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2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions



  • Thanks, Stlpike, Your message is very informative. I wish my local dealer had taken the time to assure me that these TSB's had been installed. I will follow your advice and ask him for proof that these TSB's have been installed.
    Could you email me ([email protected]) a copy of the TSB's you mention? I could not see copy by clicking your profile.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Click on stlpike07's name and then the "Visit my CarSpace page" link in the profile.
  • Pat, the tsb's in his album are upside down. Cannot read. Can you advise?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,705
    I have not followed this too close, because my '07 is perfect. However, are you saying that other makes have the "hesitation"? Also, are you saying that it is designed that way? Finally, some say it is HOW you drive it?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can probably use Paint or Word or something like that to flip the images, but maybe stlpike07 will chime in.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    I scanned the images into my computer right side up. I am not sure why they posted to my "wall" upside down. You can still print out the images, so it doesn't really matter that hey are upside down......I'll email camryowner the tsb.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Boy, your highway cruising symptoms seem to be exactly how mine behaved prior to the TSB. Since your's was manufactured AFTER the TSB issue date, it should have it on.

    I'm almost wondering if it is possible for the dealer to just re-load the ECM/TCM load of software....perhaps thinking that somehow your software dropped a bit or two.

    Alternatively if it were mine (and if I was completely frustrated), I might try pulling the battery on the vehicle for an hour or so, to see if that would reset it back to the original software load.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I have posted here previously. I have a 2007 Camry XLE 4cyl 5spdAT. Here's what I think and what I have done:
    1. I really like the car for the money. Almost all is perfectly acceptable with the exception of the hesitation problem
    2. Since the hesitation problem is not predictable it is a SAFETY problem
    3. Although I understand the science and strategy behind the Drive By Wire, a car should do what I tell it to do, when I tell it, as quickly as possible. A car should NOT be telling me what it wants me to do (although I realize that isn't entirely true when you think about anti-lock brakes, stability control, airbags, etc.) In this case, acceleration, I don't need any help
    4. There are many reasons for drive by wire, some lofty, some not. For example, "Drive-Steer-Brake" by wire would allow manufacturers to easily locate the steering wheel, brakes, accelerator on either side of the dash, or in the middle for that matter. The Drive by Wire purportedly helps gas mileage, and saves wear and tear on the transmission and engine.
    5. I contacted Consumer Reports and they said they will look into it.
    6. I wrote a letter to Motor Trend asking them if they were aware of the problem. They called me, and said they would look into it, but promised nothing.

    Again, I really like this car. However, regardless of the goals and strategies for Drive By Wire, it is all rendered senseless if a driver (the human being) tells the car (a clump of metal) to do something, and the car says (in effect) "Let me think about that request for a few seconds."
    Toyota needs to fix this problem.

    I have been told that hesitation also occurs in other DBW vehicles, including some high end marques (BMW).
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I agree with you--the DBW implementation, for the reasons you've mentioned, make sense, at least in theory. Again today I needed the power because a heavy dump truck was hurling my way and I needed to get out of the way fast. What happened? My Camry decided that it didn't need to rush, at least not away, so for a few seconds, I just sat there, the pedal to the metal, praying that those few seconds (it seems a whole lot longer when a dump truck is heading your way at 45 MPH...) would eventually end and I'd get to the speed I need to be.

    DBW probably saves some wear and tear on the transmission, but I'm not so sure about the engine--after all, when the power does eventually kick in as it should, the engine revs up to the red line. That can't be good for the engine.
  • Thanks for your reply. Yesterday, I got a phone call from my local Toyota dealer Service Manager (the same one that drove my car and said nothing was wrong) telling me that Toyota has issued a new(Aug 2) TSB for all 2007 Camrys to fix the problems with my car. I will go in next week to get the TSB installed.
    I notice some Camrys are mfg in KY and some in Japan. I wonder if those mfg in Japan have same problems as those mfg in KY. Mine was mfg in KY.
  • Hi, My 2007 Camry LE 4cyl/5spd automatic has same hesitation problems that you mention. My local dealer gave me the "drive by wire" excuse, and told me nothing was wrong with my car. Yesterday he told me that Toyota has issued a new TSB dated AUG07 for all 2007 Camrys and should fix downshifting problems. I am hoping that when I get the TSB installed, it also fixes the hesitation problem.
    Stay tuned, as I will post results after TSB installed next week.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I just called my Toyota dealer, and they confirmed that there is a TSB released Aug 2 for ALL 4 cylinder 2007 Camrys. It takes about 45-60 minutes. I will have this done tomorrow morning, and let you know how it goes. Just a suggestion to all--make your appointments asap and get installed; my dealer anticipates loads of calls.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Can you post the actual TSB number if you are able to find out, and perhaps we can get a link to the TSB to allow folks to print it out.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I don't have the number now, but will be sure to ask tomorrow morning, and will post. It will be interesting to see if the result is better, worse or no change. I don't understand why I didn't receive anything in the mail regarding this fix (TSB); I will ask about that as well.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Owners don't get notified of TSB's. They are technical service bulletins to the dealerships, with instructions on how to fix certain types of problems that the dealerships might be seeing.
  • Hello-

    I am brand new to this board. I just bought a new 2007 Camry - in fact, I don't pick it up until tonight and am a little concerned by all of the issues that I am reading about. Since I have not yet picked up the car, will they automatically complete this new TSB that was issued or should I call the dealer and ask about it?

