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Mazda5 Transmission Problems

peacepunkpeacepunk Posts: 2
edited January 11 in Mazda
I've had my Mazda5 for almost a month now. It's been a great vehicle, but I find when I'm using the manual mode of the automatic/manual trasmission I'm getting a smell of burning rubber. Living in Canada, I didn't even get my M5 before the recall was done, so I don't think that's an issue. Has anyone else smelled a weird smell after using the manual shift on the auto tranny?


  • caliaghicaliaghi Posts: 7
    I was wondering if anybody experienced problems engaging the first gear with a manual transmission. I have a Mazda 5 GT with 3 000 Km on bord and from the beggining the first gear is hard to engage....I have to really push much harder the stick in order to enter in the first gear, much harder than the other 4 gears including the revers. Is it just because is a new transmission or is it a problem with the transmission linkage?
  • evpedevped Posts: 39
    The clutch in my new 5 makes a slight clicking noise when the clutch is released. It didn't do it for the first few hundred miles, now it has for the last few hundred. Anyone else experience this?
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 188
    I saw several posts about engine hesitation but they seemed all to be automatics, so I thought I'd try my own. The scenario -- drive steady speed for a while, say 40-50 mph in 5th gear, constant ~2000 rpm. Then, suddenly step on gas all the way. Immediate big hesitation that lasts only a split second. It's fairly easy, knowing this, to avoid it 99% in normal driving, but the 1% is still annoying. I haven't tried dealer diagnosis, but am expecting a "they all do that" response. It certainly starts and runs perfectly in all other respects. Anybody know more about this?
  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    What you are experiencing is pretty normal for any car once you are in the top gear. 5th gear in this case has to be pretty long to be usable between 80 and 180 kmh. I had this with the 2.4l mustang I had in High school and my Sidekick. Normally on a Manual, you just do a quick downshift and go.

    The "hesitation" your experiencing isn't, it's just then engine trying to cope with all the extra fuel you're dumping into it (remember it's not a V8)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You need lots of torque to pull 5th gear at 2,000 rpm. Your engine might not be up to that. At 40 mph I'd definitely downshift to 4th if you need a burst of power. 5th gear is really a freeway speed gear.
  • menmy5menmy5 Posts: 12
    Let me jump in and ask, what is the optimal speed/rpm for highway fuel efficiency in the 5? Not quite on topic i know, but the two of you who responed to whobodym seem like people who might know.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Probably you should ask a longterm owner that question. Anybody???
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    I have an automatic. I notice the hesitation when accelerating from 100km\h (2900RPM) to 120 km\h. It lasts about a second, then all of a sudden after that second of hesitation, it just goes. I have read in other forums, that others are experiencing this hesitation especially in the 2.3L . I have notice the acceleration is not as smooth as my 1991 Toyota Corrola 1.6L.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 188
    I understand what you're saying but when this happens, our Mazda5 is definitely not behaving like a well set-up engine/manual trans combo. At steady part-throttle, the engine will have been pulling acceptably, producing some torque. The quick application of heavy throttle causes a one-second (or less) complete disappearance of any torque, like how an old junker engine with burned valves will backfire thru the carburetor at wide open throttle. A car should offer smooth, proportional torque that varies with throttle opening. None of my previous manual trans cars, at least one continuously owned since 1977, have done this -- Rabbit / Scirocco / Jetta / Accord / two Civics / Integra GS-R. Yes I understand about downshifting for power and accelation -- but this is another kind of driving. I should be able to get smooth response when I want the engine's best at 2000 rpm, just like at 4000 rpm or 6000 rpm.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    My Mazda 5 is an automatic and I notice the acceleration is not as responsive or smooth. I have this hesitation especially a hard throttle like merging on to a highway or passing another vehicle on a single lane highway. This hesitation usually occurs at about 2900-3000 rpm when going from 90kmh to 110kmh. I have read in other forums that the 2.3 L is running too lean on fuel. Anybody with an automatic that experience this.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    My theory is that it has something to do with the electronic throttle control software and the lack of torque. I'm guessing that engineers programmed the software to make the throttle input gradual, so there isn't a sudden neck snapping downshift. I also think the lower torque of the 2.3L engine coupled with the weight of the 5 compounds the problem.

