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Mazda5: Recalls

pir8mattpir8matt Posts: 45
edited April 2014 in Mazda
Hello all. I'm a new Mazda5 owner (took delivery monday) with just under 200 miles on my car.

I have to say, I wish I had read this discussion group before purchasing my car. I have been encountering the A/C problems, mysterious engine noises, and other issues I wouldn't expect from a brand-new vehicle (nevermind the lack of an AUX jack for an external music player...they have a TAPE DECK option? What is this, 1982?)

Anyway, my dealer called me this afternoon to let me know about the recall, and they are trying to round up vehicles to swap out with. I don't know about them not being able to sell any more at my particular dealership, but it seems likely that is the case.

The service manager didn't give me any real timeframe as to how long it would take to get it fixed, but here's my real question:

Should I keep this car?

I have to admit, Im not terribly impressed with the small A/C vents, the fact that the compressor shuts down if the accelerator is pushed 2/3rds of the way down (the service manager told me this), the fact that the massive amounts of glass aren't factory-tinted, and the dearth of audio accessories someone living in the 21st century might actually use (minidisk option? Didnt that die 10 years ago?)

Since my car has very low mileage at this point, and the recall fix is of an indeterminate nature, I think I could probably make a case for the dealer to just take the thing back and cut my losses.

What do other owners think? If you had the chance to get out of your M5 free and clear, right now, would you do it?


  • lolo2lolo2 Posts: 10
    I'm in the same boat as you..picked up my car on has less than 70 miles on it...I spoke to someone in the service department and it sounded like they will be keeping the car for a month...right now they don't know how to solve the problem. Anyone else have more info.
  • We've got 400 miles on ours and our dealer called this afternoon about the recall. They left a message on our answering machine and didn't mention how long they would be keeping the 5. The service shop didn't tell us not to drive it this weekend, just to drop it off Monday for repair. Talk about a bad day, a Volvo SUV parked a foot from our 5 this afternoon and the child who opened the back door put the first dent in our driver side sliding door. It's a tiny dent but I found it right away when I noticed how poorly the Volvo was parked. :cry:
  • I just told my wife about the recall after receiving an email from Mazda. She's so disappointed. She loves our Mazda5. I'd be willing to drive it for awhile until it can be fixed, but there is no way I'm letting her drive it with the kids strapped in car seats in the back. The Mazda center specified in the email is closed until Monday, so I guess we'll just have to remain patient over the weekend. We didn't purchase from the local dealer because they wouldn't come down on the price. I do not look forward to having to deal with them on this. They'll probably try to give us a Yugo for a loaner! :sick:
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    Sounds like you should have test driven it before you purchased it, forget about reading Edmunds. All the things you complain about would show up plain as day in a test drive. Why blame Mazda for not including options you desire when you obviously bought it blind.
  • I did test drive a demonstrator. It was early in the day and the AC problem wasnt apparent, neither was the compressor cutoff.

    The test drive certainly didn't demonstrate that the car might potentially catch on FIRE.

    I don't know how long you normally go on test drives for, but mine was less than a 1 mile jaunt around a neighborhood behind the dealer. None of these things showed up 'plain as day'. As far as the options, I was willing to live without the missing AUX jack (which I did inquire about) because the CD deck supposedly played MP3 cd's. It wasnt until after I took delivery of mine that I realized that it was a single-CD model (non MP3).

    Thats a dealer issue, to be sure, but it still frustrates me that Mazda seems to want to ignore the fact that 1 in 11 americans own a personal audio player (iPod or similar) and add an AUX jack like scion, mazda, KIA, and a bunch of other competing companies do.

    But thanks anyway for your totally unhelpful comments.
  • lolo2lolo2 Posts: 10
    I just brought my Mazda5 to the service department..It sounded like they will be keeping it up to 30 days. They were able to give me a MPV with satellite radio to drive. They said because of Hurricane Katrina vans are hard to come by..The loner is through Hertz. This dealership (in Houston) only had 2 vans.
  • Took ours in this morning. The dealer tried to lend us a Mazda 3. Hold out for an MPV! They let us have one in the end. I guess this depends on the area and your dealer.
  • I went to my dealer today to see what was up. They really didnt seem to know much about the nature of the recall or the timeframe for repair. They were told not to sell 5's though, though they still had one in the showroom and out front.

