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Volvo C70 Convertible Top Problems



  • I got a good night's sleep last night. So that means it went really well with the service dept yesterday. Near 5PM, I got a call that my car was ready (except for painting the panel). We will wait for the warmer season to do that (too much moisture and humidity for a good paint job). (It has been dabbed with a black paint pen so it is not so noticeable. He had to dab it to test whether it was fixed.) Plus, I want to wait once again to make sure it is really, really fixed this time. I spoke directly to the foreman mechanic and he actually overheard me when I came in and insisted on showing me the car and exactly what was fixed. (He also said he was the one who fixed my window. And he couldn't believe that I had only 900 miles and these problems.) So he started the roof open cycle and stopped it only after the trunk lid had lifted. That was it. It was the trunk arms that he adjusted. They had been sitting just close enough to the top roof panel that when I hit a bump it tapped the panel. Plus, he said he had to adjust the roof so that it did sit lower in the trunk to make sure there was sufficient space. He said it was sitting a little too high. Here is the strange part, the little clip that I found had nothing to do with this issue... even I was skeptical, but he showed me all the locations that the clip belonged and in every location there was a clip. He said what likely happened is that the clip was damaged during assembly and the factory worker either thought he threw it down or it went flying and who knows where it landed until now. The worker probably just grabbed a new clip and finished his job, leaving the damaged clip floating around in my car until it surfaced. The clip actually holds the trunk lining to the trunk in two places. Both places had clips. Who knows... By the way, I may have been exaggerating about the size of this chip it is about the size of this "O". But since it is sooo white against my black, I see it as huge. Plus the additional scratches near it are no bigger than '''. Okay, so now I love my car again. (Welcome to cricket's roller coaster!) Volvo has changed my mind by doing a good job and I really do love it. This was upsetting but I know this really is a good car.
  • Sigh of relief from across the Atlantic! Am pleased for you.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    I am glad to see you have found a solution to the problem.
  • I am also very pleased to hear that your problem was corrected properly. I wonder if there's any way for the rest of us to determine whether the roof panels are too close to the trunk arms. If the dealer was able to adjust it, is there a chance that any C70 can slip out of adjustment? Where's volvomax. We need his assurance on this matter. I don't have my C70 yet, but I want to avoid what happened to you, cricket4, when it's delivered. Thanks for sharing.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    My computer has been down all week ... and so I've only just come back on line ... and what a week you've all had!!! But glad to hear that everyone's problems are slowly getting sorted. Weather still bad in London ... but as soon as we can .... we're going to get the roof down and drive around a bit ... to see if we have problems also! I know how you felt about 'not loving' the car for a while ... when ours was towed away before Christmas I just felt 'good riddance to bad rubbish' I was sooo upset ... but it is amazing how things turn around and you start loving the car again ..... just like life and relationships .... which, of course, is exactly what this is I suppose!!!! Support is flying back and forth across the Atlantic!
  • yegayega Posts: 6
    Hi cricket4,

    If you're still reading these forums: Would you be so kind as to send me a copy of the brochure "All-New Volvo C70 Tips - Guide to MY07 All-New Volvo C70 Features, Functions, and Use"

    Thanks in advance,
  • I sent the brochure from my e-mail address [email protected] Let me know if you don't get it.
  • yegayega Posts: 6
    Hi all,

    I've come to the point where I'm seriously thinking of buying a C70.

    I still have 1 last concern though: I live in Belgium, which is known for it's rainy weather. I'm wondering how the C70's roof copes with heavy rain/carwash. I've read some user-reviews of people complaining of water-leaks (If I remember right, these were all MY2006).

    Are there C70-owners here who can comment on this:
    Does your C70 sleep under an open sky? If so, did you notice any water leaks after a rainshower?
    Ever washed your C70 in a carwash?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
  • yegayega Posts: 6
    Thanks a million cricket4, I tried to sent you a 'thank you' mail, but it bounced, since you're only accepting mails from @carspace-account.

