2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions



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    My v-6 has had a valve and a trans replacement. I have 6000 miles on the car over 4000 after new trans. My Hyway miles are much closer to 28-29 though city isway below what it should be 17 winter and 19 since it's warmed up in the midwest.
    Revised trans not right someting has been modified to affect the perfomance.
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    chuck28, i don't know what the city/hwy estimate is/was for the V6 camry, but my thinking is a reflash *might* do some things that would affect mileage in the city, namely the fuel/air map (possibly richened up), shift points, torque convertor lockup / unlock criteria...all those as possibilities.

    did they reflash the ECM/TCM? wouldn't it be nice if when a company reflashed the computerized systems, they told you what was done besides "reprogrammed". ;)
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    That clunk you are hearing might be the same problem I have. It has to do with the gas tank. Take note and see if the noise only occurs when your tank is full to about 3/4 full. My car sounds like several water bottles in the trunk are falling over and you can feel a vibration in the steering wheel. It happens when I accelerate. They have already replaced the gas tank. The new tank is even worse. Now it happens when I accelerate and when I go in reverse.
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    I am facing the same issue with my 07 Camy LE AT (April 2006). After TSB(EG056-06) done it worked fine for about 300 miles. After that it starts hestitating again. When it reaches 500 miles mark it sets back as normal. This cycle repeats.

    I have heard that what the TSB doing is resetting the program after each 500 miles.

    Is there two versions of TSB's
    TSB EG056-06
    TSB EG056R-06 (Reviesd)

    Please help me if anyone knows this.
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    Yes, there are two TSBs related to the 3rd-4th gear shift flare. TC008-06 was created on Aug. 2, 2006 and is now obsolete.

    The latest and greatest TSB is TC002-07 (created on Jan. 19, 2007). The recommended solution is to replace the automatiac transaxle assembly w/ torque converter.

    If your VIN is prior to these VINs, your car is affected (sorry about the formatting).

    Plant Production Change Effective VIN
    Tsutsumi JTNBK46K#73016015
    TMMK_Line_1 4T1BK46K#7U025516
    TMMK_Line_2 4T1BK46K#7U530472

    If anyone is experiencing this issue, they should bring their car to the dealer and reference this TSB. Please let us know how it goes. I am still waiting for my new transaxle to come in from Japan (been waiting 2 weeks so far).
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    Does the 07 camry have the automatic shiftronic, shift through the gears manually without clutch? I cannot seem to find out on there site.
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    Hi bvdj84:
    The answer to your question is "yes"! I have a 2007 XLE V6 Camry, and I can shift from one to six manually if I pull the stick to the "left gate" of the selector, or I can place it in normal "D" position, and the trans will shift automatically.
    When you slide the "stick" over the first time, the selector will read "4". This means that in manually mode, the trans will shift from one-to-four automatically. If you set the selector to "3", the trans will shift from one-to-three automatically. If you set the selector to "2", the trans will shift from one-to-two automatically.
    On the other side of the issue, if you place the stick in the manual mode, and bring the trans down to 1st, (by moving the stick), you can then shift it like a "stick" without the clutch.
    I use this feature in the morning, as I travel the city streets prior to getting on the highway. This is my way of warming up the trans fluid. I place the trans in "3" and this allows the trans to shift from one-to-three. When I reach the highway, I place the trans in "D" and it is automatic for the rest of the day.
    This feature is also GREAT in snow!
    Best regards. --------- Dwayne ;) :shades: :)
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    Hi teamtbo,

    You said about TSB TC008-06 and TC002-07 (created on Jan. 19, 2007).

    Are these TSBs for LE or V6? I am asking about 07 Camry LE AT.
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    So, my VIN is 4t1be46k17u13XXX. It falls below the Line 2 item. Do I fall under this category.
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    Hi sunilv,

    These TSBs are only for the V6. I'm not sure what the LE has...if it is the 4 cylinder, I apologize for any confusion.
  • teamtboteamtbo Member Posts: 78

    Hmm, good question. Your VIN doesn't seem to exactly match the first several digits (ie. the 5th digit is supposed to be a K). Do you have the V6? If not, then you are safe.

