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2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Correct, the flare is associated with the 6 cylinder.
  • The tranny doesn't seem to be a problem but vehicle hesitation has been according to the consumer complaints listed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It actually sounds more ominous than the tranny problem. Try the following link:
  • The TSB TC002-07 calls for the replacement of the Automatic Transaxle Assembly w/Torque Converter which sounds like the whole transmission to me. If that's the case the previous posts indicated transmission replacements didn't correct the problem.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    This TSB issues the replacement of a "different/corrected" tranny.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    An older problem for some that was corrected with TSB EG056R-06.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    Don't think so. One of the other members actually took a video of the flare, and posted it probably 6 months ago. It happens during acceleration, and as you watch the tach when the transmission should be upshifting, the revs will flare up an additional 500-1000 rpm's, before dropping into the higher gear.

    Here is a link to a couple of videos that I took 8 months ago when my '07 Camry had this problem.

    These videos are rather large so they may take a while to DL or display, so just be patient.

    I went through valve body and transmission replacements on my (former) Camry and the problem still existed. Finally my dealer gave me a 100% refund on the Camry towards another Toyota. I'm now driving a Highlander Hybrid.

    I'm totally dismayed and disappointed to find that the problem that existed in the '07 Camry V6 models 8 months ago still seems to exist in vehicles being currently built.

    This does not seem to bode well for Toyota or the Toyota faithful.
  • least Toyota has integrity and replaced your vehicle. I am dealing with a droning defect on our '06 Honda Odyssey & Honda corporate thumbed their nose at us. The car was unsucessfully repaired 5 times & we finally contacted a Lemon Law attorney...our court date is Oct '07.

    I considered buying an '07 Camry LE as my commuter car but knowing all of the problems...forget about it.

    The tides may be turning for Honda & Toyota...mass production is killing the quality & reliability of these cars. Hyundai, KIA, and even GM is moving up the ranks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    That reminds me of a story about Eastern Airlines before it finally went under. Apparently it became rated amongst the top airlines for overall customer satisfaction.

    Not because it improved but because all the other airlines slid down to their level.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53 least Toyota has integrity and replaced your vehicle. I am dealing with a droning defect on our '06 Honda Odyssey & Honda corporate thumbed their nose at us. The car was unsucessfully repaired 5 times & we finally contacted a Lemon Law attorney...our court date is Oct '07.

    Actually, Toyota told me to take a hike. In my discussions with Toyota Corporate I received absolutely the worst "customer service" that I've ever experienced.