    Anyway, thanks for the tips&tricks document.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi Yega,

    The only case of water leakage of the roof I heard of, is from a guy on a german forum ( :cry:
    Too bad for him, good news for the rest of us. :)
    I park my car in my garage EVERY night and NEVER clean my car in a car wash or with a high pressure water cleaner. I'm much to much afraid of damages (to the roof mechanism or the paint).
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    I live in Portland, Oregon which also can get nearly constant rain for days on end. We have had our 2007 C70 since September and have never had any water leaks! We have had it in driving rain with gale forced winds (day and night), still no leaks. It is garaged nearly every night and we would never take any car through a car wash! This is the tightest hardtop convertible on the market to-date!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49

    We live in the UK in London and the car is permanently parked outside .... we have owned it since last October .. and had some pretty awful weather and heavy rainstorms and snow etc. No leakage ... yet!!!! Likewise, we would never take it through a car wash!
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi yega,

    I live in Britanny in France (OK south of it! Saint Nazaire/La Baule) and the weather is similar to Oregon or any case simalar the Belgium.

    No problem at all with the car under heavy rains.

    The car sleep inside a garage.

    Now, it seems I am the only one washing my C70 with car wash high pressure system. I did it at least 10 times without any problem or leakage.

    However my car dealership asked me if I had problem because one of his C70 owner complained to have small leakage through the roof.

    As long as you respect the user manual advice of more than 30 cms (I think) for the roof part which is plenty enough (the durt is on the bottom of the car, not the top), you will be safe.

    So for me no problem at all with rain or water.
  • My 2000 C70's roof stopped (by itself) while I was trying to put the top down. It is stuck in the position where the cover is completely up (cannot access trunk for manual lowering), the back window portion is completely up and the front is unlatched and raised about 6 inches.

    A friend told me there is a reset button on the arm on the back but I cannot locate it. Does anyone know where this reset button is? If so, PLEASE let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  • leaftreeleaftree Posts: 1
    Looking at purchasing a 1998 c70 for daughter. nice car, but the top will not close...needs repair? I haven't purchased yet. Curious if anyone has had any experience repairing the tops???
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,598
    You might want to contact a local Volvo dealer for an estimate right away. I've got a 99 and something got messed up and the entire top had to be replaced! Took several weeks for the top to come from Sweden. Thank goodness it was still under warranty. I think it was around $5k.
  • The question I always have when someone is trying to sell a car with an obvious item needing repair is: Why isn't the seller getting it fixed first, and then selling it? Usually the answer is that they've already investigated the cost of repair, and found out that it will cost a lot. So they're hoping that someone else will buy the car without investigating the cost to repair it first.