    My VIN is 4T1BK46KX7U019XXX so it is clear that my car is affected.
  • manujawsmanujaws Member Posts: 29
    Yes, U r right. Mine is not affected. I have a 4-cylinder
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    There are two....the revised one is posted in my profile.
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    Like I mentioned previously, I am experiencing the shift flare on my 1.5 month old Camry. The dealership told me the transaxle would arrive in 3 weeks from Japan and said I could take my car home. I took it home reluctantly and have waited two weeks. I called today to get an update and they said there is no estimated time of shipment and they couldn't provide one.

    I would like some of your opinions? My wife and I don't want to drive the car until it is fixed. I just made another monthly payment on it today and it is really frustrating me to pay for a car that isn't running right. Should we bring it back to the dealer and have them keep it there until the transaxle comes? I am thinking it may give them more motivation to get it fixed and get it out of the shop. Also, I am thinking that time in the shop may count towards the 30 day 'out of commision' clause in our CA lemon law. What do you all think?
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    How can one tell if one's vehicle was produced after production effective change date?
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    I'm not familiar with production change effective dates but I am familiar with production change effective VINs. All you need to do is write down your VIN and compare it to the VINs provided in the TSB.. If your VIN number is greater, then it is produced after the change and is not affected by the TSB. If before, then it is affected.

    For example, here are the production change effective VINs for the 3rd-4th gear shift flare issue for the V6 Camrys:

    Plant Production Change Effective VIN
    Tsutsumi JTNBK46K#73016015
    TMMK_Line_1 4T1BK46K#7U025516
    TMMK_Line_2 4T1BK46K#7U530472

    My VIN is 4T1BK46KX7U019XXX. I know this car was produced at the TMMK plant because it starts with 4TIB. I also know it is Line 1 because of the 0 in the 12th digit from the left. Line 2 VINs have a 5. So, I compare the last 5 digits of my VIN to the last 5 digits of the 2nd VIN listed above and I see that mine is lower (19XXX vs 25516). Therefore, it is susceptible to this issue.

