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Hey all:
My 1998 Deville is such a cherry of a car. Recently though it was 98 degrees outside and my lady and I pulled up to the swimming pool with the A/C on high and it was working just fine. (Just had it charged a week earlier) After we got done swimming and got back in the car no cold air would blow from the vents? 134a canister still feels icy cold, I checked all fuses trunk and motor block. They are all good. And the climate control center in the cabin of my car still functions properly as well. I can still hear the doors open and close when adjusting temp from 60 to 90 degrees. Could it just be the Blower Motor Is burnt out? Cant find any type of fuse in the manual that controls the Blower Motor. PLEASE HELP GUYS. It is sooooo HOT out Right now.. Thanks!! Rich K


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    Hey Rich,
    Like you, I cannot find the fuse either. I can't believe that this motor is not fused. Can't understand why this is a secret.
    Dave D.
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    I recently purchased a 99 deville that had hot air only from the drivers side vents but cold air from the passenger vents and I found by accident through much research under the dash that an accuator was not functioning. On the passenger side I dropped the panel which is held by about 3 screws that the rod that opens and closes the the flap door to bring in fresh air was stuck in the open position and therefore only hot air would come in on the drivers side vents or defrost or even if switched to the floor. I disconnected the rod just by pulling it out of the plastic socket that holds it and pushed it and pulled it while keeping a hand over the center vents to verify if there was a difference in the temp as 1 is for driver and the other is for passenger and sure enough this was the problem. Since it was 2 a.m. when I found the issue...( I had to wait for the old lady to fall asleep since I purchased the car for her and she did not want me taking anything apart as she had already scheduled an appt with the Cadillac doctor for the following day) I took duct tape and wrapped the rod and pulled it closed and this worked for a couple of days as I took down the accuator and researched GM cars that had this model and saved a few dollars by getting it for a different chevy car. You may check and see if this is the problem. I also noticed that the blower has been changed out as under the hood there is a new metal patch above the blower and I have now read that the blower housing has to be cut out to be replaced. good luck.
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    I have a '98 Deville and the blower motor does not have a fuse or relay. If there is no air blowing, the motor is shot. I found one on the net at a used parts place and had a mechanic perform the install. It was relatively easy if you know how to lower the motor which he did from underneath. Removed the housing and placed the new motor. The private mechanic worked at a dealership for 6 years and confirmed there are no fuses.
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    I have a 1995 Deville that I purchased in 2000. The driver side heater has always blown cool air. My mechanic says this is an engineering screw up, and car probably came off the assembly line with this problem. He said General Motors suggested a fix. He told me not to waste my money because this fix doesn't do much good at all. (By the way, my mechanic now has his own business but at one time was a mechanic and then the service manager for a Cadillac dealer.) I've tried a 12 volt 10 amp heater and I found out my breath is warmer than heater's output. I live in Northwest Indiana, and I'd sure like to fix this problem so my feet will stay warm. Thanks.
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    My passenger side got cold air on my 1995 Deville. It is now fixed. A "door" under the dash was not opening and closing properly.
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    I have a 1993 sedandeville that i recently bought. when i first got it the heater fan didnt work at all then i found that a fuse was missing. I replaced the fuse and the fan wouldnt stop, even if the car was off. No matter what the climate control system said the fan was constantly blowing. Any ideas?
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    Probably the main temperature control box, under the dash, on top of the air box.

    Especially if it blows even with the key off.
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    Later models of leSabres and Park Avenues have a blower control module that sits inside the air path next to the blower motor. The internal controls change that electronic circuit board. One failure mode is that the blower never shuts off. The circuit board locks into continuous circuit mode. Other failures are erratic fan operation with speed changes, no blower, blower coming on later...

    Check the power lead from blower motor backk to find the blower control module. Advanced Auto reported has them for 93 and on H bodies at about $100. If you find it's the problem, they may have yours.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