    I am planning on driving the vehicle before officially accepting it (it just arrived yesterday so I hadn't driven it yet), but I want to ensure that this is completed.

    I did ask the salesman yesterday about issues with the transmission on the 4cyl models and he told me that the issue was with the 6 cyl not the 4's. It sounds to me like there have been issues with both models based upon what I have read here.

    What should I do at this point - I really am clueless.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If it was me, I'd have them perform the new Aug TSB before I picked it up.....not that it necessarily needed it, but just to avoid the hassle of bringing it back for a scheduled service appointment later.

    I have one of the very early VIN numbers and did report/experience the cruise control downshifting and slight hesitation, which was completely resolved by the application of the earlier TSB (I think it was Sept/Oct 2006 without looking it up). I'll be sure to get the new TSB done at some point, but it will be my convenience since I have no current problems/symptoms.

    Although a good majority of those experiencing the original problem were resolved by the earlier TSB, there still appear to be a small number of that original subset that still are experiencing a hesitation problem.

    So in your case it probably doesn't matter one way or the other, but I'd get it done before picking up just because it would be more convenient.
  • Thanks for the email!

    So... when I call the dealer should I tell them that I heard about a TSB or should I call it something else? I am not really sure exactly what a TSB is. :)
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    Just tell the dealer (like I did) that you know there is a TSB issued Aug 2 for all 2007 4 cylinder Camrys to address the hesitation and downshift problems. They are well aware of the concerns and complaints from MANY customers. My dealership knew about, and scheduled me in tomorrow morning first thing. You may be lucky, and have already had the fix installed.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's a technical service bulletin that the manufacturer issues to dealership service departments. It gives details on how to address an issue that owners are reporting. If an owner reports that issue, the techs then have the directions on how to respond.

    Let us know what happens.
  • Sorry to hear about your car problems:

    Among other issues, I had both the problem you list in my Oct 2006 build, 2007 6cyl xle.

    problem 2) low-speed downshift during braking has gone away for me - it might have been one of the TSB reprograms or the tranny replacement.

    problem 1) lift-throttle downshift 38-24 range still exists and is extremely annoying. happens consistently. Even when I start the lift throttle at higher speeds, when car coasts to speeds under 40, the downshift is very apparent and the coasting effectively turns to braking between 35 to 25, then after the speed drops below 25 or 24 the transmission seem to disconnect, rpm drops and the car starts to coast once more. I have always thought this was an intentional but poor attempt to mitigate the 3-4 gear engine flare people used to complain about earlier on.

    I have a third problem in my car, gear seem to slip between 1 and 2 and sometimes between 2 and 3. The engine revs 2 or 3 hundred rpm between each change. very very annoying.

    This last problems happens three or more times a week but more consistently when the car has been sitting for a day or two.

  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    OK, here's the information:
    1. had the TSB installed this morning
    2. New TSB number is EG036-07 (SUPERSEDES EG056-06) "ECM Calibration: Enhancement to Shifting Performance & Smoothness"
    3. Takes about an hour
    4. Make sure you remind the dealership to hook up the battery to a charger; because the TSB is so "robust" it can drain your car's battery when being installed; not good to run out of juice in the middle of an upgrade
    5. Description is
    -- recalibrate ECM (PCM) Engine & Transmission
    -- Recalibrate ECM (PCM) Engine & Transmission (California Specification Vehicles)

    So, what's the outcome?
    I drove the car around the parking lot, then for 1/2 hour after on highway and local side roads (where I've had the hesitation problem before). I am VERY happy to report that the fix works!! The car shifts, accelerates, and decelerates smoothly. There is NO noticeable hesitation; the car does what I ask it to do immediately. I notice the shifts are changed across all 5 gears, not just upon startup. My car now has GOOD response and acceleration for a 4 cylinder, and plenty of "snap"; a lot more fun to drive.

    We're expected to hit 104 here today in the south, which will put a greater load on the air conditioner. I will let you know if the driving character changes with the increase in temp (was 78 when I drove home from the dealership). Them will see how she goes over the next week or so.

