2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions

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This seems to be an on-going problem which unfortunately there is no solid number as to how many 2007 Camry V6 owners are affected. This is a serious issue in my opinion which needs some kind of public announcement from Toyota stating that they are aware of the issue and are going to take care it. Right now, there is no solution short from replacing the transmission which appears to not remedy the problem. I am sure Toyota has an idea but I would like to start an on-line poll to get some kind of number. There may be only a handful affected, or possibly hundreds. My feeling is that there are many others with this problem which read these posts but do not comment or reply. This may get Toyota more involved in resolution to this defect and possibly give affected Camry owners options to make things right. This effort may be futile but I am kindly asking everyone who is experiencing this problem and has been unable to get it resolved to respond to THIS POST only ONCE with the following information.

Reply number – make/model – location – what has been done so far

Thank you for replying! Have a Great Holidays and a Happy New Year!

#1 – 07 Camry XLE-V6 – Virginia Beach, VA – valve body replacement


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    07 Camry SE V6 -- 8/06 build Kentucky -- Valve Body TSB not performed by dealer because problem is broader than just 3/4 shift flare. also occurs sometimes 2/3 and when car is fully warmed up. sitting tight until car is much worse or true fix is available.
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    For those who respond to this poll, would you please be sure to include the build date? Tagpats included it above, and I'm hoping that others follow that lead.

    I'm looking to buy the XLE V6, and in the e-mails I've sent out today requesting a quote, I've informed them that I'm looking for a build date after November.

    I'm hoping that purchasing a car built recently will have no flare-up issues as discussed here - and perhaps it's truly only a relative few who have experienced this - but I admit it's got me wondering if I'm making the right choice...

    Thank you!
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    #5 2007 toyota camry xle v6 built 06-06.TSB 006-08 c/w. Trans 3-4 flare even worse. New trans installed. OK at first but now starting to flare during 3-4 shift when cold. Sometimes after warm-up and sitting for a couple of hours will flare 3-4 or 4-5. In arbitration now.
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    I have a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 built 4-06. The hesitation/3-4 flare problem started about a month after I purchased it. When I took it to the dealer in Stone Mountain, GA I got the nothing's wrong, drive-by-wire story and decided to patiently wait for a fix. If nothing happens within the next few months I'm thinking about trading. But what to get, a different car or a later build.
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    My Toyota is in Dallas Texas. Built in Kentucky 7/06. I noticed the RPM flare immediately and called the dealer. They advised there was a valve body kit and they would call me when it came in. Valve body kit installed with no improvement. I also notice the trans losing traction at full throttle 40- 60 mph. Feels like I am running on partially wet pavement and the tires are slipping then grabbing alternately. I am going for a buyback as I did not pay Toyota's price for a car that does not work properly. I can get this kind of problem from an American car company. Going back to the dealer this week to set the process in motion. I was warned that Toyota was tough to deal with and that is turning out to be true. Super Ray
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    April 07 I purchase my LE-V6, within 400mi. I noticed a flare 3-4 shift(300-500rpm)Dealer reset the computer and told me to drive it. Flare continued, Dealer added fluid and reset the computer again, This took care of the hot flare, but it still had the cold flare(first cold shift). The TSB for the valve body was done, along with the computer reset, and programming procedures. Still had the first time cold shift 3-4 flare. After about 12k miles and alot of complaining the dealer and Toyota offered to replace the entire transmission. This was done in September with very little impovement. At this point I was offered my full purchase price toward another Toyota vehicle. I felt this was a limited problem, and decide to stay with the Camry LE V-6, The new vehicle was delivered in Oct. and does have a small flare issue with the 3-4 shift. It only happens after the vehicle is driven and parked for a few hours, then it will flare while shifting from 3rd to 4th gear, only one time, after that its perfect. I believe it is a programming/temperature issue, and does not pose a reliability concern.
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    07 Camry SE V6 - Dallas, Tx - Manuf. 04/06 - Valve Body Replacement, New Transmission