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    I bought a 2003 deville about 6 months ago. Recently the front fan will work for a few days and then just quit.The fan may not work for a week or two and then it will work again. The back seat fan has always worked great. When I switch between floor, vent, and defrost it sounds like they are switching but still no air comes out. Any information would be appreciated
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    I have no problem with heat or AC. I just can't get air to flow through the middle vents on the dash. The floor vents and the defrost vents work fine. My 2000 DeVille makes a ticking noise in the middle of the dash when the car is started. I took the bottom dash panels off of both sides and the noise is definitely closer to the driver side, right behind the radio assembly. The ticking noise lasts for about 15 seconds and then quits (seems like a worm gear gets tired of trying). If the temperature is set to "auto" and I lower the temperature from heat to AC, the control module tries to divert the air flow from the floor to the middle dash vents because I can hear the ticking again...but it just can't grab the gear that shuts the damper (diverter) to change the air flow to the middle vents. However, if I send the air flow to the defrost vents, there is no problem. So, is this the blower control module, or is the BCM working fine and it's a problem in some other actuator down the line to moving the damper/diverter in the vent system?
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    My 2000 Deville had the same problem three weeks ago. The problem was a stripped damper gear. The gear is plastic and very hard to get to. My mechanic had to do quite a bit of work to get at the gear and replace it. That cost me $300. I did not take it to the dealer because it would probably have been more expensive -- they would probably have wanted to replace a bunch of stuff under the dash. Call your dealer and get a cost to replace the vent damper gear -- the one that controls which vent blows air. An independent mechanic might have a hard time, mine said a job that should have taken an hour took three times that long.
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    Have a 1998 Caddy Deville with 115,000 miles. Had water hose replaced and mechanic forgot to refill radiator. Car overheated. Topped with coolant and car sat for about 6 months. Went to turn on heater after sitting for six months only to have extremely cold air blowing. After about 10 minutes of blowing cold air, message center says refrigerant low, airconditioner turning off. Seems the heater core unit was inoperable and was pulling the freon from system. Now both the A/C and Heater don't work. Had the car in to the mechanic 3 times and they keep trying to replace A/C seals. Does the heater core and A/C operate off the same system. Right now I just want the darn A/C to work!!!
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    dewainet, I am not sure about the heater core and A/C working off the same system but it seems like you have an incompetant mechanic. I will tell you one thing though, if he forgot to put in radiator fluid, it also sounds like he didnt put in the pellets that are supposed to go in with the radiator fluid that prevent the coolant from getting to hot. That is what happened to me, well my mechanic did refill the radiator he just didnt add the pellets, so now I have to deal with a blown headgasket. So make sure when they are refilling your coolant system that they look into those pellets which can be picked up at any cadillac dealership.
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    I have a 1996 sedan deville. ive replaced the a/c compressor,and dryer,and its worked fine for about a month.
    Yesterday the ac quit working. I noticed the climate control wont go on auto... it stays on econ, the fan works fine and will go on auto. Could this be a problem with the control? I have checked and the 134 is fine although i cant turn the compressor on by bypassing the low pressure cut-out switch.
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    When the high or low pressure control switches sense an out-of-range condition, the AC system will not turn on, it will only operate in the ECON mode, which is non-AC.

    There should be an error code set in the system which will tell you what problem the sensors are seeing.

    There are other places on the internet which will tell you how to put the dash display into error reporting mode, and show you all errors that have been set.

    Overall, your AC has broken again.
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    Thanks for the reply, any recomendations for a website to check??
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    I can't post a link to other sites on here.

    I've already been slapped silly over this.

    It's aganist Edmunds' rules to post links to competing sites.

    Google is your friend.
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    Actually, we've lightened up considerably on that rule. As long as the link is going specifically to the requested information, we're fine with that. It's the generic, random "go here and join" links to other forums that are frowned upon. Email me if you have any further questions.
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    Where can i find code definitions for the air conditioning on my 96 sedan deville(AC1347). Ive gotten some really good help on here, from one person i think, and im very greatfull for that but i dont want to be a pain. Thanks again. Dale
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316

    There is a Maintenance, On-board Diagnoistis, and Reference link. I'm about 100% sure your 1996 will be covered here for instruction about how to put it into diagnoistic mode, and a section telling what the codes mean.
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    I dont know who you are but thanks bolivar, i really appreciate all your help
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    Two days ago I turned the ac on to auto as normal It came on full blast (90 outside) and then the fan stopped. After 2 seconds it came right back on again. Well after leaving my office it did the same thing, except it did not come back on. The digital readout is fine, compressor operates normally, I just do not want to spend a bunch on different parts if I do not have to.

    Thanks for the Help
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    Wild guess - the 'temperature controller'. This is a box that manages the fan speed. Sometimes found inside, under passenger dash area.