    I tried to see if I could bail out on the deal, as my trade was being sold on the lot, but the site manager said everything was in process, so it would have to be treated as whole new deal, with me in essence trading in my 'used' (one week old) 5 and buying my 'new' trade-in.

    They were courteous though, and seemed genuinely eager to help, and did go ahead and take my 5 into service and gave me a loaner MPV for the weekend. I thought that was pretty nice and it made me feel better about the whole thing.

    I guess its wait and see what Monday brings. Good luck everyone.
  • We have about 600 miles on our mazda5 and we were called Friday about the recall. The Chicago/Evanston dealership said they had no information about the nature of the recall and they seemed sincere in not knowing about the exhaust problem noted on this board. They offered a rental with Hertz (apparently a sister company to Ford (who have a significant share of Mazda USA). Mazda agreed to provide a minivan (we need space for 2 child and one baby car seat) but Hertz had a Ford Explorer that was inadequate for our needs. Hertz could not have been more unhelpful. Mazda kindly gave me a loaner of an MPV the next day. Mazda have been very helpful but dealing with Hertz was terrible. I believe it only fair that Mazda exchange the Mazda5 with a vehicle with at least equivalent seating. I also note that other mazda5 owners have been accomodated with minivans if that is what they needed space wise, sometimes, it seems, with "encouragement" needed. We love our Mazda5 and hope to have it fixed (and no longer a potential death trap) and back to us soon...
  • "If you had the chance to get out of your M5 free and clear, right now, would you do it?"

    No way! I just dropped off my 5 for the recall and got a Mazda Tribute loaner with 8200 miles. The difference was dramatic. The 5 is a light and crisp-handling car with about the same interior capacity as the comparatively clumsy truck.

    I'm sorry you are suffering Buyer's Remorse. I hope you either get a good windowtint job and come to love your 5, or get out clean and free it up for someone else.

  • No way! We love our Mazda5. We got Buick Rendez Vous to drive until our is fixed, what a piece of crap... I really don't know why would anyone spend 20K + on this garbage. The radio looks like it came straight from a buick from the 60s.

    Just to add a note, whoever was in charge of the design should have put the arm rest on the passenger side in mazda5, not the drivers, what were they thinking???
  • I absolutely have no regrets about buying the M5. What other car seats 6 people, can get 31mpg (it's true!) of gingerly highway driving, has stick shift, and handles like a modern sedan? I'm sure they will fix the problem. I glad that they are recalling rather than stonewalling.

    Other companys have the luxury of denying problems when their products have a critical mass of popularity: e.g. Ford's tire problems, Toyota's engine sludge, GM's everything.

    I'm sure it's a matter of dropping some more expensive parts in place of ones that were carried over from the 3. I wonder if tuning the engine for better low end torque puts out more heat stress than other deplyments of the engine.

  • what no one here seems to understand is that instead of complaining so hard (actually you should) be glad that Mazda is recalling the vehicles and being so proactive instead of denying everything. This makes me feel a lot better about any future safety issues. All dealers have been allowed to give MPV's to replace the 5's with mazda paying the dealer an additionnal $1,500 in incentives to put it in loaner service plus another $50 daily allowance while it's on the road. This will make it a lot easier for dealers who are willing to give NEW MPV's (unheard off before in the car business) to resell those cars one they come back with miles on them. For the recored, the A/C problem can be eliminited with a good tint and if you bought it for the right reasons the 5 is the best car out there and well worth a couple of launching quirks.
  • I completely agree. At least Mazda is not denying the problem.
    This is my second brand new car, they all get recalled for something at some point...

    Question about tinting though, has anyone tried "gila" tint?
    what is the best one (I'll have it professionally put it anyway), or the the "do it yourself" tint is better from

  • Thanks for the information about the incentives Mazda is providing to dealers to put new MPV's into loaner service during the Mazda 5 recall. $1,500 + $50 per day is quite an incentive. Its interesting then that we were given a loaner MPV from the dealer's used lot which has 40,000 miles on the clock and shudders when idling! For a few days this would not be a problem, but for 30 days+ it is unacceptable. Now I know I shall be returning this used MPV on Monday.