    One last thing, there are lots of customers scheduling the TSB, so get on the list now. Again, my initial impression is that this TSB completely changes the driving character of this car; brings out the power in this little 4 cylinder.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    EG036-07; it SUPERSEDES EG056-06

    Sorry for any confusion.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Excellent....thanks for the feedback.

    Does anyone have access to a PDF of the new TSB that they can post. Thanks in advance.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    I found access to a different TSB that I had performed along with TSB EG056R-06. It was TC 010-06, which deals with fixinG THE "harsh" downshift.

    My car functions perfectly. Now that another TSB is available, I'm not sure I want it performed. It would be horrible if I had it performed and then my car performed worse. It used to downshift hard. I would hatE to have the new TSB performed and have that happen again.

  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    It may be that the new aug 2 TSB combines some (or all) of the previously released TSBs (we called "sweep up" when I was programming), and maybe some additional software. OR, it may be entirely new. would be interesting to find out.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    TSB TC010-06 replaces a solenoid.

    From what the original poster said, the new TSB is a recalibration of the engine and transmission software.

    I'd like to see the PDF of the new TSB. If anyone finds it please post it or provide a way to see it. Thanks.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225

    There was no correction from the previous post. The TSB's are the same letters and numbers from the original post..

    Is TSB EG036-07 the new TSB?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If someone sends me the pdf to my carspace email ([email protected]), then I'll post it. Here's the others as reference:


    and also for refrence some known TSBs, this is only my list

    Post edited...adding console TSB per request
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    Thanks for posting those. Those are the same two I have.

    On the other list, could you send me or post the TSB related to the console. It was the third one down from the top. Thanks in advance.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Done, see orig post
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    Yes, TSB EG036-07 is the NEW TSB (Aug 2). I went back and corrected the original.
  • mayrogemayroge Posts: 9
    I will be interested to learn if your gas mileage (in mpg) changes any (hopefully or the BETTER). I have been claiming that the hesitation has negatively affected my 2007 Camry LE. I have been getting less than 20 mpg in city traffic and 24 mpg in city/highway combined, and I have driven like I have a raw egg between my foot and the gas pedal.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I will be monitoring gas mileage along with performance. So far:
    1. performance is much better; there is no noticeable hesitation.
    2. I notice the shifts are different across all 5 gears (up and down shifts) over the same roads I traveled in the last three months of driving prior to the TSB. Shifts seem faster, and less often. Also, the tachometer seems to me to be reading LOWER on average than prior to the TSB. Going uphill, I am experienceing less up-down shifts. My car now performs appropriately IMHO; more like the previous camry 4 cylinder. Takeoffs seem to have more power, torque.
    3. The mileage computer seems to be reading the same as prior to the new TSB. I am getting 23.8 or more in mixed driving, even in the heatwave we're having
    4. Our temp hit 104 yesterday; the heat only moderately affected performance, probably more due to the air con running full blast to cool the car down; still, much much better than before.

    Bottom line is that that TSB seems to work, my car performs better, drives better, and I have less anxiety. Even if not perfect, it is far better than before the TSB. Time will tell.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    If anyone has the pdf version please post here. Thanks. :)
    Will be calling my dealer Monday morning to make my appointment. Thanks for all the great information everyone!
  • Here I am on a three week road trip (not in my Camry of course!) and I'm getting my hopes up reading about this new TSB.

    Curious to hear more impressions about how this changes the driving behavior of the car. Also, to get this installed, do you call the service department and tell them you want the newest TSBs installed? Is that covered under warranty too?

    Thanks guys, here's to hoping I don't have to sell the car after all!
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225

    I am also eager to hear more about the TSB. My car is completely fine, but I hope other Camry owners are able to get help. I had two other TSB's performed because they were available, although my car performed great. However, the TSB's made performance better.

    Any TSB is covered under warranty. Hopefully someone can post a pdf version so we can all see the TSB. The trick is (this is what I did) to print out the TSB and take it in to the dealership with you and ask them to perform the TSB. If you are having problems they should perform it for you. They can waste time test driving it and looking at it, or they can take the 1/2 hour to perform the TSB and send you on your way.
  • I had it performed a few days ago and for the first 2 days car was driving really nice and smooth but now is all jerky and stuff, hounting for gears... Service guy told me to give it some time cause the computer has to learn my driving style so I'm hoping it will improve. Still have to bring my car for TC010-06...
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...cause the computer has to learn my driving style...."

    Then you need to be sure NO ONE else drives your car until it adapts to just your personal driving style.

    Might P.O. the DW but what the hey...?

    " I'm hoping it will improve."

