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Oldsmobile Intrigue Transmission / Suspension Problems



  • I had the same problem on and off for a couple of years. I lately found out it is the "Crankshaft Position Sensor". At a local parts store around $60.
    My 3.5 is still shifting hard, transmission :confuse:
    I checked my trans fluid and it has the metal color on my rag.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    I had the CPS fixed in 1 week, check engine light went on and the computer stored a code. How many years has the tranny been giving you problems? Wait for the engine to blow and you won't need a tranny repair.
  • gur1gur1 Posts: 1
    GM Transmision Intermittent Hard Shifting, Clunking, Jerking

    GM 4T65E - 4 speed automatic transmissions found in many
    1997 and newer vehicles equipped with the 3800 engine and
    most 2000 and newer vehicles with the 3400 and 3500 engines.

    Everything is fine when you just started engine.
    (It’s just fine when cold)
    Sometimes after a long drive, stop and go traffic, or when accelerate really fast. All of the sudden you’ll notice "hard shifts" where car slightly jerks when it shifts. Shutting off the car for few (10 minutes) will make this condition go away until you drive a few more miles or the vehicle warms up and the hard shifting will return. (Notice Check Engine light remains OFF)

    This is perhaps one of the most common problems with this transmission. It has been a problem since the release in 1997 and can happen for no reason at all even with clean fluid and very low mileage.

    Replacing Pressure Control Solenoid or EPC will most likely correct this condition and again is probably the most common problem found in any year of this transmission.

    The EPC solenoid controls line pressure and has a spool valve which oscillates back and forth to regulate transmission line pressure based on commanded pcm signals dependant on lots of various inputs from the vehicle. The spool valve in the solenoid will bind up and cause loss of pressure control from the pcm. The pcm constantly monitors shift timing in milliseconds and if this is not within programmed parameters after a few shift cycles the pcm triggers trouble code P1811 which is Max Adapt/Long Shift. This code will not set the Engine Light but will dissable all adaptive shifts and will max out line pressure in the transmission which causes the harsh shifts...

    Other solution is using premium engine oil to keep systems running cooler.

    I have 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue with 155.000 Km. when it started happening.

    Valvoline engine oil worked-out as an alternative solution to replacing EPC the Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid
  • I'm not replying to brag, just to inform people on here in alternative way. I have a 1998 Intrigue I had bought new which currently has 202k with the original 3800 Series II engine/transmission. Never had any issues with either one or any electrical issues. I have had to replace the alternator and radiator one time at around 150k. I'm very meticulous with the maintenance schedules on my car and have always performed them ahead of the manual schedules. I believe that the schedules in the manual are drawn out way longer than they should be. I have also lived in the Midwest and the south and don't think any maintenance performed ahead of schedule is overkill. Every oil change has only had "Mobile 1" pure synthetic @ 2k and I have had the transmission fluid and filter changed every 30k. My transmission is the 4T70E which has never returned a code. :D

    On a side note: If you're thinking of ever changing from Dex-Cool to green, I advise against it. What will happen is the green will eventually start to pit the metals inside the engine. My engine has always had the Dex-Cool and it's never caused any of the problems other people report. This could be due to the fact that I have always performed every maintenance task in at least half the recommended scheduled time. I completely understand that not every Intrigue has the same reliability, however if maintenance schedules were performed in half the time (or at least earlier) than the manual suggests, perhaps many owners issues may be avoided. Just some food for thought. :)
  • bold_1bold_1 Posts: 31
    Intrigedtown, I recently had Jiffy lube change the coolant and put Gold Plus in there. The mechanic crossed out Dex Cool on the Sticker next to the reservoir and wrote gold plus. Do you know if this is harmful?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Oil change with synthetic at every 2000 miles????? Big time waste of money.

    The issue is not Dex Cool but the poorly designed upper intake manifold gasket in the 3.8L engine. Very common issue on all GM small block V6. finally came out with a re-designed gasket in 2003.

    Many of the issues folks are having with the Intrigue has nothing to do with the maintenance schedule. Blinking headlights caused by a poorly designed alternator; poorly designed intermediate steering shaft; upper intake manifold failure (3.8L); problems with crankshaft position sensor; faulty ignition switch; excessive oil consumption; Secondary air pump; and it goes on and on.