    It's one thing to buy a car with "annoyance" type things wrong with it, but a non-working top doesn't seem like something you could just live with. The only circumstance where it might make sense is if the buyer (you) was so experienced as to be able to do the repair yourself. Just my opinion.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,598
    Well said.
  • Did you purchase the car? I happen to have a convertible top, motors, frame, etc. left over from a wrecked car. I'm looking for a car to put the top on or to sell the top. [email protected]
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I'm not sure that the partial lift function of our '07 is working properly. When I push the yellow lift button and the roof sections raise, the top section with the back window raises to just touch rubber stops on the trunk lid, but I can only lift the separator about 2" before it touches the bottom roof section. That only leaves a space about 4" high to slip something into the trunk. Pictures I've seen of the partial lift feature seem to show a much bigger gap. Am I wrong? I'll ask the dealer when I go for my first service but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    Never Mind! I just figured out that after you lift the separator, you tug it a little and it pivots up. Genius!!!
  • larry466larry466 Posts: 4
    I have a similar problem. I press the yellow button the roof raises but the separator does not lift but a couple of inches. It appears that the boot section does not raise with the top, should I have this checked or do I just need to also "tug" it.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    It does require a little force which feels wrong until you get a feel for the way it pivots. Just go ahead and pull it from the center, then it will tilt up tight against the bottom roof section. The boot section stays down like you observed. That's OK. Also make sure that the roof is fully stowed and locked before you close the trunk lid again.
  • larry466larry466 Posts: 4
    Thank You, I will try it tonight.
  • larry466larry466 Posts: 4
    Went out and tried it and it worked just like you said it would. I've have to admit that I was very nervous when I gave it the "tug", then I tried it again just to get the feel and security of the "tug". Thanks.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    The headliner for the rear most section of the roof twists 180 degrees at the lower right corner by the window when the roof is raised. I had the dealer adjust it but after about 2 weeks it's doing it again. Has anyone else had this problem? It is under enough tension that it has creased the fabric. I hope it's not permanent. I am able to stop the roof midway and straighten it but the manual advises against stopping part way and who wants to do that all the time anyway?!
  • agcpaagcpa Posts: 4
    My 2002 Volvo is almost at the 100,000 mile mark. The inside seal around the rear glass (where the top fabric meets the glass)is starting to come loose. When I took it into the dealer, the service technician said this was part of the normal aging of the top, that it only lasts about five years on average, and that they couldn't or wouldn't do anything to fix this. The service advisor said that I could get some glue and seal the fabric to glass, but that was my choice. Eventually, as the seals continued to weaken, the window will cave in. At that point, I'm looking at $3,000 for a new top. My questions: does the top really only last 5 years on average (the actual top still looks great and is watertight); should the dealer have fixed this; and should I just glue the thing and, if so, what glue should I use? Many thanks for your ideas.
  • timcolotimcolo Posts: 2
    I just bought a hpt C70 convertible. I'm wondering if its possible to purchase a wood grain steering wheel to match the gear shift and I'd love some information on the windscreen,
    1. Is it worth buying one
    2. How do you set it up and store it
    3. Where can I buy one and what do they cost

    Thanks for the help
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,598
    See the Options chosen rejected board.
  • Did you ever find the reset button? I have a 99 that just did this tonight and fit your description to the "T". I sure hope there is a reset and not a motor issue. :cry:
  • I just discovered same problem. Have you been able to determine if glass can be glued.
  • I have a 1999 C70 which got stuck in the same position as yours a couple of days ago. If you have solved your problem I woud really like to know. The next available time in the Volvo workshop is 1 month away and then it is getting to cold to drive. Rgds,Per
  • bobparisbobparis Posts: 28
    I bought my 2007 C70 in May 2007. Had occasion to drive with my son out of the city to see the meteor shower a few weeks ago. Was on the freeway, late at night with few other cars. Seemed as if the Xenon headlamps only lit-up about 15 - 20 feet ahead of the car. At highway speeds this isn't enough coverage, so if there was no oncoming traffic I would temporarily turn-on the high beams. Thought it might be "me" since I am not getting any younger and have friends who hesitate driving at night because of their vision but my son commented on how dark the road was and so did my wife a few nights later. Has anyone else had a similar situation and can the headlamps be adjusted so that they are aimed slightly upward? All of my other cars had "normal" headlamps and have never had this problem. Otherwise, the car has performed well with no defects or dealer adjustments necessary. Bob
  • I have same problem, have you found anyone who could repair/glue window back in place. Thanks
  • I fixed the problem myself. There is no reset button on the right arm on the rear cover of the convertible. To reset you have to unplug the socket of electrical cables on the right coverarm. After doing that it worked properly again. The Volvo workshops I visited had no idea of how to fix it. I visited 3 of them. None of them had any experience of Volvo Conve´rtibles.
  • I just purchased a '99 C70 a week ago and this exact problem with the top stopping mid-way has happened already. Couple of questions:

    1. Is this a frequent occurrence?
    2. When you say right coverarm, is that on the top itself or the hard tonneau or the small "flaps" forward of the tonneau?

    Also...I have had a couple of issues with the Engine, ABS, and STC lights coming on intermittently - any suggestions?