    I am not mad with Mazda for not stepping up as they appear to be doing the right thing, however, I am mad with Mazda for the serious lack of information about the recall. Our dealer only told us it was to do with "emissions" and had no information about when our car would be ready. I checked Mazda's website for recall information but found nothing. It was only when I checked this message board that I learned the full facts about the recall and about dealer incentives.

    Mazda must ensure dealers do the 'right' thing with Mazda 5 customers and not try to pocket the incentives paid to them without having to actually spend anything.!!!
  • Well I see that we are all getting notified about the recall.
    Just finished a 1300 mile trip from Pa to WV , Va and Tenn.
    Averaged around 30 MPG. AC worked great. Just 2 people in it me and my wife.
    Still pretty impressed that I get thet kind of MPG with Ac on and temps in the mid 80's to low 90's. Good handling in the Mountains well also. I hate to give it back to the dealer but that's better then having it catch on fire. Well hope everyone makes the best of the renatl cars. On a side note I didn't notice not even one other M5 on the road..
  • I've been reading these posts as a lurker, but since the recall, I've decided to dive right in.

    It seems that Mazda corporate is doing the right thing, but the implementation on the dealer side is what is making this process either horrible or tolerable. I was called directly by the sales manager who told me about the possibility of the car catching fire and offered to have it towed if I didn't want to drive it. They immediately offered a new MPV as a loaner. Very very wonderful service.

    The only problem is that the MPV is kind of a dog -- underpowered and really ordinary! Now I realize what makes the 5 so perfect (ok, not completely perfect) and highlights what I miss about it. The first MPV they gave me was a base model and it could barely take 3 adults and 2 children up a slight incline. So I returned it and asked for a V6 model, which is much better, but not as zippy as our 5. Since I live in the Washington, DC area, there are tons of Mazda dealerships, so I guess they have to keep a high level of customer service to stay competitive. They kept apologizing for the inconvenience.

    Now I'm the proverbial mom with 2 children and a minivan. The only thing missing is a soccer game. UGH.
  • Just dropped my 5 off at Fairbanks Mazda in Orlando. Only had it for 6 days and sad to see it go, if only for a while. I can definitely confirm that we know more than the dealerships, or at least more than they're letting on...maybe Mazda told them to keep their mouths shut until the actual recall is received by owners. Service guy was unsure how long I could expect to be without my 5, and had "no idea" what the recall was...apparently Mazda was sending them the paperwork today on what the problem/fix is. I'm a little bummed that no loaner Mazda was offered. I would've liked to drive a 6 wagon or a 3 5-door for a week or two. They shipped me off to Enterprise instead to rent a horrible GMC Envoy. Who buys these things? Well, at least I get to put 250 miles on a rental tomorrow instead of my 5. Just hope I don't get lost without my Nav...I was finally going to put it to the test.
  • Just FYI, information about the recall on the internet:

    No new information, really, but at least now the dealers can't say they 'dont know' what the problem is.

    Just for the record, I was given a V-6 MPV, and while it certainly doesnt have the 'cool factor' of the 5, I find it a very capable and versatile minivan. I had some family in town over the weekend and it was very useful for carting people around.

    I still wouldnt want one myself, but I can see why people buy them.
  • we drove in our 5 on Sat. morning after getting call from Mazda on Friday afternoon. I just requested we need 4 doors car and they said OK. They took us to Avis and gave us a small Pontiac Grand Pix rental car which is not comfortable.

    And I found everyone here is all having the loaner MPV. We are the only one who got such a small uncomfortable rental car. So I called service manager of our dealer this morning and requested a bigger loaner car. Still, they don't have loaner cars so they asked us to exchange the car at Avis. This time, we are getting Ford Freestar which is much bigger and more comfortable. However, the clerk of Avis sucks. The way she dealt with us was like we owed her hundred millions. Gee! I can't believe this is the way they do the business. We had several car rentals with Hertz and Hertz's cars and attitudes of clerks are much better than Avis. We had one experience car rental with NATIONAL and it is better than Avis too.