    My car still has a 500 to 1000 RPM flare on cold start. Failed arbitration since wasn't a safety or drivability issue!? Not sure where to go from here. :cry:
  • 1sttoyotaowned1sttoyotaowned Member Posts: 11
    I see that a handful of others have responded to his forum. I am hoping that someone out there who had had this problem and got it fixed would post there success story and what was done to fix it. After months of on-going trips to my local dealership, as of 1/10/07, they got the go ahead from Toyota to order a new transmission for my XLEV6. I am not very confident that this will fix the issue because from the many posts I have read regarding, the problem still exists but hopefully, it will so that I could put this one down to rest. The transmission should be here within the next couple days and they stated that it should take a day to complete. I intend to discuss my future options before work is started to see what happens next should this not remedy the flare. I will follow up with results.
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    My 07 Camry SE V6 built 5/06 in kentucky went into the dealership today to get the valve body replaced. My shift flare is VERY minor, and only happens on the FIRST cold shift from 3rd to 4th. I'll post again as soon as I can verify whether it was fixed or not. fingers crossed :|
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    I had problems with the flare when shifting from 3-4th at 30-40 mph. Back in November the dealership replaced the transmission. This was after they tried replacing the valve body which did not solve the problem. Shortly after the new trans was installed I again experienced the same flare, but only occasionally. Now it has progressed and become consistent again. Additionally it now has the problem of downshifting when taking a corner at low speeds of ~20mph, then when you press the accelerator it revs way up, like around 4K, then slams into gear! My wife has had the slow speed gear slip/slam problem happen twice driving through a parking lot at work. Talk about un-nerving!
    We will be contacting Toyota America again about this before we talk to the dealership. This seems to have netted us better attention than just going directly to the dealership as Toyota gives us an incident number and then contacts the dealership with a suggested course of action.
    I am considering trading the car for another brand at this point. I will give them one more chance to fix it.
    Good luck with your trans swap. Hope it works out better than mine did.
    Oh, and the Lexus es350 have had a similar problem:
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    post 151 of that forum, and the three videos are very interesting / i don't know if that flaring is typical of the stuff other people are experiencing, but it helps people like myself that don't have the vehicle understand what it is.
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    2007 model year Camry vehicles equipped with the 2GR–FE engine and 6–speed automatic transmission, produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs shown

    Under certain driving conditions, some vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” condition with DTC P2716 (Pressure Control Solenoid “D” Electrical [Shift Solenoid SLT]) and no noticeable change in vehicle operation. The Transmission Control Module (TCM) calibration has been revised to address this issue.

    �� Version 14.0a or later Diagnostic Tester software is required to perform this procedure.
    �� Before proceeding, verify the TCM calibration has NOT been updated by checking for the Authorized Modifications Label (shown in step 1 of the Repair Procedure).

    Production Change info added:

  • 1sttoyotaowned1sttoyotaowned Member Posts: 11
    Trying to decipher this post... I am not familiar with what "M.I.L" stands for. I will certainly bring this up with Toyota Service when they notify me that the replacement transmission is in before the start of work. My VIN is in the 6000 series, 4T1BK46K87U006XXX. Does this mean that mine is produced before the production change effective VINs shown? Thanks in Advance for a response regarding.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    M.I.L. means "malfunction indicator lamp," or more commonly known as the "check engine light" (amber warning light on your instrument cluster). Your car was in fact produced before the production change was made.
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    #17 This is an update to post #5. We went to arbitration. We were ruled against, just like any attorney will tell you. It was a total waste of our time. Our flare problem is getting more regular but is driveable. We will now begin our search for a replacement car. I can assure you, it will not be a Toyota product.
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    This is a follow up to post 11. My transmission is functioning much worse since the valve body replacement. The 3rd to 4th shift flares are now almost 2000rms instead of 100-200rpms!! The car is also flaring on 2nd to 3rd, and 4th to 5th after the car is already warm. The car is going in tomorrow for a full transmission replacement, I'll keep everyone posted. sigh
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    2007 model year Camry vehicles equipped with the V6 engine and produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs shown

    Some customers may experience a shift flare of up to 1000 RPM between the 3rd and 4th gear shift point during the first ten minutes of operation after a cold start. Follow the repair procedure in this bulletin to address customer concerns.

