Honda Accord Coupe Starting and Stalling Problems

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MY 1994 Hinda accord coupe has been stalling quite a bit lately at first i thought i was low on gas so i filled up and it stopped stalling for a couple days then it started again. it stalls when i am slowing down at a red light once on flat surface and three times going down hill. when it stalls the battery and oil light goes on. What could be causing this problem? How can i fix it? and what has to be fixed and how expensive might it be? also my gas gauge is messed up the needle just lays past E all the time. sometimes it goes up o where it should be. What could be the problem with that? and how can i fix it? thanks for your help


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    Were you able to find an answer? We are having the same problem and cant seem to locate the source. We changed the fuel filter and intake gasket and it didnt seem to make a difference
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    I Have a 1989 Honda accord this is my first car. i have been fixing it up for about 2 weeks, and it used to start up fine but now when i turn the key it starts. then struggles, then cuts off. what could be the problem, any help? :(
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    After starting the engine in afternoon, my car dies and need to turn ignition on again. Sometimes need to start it a third time before it runs. Sometimes it stalls at a stop sign or when backing out of a parking space. No problem starting the car in the morning but have a problem with engine dying after engine is warmed up. Any solutions?
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    Might be the P6MI relay under the dash. My 99 V6 coupe didn't start on the first attempt sometimes during the gets hot inside under the sun and affects the relay which shuts down the fuel pump. Only happens during the summer when it gets somewhat hot outside. Never a problem during the Winter. If this sounds like your problem.
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    My 1994 honda accord coupe has exactly the same problem. If you can get the car going uphill it helps, but it's getting worse in that it happens with more and more fuel in the car. My gauge is also messed up. Did you determine the cause of this?
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    I own a '92 Accord LX Automatic w/ 173,000 miles. The car would turn over but not start this morning (10 degrees F). I have just replaced the battery & several months ago I replaced the distributor cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires & the ignition control module, located inside the distributor (the ignition control module was bad). I did not change out the external coil. The fuel pump is original but is still working & the same with the alternator. I am wondering if the external coil is bad. I checked the external coil back when I replaced the ignition control module & other items listed above & it did not meet the resistance specs. of my Haynes manual but it still worked. I am hoping that when it warms up it will start.

    Any thoughts??
  • bowti57327bowti57327 Member Posts: 2
    Small upate to my '92 Accord starting problem. The outside temperature warmed up somewhat & the car started & stalled several times but was able to get it moved into the garage. My thought is that the external coil is on its way out. Does this sound like an ignition coil issue to anybody? I am going to do some checks on the external coil this evening.
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    Claire (Host),

    The title if this forum suggests any and all Accord Coupes. The only posts here are about 1992 and 1994 vehicles. That is very misleading.

    These posts should be moved to the Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair or Honda Accord (1994-1997) Maintenance and Repair forums and this one made Read Only.
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    Thanks, but we can have a separate Coupes discussion for Starting and Stalling problems. Just because we only have posts from a couple of the Accord generations doesn't mean others are not welcome.

    We'll let this one stand. :)
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    You wrote "we can have a separate Coupes discussion for Starting and Stalling problems"

    Please clarify why generic starting and stalling concerns would be related to the shape of the vehicle's body. Sedans with identical engines would be no different than coupes.

    Also, why would owners of sixth, seventh or eighth generation Accords with more modern engines be interested in reading a forum about recent problems that two people experienced with engines built thirteen to fifteen years ago? Those folks would find much more support in the forums dedicated to their generations of vehicles. I believe that the title of this forum is misleading and useless to most members.
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    Sorry, the discussion will stay. People can use it or not, no reason to take it away. You can email me if you want to discuss this further, but this particular line of conversation isn't helpful to anyone, so let's drop it. Thanks! :)
  • atheffatheff Member Posts: 2
    I have this problem also. I changed out the fuel sending unit and it did not work. Any luck with a solution?
  • rapriderraprider Member Posts: 42
    I have a 2000 Accord Coupe V6 with about 85k miles. In the past 2 weeks, it has been giving me intermittent trouble starting. For instance, 2 weeks ago, it started fine in the morning and I drove to the office (6 miles). In the afternoon, I got in the car and it turned over but then stalled out. I was unable to get it started again. Its not the battery (2 years old), since it was definitely cranking, and all acc's worked fine. When the AAA guy showed up, he fiddled with the battery cables a bit, said there was some corrosion, and it started up okay after that.

    Everything was fine for about a week, then last Saturday the same problem, this time in a restaurant parking lot. Crank, catch, stall. I opened the hood, wiggled the cables a bit, and it started up.

    Everything was again fine for about a week, until yesterday afternoon. I drove to work in the a.m., left after an hour to go to the dentist, and then came back to work an hour later. After work, the car didn't even turn over this time, just cranked. I fiddled with the cables again, disconnected them from the battery, wiped the terminals clean, re-attached the cables, and nothing. Just crank. Had to have the car towed to my mechanic. Spoke with him today, and he's been able to start it with no problem several times through the day.

    Not sure where to look. Any ideas/suggestions?

    p.s. I couldn't find a forum specific to Maintenance and Repair covering my model year!
  • riggoriggo Member Posts: 1
    I noticed several months have gone by and was wondering if you have resolved this issue. My wife's car is having the same issue of leaving her stranded, but by the time I arrive it starts with no codes to read.
  • tfinantfinan Member Posts: 13
    I had a '91 with a similar problem. A independent Honda mechanic diagnosed over the phone as a relay (sorry don't recall which one). I took it in to him and $100 later, the problem was fixed for good.
  • tfinantfinan Member Posts: 13
    found a link that may help main relay
  • jj4holejj4hole Member Posts: 2
    my honda accord is flooding my plugs why?
  • rapriderraprider Member Posts: 42
    Riggo, yes, this problem was resolved. My mech was not able to find any problems either. After reading some posts here on Edmunds, I suggested the Fuel Relay, which he agreed to try. It was replaced at a cost of about $95 and I have not had the problem since!!!! It's a small switch relay separate from the others, and I believe it's under the steering column.

    Good luck,
  • italianbutyitalianbuty Member Posts: 3
    Did you ever find the solution, I am having the exact same problem.

    Thanks for any help
  • atheffatheff Member Posts: 2
    Never did. Gave up. Was told it had to be something with the fuel pump or tank. If you find out anything, please let me know.

  • hypermikhypermik Member Posts: 1
    My 2001 Accord Coupe (170K) has been stalling for over year. There was never any indicators why it would do this but it finally didn't start back up and that's when they found the MAIN RELAY was down. They said it didn't show up on the computer before because it would only shut off for a minute when the car dies then come back on. Easy self fix for $40-50 at NAPA. This drove me crazy so I hope this help everyone.
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    Having trouble with the Starter. The original starter was making a noise after I started the car. Took to my mechanic--the starter was bad--He installed three. The first two sounded like the drive was hanging into flywheel. The third isn't as loud, but it a clinging sound is coming from it. I'm afraid the flywheel will go bad on me.
    Was wondering if there was a spacer missing between starter and flywheel housing???
  • bigdogg1bigdogg1 Member Posts: 1
    yes most problems with stalling are related to fuel/ starting an stalling is commen on most early model Hondas fuel pumps never go out on 90/ models 9 out 10 times its the starter relay fuel / witch is under the dash the cars last so long that the solider that holds the chips in place burns away an needs to be replaced not because its broke because its wore out an needs to be replaced like a set of tires most things that go wrong with 90 93 cars are things that can be replaced in a matter of an afternoon if you take your an don't listen to the parts house save your self a lot of trouble an stick to the plan just the problem don't be swyad
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