    If you still not sure, post your VIN number (X out the last 3 digits) and the VIN numbers you are comparing against and we can help you figure it out.
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    Before you go into the dealership get the owners name, general manager & sales manager. Find the number for Toyota's customer service. Not at the dealership but for America. There is one office for all the smaller offices. Now you have something to play with. Go see the Sales manager. You can bust their balls just because you are holding all Aces. That Customer service number. For [non-permissible content removed] and giggles get your best camera. Put signs on the front, back and both sides. 2007 Camry. New. 20 miles. and its a lemon. take your pictures and when you talk to the manager and if he doesn't give you a new car or your money back. Show him the pictures and tell him you will park that car in front of the dealership until pigs fly. At some point (your trying not to scream) I will not even care if I get a new car or not.....I will be here everyday. If you get no where with him go to the next in the food chain. General manager and then owner. At anytime thoughout this new sport you should fax those photos and a quick story over to toyota corporate. and call your local news station and tell them you have a story for them.
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    How did the buy back go? I am about to go through arbitraiton. Any advice would be helpful. My tranny went out on my new 07 camry le in less than 17 days after having it. They put a new one in and it seemed fine for a while, but now it's stalling again. thanks :sick:
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    Hi victo019, I am in the "process" as I like to call it. I have a '07 Camary. Let me start off by saying what a piece of junk. I have posted before and in a nutshell...I have had my gas tank replaced because the gas bangsin the tank causing a thumping noise and car vibration. They
    are now begining to see more cars with the problem which at first they said OH!it isn't a problem and I now have had the Trans slip thing going on. I initially filed a complaint with the 1800...# and that was useless but that is the procedure. I have skipped the middle man and gone right to the owners. Here is how I understand it. It has to come from the Main company of Toyota to buy the car back and with the tranny problem you might have a shot but I believe you do have to do the arbitration. Now in some cases it sounds like it is up to the individual dealers to decide if they want to do a trade in. That is what I am waiting to here from on my car. I am not sure yet how much money I will lose or you will lose on that deal. As for me I DON'T want another Toyota I want all my money back so I can go out and get another car but it seems to be in the hands of the dealer on that one. I too have approached a news TV station (I work at one) so it is hard to get a story done because I work there but I continue to try. Do contact the newspaper and whatever venue you want. If you want to sit out infront with a lemon sign well, if it makes you feel better do it but I would hold off on that one. I know I have felt like doing that. I guess my advise is do all the things you are supposed to do and if all else fails then do what makes you feel good. Good luck to all of us. This is just unexceptable in my opinion to be selling these cars. As I understand it Toyota has know for the last several years that the quality of their autos has gone way down. What a shame but I hope they get what they deserve and that is the downhill and out of here path of some of their American competitions.
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    Hello all, I wanted to update you on my 2007 Camry SE V-6: I just went through arbitration and they denied my claim to replace or buy back the car. The NCDS clainm center will tell you that they use the states Lemon laws as a guide line. I had the valve body and the trans replaced which was 2 fixes and lemon law calls for I think 3 or 4 fixes. I'm sure that didn't help me. My car is still flaring on an average of 500 RPM's. I also showed it to them on video. Toyota has admitted the flare but is now saying it is normal unless you have a flare over 1000 RPM's according to the TSB that was modified in January. The problem now is that when the trans was replaced with the revised trans they eliminated some of the flare but not all of it. SO buy putting out a TSB of a 1000 RPM's covers Toyota from having to replace the trans again if you have a flare less than a 1000 which you wont with a 2nd trans. This is there way to stop the trans replacement and if they claim it's normal they avoid customers qualifying for the lemon law which the arbitrator will use as a guide line. To me this is an injustice. IF Toyota is saying this is normal they should be embarrassed to sell these cars. Keep the public aware. BUYER BEWARE!!!
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    Hi Chuck28:
    Now you are in the driver's seat on this issue. Your vehicle still has a "500 RPM flare" and it is unacceptable to you! To Toyota it is acceptable! (It would be unacceptable to Toyota if the "flare was at 1000 RPMs). QUESTIONS: Did they tell you that your new vehicle would have a 500RPM shift flare prior to purchasing the vehicle? Did they have you "sign off" on this operating characteristic prior to purchasing this vehicle? Did Toyota advertise this trasmission shift flare as a desired operating characteristic? I will bet that the answer to these questions is "NO"!
    Go to a sign company and get two magnetic signs made, (one for each side of the vehicle), that states something like this: ----"This vehicle purchase at XYZ has a trans problem and is a lemon" Give Toyota the advertisement that they find acceptable! Since the signs are magnetic you can remove them when you bring the vehicle in for service. Go about your daily routine with the signs on the vehicle. Think about the amount of people who will read this advertisement. People will stop you in parking lots to ask you about your issue. Take pictures of the vehicle and send it to the CEO of Toyota. I will bet that you will get someones attention at the corporate office. After all, TOYOTA thinks that this "problem" is "ok," so lets advertise this acceptable condition!
    When there is a "flare-up of RPMs" between shifts something is the trasmission is slipping. (YES it is that simple)! It could be a clutch pack or a band. The cause of the "flare" could be hydraulic, or it could be a scheduling issue in the valve body of the transmission. A clutch pack or a band holds components of the planetary gear sets to give you different gears (speeds) in the transmission. When a shift is made, one component is released, and another component is the gear set is held. (A clutch pack might be released and a band might be applied) There are valves in the valve body called secheduling valves that "time" this release / applied process. If one component is released before the other is applied, a "flare of RPM" occurs. The component being applied at the higher RPMs will suffer addition wear and will fail sooner!
    Best regards. ----- Dwayne :shades: ;):)
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    is the shift flare posted to youtube? ;)
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    I heard back from my Toyota dealer in response to my gas tank problem and my transmission problem and buying my car back is not an. Since the owner of the dealership admitted that arbitration was a long and sometimes futile process he talked with his used car division and found out how much they would give me to buy back my 3 month old car that has been in the shop for about 2 weeks out of that 3 months. I paid about 24k for it and they will only give me 20k. I refused to take another Camary for mine. I don't want the problems. But after hearing all of the woes that everyone is having and not getting these cars bought back my 20k deal might not be bad or even getting another Camary. I just can't believe I will lose about 4k on the deal. I will now have to go out and buy a car with 4k less than I started.Any suggestions or opinions? :confuse:

    Also just one comment I went to a local dealers website to look at used cars and there must have been about 10-15 new 2007 Camarys with less than 7k miles on them. Is this a warning sign or what?
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    You don't seem to understand.If you park your car in front of the dealer ship with signs all over it. Transmission defect at 400 miles. (or what ever your problem is) they will listen to you. Inside the dealership the manager is saying, "lucky that dumb [non-permissible content removed] doesn't park that vehicle right in front of the dealership. If he did we would be in real trouble.
    Don't play their game. They have a weak spot. they are counting on you talking it out. wasting your time. and they have all the time in the world. they can leave your car in the lot and tell you they are fixing it. all the while knowing what the problem is and they too are waiting for toyota to send out a recall. But this way they can bill toyota for finding a problem which they all ready know about. So you guys cry. I told you how to handle the dealership. you go ahead and waste your time. they have a name for you. and you will not like it.
    (the management)
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    killgoy... when you wrote (the management) at the end of your post did you mean that you work in management at a Toyota dealer and you really know what is going on? Please don't think I am being sarcastic, I ask that question honestly.

    I also have another issue that I must deal with. I can't go parking my car infront of the dealer ship because I have a relative who works for Toyota (not that dealership but does deal with that dealership) so unfortuneately I can't do some of the things that I would like to do.
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    I understand.
    It does kill me sometimes to watch you guys come in. You ask the rep have anyone else come in with this problem? He/She says not yet. Let us check it for you. Its under warranty.
    You give up your car. Your time. The do this so they can charge Toyota. They are making money. Then they tell you they found the problem or not. You come back and start all over. Its so funny. They are waiting for Toyota to come out with the recall. They can't tell you to go away and wait for the recall. They can't tell you the transmission is having problems and you are the 10th one today. You will just get pissed off. But if we tell you we will look at it for free. You smile and hand over the keys. We laugh. Not at first. But there is only two things we can do. Take your car. or have you pissed off at us. So we take them and test drive them. If your car does what you said it does they report back and we tell you. Yep. Take two of these and call us in the morning. Lucky its not a chev. At least Toyota wants to recall the part and fix your car. Chev will play the numbers game. If we do nothing or send out a recall. Which one in the end, will cost us more?
    You have to understand this is the first year for the new model Camry. So you have to take the first couple of hits on the chin. Get back up and wait it out. Does it suck? Yes. But this is the price you pay for the first year car. They need someone to practice on to get all the bugs out. Rule of thumb. Always buy the third year. First year; they find the bugs. Second year; new parts added. Third year; the parts on the second year that didn't work out will be changed before this run is out.
    Just remember what Chev did. 2007 they told everyone they have a 5 year. 100,000 mile warranty. Now how could they do that in 2007. ROFL...its because they fixed the front and rear end. overhauled them. Every chev truck and suv was having problems for 7 years and longer. But chev did nothing. Just say nothing and tell them nothing was the order of the day. It was a joke. and still is. The same for Cad. They will ignore you there. One guy told them that his left side mirror whistled at 45mph. They told him this was normal for the SUV. ROFL...Normal....ROFL...I don't know how you people can take it. This is why we laugh so much. I was being helped at See's candy (sorry off subject) a lady jumped ahead of 4 people to buy one item. Didn't ask. As she was giving her money to the cashier. The guy that she cut in front of turned to the women behind her and quietly voiced his disapproval. I jumped in. In a loud voice (that stopped everyone in the small store). Your a stupid funk. Its people like you that make me sick. You let her cut in front of you. Then quietly [non-permissible content removed] to the lady behind you. All the way home your going to [non-permissible content removed] and [non-permissible content removed] how she cut in front of you. You should just shoot yourself when you get home. She just right here. Tell her she's funked up. Not the lady behind you. you spine less funk.
    Sorry....I had to vent.....again...LOLOLOL
    Thats why I"m trying to help you People. If you want to be pushed around then fine. If you don't then, there are ways to deal and not deal with them. but don't [non-permissible content removed] because they told you to wait. Or to come back....What else could we really say? Ok....What else could we say to get you will get you to thank us, smile as you drive away?
    Now your getting it.......Toyota knows......
    Oh.....just so you know....if you take out a transmission and put another one in....where do you think we got the other transmission from? From Toyota......Same year...as the one we took out......So don't wonder when you start to have the same problems with the new transmission. All of them have the same problem....some more then others......ROFL.... sorry for the long post....
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    OK Killjoy, I really do get your message. I already assumed that most of that stuff behind the scenes happens at the service departments. But I need to really know the answer to my original question. Were you or are you ONE of THEM. Have you worked in a service department for a car dealership. Or have you owned a car dealership? It will just clear things up for me.