    NOTE: This TSB ONLY applies to vehicles that have been confirmed to have the customer concern listed above. Follow the drive pattern specified in the Repair Procedure to determine if this TSB applies.
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    Purchased car (XLE V6) in late October (car built October 4th). I have experienced the transmission flare between 2nd/3rd gear (25 to 30 MPH) every day. Always after car has sat for awhile. I called the customer service number (national) and they indicated no TSB had been issued for my VIN number. So, given that the problem still exists in my transmission, are they unable to come up with a resolution. Could it be something more than that like Toyota isn't going to acknowledge the problem because the number effected is low? The local service garage said even if they can verify the problem, if no TSB exists, then there is nothing they can do. Insinuated it might be a software programming problem since everything is controlled by chips now and unless Toyota issues software upgrade...well. Has anyone had much success negotiating a solution with their dealer? I'd be interested in hearing.
  • 07xle07xle Member Posts: 177
    Come on...................

    Get a copy of the TSB and check the VIN # yourself. Then schedule an appointment and take the car in, if it applies to your car.

    Negotiating a solution??????????????????
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    Jan, the brevity of your remarks and implied impatience with it were less than helpful. Maybe you or someone else could send me a copy of the TSB since I'm not clear which one would be applicable. My VIN# is 4T1BK46K37U525XXX. The car is in for an assessment so I should know soon what they found. Secondly, I didn't understand the last part of your response about negotiating a solution. I'd be more than happy to hear about your experience as a Camry owner who has experienced this problem and what solution(s) you were able come up with. You are a Camry owner with a bad transmission right? Please share or direct me to your previous postings covering said issue.
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    Sorry for your rude "welcome". That was uncalled for.

    Have you read through this discussion? Also go to 2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs and use the Search This Discussion box on the page bar to look for posts about the issue. There has been a lot of conversation there. Probably RPM is the only thing you need to enter.

    Let me welcome you to our Forums. Most folks here are very helpful and I hope we can help you with this.
  • mauriemaurie Member Posts: 8
    So Pat, just so I'm clear, you are affiliated with Toyota right? I reviewed the other forums before posting my initial remarks. As a private business owner, the fact I have to take my time to sift through all of this just to try and figure out what my options are is extremely frustrating. That's why I bought a Yota to begin with. Since you host many of these forums and have since the problematic transmissions began to appear, maybe you can give me a heads up on what to expect. 1- is my vin # before or after the production change? Yota consumer services tells me there is no TSB for my VIN#. Is it your feeling they were mistaken? I truly can't resolve that question from the responses I've seen in the forum. 2 - did the production change truly resolve the problem? My Yota garage says even if they find something wrong they don't have a TSB to work from. You tell me, what is the next step?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    No, I am affiliated with no one but Edmunds CarSpace. I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you except suggest you search for prior comments. If you've already done that, then let's wait to see if someone can tell you what's going on.

    I thought that we had posts about a TSB for your issue, but don't listen to me. I read a lot of messages every day about vehicles from many manufacturers and things do sometimes run together in my memory.
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    Maurie, i can tell you aren't happy. You shouldn't be. But, I think you're letting your frustration get the best of you. In this case, your post to Pat is pretty inappropriate.

    People here including the hosts are try to be helpful. The hosts often find themselves serving as referee when other visitors go off track, forget civility, fail to abide by the rules of the site, etc.

    No where do I recall Pat suggesting or implying anything siding with the manufacturer.

    To my knowledge, noone has posted the full text of the tsb(s) related to the V6 Camry.

    It's fortunate somewhat for the manufacturer to have this information a tad difficult to come by isn't it? By being a TSB (Tech Service Bulletin) rather than a Recall, they aren't obligated to inform the purchasing public. It's up to you to bring your car in and inquire if a TSB has been issued.

    Nice huh?

    I did some sleuthing, and came across this:
    (there are two pages to it)

    Now, you check and see if your VIN falls into the proper range, OK? And if not, keep checking in. There may be more developments in the future. Hard to say.

    Good luck to you.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I think Maurie isn't familiar enough with the entire site to understand the hosts' roles. He/she may have come here from the Toyota page. I never thought of that before, but if someone comes from there, they could assume these discussions originate with Toyota.

    I'm really glad you came up with a link. Hope it's helpful to Maurie.

