn't any bigger.
  • carfaxcarfax Posts: 43
    You buy what you want, but the main components of the two vehicles are exactly the same with some trim difference. One will not be any better then the other.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I agree with you... One factor to consider is dealerships.. In my area (Northern VA) there are more Hyundai dealers, and I have found them to be a little more on top of things than the local Kia dealers..
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    That is the same thing I heard from the Hyundai rep at the car show. She also explained that it was that licensing of rights back and forth that had something to do with the on-off-on plans to produce the Entourage. I didn't really fully understand her explanation. Does your information source include the relationship between the sale of rights to Kia and the on again-off again decision to put the Entourage into production?
  • Dealership does make a difference. I visited 2 Kia dealerships First was very nasty and arrogent, second was very nice. Hyundai dealership was very nice, very professional salesmen. I still can not make up my mind between the Sedona EX with the Luxury package and the Enterouge limited. The Sedona is approx. 2k cheaper due to the competitor model 2K rebate. The Sedona with Lux package inc. the power sunroof, backup assist, etc. only included with the ultimate package at Hyundai. Hyundai has 07, resale value and more good dealerships to their advantage.
  • carfaxcarfax Posts: 43
    I agree that dealerships make the difference. You only deal with the salesman for a day or two when you purchase the vehicle, so to me he or she is only the go between the sales manager and you to make the deal. If you come across a nasty one, then walk across the room to another salesman and talk to him about the vehicle you are interested in. You will get his and the sales managers attention real quick and if you make the deal and asked why you switched, make sure you let them know how you felt about the attitude of the other salesman.

    The 07 year may be the only one that you can use Hyundai and Kia dealers against each other on price. By telling them the vehicles are the same and for and the price difference you are going to shop around will help. Hyundai didn't want to bring the Entourage out on the market as the twin sister of the Sedona. The poor sales of the big two and the jump in the Sedona sales has forced them into it. In the next year or two the Entourage will probably change a lot from the Sedona.

    Always get the salesman to introduce you to the service department and manager, because they are the people you deal with for the next ten years on warranty, not two or three days for the purchase. They are two different departments and one has very little to do with the other. :)
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    In the next year or two the Entourage will probably change a lot from the Sedona.

    How? I mean they could add a nav system (which apparently is already in the works for the end of the year) with back up camera, put some chrome around the windows maybe, give it a telescoping steering wheel, and . . . . what else can they do within year or two to substantially differentiate the Entourage from a fully loaded Sedona? An article I read said they didn't do stow and go because their research showed that most who had it didn't use it, so that wouldn't seem probable. I don't know that too many people buying a minivan want a 300 hp engine. More cosmetic changes?
  • Just finished reading the string of 231 messages in this forum. Also just tested all minivans today: Ody, Sienna, MPV, Quest, Sedona, Entourage. Ody presented with good motoring potential but was noisier and transmission harder than that of the Entourage (but Ody is spacier as 4x8 plywood sheets fit perfectly). Sienna was my biggest disappointment :( : engine was much too lazy and the look remains a little bit too conservative (the back of my brain recognized the Toyota ambiance that I felt in my 1980 Tercel...but finish is impeccably japanese and reliability is unquestionable). Quest was extremely interesting but if a prize would be awarded for worst driver seat conception the Quest would win indisputedly! :sick: (great overall package though and refreshingly different from all others). Finally Entourage clearly charmed me by its "firm smoothness" and mechanical maturity. It also felt to me that it was quieter than all of its competitors. Acceleration is amazing but excellent torque at low speed was most pleasurable (I felt a clear difference between the Ody and the Entourage in favor of the latter but this might only be a non-Minivan user bias). Shiftronic is also fun for a manual driver like I am but certainly not a deal breaker factor.

    I should admit I am deeply puzzled because I have been a Japanese-car driver for 25 years and would naturally jump eyes closed on a Toyota or Honda model without asking questions but the Entourage seemed so more superior to all others during my test drives that I developed the Mini-wheat complex: should I listen to my senses and not hesitate to buy Korean (no previous data on this model...) or follow the beaten paths of the Japanese? Any thoughts on this?

    (as for the Sedona/Entourage choice, I favor the latter as buying a 2007 model makes more resale sense plus the small bonuses like best anti-rust protection - with all the calcium they spread on the Canadian roads it's certainly an important factor to consider when buying)
  • if you like the vehicle, then go for it. i would chose between ody and entourage.
  • Thanks wolverinejoe80. Immediately after I tested the Entourage I ran just across the street to the Honda dealer and tested the Ody. Although I'm a Honda/Toyota fan, I was actually surprised to find out that the Entourage provided a much smoother/powerful ride than the Ody for a few $K less. If I get another nudge like the one you just gave me I'm going to give Hyundai a chance no later than next week... :)
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