    It was the Dealer that came through for me. I've purchased several vehicles from them and they continue to earn my business because they have always taken good care of me.
  • Wow -- this is so incredible it defies comprehension !! You have provided all readers with a much improved understanding of the nature of the `flare problem`in some of the 2007 Camry`s for sure, but, much more illustrative is the nature of the response, or rather lack of same, from Corporate Toyota. The consumer`s ability to document these problems and show them on Forum`s such as this is SURELY going to make Toyota (and for that matter all manufacturers) be more responsive.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I thought we'd had some reports of the flare problem being fixed by replacing the transmission. I know we've had several reports that it didn't fix it, like yours. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly?
  • I`m acutely aware of the problems associate with drawing conclusi9ons from data that is statistically questionable and try to avoid doing same :HOWEVER, the fact that at least three individuals have now reported on this thread during February alone that the problem continued after the transmission was replaced has got to mean something !?? I will leave it to others much more knowledgeable than I to assess what that might be.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Like I said, I may not be remembering correctly. This issue has also been discussed in the Problems & Repairs discussion, by the way.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I have a 2007 V6 Camry with 3,000 miles. The Vehicle is four weeks old, and to date, I do not have this problem. My vehicle was manufactured in Japan, and I make it a point to warm up the vehicle before I drive it on cold mornings. I think the video listed on this site indicated that the problem with the flare on the 3 to 4 shift occured when the vehicle was driven cold. Maybe I have the problem, but because I warm-up the vehicle, something is occuring in the transmission that eliminates the problem, (fluid flow is better, or somthing like a seal is expanding). In any case, Toyota is in BIG TROUBLE with this issue! As a consumer, I purchase an extended warranty for 6 years or 100,000 miles, so I am not worried about a BIG REPAIR BILL, but on the other side of the issue, I DO NOT WANT a vehicle that is not dependable. If it turns out that my vehicle does have this transmission problem, I will allow Toyota to attempt to repair the vehicle in a professional manner, and I will work with my dealer to facilitate this repair, but after the third attempt at repairing this issue, (with no positive results), I will envoke the lemon law in my state. I paid a lot of money for a top of the line vehicle, and I will NOT live with a transmission problem over a three year period and make payments in the process. I cannot imagine that Toyota with all their engineers cannot trouble shoot an automatic transmission. A flare up in a 3 to 4 shift indicates that something in the transmission is releasing before something else is applying, thus the transmission is going into a neutral for a second. This can be a hydraulic pressure drop or a leaky seal on a hydraulic component. If there are Toyota corporate people on this site, I would like to encourage them to take the necessary action to develop a fix for this problem. If I have to use the lemon law, I will not purchase another Toyota vehicle, rather I will go with an Impala!------ Best regards. ---- Dwayne ;) :shades: :confuse: :)
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    Pat, I remember reading about the failed tranny replacements as well, however, in January, Toyota revised and updated a "new" 6A tranny to be installed in the new TSB Tc002-07. Because "this" TSB and those that have had the work done on this is still rather few, those who have had TSB Tc002-07 applied have not reported any problems. That said, again, since some who complained did not complain until several thousand miles later... only thing we can do is wait to here if it reoccurs.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Okay, thanks, I guess I was half right. I don't like it when I mis-remember something completely. :)

    Dwayne, hope your car continues to be fine.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    This post is ONLY about the issue of engine flare during upshifts.

    So, sorry, but after thinking about it a bit I'm going to come out on the "wrong" side of this one, since automotive history supports Toyota/Lexus' position that the transaxle "flare" represents "normal" operation.

    Assuming, that is, it only happens before the ATF has warmed to operating temperature.

    Long ago Ford V8 engines with 4 barrel carburators had a thermostatic lockout to prevent the 2nd two, LARGER, barrels from operating until the engine had warmed to something close to normal operating temperature.

    300HP at WOT but not until the engine has warmed to operating temperature.


    To prevent premature failure of the engine.

    Did I notice, care..?

    Yes, No.

    So, either learn to let the ATF warm for a few minutes before you drive off or do not be so lead-footed on the throttle until the ATF has a chance to warm up and expand to FULL volume.

    Give me the design sheets and I would redesign the engine ECU firmware to detune the engine (prevent those two large carburator barrels from opening) until the ATF came up closer to full volume. Sort of like the acceleration level you get in a GS300 in "snow" mode.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    As stated in the above posting, I do not have any problem letting the engine and transmission come up to normal operating temperature before putting a load on the drive train. I do this for a number of reasons. First we are working with Aluminum engines and steel cam and crankshafts. Each material has a different expansion rate.------ Second, the fluids, (especially the engine oil), needs to work its way throughout the entire block and into the components of the engine. On a "cold morning" this could be a problem! Cold engines make all kinds of noise when first started! ------ Third, the transmission also needs to have the fluid in a state that will allow it to move readily through the valve body, and to various components of the unit. ----- Fourth, I like to have a warm vehicle interior!
    On a cold morning, the driver has to warm up the vehicle in order to get the ice off the windows, so why not warm the vehicle up to normal operating temperature. How much fuel could you possibly use to accomplish this task? I do not buy the rational for not allowing the engine and transmission to reach normal operating temperature before driving off. But, that is just my opinion, and others are entitled to their oprinion, and that is what makes the United States GREAT!
    Here is a little experiment that the people with the flare issue can conduct with their vehicles. 1.) Start the vehicle as normal. 2.) Place the selector in the "manual shift mode" drive off as usual, and shift the transmission, (from one to six), manually. If you do not get the "flare" on the 3 to 4 shift, then you know that it must be a component in the valve body that is not reacting to cold / thick fluid thus causing the "neutral / flare". By shifting manually you are circumventing this component in the valve body. On the next morning, allow the vehicle to run until it reaches normal operating temperature before driving. (Drive the vehicle in the normal "D" position.) If the 3 to 4 shift does not have a "flare / neutral" you know that it is a cold / thick fluid issue!