    So since I have an opened mind and agree to alot of what you are saying because I truly believe that the hands of the service dept. people and even the owners are tied by the big one, TOYOTA corporate, what really are my options being realistic. Without going through arbitration and since I don't qualify for the Lemon Law since they have only replaced the gas tank once (noise is still present and they won't replace it again) Transmission does slip and they are waiting for a fix!!!! Do I accept the cash that they might offer me which is 3k less than what I bought the car for and just be done and over with Toyota. I will NEVER EVER purchase another Toyota again. Or do I....I don't know what to do at this point...but I will need to make a decision today when the owner calls me.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    If killjoy is affiliated with a dealership in any way, no prior post of his has indicated that.
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    It's not a first year car. They had the ES and the Avalon to practice on. Both have had problems; not surprising the related Camry model also would have problems.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

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    right, a good number of toyota and lexus model vehicles going back to '02 i think with the introduction of the DBW have had hesitation, and or shift-quality complaints. this isn't new. neither is the rather dis-engenuine response these poor owners are getting: they all do this, or we haven't seen it before, or working as designed, or could not duplicate or it's still learning your driving style.

    yeah right.

    this is not "moving forward".
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    I'm new to the forum. I was seriously thinking of buying a 2007 Camry LE V6 until I saw this thread. I've been told that cars made after a certain date don't have the transmission problem. Is this correct? Thanks.

  • chuck28chuck28 Member Posts: 259
    Hello, buyer beware! I went through arbitration and Toyota took the stance that the trans problem is normal and if they replaced the car the new one would do the same (rpm flare). That being said they denied my request in arbitration and said the car is safe hasn't lost value after trans replacement and is under warranty
    That being said I will sum it up saying this is a total injustice and Toyota will do or say anything so they don't have to replace the trans or the car.
    Don't but a camry until Toyota admits the problem and does something about it!
  • chuck28chuck28 Member Posts: 259
    Hello, buyer beware! I went through arbitration and Toyota took the stance that the trans problem is normal and if they replaced the car the new one would do the same (rpm flare). That being said they denied my request in arbitration and said the car is safe hasn't lost value after trans replacement and is under warranty
    That being said I will sum it up saying this is a total injustice and Toyota will do or say anything so they don't have to replace the trans or the car.
    Don't but a camry until Toyota admits the problem and does something about it!
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    Hi Killjoy:
    You are "right on the money with your analysis of the service situation. I presently own a 2007 XLE V6 Camry, and I guess that I am lucky, because I DO NOT have the issues that are being posted on these boards. If you look at my past posting, you will see that I have a different style of maintenance, and I operate my vehicle in a different manner in terms of the use of the automatic transmission, (city vs highway driving). Maybe my driving style makes a difference!
    When I purchased this vehicle in January I placed a 6 year / 100,000 mile Toyota Extended warranty on this vehicle. Should I develop this transmission issue, I WILL NOT bring this vehicle into the service department until the transmission is toasted completely! YES, I will let the transmission destroy itself! Then, at that point in time, Toyota will have to give me a "loaner vehicle" and get me a replacement transmission. This will cost them money, and I will get back my money for the extended warranty in terms of service. In terms of a "service appointment" it will be only "one"! My "goal" with my system, would be to "bleed Toyota with the cost of road service, and the replacement of components" without inconveniencing myself with many useless service visits!
    I am VERY happy that I do NOT have any of these problems, and I do empathize with those people who have "problem vehicles"! If I did have these problems, my vehicle would have a magnetic sigh advertising Toyota's quality. After all, Toyota must be proud of this tansmission problem, because thay are doing nothing to solve it for the owners! So, give them the advertisement that they find acceptable! If EVERY Toyota owner, that had this transmission problem, placed signs on their vehicles, Toyota would get the message VERY quickly, and do something about this issue! Naturally, this is a "personal decision" for each owner!
    Best regards. ----- Dwyane :confuse :shades: ;)
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    >denied my request in arbitration and said the car is safe hasn't lost value after trans replacement

