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Caravan/Voyager Electrical Issues



  • Have a 1997 Grand Caravan that had the same issues with door buzzers, lights, etc. going on and off. I took it to a Dodge Dealer who charged me $80.00 for a diagnostic and told me the computer module probably needed to be replaced to the tune of $600.00. Then I checked another forum site and was led to check the door frame where the sliding door makes contact. There were holes where rubber pieces are supposed to fit in which were missing on both sides (left and right doors). This is where the push button (similar to the light button on a fridge door) meets the door frame. I put velcro pads in those spots and have never had the problem since. This was over 3 years ago! Hope you can save some money, too.
  • 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan - Several others have posted problems similar to mine. All at once, all gauges will shut off, service engine light comes on and ABS light comes on. Turn signal indicator lights, radio, internal lights and everything else work fine. No changes in mechanical performance of the car. After a day or two, sometimes within an hour, everything comes back on and the service engine light eventually goes off.

    One post said he replaced the dashboard and it worked fine after that. I would be willing to try this. I am not willing however, to replace everything under the sun as some have said they have done and not had the problem solved. Any other suggestions?
  • Your timing belt has broken; Easy to check, remove the oil fill cap, get someone to turn over the engine..check inside the oil cap opening to see if the cam is turning....probably not. If you plan to have it replaced, also replace the water pump, it's a lot of work to replace the belt, so it just makes sense to do the pump while they (you) are in there. :)
  • i have a 2006 grand dodge caravan. the left side passenger door does not work when you press your button on your key chain, on the console above mirror or the botton as you get in. in only goes so far when closing and opening and the same distance both way. is there any way i can fix with out having to go get it fixed. help
  • All the lights on the Air/ Heater panel blink. I drive the van for about 4-5 mile the lights go off?? The heat and defroster s work. After I restart the van the lights start blinking again???
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    .. for blinking panel lights here on Edmund's, and you should find your solution easily.
  • dfirkadfirka Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    Our Plymouth Voyager starts, but I cannot move the gear out of Parking position. The brake lights work OK, Can you give me any advice on common causes for this problem? Anything I can check being just an amateur.

  • ltd1ltd1 Posts: 13
    2002 Caravan's heater/a.c. suddenly won't work nor fan. Suspected fuse and looks like 40 amp fuse for front fan is okay. Would that mean it is the larger blower fan relay fuse or module that is bad? Are these testable or easily replaceable?
  • dfirkadfirka Posts: 2
    Appearantly the problem is the solenoid that releases the gear.

    I only need to move the car out of the driveway, so if there is any manual way to trigger the solenoid so it will allow the shifter to work.

  • Message 184 resolved this
  • The left front blinker will not blink. The 2 light bulbs in there work but don't blink? All other blinker lights work? Also the left hand blinker signal is twice as fast as the right blinker? I cannot find a fuse that specifically says left blinker? Help!
  • I was wondering if you figured out what the problem was. I am having the exact same problem, it seems to be worse in the cold weather. The ignition switch and front control module were replaced, but neither fixed the problem. Dealer recommended replacing the ignition cylinder, but I fear it not fixing the problem and being out the $$. Please help! (I have a 2001 Chrysler Voyager)
  • i had a service engine light on my 97 plymouth voyager 3.0l sfi i attached an obd 2 reader on the data link connecter but it did not power on i attached it 2 another vehicule and it worked perfectly any reason 4 no power coming 2 the link i checked the fuses and they were ok
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,314
    Whoa. Seriously.... if you expect a reply, you have to at least write in such a way as to be reasonably interpreted by another. Fortunately, my cryptographer was on-hand today. :P