    Does anyone living in a warm climate like Florida have this issue? Lets hear from people from the warm states!

    BEST REGARDS! ----- Dwayne :shades: ;):) :confuse:
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    I would like to state on my v-6 SE I have had the flare when cold and also after letting the car warm up. In the summer it was also happening. I'm really suprised how west can try to say this is normal. The warm up theory is not holding up. This is a problem and again I would like to here west explain why Toyota has replaced Transmission's if this is normal?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    There's no way that the flare as so brilliantly documented by Corton, could be considered 'normal' with any excuse......cold, hot, or lukewarm.

    If that car was sitting on a used car lot and you test drove it, I can't imagine that you would consider buying it. I know I'd be out of there in a heartbeat.

    It's obvious to me why he got his money back. That video can easily be electronically routed and shown to any Toyota executive, lawyer, or arbitration personnel...and everyone who sees it knows immediately that it's not right. Luckily for Toyota that his dealer stepped up to make the right decision.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    that's probably good advise to other people: if you have a problem, get it on video so you have something objective and repeatible to show the doubters.
  • I just happened to stumble across these posts concerning the V6 flare issue and it reminded me of my experience with my former 2005 Camry 4 cyl. By the way, I should have kept my Camry because my 2006 Jetta has had nothing but problems and the fuel mileage is terrible...anyway...I always remember that when I was accelerating from a stop or on the highway or backroad that there would be a seamless transition while the vehicle shifted but, when I would attempt to make a turn I would push the gas pedal and nothing would happen for a second(almost like a hesitation) and the RPM's would go to about 3,000 or so but, I still would not go forward and then finally it felt like the transmission would catch or something. It felt like the trans went into neutral. I never figured out why it only did that as I would make a turn. I did find some posts about this experience and I learned that it had to do with the throttle by wire control. I learned to correct the problem by feathering the throttle in mid-turn. I called Toyota about this and they stated that it was normal. My other question to them was why my transmission would not shift into OD when I would start out in the morning. They stated that when the trans is cold it will not shift into OD until the engine is up to normal operating temperature. Sorry if none of this is relavent to the v6 with the 6 speed trans. By the way, how does everyone like their Camry's? I miss my Camry so much. Thanks much!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    good post.

    i'm thinking hesitation in a turn, possibly a mis-calibrated YAW sensor or steering angle sensor or the programming for vehicle stability control, but i don't know what your 2005 had as far as that is concerned.

    i remember reading one or two posts from sienna owners complaining of something similar- a hesitation during a turn.

    the retarding of the shift into OD or changing of shift points in a vehicle that is cold is something many cars are programmed for to get the vehicle's engine to higher efficiency more quickly.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    My update on my 07 camry V-6 SE.
    I have had the trans. replaced after the failed valve body tsb. I am still getting a rpm flare most of the time 500- 700 rpm. I've also noticed since my new revised trans my gas mileage has been lousy. About 17.3 mpg local driving.
    I was able to get a service guy at the dealer to witness a 500-700 rpm flare. Then after he talked to the Toyota Rep he said the flare was insignificant and they decided the car is running normal.
    I feel that what ever they did to revise my trans to try to eliminate the flare has compromised my gas mileage.
    They want to blame it on the cold weather but I don't buy it. The car doesn't shift smoothly all the time and seems to be sluggish on hills and taking off at times.
    If anyone has any comments they are well appreciated. Thanks, Chuck
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Just was curious why there are no post since March 8th?
  • makryanmakryan Posts: 6
    I've had my transmission replaced also. Gas mileage has dropped slightly, flare still occurring intermittently.