    Maybe there are poorly designed parts in the vehicle instead of lack of maintenance that has caused many of the problems. Just some food for thought. :)
  • hello
    my father has a 2000 olds intrigue with over 200,000 miles on it. the transmission does not have a whine or make any other noises, shifts smoothly, not hard or jerky, but does not shift into overdrive any longer. this just started last week, which was about a week after (with help from others on this forum) cleaning the throttle body, maf senser, air filter and replacing the crank position sensor. don't think they should be related but mention just in case. has anyone had this problem? or know of a fix for it? i know the car has lots of miles and owes him nothing :) but he wants to keep it for a daily driver and keep miles off of his 95 vette and moms 04 caddy deville. thanks for any help you can provide for this problem. the info on this sight was very helpful in repairing the above mentioned problem with the crank sensor.
  • thank you dtownfb :) that is exactly what it is doing. doesn't sound good :( thank you so much for the link.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Unfortunately this transmission is not one of GM's best. It seems like it is hit or miss. I consider myself very lucky as i have 151k on my 2000 Intrigue and so far no issue with the tranny. Other items, yes but not the transmission.
  • yeah, i have been reading of all kinds of issues with this tranny while researching this problem. still though, hard to argue with more than 200,000 miles (i believe it is around 227,000).

    i called and told him the bad news but, he hasn't decided what he is going to do with it. he may run it till it blows the tranny up or may fix it. he was dissapointed it wasn't going to be an easy fix though :mad:

    thanks again for the link! :shades:

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    227,000 miles is nothing to sneeze at. That is the most miles I have heard from an Intrigue with original equipment.
  • I wouldn't put in anthing in, but Dex- Cool because it may damage parts in the long run. I have two GM's One Intrigue and one Rendvous and have always put dex-cool in them and have had no probelms. I also have chrysler and will only put Mopar coolent in it.
  • I own a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue 6 cyl. 3800 which I absolutely love. I am wondering if any other Intrigue owners out have experienced a LOUD - high pitched squealing sound in, around or under the center console? It lasts only about 30 seconds upon start up. This noise is horrific, almost SCREACHING at me, then stops as suddenly as it starts. It does not seem to have any disabling effects, but is VERY unnerving!! I am so worried that something MAJOR is about to go out and leave me stranded.

    Any CLUES?
  • Yes, my 2002 GL with the 3.5 does the same thing. I've been too lazy to et mine fixed. If you search this site you will find several other reports. Searching for "whinning" results in some hits. Here is one I found.

    Engine Whine by mfd37
    I've got a 2002 Intrigue and had a whine that lasted for about 30-45 seconds when the car was started cold and then it was never consistant enough to pinpoint. I took it to the dealer and they immediately identified it as a "second stage air intake motor". Seems the motor was binding and causing the whine. It was replaced under warranty and hasn't been a problem since.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    markb432 has got it right. This motor is only necessary at startup for emissions purposes. It shouldn't affect driving but you could fail the emissions portion of the annual inspection. Common problem with the Intrigues.

    Is the Service engine soon light on in your Intrigue?
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    I'm not certain, but I don't think the 98/3.8 engine has the secondary air pump. See models below from TSB 04-06-04-037.

    2000-2002 Buick Regal
    2000-2002 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo
    2000-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue
    2000-2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
    with 3.5L or 3.8L Engine (VINs H, K - RPOs LX5, L36)
  • I have a '99 Intrigue GLS with the 3800 series engine with 69,400 miles on it. Have used Mobil 1 from first oil change on and have changed the coolant regularly. Had the tranny fluid changed at the recommended intervals. However, I have exactly the same intermittant hard shifting as described by gur1 in post 65 of 80. Question is this: how do you change the PCS and/or EPC? Is this something I can do by dropping the pan, draining the fluid, and changing the filter? If not, what can I expect to pay (ballpark number) for this service? If I am able to perform this, can somone provide me instructions on how to do it. Thanks to all who can help. My wife got a new car so this is now mine for driving to work. I love driving this car and want to keep it for a long time.