    Someone posted there are 2007 Camrys on used car lots with low miles. How they got there would require tracking each car's registrations. But I can believe I can guess what's happening. Buybacks and tradeins. This is going to depress the value of all used cars just as having lots of them in rental and fleets depresses value as they come back on the used car market.

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  • 6abc6abc Member Posts: 19
    It was me and there were 12 used 2007 Camarys on one lot, milage range from 3k - 13k

    And I just researched another areal dealer they have 13 all with fairly low miles. HUMMMMM.

    I don't know maybe that is average for a new car but I think it says something.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,797
    I would love to see if you stop and ask about some of them what the story is about their origin and why. I'd collect some vin numbers and run them myself. It'd be worth a carfax month just to do it (although carfax isn't perfect some say). In Ohio the auditor used to have a place on their website to run Vins. It would give history without person's name IIRC.

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    I went to autotrader.com and looked for 2007 Camry's within a 75 mile radius (I live about 50 miles from the closest major city). I found a total of 52. The majority were 4 bangers.

    I looked at each of the V6 Camrys and all had VINs affected by the 3rd-4th gear shift flare. The Car Faxes on all but one didn't show anything negative.

    4T1BK46K97U015775____198 (owned for 2 months)
    4T1BK46K97U008406____4,939 (3 owners - 2 Lemons claims!!)
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Impressive research and very interesting. Thanks for posting it.

    However, I think we need to know what the corresponding number is for, say, 2007 Honda Accords to get a better idea whether the number of used 2007 Camrys for sale is anything other than normal.

    And, also, what percentage of total sales does that 52 represent. There are always a small number of buyers who decide they made a mistake for many reasons, or lose a job, etc.

    If the number for sale is unusually high, it will soon be confirmed with lower resale prices, and it will get Toyota's attention.
  • teamtboteamtbo Member Posts: 78
    I just did the same search but this time for 2007 Honda Accords. It came up with 12.

    Yes, the 52 2007 Camrys represents people who change their mind, loose their job, get lemons, etc. I did see that a good handful of the 4 cyclinder Camrys appear to have been originally owned by car rental businesses. The average mileage on those were around 20,000.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,797
    >what percentage of total sales does that 52 represent.

    The fact is there are 52 cars found vs 12 for Accords. Total sales have nothing to do with it; I realize that's a way to minimize the reality. The opposite would be to ask how many cars are being tolerated by owners who don't realize their trans problems are not right, have been told by the service manager that they all do it or it's normal, have been fluffed off in some other way. That number must be huge onsidering total sales. Also there's the number who don't even realize they have a problematic transmission because they drive the cars very, very gently or never try to accelerate quickly at an on ramp.