  • Folks,
    I had my top stop going up the other day and ended up having to use the manual operation to close it down. The problem now is that the alarm is going off every time I drive and the light flashes on the button that raises and lowers the roof. I took it to the dealer yesterday and was told that the mechanic that deals with the convertible was out and that I was looking at not being able to service it for 3 days (when he has the next open time to look at it) in the mean time I am dealing with the constant ding ding ding going off while I am driving. HELPPPPPPPPP any ideas on how to disable the alarm until I can get in to service it?????? or "reset" the alarm??????
  • Silly me where is the right arm on the rear cover? and is this for a soft top model???
  • It is not a switch or reset button or anything like this. It is just an electrical socket that connects to a microbraker switch that you have to unplug. And I guess it works more or less like a computor as you said. I unplugged it and waited a minute or two and then connected it again. Then everything worked fine. I think I had the ignition turned off, but I don't remember for sure. I normally never mess with electricity with the electricity turned on, so I guess it was turned off.

    It is located on the right mechanical arm that opens and closes the lid that covers the soft top when you drive with the top down. It is only accessible when you have the soft top halfway up/down, which often is the case when it stops working. You reach it standing at the side of the car just behind the right rear seat.
  • tim15tim15 Posts: 10
    My glass separated from the top within a week of buying the c70. It also got stuck in the midway position. I manually closed it, and found a shop that used a special sealant applied under heat. So far, it is holding. Cost $300.00. I'm going to look for the harness under the right cover, and hope it resets itself. Otherwise, it's off to the dealer!
  • Thanks can you tell me who did this and phone # so that I call call them Thanks
  • Hi,

    I just got a 2001 Volvo C70 convertible and had no issues for the first month or so.
    Went through car wash with no problems and I had no leaks until it started really rain around here!
    Now I have a leak on the passenger side. The glass window doesn't seem to 'seal' all the way (and I noticed a 'wind' sound while driving on the highway around 70mph on that side of the car) with the car frame, the window is all the way up though!

    I'm guessing the rubber trim around the door is old and not flexible anymore so it leaves some space in between the window and the frame, any idea on how to fix this?!

    Also any special instructions on how to protect the top (I don't own a garage and I have to leave the car outside all the time!).

    One last question does anyone know of a 'repair' manual for this car with full details?

    Thank you
    Best regards
  • Did you ever get an answer to this issue with the alarm telling you the top is open when it's closed? It happens with my C70 whenever is it wet or very cold outside. My local Volvo dealership is telling me it will be $975 to replace the main position switch and rear latch potentiometer.
  • Hello all.

    1999 C70 Turquoise Pearl. Bought new and have enjoyed it until recently. It always had irritating problems but the beauty, okay I forgave it countless times. Now, during a rain (heavy or not) my rear catches water like a basin. Yesterday the trunk had accumulated about 2" of rain and after drying it out, I covered the beast. Today, with no more rain, I still have water sloshing around underneath and can't find it nor prevent it. My mechanic has said it is just Volvo, but for 6 years not a drop.

    Could it be related to the top?

  • I purchased a wood grain steering wheel from the dealer. Try that.

  • Hi
    We are having the same problem with the headlights, and we live on the very dark at night Oregon coast. We have asked the dealer to adjust the headlights twice, and have been told they meet specs. I am wondering if you have had any luck fixing the problem?

  • It took 2 trips to have them properly adjusted. I talked to the service manager each time who was very helpful. If you are being "stonewalled" at the dealer, contact Volvo USA and ask them to have their factory "trouble-shooter" contact your service manager to advise on the procedure. It is ridiculous that a "fine" car has headlights that do not light up the road unless the owner request that they be "adjusted." Best of luck!
  • I'll be driving with my roof closed on my 2007 and out-of-the blue the warning beep will start with the message along the lines of "Stop Safely - Roof Can Be Damaged." The roof is closed but the car thinks it is open. Have driven directly to the dealer twice when this has happened while the beep and message is displayed and they are stumped. Opening and closing the roof "resets" the system, but a few days later it starts again. Has anyone had this happen?
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