    My argument to Toyota is that if the flare is normal, why replace the transmission in the first place?

    I've filed for arbitration under the lemon law.

    Will let you know how it works out.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Hello Makryan, Please let me know how it works out. I have raised the same question about the flare being normal.
    If the car wasn't under warranty they probably would be tell us they need to replace our trans.
    It's a shame Toyota is giving Camry owners a hard time!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi Makryan:
    Thank you for posting this information about your vehicle. Your assessment about the transmission issue is "right on the money"! (Why replace the trans if the characteristic is "normal"?) ---- Toyota is drowning with this issue, and they are reaching for excuses!
    While my vehicle DOES NOT have this problem at the present time, (3,800 miles), I am apprehensive about this condition occurring at a higher mileage, since one owner on this board had it occur at 13,000 miles.
    I keep detailed service records, and when I purchased my Camry, I made it a point to have it financed by Toyota, (not a bank). The sales person ask me why I was VERY adamant about this issue? I responded that in the event that I had to go through "arbitration on this vehicle," I wanted everything in one package! He had a VERY surprised look on his face!
    Kindly keep us informed as to your progress with your vehicle, and the arbitration process. Remember, KNOWLEDGE is power! The more we as consumers know about what to expect from the manufacturer in the "arbitration process," the better we can prepare! If I had to go through this process, most likely I would have my attorney send one of his people with me to the process. That should get the attention of the manufacturer, the bank and the dealer!
    As stated above, my vehicle DOES NOT have this problem and I love the comfort and the ride, but I am VERY concerned about this issue. QUESTION: --- Why does my vehicle run "OK," while another vehicle has this problem? Something is NOT RIGHT with this issue, and we all paid a lot of money for this vehicle! I could be facing this problem at a higher mileage!
    I hope this works out for you with this vehicle, and I hope that Toyota comes up with a "fix" for this problem! Please keep us informed with regards to your progress.
    Best regards. ----- Dwayne ;) :shades: :confuse: :):D
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..Why does my vehicle run "OK", while..."


    How cold does it get at night where you are vs others..?

    Heated, warm garage..?

    Still guessing that the flare problem has something to do with ATF hot/cold volume.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi wwest:
    I live in Northern New Jersey. The vehicle is kept outside in the driveway. The temperature at night is wherever it is on a given day! During the last week, we had some bitter cold days. I usually start my vehicle while I am getting ready to leave for the day. This translates into the fact that the vehicle runs in the driveway from about 10 to 15 minutes on a very cold day to come up to temperature. On a warmer day, the vehicle might only run for about 5 minutes. (The vehicle is my office, and I like to travel in a warm vehicle. Comfort is an issue with me,--- along with performance).
    I have a technology background, and I hang around with a group of people who just love cars! ----- Some of them were talking about the valve body of a transmission possibly being made of aluminum, while the valves possibly being made of steel. Knowing that aluminum expands much faster than steel, it is possible that fluid could be leaking around a valve in the valve body, because the aluminum housing is expending faster than the steel valve, thus changing the valve to bore clearance! This action, if it is taking place, would lower the pressure in the hydraulic circuit, and it could possibly cause a flare (slippage), until the pressure regulator valve in the transmission can compensate for the leak!
    You might be on to something with regards to a "fluid issue"!
    Best regards. ------Dwayne ;) :shades: :confuse: :)
  • makryanmakryan Posts: 6
    Thanks for your response. The problem began to occur at just over 6K miles for me. After transmission was replaced, problem began again after about 2K miles. Obviously not affecting all Camrys,so you may OK. Some readers think flare has something to do with climate/temperature, although flare sometimes worse on warmer days this winter (50+ degrees). Wondering if maybe when & where car was manufactured may have some bearing. Mine was produced Aug 06 in KY. In any case, it's too bad, because I really like the car otherwise.
  • tsnohjtsnohj Posts: 1
    I have this vehicle (07 Toyota Camry w. V6) The Transmission problem has existed from just 1000 miles. I have called the National line twicw and seen the dealer twice. The dealer says it's normal. The Ational says "Nothing we can do till it's looked at by a dealer. The dealer says no sense looking at it, it's normal. I asked the National to tell the dealer he must look at it but they said "we can't do that, the dealers are independent and can refuse service to anyone. I bought this car because of Toyota's reputation for reliability and service. It is my first Toyota and my last. Not because a new car can't have problems, but because of their horrible handling of this situation. Deny, deny deny. I actually drove to another state to get this car because they were not available in my area at the time. How dumn was that?? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    I do feel for you and am going through similar situation. I am left with going to Arbitration which you may want to do. I still have a flare and some other hard shifting and hesitation issues. I'm only getting between 17-18 mpg local driving since the revised trans.
    Toyota is in a mess and I hope they will start taking care of the consumer.
    My Camry v-6 has many problems that need to be fixed.
    I'm loosing hope in Toyota. I've never driven a car with these problems. Keep talking it up on these sites to gain public awareness
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    chuck28, in another 2007 Camry forum here (2007 Camry Problems and Repairs), there's a poster claiming toyota must replace the PCM. hmmm.