    I had a Mazda3 and now a Mazda5 (both with the 2.3L and automatic) and both hesitated for just a second when I floor the throttle at speed. However, the sensation is more pronounce in the 5 than it was in the 3. I attribute that the extra weight of the 5 and the lower torque rating of the 5 vs the 3.
  • I am having that same problem with my Mazda5. I know have 4000km on my car and the clicking has become progressively more bothersome. My car is being checked out early next week. Have you any ideas what is causing the noise?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,877
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  • zuzuq2zuzuq2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Mazda 5, manual transmission. It drives great, but every once in a while, there is a hitch after I shift to either 2nd or 3rd gear. Initially, I thought it was just me, but then my hubbie noticed it as well. It feels like if you took your foot off the clutch too fast - obviously I am not a mechanic and don't know the correct terminology, but I know that it isn't my driving :)

    The dealer couldn't find anything wrong...
  • I also have a 06 GT with manual. I like to have manual, b/c I can take charge of when I want to shift gear.

    I also encounterd a few times with hitch.
    The 1st time is when I am existing fm 401 and shift to 4th gear, but it was not the hitch when u suddenly change gear too aggresive
    The 2nd time is even funny when I just start driving on a 40km/h street in gear 2 to 3
    Today, it happened again that I use the gear 2 when I am accelerating after a stop sign w/o complete stop.

    I do not know how to explain to dealer, and they will always deny.

    What is your comment?
  • zuzuq2zuzuq2 Posts: 3
    It has happened several times since being at the dealers. They asked me to take note of the rpm's etc, but it happens so suddenly that I have had time to look. I really would like to hear from other Mazda 5 owners with the same problem.
  • Just a thought, not sure if it is related or not. With the automatic and if you are decelerating or coasting(letting the foot off the gas) as if to stop for a red light and then it goes green you press the gas to accelerate there is a pause then a very hard/harsh engagement of the gear. Now I know that the auto transmission is different with the standard. What I am wondering is as the gas is 'drive by wire' and not a direct connection if they did some thing to the programming that has done this. If anyone knows how to get back to the original settings from the factory let me know (the dealer says they do not know how to do this- that they do not have the training to do this :confuse: )This was definitely not an issue before the exhaust 'fix'. I have spoken to the dealership about this and they said it is the "NEW NORMAL". I wish I could get access to the programs.
  • We have a 06 GT auto and my wife used to tell me that the shifting was "funny", but I was never there to experience it. One day we were on a level road, accelerating briskly to 60 (engine was warm) and I felt it for the first time, it was almost like the engine backed off or slipped a shift. You know the sensation, you sort of lean forward in reaction to the loss of momentum.
    I brought it up with the dealer, but they just flashed the tranny rom and danced around with excuses.
  • That is exactly what I have experienced. It still continues to do it every couple of days, or so.
  • sam80sam80 Posts: 2
    We have the 2007 Mazda5 GS since Oct. 2006 and so far I found two issues with it: 1) the brakes squeal under cold temperature. Spoke to the service advisor at the dealership and he said other people had made similar complains. Apparently, there is no solution for it. 2) Engine stalls - it had happened to both myself and my wife at different occasions. The engine would stall after we made a complete stop (for example, at traffic lights). It would take us a few attempts to restart the car.