    Actually, I wouldn't throw parts at this problem. I would either take it to a dealer, or to a good private mechanic that says he knows Cadillacs. This might take some testing to actually find the problem.
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    Hey All, I have a 99 deville concours, and the other day my digital outside temperature gauge went wack. It says its 118 degrees out when its really only about 50! Then i noticed that my heat isnt as warm as it used to be, and the passenger side vents are blowing cool air when i turn up the heat. If I set the temp to 90 degrees it is warm but from 80-85 it cool. Does the broken outside temp gauge have something to do with this. A mechanic told me they would need to run a diagnostics check for 87$ an hour! Any suggestions or help Please.
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    If your automatic climate control computer thinks that it is extremly hot outside, then it will try to cool the air coming into the car - so yes the broken outside temperature sensor will cause problems. Perhaps this will also affect the engine to some extent. You might ask them how many hours they need to run the diagnostics @87$ per hour.
  • jknight8787jknight8787 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info much. Im gonna try to get an estimate.
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    I also have a 2003 Deville since it was new. I am also having the same problem. Sometime the blower motor works sometime, not. It seemed for a while that if I hit a bad bump the fan would kick on! I have checked the fluids and fuses, all the easy fixes and they seem fine. When the fan does work everything works fine. I can adjust to all speed settings. The rear blower usually works but it also fails on occasion. I do get a bit of heat when moving just due to the air flow that exist in the system. I feel like a fool warming my car up in the morning with an electric baseboard heater! Thank God for the heated seats! I am an old school (pre-computer) car guy and I am completely lost on this one. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated. I am not really in a financial position for a big mechanical bill. I live near Chicago where the temp is 5 degrees today! :confuse:

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have had this problem before my climate control is not working, the heater stays on constantly, even when you cut the car off. I have to go under the hood to pull the plug for cut off, last year I had the same problem then it just start working one now when I need heat and defrost it does'nt work. Can some one please give me some help. :sick: :sick:
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    94 Concours, hardly even broke in at 73 K miles. Most systems seem to be working to some degree, but just recently the heater quit blowing warm air from the front dashboard vents. The fan runs strong, and "some" heat comes out of the defroster vents, but none will come out of the dash vents. The AC works well, out of the same vents, but just no heat from them Any help would be most appreciated


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    Hi guys, I have a 1979 Coupe DeVille with a 425 (carb) in pretty mint condition. Love the car and drive it as much as I possibly can (even with gas prices the way they are). Recently though it's just been sitting in the garage because the days have been too and the A/C stopped working. When I turn the lever from "ON" to "AC" or even heat all I hear is a hissing sound, the blower motor will not turn on and neither will the compressor. I already checked the blower motor and it works, the compressor is a another story I can't figure out how to check if that works. I checked the fuse and that was also good.

    I need some help, summer has come and it seems to be going pretty quickly and I want to be able to drive it before winter hits because then the car gets stored away until next summer.

    Anyone got any ideas what I might be able to check for?


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    I have problems with the climate control in my 2002 Deville.
    everything worked well untill last week when tempreture hit around 100 degrees.
    Since then, when i get into my car and start the car the digital display works fine and shows the fan on auto. But the fan doesnot work. sometime i drive about two blocks and it will kickin and sometime it does not come on at all for a day.
    Is there a possible quick fix for it?
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    I have a 70 deville convertible. My ac blows cold but my heat does not work seems like the vents are not switching because ac just stays on, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    I have seen this problem a couple of times on this site without answers posted. The HAC blower will quit for a couple of days. Often when I hit a bump, it will start up and work fine until it decides to quit again. What might the cause be?

    Thanks -- Jim
  • siamakzadehsiamakzadeh Member Posts: 3
    check the conector to you blower motor. Push it up wards to see it the fan would kicks in.
    I had this problem and had to change the blower motor.
    cars with climate control have to run the blower motor almost constantly in different speeds to keep the inside tempreture constant so the motor does not last as long as cars without climate control.
    shop around if you have to change it. I was coated from 150.00 to 450.00 dollars for the motor.
  • duckwing1duckwing1 Member Posts: 6
    The blower motor does come on if I push up on the connector. My son replaced the control module which didn't fix the problem. I don't remember if the module plugs directly into the fan. If so, there would be a new connector at that interface. If not, will replacing the harness connector fix the problem?