  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    Here is the very brief procedure from Alldata for a 2002. I think the hard part is getting access to the PCS. It's through the side access cover, not the bottom. My van needed a new one. It was $600 (USD) about 4 years ago. I've seen a couple of posts for W body cars that were a little more. The standard labor for this repair is 4.6 hours. You can do the math if you get the parts cost and the local labor rate. Don't forget to add the infamous shop supplies, environmental fees, boat payment, etc...

    1. Remove the case side cover.
    2. Disconnect the pressure control solenoid electrical connector.
    3. Remove the retaining clip (314E).
    4. Remove the pressure control solenoid (322).
  • indrqb,

    Thanks for the info. Do you or anyone else have drawings, photos, sketches, etc. for the replacement of the PCS. This would help me out alot. Also, where (which side) on the vehicle is this side cover located and is it easy to access? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    Sorry, I do not. I think it's on the drivers side facing the left front wheel. I think it's somewhat hard to get to that's why GM's labor rate is 4 1/2 hours for an experienced tranny technician.
  • rosscmrosscm Posts: 13
    I went in to change the break pads and said "Oh, and flush the transmission" This was just for the sake of regular maintenance. The car was running like a dream and only had 40000miles on it. Big mistake. I am not sure what I should have said but what I wanted was for them to stick the clear hose down the tranny dipstick hole like they do at Valvoline and pump out the old stuff until it runs pink and clear in the tube. What they did was change the filter and the gasket. I looked at my bill, started to say something then thought, maybe its a good thing. Within a week my car was bucking into first. At five weeks I was in an intersection and the car just made a mush sound when I tried to accelerate. I got into a parking lot and got mush in drive and reverse. I towed it to a transmission shop and they said it was *%&^ed. I was shocked when they said this. I am not a mechnic. 1900$ later I have a rebuilt transmission on a car with less than 42k miles
  • moonshadowmoonshadow Posts: 256
    I hate flushing. You can never trust the bozo doing it, procedure, pressures clealiness and fluid type .

    That said, had you checked the fluid after you got it home.
  • My sister bought her 2000 Intrigue about 6 years ago and had some problems with it from the get-go. I just put the car back on the road and sent it to a specialist at a shop that works specifically with electrical problems. I went back to have it inspected, by the same folks who worked on it, and I failed, b/c my check engine light popped up sometime in the time I drove the car to the shop and they turned it on for the inspection. Is there any way to turn the light off so I can get an inspection sticker??

    Also, the folks that worked on my car were supposed to have fixed my blinkers, but didn't. They will work fine one second, then not work at all. Its not the lamps or the connection, any idea what it could be??
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    From what I understand about the "check engine" light is the code can be cleared but the car needs several "starts" before teh system is reset. Of course, the check engine light is on for a reason and if you get the code read, we can probably help isolate the problem.
  • Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I don't really understand what this whole "code" issue is I don't understand. How bad is emissions problems usually? The blinker works randomly in both the front and rear blinkers, but then will turn off on both of them. The actual blinking action, in the front light bulbs they will light up solidly, but will not actually blink. They don't blink on the interior either when not blinking on the outside. I can't figure it out and am very nervous about driving with blinkers that don't always work.

    any suggestions?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    When a sensor is operating outside of it's range, it throws a "code". You see it as the "Service Engine Soon" light on your dashboard. These sensors monitor your car and makes sure everything is working like it is suppose to. There are literally over a thousand codes. Sometimes you get lucky and you can erase the code and it does not come back. Does not happen often. The problem may not affect your driving but unfortunately in most states, they will pass your vehicle with the check engine light on.

    Luckily we have so many people on this forum who have first hand experience with most of these codes that if you know the number of the code, they can help you diagnose the problem.

    As far as the blinking problem, here are a couple of links to another Intrigue forum. These people had similar problems that you are having. lem+with+blinkers lem+with+blinkers lem+with+blinkers
  • Does anyone have a wiring schematic for a 2000 Olds Intrigue, Referring to the tranny wiring. Need a diagram if anyone has one to share.
  • ronny6ronny6 Posts: 2
    The trans slips in drive first gear then shifts into second and up normally.
    However, when manually placing the shifter in first or second then manually shiftilng into drive it works ok. Is this a sensor problem or the lilke? RON
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