    I think what you said was that you cannot get an OBD II reader to connect to your Voyager. I assume that you used the proper sequence to connect it: Turn the vehicle off, plug in the reader to the port, then turn key to the 'on' position.
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  • Hi, I have the same problems with my 2000 Dodge Van. All the gauges and the gear selector PRND3L light have packed up. The ABS and the Service engine lights of the information center are permanently on. In addition, the rear wiper stopped working. Checked fuses and okay.
    Any viable solution will be highly appreciated.
  • How did you determine that the wiper motto was the issue? I am finding that if I touch/hold the wiper control that it will stop, otherwise my wipers also go out of control.
  • If it happens again try a master reset, 1. disconnect battery terminals (both), 2 turn on ignition,and headlights, 3. let sit for at least 10 minutes more preferrable, 4 touch both terminals together to drain the last of any residual current, 5 turn off headlights and ignition, 6. reconnect battery. The van may start right away it may take a couple of cycles. This problem just happened to my wife's van and the process seemed to help that problem.
  • I have a 1996 Dodge Caravan with a non-functioning windshield washer pump. I picked up a kit at the parts store that is nothing but a pump motor, it looks like it must mount right on the bottom of the washer fluid bottle. Am I correct in this assumption and can someone tell me how to get to the fliud bottle to replace it?
  • i have purchased a 2001 grand caravan which is loaded.the other day the fan stopped working for the front control so i had no defrost.the next day it was working again but when i shut the vehicle off and restarted it fan was not working again.checked fuse was ok.12v at fuse holder.need to get in to fan.never got behind dash console before does anyone have suggestions on location and helpfull advise.
    1st time repairer appreciates help!!
  • amycnewamycnew Posts: 1
    i just purchased this van TODAY was told on 5 seperate phone calls that it only needed one thing , so we went and bought it was a low price ,, anyway we got home the headlights , brake lights and radio are not working when u turn the head lights on it makes a constant buzzing sound and for some reason when u put on brake it goes away but let go it comes back its very weird we have replace dthe bulbs and the van runs great but i have no CLUE on how to fix this or what to look for i really need some help , i need to get it on the road but know it wont pass inspection if u can help me or have any idea why this is happening please email me at i would appreciate it so much thanks in advance!!! :shades:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm thinking that you've been lied to and that your best bet would be to take it back and demand that your money be returned.

    Best regards,
  • I have next problem with the Voyager 1996:

    - not working instrument cluster, all the gauges at zero, no display for distance or trip

    - not working wiper intermittent

    - not working speed control (tempomat)

    - when loocking the doors it unlock imediately

    But, sometimes when driving, the instrument cluster start working.

    I have already check the fuses, relays, conectors, remove the BCM and reinstal, resolder conector on instrument cluster panel, put the ground (-) wire direct to pin 7 on instrument cluster conector because I do not found the ground G200.
    Disconect clockspring conector, disconect conector on HVAC.

    Any idea?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Ideas? Yup.

    This sounds like a classic instrument cluster failure. Back in the mid 1990s many manufacturers (including Chrysler) started using different solder to comply with new federal guidlines, unfortunately that new solder compound hasn't proven to be as durable as the old stuff.

    What this means to you and your van is that one or more solder connections in the instrument cluster have failed. The good news is that the fix is (apparently) quite simple. Remove the instrument cluster and touch each solder point with a hot soldering iron for a moment or two, just enough to cause the solder to re-liquefy, and then put it all back in. If you sift through this thread you should find reports of others doing the same thing, and if you query the web at large, you should find even more reports of how well this fix has worked. That said, our 1998 never suffered from this problem so I have no firsthand knowledge of the actual removal and replacement procedure for the cluster.

    Keep us posted.

    Best regards,
  • dcousensdcousens Posts: 3
    Our van has dash lights, but there is no speedo, fuel, turn, or hazard lights the head lights and day time running lights are working. no high beam. I have removed and re set the 10 amp fuse at the ioc location. All other fuses check out ok. If it was the bcm, would i still have cluster and head lights.
  • dcousensdcousens Posts: 3
    The 2002 dash cluster problems, as it turns out a quite common. the main fuse box corosion, both plug connections and non visable circuit corrosion inside the box. replace the box. every thing works fine.
  • baccus49baccus49 Posts: 60
    And 2 years later, that was still a helpful answer. Thanks!

    Ryan in Oregon
  • harpman1harpman1 Posts: 7
    Hello--I just bought a Caravan from a local mechanic shop. The owner brought it in because the speedo wasn't working.The mechanic thought it was the BCM and put one in from a different year and he said it went nutz with door locks cycling and some other weird things.He tried another BCM and it would no longer start. I put the original back in and all the accessories work(cept the windshield wipers just stop wherever they are when you turn off the switch) but nothing happenes when you turn the key to start the vehicle.Seems like the van is in a lockdown mode like the antitheft is restricting the fuel from getting to the injectors.I can jump the starter from the relay and get it to turn over.Does anyone know how to reset this to run? Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 55,144
    Is anyone reading trouble codes or are we all just guessing at this point? If you have codes, post 'em.

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  • harpman1harpman1 Posts: 7
    My dash doesn't work and my OBD-II code reader detects no issues.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 55,144
    what about a professional scanning tool? They can often read things that a hand-held can't.

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