    I called the service manager and thank him. I also suggested him to give the 5 owners minivans instead of 4 door sedan cars. And he said he finally realized that most 5 owners are with a family. Of course, i don't think singles will buy 5. we just feel like at least they have to offer the same level cars to 5 owners at this kind of situation. 5 owners already feel unpleasant about the recall. Even depressed for getting a worse car than 5. So UNFAIR!!! :-(

  • If you have the tinting done professionally, you probably will have very limited choice of tint manufacturers. The people who do the tinting will have chosen the product(s) they like to work with and that have given them the best results.

    The gilafilms link on my pagetuner page
    about window tints was just so you could get more info about the particular product I used when I did it myself. I had purchased the gila film product at Autozone, and I specifically chose a tint that goes on without adhesive and that could thus be removed without trauma if I didn't like the job I did. It is not as clear as the adhesive films, but it allowed me to test drive the darker tint (which it turns out I like fine) while leaving myself an escape clause.

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    No new information, really, but at least now the dealers can't say they 'dont know' what the problem is.

    Don't make assumptions... The initial info from Mazda went out to us late friday via email. We all know alot of dealers arent real good with email.
    The folks on edmunds knew it before I did....I spoke to two other Mazda dealers today and they didn't know about the recall.
  • I called the NHTSA office of the Federal Trade Commision and there
    is no federal recall which means that Mazda is not looking to make
    this public. I also contacted the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer
    Complaints in inquiring about the lemon law for this vehicle. Problem is
    Mazda has not attempted to notify either. Hmmmm. :lemon:
  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    I just talked to my dealer and he hadn't heard about it yet. He made some calls and got back to me in about 1 hour and told me to bring it in. That means this recall applies to Canada as well.
  • Well, from my own experience, u better request that u want a new MPV because they are gonna fix the 5 up to a month. And they might give u small rental car if u don't request. Good luck
  • I work at a dealer and we didnt hear about this until this morning. i just got done talking to someone from mazda and they said that it has something to do with the exhaust hanger. that is all i know.
  • Ummm, this appears to be a voluntary recall on Mazda's part, not one that has gotten so bad that the NHTSA orders the manufacturer to issue one. So Mazda is doing the smart thing here. Also, lemon laws wouldn't apply here. I think Mazda gives you a copy of the lemon law with your owners manual so you can see where that might apply. I think it requires that the car be brought back 4 times for the same problem. Here is a link to an explanation of lemon law in layman's terms:
  • When I took our 5 in this morning we had a choice between the three remaining Mazda loaners on the dealer's lot, two 2004 3's and a 626. I was glad to get a yellow 3 with leather interior and moonroof. Even though it is an automatic, it is very fun to drive and the yellow is growing on me! The employee who handles loaners/rentals had just found out about the 5 recall this morning and mentioned to me the 3 was parked next to a new Strato Blue 5 the dealer had just purchased for loaner/rentals. Nice color in the sunlight! So, I'm wildly guessing this dealership has sold over 10 5's (It is one of the top 25 Mazda dealer's in the nation). I wonder if they will take the MPV $1,500 $50 a day incentive, and purchase several MPV's from their dealer stock for the other 5 owners. I'm happy to get the 3 :) .

    Of course, I don't have to sit in the back... sorry kids.
  • I called the NHTSA office of the Federal Trade Commision and there
    is no federal recall which means that Mazda is not looking to make
    this public.

    From the e-mail I received from Mazda:

    We sent you this letter before the official recall notification, which
    you’ll receive soon, because we wanted you to have the opportunity to
    begin the repair process on your MAZDA5 as soon as possible.

    I read this to mean Mazda has informed NHTSA (after all it is a safety issue) and in due time I'll be hearing from NHTSA. Also, I'm part of the public and I think Mazda was on top of letting owners know there was a problem and working to make sure this problem is address properly.

    Sounds like you want out of your vehicle.
  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    If you put an armrest on the left side of the front passenger seat you would not be able to open the center storage compartment in it's current configuration. Even if you changed the way it opens it would not be very accessible if there was another arm rest there.
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