    Maurie, let us know.
  • mauriemaurie Member Posts: 8
    User 777, first let me thank you for your sleuting abilities. I'm not quite clear how to read the TSB but it appears my VIN # preceeds the number in "Timeline 2" so should be covered (again, not clear). Second, I was not aware of Pat's relationship with this site, ie., Edmund's employee. But if you want to talk about inappropriate simply reference his response to my posting. While no direct reference was made to being associated with Toyota, its a response you'd expect from someone who was trying to discourage the legitimate use of this forum to access information. So please spare me your insights in that regard. At any rate I do appreciate anyone willing to give assistance and quite frankly have no more time to give to this issue. To all dealing with this problem, good luck and I truly hope your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    you are welcome.

    just write your vin out and the vins referenced in the TSB, and it should be obvious. i figure the effort is in your corner now.

    if i read the thread, i believe 07XLE was the one being short / terse... essentially suggesting you do some sleuthing on your own, and also perhaps flippantly suggesting NOT to negotiate with Toyota, but to get them to do right by you.

    again, i could be wrong, but the written evidence seems to suggest Pat was actually trying to be kind and welcoming to you when your initial experience might have been abrupt. but that abruptness, and unless i'm missing a message in the thread wasn't his fault.

    anyway, it's very easy in written or spoken form to mis-communicate. i'm guilty all the time of it. remember, everyone here just likes cars, communicating about cars, trying to fix cars, help people buy cars, sell cars, learn more about their cars, research a purchase, get support with problem.... ahhh now i'm doing Pat's work. i'll stop. :)
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    You have missed nothing. And feel free to continue to do my work anytime. :P

    Thanks for your clarifying post. I appreciate it.
  • rugbymanrugbyman Member Posts: 8
    Apparently our car is afflicted with the flare issue although I have noticed this only happens during deceleration, i.e. slowing down for a stoplight etc. Although I’m not familiar with the logic of the shift pattern, it appears the transmissions attempts to uncouple or free wheel while the car is slowing down or in the process of coming to a stop. This seems to be different behavior from what I have seen others describe although our VIN number is lower than the 4T1BK46K#7U530472 that was listed in the TSB at this link http://www.alldata.com/tsb/Toyota/1169193600000_1169625600000_TC002-07/2071.html- - so it appears to be within the defective range.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Since late in the last century almost all manufacturers of FWD or front torque biased AWD vehicle have revised the shift pattern/schedule such that it is impossible to inadvertently encounter engine compression braking during periods of coasting down to a lower speed.

    If for some reason you wish to have engine compression braking there is usually a special procedure for that in your owners manual.

    This is most noticeable as a feeling of being "bumped from behind" just before coming to a full stop or as sort of a "slingshot effect" upon a full lift-throttle coastdown event at 30-45MPH.

    There is also the case, sudden RPM change, of converter clutch lockup being disabled the instant you apply the brakes but that one has been around since lockup clutches first came into use.

    IMMHO none of these are related to the 3-4 upshift flare being described as problematic.
  • rugbymanrugbyman Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply. My initial reaction and thoughts were exactly as you described. Although of course I was also disappointed at the same time for Toyota not developing the software more fully in order to eliminate that. However, my wife (the primary driver of the car), also mentioned a “surge”. The pattern is that you would brake, then release the brakes to coast and then accelerate. The surge / flare occurs during the coasting phase. I’m thinking maybe the Toyota transmission predicted a complete stop, shifted into 3rd but when the brakes were releases and coasting commenced then shifted into 4th. This would be consistent with the 3rd / 4th flare issue.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Don't think so. One of the other members actually took a video of the flare, and posted it probably 6 months ago. It happens during acceleration, and as you watch the tach when the transmission should be upshifting, the revs will flare up an additional 500-1000 rpm's, before dropping into the higher gear.

    Think of the operation of a manual transmission, pushing in the clutch to shift at the end of an acceleration......but keeping your foot on the throttle, and then because you shift slowly the engine over revs before you let out the clutch again.

    If you troll thru the earlier transmission posts, I suspect you'll still find the video.
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    wwest, sometimes i think you confuse people. you are definitely confusing me.

    both honda FWD vehicles with ATs that I own WILL NOT prematurely shift down or dis-engage the torque convertor lockup simply because you let off the gas. i will have to check, but i don't think they will shift or disengage just because i apply the brake, providing the vehicle engine rpm and gearing and unit speed are still compatible.

    are you saying all vehicles do this immediately, or that in the effort to maximize FE, the toyota attempts to "coast" by going to neutral or something to avoid compression braking?

    you've lost me.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The lockup clutch is always disengaged as you apply the brakes to alleviate the possibility of the engine stalling should the wheels suddenly stop turning completely due to brake application, say on an icy surface.

    I said NOTHING about DOWN-shifting or disengaging the lockup clutch due to letting off the gas.