    makes me sad they fractured the forums like this. really hurts connecting the dots and efficiently exchanging information that many would find helpful. :sick:

    good luck. i think getting trapped in a situation like this is good reason to articulate caution to potential purchasers that the manufacturer and dealership network are failing to stand behind the product for this problem area.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No need for sadness! :) The "dots" are always connected when we monitor the Camry group either manually or, best option, with the automatic tracking.
  • bburdickbburdick Posts: 1
    Hi I bought my 2007 Toyota Camry in November of this year and had to have a new transmission put in my car at approximately 7,400 miles. The new transmission is now jerking and slipping. I have an appointment at Carmax in Laurel on Friday to get it looked at again. I bought this car for its reliability rating and have lost all confidence in it. My job requires that I travel 55 miles to work one way and I really needed a good solid car. I love the look and feel of this car but I am very disappointed in the product I have purchased and would love to sell this car back to Toyota and buy something that I can feel more confident in. If you have any idea how I can get this taken care of I would really appreciate hearing back from you.
  • micro99micro99 Posts: 51
    Needless to say, I`m very sorry to hear that you are having such grief with your new Camry. Unfortunately, I will have to leave it to others to suggest what you might do to have this situation resolved to your satisfaction.
    I am however very curious as to what the Toyota dealer actually has to say in a circumstance such as this. Are they constructively working with you to try to resolve the problem ,or, are they denying the problem and otherwise avoiding further action ? In either case, I can surely understand your frustration and lack of confidence with this vehicle. Best of luck .
  • 8up8up Posts: 4
    I just wanted to inform all that; My 07 v6 SE was purchased back by Toyota last Nov.(06) after 1 valve body replacement, 2 transmissions and 1 shimming of a "valve". To no avail. Last tranny was the best but still had a slight flare. I also had a pop noise in the dash on bumpy roads and the hesitation on kickdown of the trottle. The Dealer tried to accomodate but said I was the only one with this problem. Till I met with the person to buy it back at the dealer. One guy at the dealer then said "Your not the only one having problems"
    The person that bought mine back was not a Toyota rep but a independent buy back/repo person. I got all money back including sales tax and license fees.The money was from Toyota though and not from dealer.Dealer only wanted to give me 24000 on trade.
    I know of 2 others with similar stories in my area. I know others who have no problems and are very in love with their 6speeds! I think the problem is in all of them. I just think most people would not notice or know it was doing it. One of my neighbors road with me when it happened and he said he probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if I hadn't pointed it out.
    Will it fail completly? or just be there for 300,000.I'm not going to find out!
    The person I talked to from the National 800 # was in Cal. She only followed up on the dealer servicing me, until the 2nd transmission. Then I said "this is getting out of hand" She agreed and then put me in contact with a person from my region. She's the one who ok's the buyback or swap. Arbitration is different each state and like a court appearance. (I think)
    Good luck on everyone who's not happy!(and to those who are!)
  • karaskaras Posts: 2
    Hi all, I have 3000 miles and at around 37 MPH and trying to slightly slow down in a 35 speed limit area, the engine (tach) throttles down noticeably. Aggravating when you accelerate again only to go through the same decel again.