    Thanks for your reply -- Jim
  • siamakzadehsiamakzadeh Member Posts: 3
    First week i had to just push it up and it would kick in then second week i had to put two penny coins under it and worked for few days but finaly i had to replace the blower motor, (one from Junk Yard) and it fixed my problem. It has been working fine since.
  • duckwing1duckwing1 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the inputs. I may invest 2 cents then get another motor. Strange that pushing up on the connector makes it work. Does the motor have much torque? My son had the motor and controller laying on the floor board and you could stick your finger on the squrill cage and keep it from running.
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    W/ your car turned off, can you turn the compressor clutch by hand? if no then you may have a locked up compressor or locked up clutch
  • eddieking1957eddieking1957 Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone here give me a inexpensive place to find a owners manual for a 1995 Caddy DeVille? My caddy don't have 1 and I would like one.

    Thankx Eddie
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Ebay is your friend.
  • wozierskiwozierski Member Posts: 2
    My 2004 DeVille has two issues: 1) The blower will turn on hours after the car has been parked. This is an intermittent problem, but it drives me crazy. Issue 2, the AC smells sour when I first turn it on. The dealer has cleaned it out repeatedly with a foaming solution but with no results. I've changed the cabin air filter numerous times, sprayed Lysol, etc. I believe the system is plugged-up and water is just sitting there. Anyone out there experieced in these area? I live in Richmond, VA. Thank you.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    On older Cadillacs, a few years older than yours, there are known failures where the blower usually just keeps blowing after the car is shut down. This is usually the blower control/controller unit, which, I think, sits on top of the AC/Heater exchanger unit under the passenger side of the dash. This is the 'box' that controls the auto temp control. Yours is the first time I've hear about the blower goes off when the car is shut down, but comes on some time later.

    Ok, read in your owners manual closely about the Heater/AC system. I think there is a section that talks about how the blower will continue to correctly run after shutdown, under certain conditions. But I think it runs only for a couple of minutes or so in this mode. I don't know what these conditions are, but they are an attempt to 'dry out' the system, or some such thing. If you system is supposed to do this, then maybe it is working correctly.

    In humid weather, with the AC running, with the car idling and stopped, does water come out of the bottom of the car? Normally, you should get condensation on the AC coil inside the car when running in hot humid weather, and this water comes out of a drain outside the car. If you car does not do this, then the drain is plugged. But, if you have had service done for the smell, they surely should have checked this.

    If you get mode growing in the AC coil, it can be very difficult to 'kill' it. This may be what is happening to your car.
  • wozierskiwozierski Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your comments. I will look into this and post my findings.
  • wwpeterswwpeters Member Posts: 1
    I have the same car with the same problem. Did replacing the outside temperature sensor solve the problem?
  • vanhoogyvanhoogy Member Posts: 2
  • vanhoogyvanhoogy Member Posts: 2
    My feet and the top of my head are cold but I am getting NO air coming out of the middle vents; it also DOES blow in the back seat. When I first start the car the sound that comes out of the middle vents is "tick, tick, tick, etc" for about 4 minutes then nothing... help???
  • captrfdcaptrfd Member Posts: 2
    Just a note, my blower stopped working. I did the required testing and blower motor replacement was the outcome. Before I bought a new motor I bench tested the motor and it worked fine. The blower control module was the problem. Recommended voltage tests did not reveal problem, so beware before you buy.
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    Hey, My 96 deville has an issue. When you press the auto/econ button to get it to switch to auto, it will not. It goes right back to econ. This problem seems like it happened over night. Can anyone give us a tip. Thanks in advance.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Econ means the AC compressor is switched off.
    Auto means the AC system is switched on.

    You have a problem with the AC. One of the high or low pressure sensors detects a problem, and will not let the Auto mode be set.

    Fix the AC.
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    Like its anything new....but I am new to the car and when I got it yesterday you could feel cold air coming from the vents but NOT blowing....then on way home it said "refrigerant compressor off" I am assuming that means it shuts the compressor OFF to keep it from being damaged?

    also when you press on the fan speed selector...I get nothing.

    I tried to add refrigerant but since the system wont kick on it wont cycle to get refrigerant flowing thru it.

    HELP!!! Its HOT in AZ and I need this sytem to work as soon as possible.

    The rest I can deal with and work on with some leisure...but the switch, the blower and the AC not just frustrating me

    thanks a million for help. here but real used to working on MOST cars but this is the first caddy I have ever had so any help be real appreciated
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