    The brand new FWD 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, ~1500 miles, I rented at Daytona over the weekend would ALWAYS upshift as the car slowed to about 10 MPH.

    By the way my definition of DOWN shift means going from OD to 4th to 3rd, to 2nd...etc.
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    the spyder would upshift (go to a higher gear) as the car was slowing? that's broken.

    not sure i'm buying the lockup clutch always disengaging on brake application argument.
  • 1sttoyotaowned1sttoyotaowned Member Posts: 11
    Day 2 with my replaced transmission and all is well. I got my 07 XLE-V6 back yesterday and it drives better IMO than before. Shifts are more defined than the original transmission and best of all No RPM flare (so far... I'm keeping my fingers crossed). I will post again after a few more days of driving. I was worried that a replacement transmission would not fix the problem since I have read many posts of other unsuccessful attempts at fixing the flare. Both my wife and I drive the vehicle and both of us with totally different driving styles would intermittenly experience the RPM flare on when we drove the vehicle. For us, it took numerous trips to the dealer, the TSB valve body replacement, test drives with everyone from the techs to a Toyota Rep, and finally a replacement transmission. Not the best experience but they may have saved a Toyota customer. Only time will tell...
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    I would describe the Spyder "feel" in the same way as my 2001 AWD RX300. With the brakes applied to come to a stop at about ~5-10MPH it suddenly felt/feels, significantly so, as if I partially released the brakes.

    After some research on the RX back when it proved to be that the transaxle was upshifting. So my statement about the Spyder is really only an educated guess.

    One of the functions of a torque converter is to replace a manual clutch when the car is stopped and the engine is running. At low engine RPM the torque converter, SLUSH PUMP, design is such that there is very little coupling of energy from the engine to the transaxle input shaft.

    Where the lockup clutch (solid coupling!) to remain engaged as the car comes to a stop, or the driven wheels, due to slippery conditions the engine would stall.
  • wtliao321wtliao321 Member Posts: 35
    Thanks for your information and please keep us posted. I also have 3rd-4th gear shift flare problem but am reluctant to apply TSB to my 07 XLE V6 because it didn't work. I hope the new TSB will solve the problem then I will ask my dealer to swap the new tranny.
  • ski7304ski7304 Member Posts: 16
    I am trying to access Toyota's list of TSB's and went to your link but it only brings me to Alldata's home page. Can you tell me where I go from there? Thanks.
  • rugbymanrugbyman Member Posts: 8

    I copied it from post #26 above but the link is not showing the info now.
  • 1sttoyotaowned1sttoyotaowned Member Posts: 11
    It's been a couple weeks now with our replacement transmission and all is well. There are some slight differences in the shift patterns with the new one vs the previous. It seems to shift sooner than before but none the less, no more flare. Good Luck with getting yours resolved and others that have/are experiencing the notorious flare.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Glad to hear that - keep us posted.
  • makryanmakryan Member Posts: 6
    How's your new transmission? Had mine replaced on my 07 Camry SE V6 after months of 3rd to 4th gear slipping when engine cold.

    New transmission fine for about 2k miles, and problem started again. Dealership completely baffled.
  • makryanmakryan Member Posts: 6
    Have same problem with my SE V6. Transmission replaced, and OK for 2K miles, now worse than ever.

    How did your arbitration go? Sent my form in today.
  • gjwoodxgjwoodx Member Posts: 8
    Same Problem here with my SE V-6, Transmission replaced. Shift flare returned after about 1000 miles.
  • djm2djm2 Member Posts: 712
    Was your vehicle manufactured in the United States or Japan? --------- Best regards. ----- Dwayne ;) :shades: :)
  • gjwoodxgjwoodx Member Posts: 8
    Kentucky on 6/06. the transmission is one of many issues I've had with the car. build quality just isn't that good imo.
  • djm2djm2 Member Posts: 712
    Based on my VIN # my vehicle was produced in Japan, and I do not have the issues that are posted on these sites!-------Best regards. ---- Dwayne :shades: ;):)
  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    I've been reading that the somewhat new TSB Tc002-07 has resolved the flare issue. Anyone try it yet?
  • honda00honda00 Member Posts: 29
    Is the flare issue only affecting the 6 cylinder versions of the Camry?

    I'm considering buying a 4 cylinder so I want to know if the tranny problem is a possible issue. Thanks in advance.
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