    I have not had it back for service. It's really getting difficult to drive in those 30 to 40 speed limit areas and this keeps happening. You can watch the tach just drop 1K or more. Also, the mileage I'm getting is just 17-18 and I'm trying to make the connection to the drag when it decelerates.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I'm a little confused from your post. When you say 'the engine (tach) throttles down noticeably'.....if the tach speed drops for a give vehicle speed, that means the car is upshifting the transmission to a higher gear....and would not be putting a 'drag' on the car.

    Is the transmission upshifting to a higher gear, thereby the Tach RPM dropping?.... or is the transmission downshifting to a lower gear, putting a drag on the car, with the tach RPM rising when the transmission downshifts?

    Assuming you have a 4cylinder 5 speed auto, correct?

    When is the manufactured date of your vehicle? Look on the sticker in drivers door jamb.
  • karaskaras Posts: 2
    Sorry, more info. This is a 4cyl 5speed LE manufac date 10/06. It's a definite drag because it's like applying a brake - you feel yourself physically lunging forward (not like slamming on the brakes, but you feel it). The tach is definitely dropping and the drag is real.

    It's not upshifting instead it seems like it caught in between and it's only occurs in the 30-40 speed range that you'll feel it. Unfortunately, that is where most townships speed limits are.

    Maybe a better explanation would be... your driving along and now exced the speed limit, you lift your foot ever so lightly and the tach drops 800-1K and you feel the drag on the car. It should be a gradual easing back in speed and RPM and the car does not noticeable drag like you just applied the brakes. Hopefully that helps.
  • comuscomus Posts: 24
    My transmission went out at 300 miles, they built me a new Camry XLE V6 07, this was implementing the lemon law. Carmax Laurel Md., as far as I am concerned is a top of the line dealer. They care. If its that bad, they should be able to determine if it is the transmission. I now have 20k on my 07 Camry XLE, I have a transmission slip, about 3 times per week from 35-40 mph. Somewhere in this forum, there is a date of XLE's produced after Oct or Nov 06 have corrected transmissions. My second Camry was produced before October 06. We shall see, Carmax Toyota has always taken care of me and stepped up to the plate.
  • Don't know if anybody knows this but I am doing some reseach on the 07 camry le v6 here in minnesota that was bought in 06, part of the problems with the transmissions already talked about. It has been fixed or at least that's what I am told and bought off an auction in california.

    If the car has had the fix for the transmission problem put in place, does that mean it has been solved? The one I am looking at has 10k miles and still 50k left on the factory powertrain warranty, or at least that's what I am being told as well...could anybody shed some light on this feel like I can put my foot in the water here......

  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    Bought a 2007 XLE V6 for my wife on Feb. 8. It was manufactured in Kentucky on 09/06. It had 307 miles at the time. After about a week or so, we experienced the flare. Thought it was a fluke so ignored it. Then it started happening more and more (always going up hill). Brought it into Toyota on Mar. 23 and was able to reproduce the issue with the Shop Forman. They recommended a trans axle replacement but it is going to take a few weeks since apparently it is coming from Japan. They have been pretty cool about it but they seem to be playing dumb.

    I am so bummed because I loved my 97 Tacoma...never had any problems with it for 10 years. I never thought in a million years I would be bringing in my brand new car and having the entire transmission replaced.