    Lots, TONS, of patience, have you?
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I spent some extended time on highways this weekend, and my car performs much better with the new TSB (EG036-07). Previously, my car would hold a high rev for a few seconds when going uphill using the cruise control (tach would read between 3 and 4K) before dropping back down. This symptom does not occur anymore. And still no hesitation on takeoff under all circumstances. So, for me, this worked out well. I am interested to see what others have experienced after the TSB is installed.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    sounds good.

    you might try these experiments: go to an open parking lot and imagine performing a manuver to get in the left lane or turn lane to make a left. slow to a slow roll, and then give it gas on the left turn.

    do this a few times.

    also try to coast on a non-busy freeway entry ramp, then give it gas.

    or in the right lane, maintain speed, then with no traffic in the left lane, simulate a passing manuver a few times.

    if you don't experience hesitation, it would be helpful for others to know.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience with new TSB installation. Looking forward to hearing more, as I have an appointment Friday (8/17) to have same TSB installed on my 07 Camry LE 4cyl/5spd automatic, mfg 12/06 in KY.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Almost there...

    The way to replicate, IMMHO, the 1-2 second engine/transaxle delay/hesitation is to "force" the ECU to begin an upshift and then virtually immediately thereafter "call" for a downshift.

    While cruising along at, say 35-45MPH, suddenly and quickly lift the gas pedal, thottle, just long enough for the ECU to "command" the transaxle to begin an upshift. Now just as suddenly and immediately re-apply a significant level of foot pressure to the gas pedal, clearly enough pressure that the gear ratio that the transaxle is currently shifting into will not be, is not, satisfactory for the level of acceleration your foot pressure requires/indicates.

    If you get the timing right then the transaxle will still be in the process of completing the previously commanded upshift when the engine/transaxle ECU reaches the point of needing to command the next shift sequence, a downshift.

    With marginal pumping capacity to begin with (most "critical" gear shifts are done at HIGH, higher RPM), but now here we are with a somewhat critical gear change but with the ATF pressure virtually exhausted and with the engine at idle...

    What to do, WHAT to do....?

    Oh. Use DBW to delay the onset of rising engine torque until the upcoming downshift can be fully and firmly, clutches FULLY seated, completed.

    Obviously timing of the above events is CRITICAL, maybe even SUPER critical. Which is why these hesitation EVENTS are so rare as to be virtually non-existant for most owners.
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I tried the test tonight as outlined in your note. I understand your basic premise, so was paying strict attention to speed and looking for any delays in shifting due to any incongruous requests I was making on the transmission. I fully admit that I may not have gotten it right even after a dozen tries, but I didn't notice any hesitation. What I do notice is an instant reaction to my demands for power versus before where there was always a slight hesitation. I will say that the shifts seem slightly less "smooth" in their transition, but I can deal with that versus having some bone head rear ending me. Here in NC people tailgate in any and all lanes, regardless of congestion, probably hoping that I will sacrifice my vehicle by bumping the car in front of me off the road so the tailgating moron can move up one space. Just to be clear, I do drive either at or above the speed limit depending on conditions.
  • [...]Lots, TONS, of patience, have you?[...]
    No, thats why im really pissed. Seems to me that my car cannot be fixed. What options do I have?
  • What do you mean by "jerky and stuff" Carlos in your original post?
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Good to hear there might be sucess with the V-4
    Has anyone has success with the latest V-6 TSB
    I am still trying to get to a dealership which can duplicate my rpm flare and rough shifting.
    Any info would be helpful Thanks
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    Carlos, could you please describe the problems you're having and under what circumstances? I assume you have a 2007 Camry, but no indication of model (although I don't think it should make any difference whether LE, XLE). I will keep everyone posted on how it goes with my car. I have owned or driven many cars of all types, and none in my opinion are perfect, or even meet my expectations. All I can say is that the previous version of the software in my 2007 Camry was only OK most of the time, but the severe hesitation at random times was dangerous. With this new version of software, I'm not getting perfect shifts all of the time, but most of the time, and the hesitation is gone, as well as gear hunting. Just to clarify where I'm coming from, I can't remember any cars that I've owned (and I've owned many of all types) that haven't had slight hesitation at times depending on the demands put on the car, e.g. high outside temp/humidity putting strain on the air conditioner, underpowered engines with too many options, badly designed transmissions, mis-adjusted accelerator cables, etc. I owned a 2000 Volvo that was just plain awful; had that for a year before I purchased my first Toyota (an Avalon) that wasn't perfect, but the 6 cylinder was sweet. I've owned 5 Honda Accords, starting in 1980; none of them were perfect, but on average, performed well in all kinds of weather. And I've had 2 American Motors cars, one GM and two Fords, and a Dodge Dart, all of which I liked very much, but were far from perfect.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    wow - you really go through cars! ;)

    joel, it might be helpful to for you to describe the "not-so-perfect" shifts you are experiencing after the TSB
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