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    I would like some clarification about arbitration, as I am in the process now. Did you actually meet with an arbitrator and their decision was to deny your request for replacement and refund or did you just ask for a replacement? Also what points did you argue, I have the 4 cyl and it seems this is the model that has a hesitation, not a flare, that toyota is unwilling to fix or unable.
    thanks for the help, any suggestions are appreciated.
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    >>The fact is there are 52 cars found vs 12 for Accords.

    Which means what? Not necessarily what you think it does. A good number of the Camrys, according to the poster, were from rental car fleets. We also know that Honda places few Accords with rental companies.

    Maybe, just maybe, after one subtracts rental car sales and adjusts for sales differences between the 2 cars in that metro area, that there is little or no difference in the number of private owners who have decided to dump their new cars.

    Point being, we don't have enough information to jump to conclusions. But, if there is a dramatic difference, it will soon be apparent to all when prices for nearly new Camrys take a big fall.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I'd agree that there is really no conclusions we can draw from the information at this point......however, I don't believe you'd find rental car companies putting the cars up for sale with such low mileage.
  • killjoykilljoy Member Posts: 20

    I was just about to shoot myself.....I didn't think I was getting though to anyone....Thank you so much Dwyane....You understand....and you are going about it the correct way.......Even if you had you car up to 70 or 80k and you were having problems but not very bad ones.....I would put that pup in 1st gear and burn it up.......since its on the books as a change out....when its towed in its more or less a slam dunk....you don't have to burn it up in first gear....but you get the idea......

    Too many are trying to be too calm.....level headed.....you just have to be loud in the dealership....if your calm no one cares......

    If maybe I could get though to a couple....it might make the difference.....of me...getting into heaven or not...LLOLOLOL :P
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,797
    My reaction is the same as kiawah's. The mileages are low, there are too many cars, and it walks like a duck.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • chuck28chuck28 Member Posts: 259
    Hello, asking for a replacement might be easier for Toyota to do because it's cheaper for them and they want to keep you in their product. The arbitrator may also realize you do like the car but not the defect and you are not just going through this for buyers remorse.
    That being said please know that the NCDS will use the "lemon laws" as a guide line to decide your case. If you don't have 3 to 4 fixes you may not have a chance.
    You will however make a statement that will be used to help Toyota get these cars right. Good Luck
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    >>The mileages are low, there are too many cars . . .

    How do you know what the mileages were on most cars? Only a few were posted.

    The original poster followed with:

    "I did see that a good handful of the 4 cylinder Camrys appear to have been originally owned by car rental businesses. The average mileage on those were around 20,000."

    20,000 miles is around were rental car companies replace a car. This may be nothing more than Toyota placing more Camrys with rental car agencies. For sure, time will tell.
  • jmpinmoonlitejmpinmoonlite Member Posts: 12
    Hello, I came across this forum a few days ago and am hoping you can help me out. My friend wants so sell me his 2007 Camry SE V6 that has 6500 miles on it. I believe he bought it last July. I'm not sure when it was bulit. What do I need to look for to know if its got the same problems with the transmission like you guys? Such as the VIN number or when/where it was bulit. I've spent a lot of time looking through this thread but am having a hard time knowing for sure. Thanks for your quick help. And sooo sorry about your troubles. I recently got in a car wreck and totaled out my 2006 Camry XLE. :cry: I loved it! I'm just wondering if I should go with the new year and new body style. :confuse:
  • teamtboteamtbo Member Posts: 78
    jmpinmoonlite, if I were you, I would get another 2006 Camry XLE.

    But to answer your question, the best thing to do is get the VIN number and compare it to TSB TC002-07. Here are the VINs:


    If your VIN is before the one listed above, you may experience the shift flare. I own a 2007 Camry XLE and am experiencing the shift flare. The car is currently in the shop waiting for the new transaxle from Japan...been waiting 3 weeks now.

    By the way, I always see the shift flare with light gas pedal going up a low to moderate hill. You may want to try that when you test drive it. When I test drove mine, I was always on the throttle...never thought about testing it with little throttle.
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