    Also, I heard and felt a 'clunk' when braking today (second time). I came really close to just dropping it off at Toyota and walking away. I remember reading about some others experiencing this issue too...I am going to dig up the posts and chime in.

    I agree with the other posts here, the quality just doesn't seem up to normal Toyota standards.

    I need to call Toyota Motor Sales today and open a case and get a case manager. I am going to request a 7 yr/100,000 mi ext. warranty on the a minimum.
  • killjoykilljoy Posts: 20
    I brought my 2007 Camry SE in November 2006.......I noticed a slip in the transmission at 800 it seems it rev's high going into second gear.....not a good thing when I'm only going 35mph......At 9k I couldn't get it into Reverse.......the lever was in Reverse but the transmission wouldn't engage......after 2 mins of playing with popped 9.5k I got an Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRAC)with the engine lite on.....I reset them and everything was fine until 10,800 miles....they are back on again....I stopped into the Service dept in Dublin, CA.....the manager told me I had to leave it......He told me I couldn't reset those trouble lites...even when I told him I did reset them at 8k....he told me again that I couldn't.....Yes...I told him about the transmission.....In my dealings with service dept...Managers and their minions.....if they don't know what the problem is when you bring it in...don't leave it......even if its free.....they will tie up you vehicle just to cover their overhead.......Just wait for the recall.......I only get was 22.6mpg.....I only drive on the highway........I figure its the transmission....or my lead foot.....or both.....I will drive it until the transmission falls out......or Toyota finds the problem......Don't have them put another transmission if you are having the same problem......Understand that it's their way of dealing with a problem they can't fix......but if its in every will never get it fixed...and they are more than willing to keep wasting your time....they get paid by toyota for trying to fix your vehicle.....even if you have to bring it in every weekend........its just wasting your time........and putting more money into their pocket for bad workmanship........I could swear its getting like a chev or ford service center....ROFL :mad:
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    So you think this is some financial conspiracy, where the dealer is out to inconvenience you by trying to fix your transmission?
  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    Wondering if anyone's shift flare has been resolved with a new transmission (trans axle)? If so, how many miles do you have on the new transmission so far?
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    My v-6 has been getting 17-18 in the city in the winter and may have got close to 19-20 as the weather warmed up this week.
    I went on my first Highway drive for about 300 miles and seem to be getting closer to the EPG they say 27-30 mpg.
    I have had the revised trans and believe that it is affecting my 1st though 4th gears which is giving me bad mpg in the city. Any thoughts?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    it's possible a revised flash schedules the vehicle to run less-lean. what was the fuel economy in the city before? did you get a revised transmission, just programming / flash, or both?

    i presume you don't have too many miles on the vehicle right? i'm thinking during break-in, it should just get better up through 3-5K miles.
  • killjoykilljoy Posts: 20
    I have 10,815 miles on my 2007 SE Camry......purchased Nov 06.......My mpg has been between 22.1 and 22.8 I drive 80% highway.......Its the transmission........I'll wait for the recall......LOLOLLOLOL.....I don't want to do the Service Department dance......You know the one......MAY i HELP YOU......Transmission! Have you had anyone come it with transmission problems? NO! BUT IF YOU LEAVE IT WE WILL CHECK IT OUT FOR YOU.....(you go in the next day)....So did you find anything?.....OUR TECH DROVE IT...AND REPORTED NO PROBLEMS.....(it sat in the back lot) DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOUR PROBLEM HAPPENS? BECAUSE OUR TECH SPENT 30 MINS DRIVING IT AROUND AND CAME UP WITH NOTHING......HE SAYS THE CAR RUNS JUST FINE......(truth: Tech came back telling the service manager that the cars transmission rev's too much from 1st to 2nd......Manager told him we will change out the transmission when toyota sends though the recall...until then we service the customer needs as if we are trying to fix it...Maybe its just a software fix)....end wasted two days dancing with the service dept......
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