    I definitely won't buy it out at the end of the lease.
  • Hello all! I am new to the forum. I'm about a week away to get my 2007 Mazda 5. I'm interested on purchasing the Touring Trim, automatic. Can any of you please explain to me on what the M on an automatic is for? I have a 2002 Mazda 626 now and I've noticed that it has OD (also a automatic). I noticed that M - & D +. What does that mean? Thank you
    LuvMazda :shades:
  • If you move the shifter to the left you will be in Manual mode. Move the shifter down (+) to shift up one gear and move it up (-) to shift down one gear. So you can manually shift if you like. I've played with the feature but have no real need for it though perhaps if I lived in a hilly area it might be useful. Also it's good for people who want to pretend they are in a sports car. Enjoy your new car.
  • So by moving on the manual mode is used when you're on hills to give you more "umph"? :confuse: How about driving it on the freeway? :confuse:
  • Well it just basically turns the car into a manual shift. So you have to move the gears up and down yourself. Once you're on the freeway, you'll want to keep it in the top gear anyway, so no real point in using it on the freeway.
  • We found that out last Sunday. It's something that I won't use at all since I'm not familiar using a manual. LOL :) we went to the dealership and was hoping that we would get the Mazda 5 and drive home with it. Unfortunately, we need to negotiate a different amount for a down payment. Gad, I hope I get this car LOL
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    Mine does this too but VERY rarely. I think in the 3 weeks i've owned my 2006 Mazda5, it has done it 3, maybe 4 times. Once was getting on the highway, the others were from just coasting to slow down, not completely stopping, then pressing on the gas to accelerate again. I looked at my gear numbers though and it did it when between 3 and 4, not 2 and 3....The thing that freaked me out most was the time it did it while getting on the highway...for a couple seconds it felt like my gas pedal wasn't going to do anything and about as soon as I was about to freak out and think something was wrong, out of nowhere it jerked with very hard acceleration. My father says I just need to get used to how touchy the gas pedal is, the acceleration, etc... since I can't really abuse the gas pedal on this thing like I did my Chevy....
    I mean that's the first thing I noticed about this car when I test drove it... how the pedals feel so "liquidy", the gas goes up good without much pressing on the pedal but i've accidentally spun my tires quite a few times thinking it could handle a hard hit like my old Chevy haha...maybe it's just the weight of the car and the lack of horsepower for the torque..
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    It feels like a slingshot. You have to stretch the rubber first before letting go and it will shoot forward.
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    I noticed something freaky this past weekend when driving it for 4 and a half hours on the highway - I finally used cruise control a lot. I would be doing about 65 then go to pass someone by pressing the "+" key on my cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, the RPMS would shoot up to about 4, and i'd hear the engine rev, i'd get up to about 70-75 then all of a sudden NOTHING. It would just.. drop out. I don't know any other way to describe it. The RPM needle would drop really quick down to like 2 and it was like my car wouldn't get any gas. I kept my finger pressed on the "+" then about 8 seconds later out of nowhere it would eccelerate again. This happened EVERY TIME I would use cruise control while passing someone. My boyfriend drives a 2002 Protege and his cruise control doesn't do that, I don't even remember the cruise control doing that in the old Cutless station wagon I drove 10 years ago so.... Is that normal or something I should have looked at?
  • We purchased a used Mazda 5 about a month ago. I specifically wanted a manual shift and this one was on the lot with about 9000 miles. My wife usually drives the car, so she told me she was having difficulty shifting. I took it out and didn't have a problem. However, I drove it a couple days later and the non-shifting problem occurred. What happened was this...driving through a parking lot and trying to down-shift from 3rd to 2nd, the shift lever just locked between the two. I couldn't move it. After some aggressive "jiggling" of the shift lever it freed itself and I was able to get into first gear. This has happened numerous times since, but of course never when we took it to the dealer. The car has always been difficult to get into first gear. Dealer gave us an 800 number to call to have it towed when this happens again, but you know what'll happen...I'll be trying to shift in the middle of an intersection and the non-shifting will occur. I can't just leave it there while I wait for a tow. So I'll have to "jiggle" it again and get it in gear. Now the non-shift is gone and I am frustrated because I can't show the service guy the problem. My next step is to carry a notebook in the car, write down when these non-shifts occur so I can try to re-create the problem.
  • It is possible that you have a broken motor mount- the #3 mount (upper passenger side) is prone to early failure. There is a TSB for this. A broken mount may be causing the engine to shift and is binding your shift linkage, causing the difficult shifting.
    Also, you may want to change the transmission fluid to a full synthetic (Redline, etc.), as that has really smoothed the shifting on my manual 3 (same drivetrain) in cold temps. Let us know what happens!
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