Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Electrical Problems



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    After not being able to locate replacement bulbs for the EATC on my '99 Villager, I found that the bulbs can be removed from the plastic socket and replaced with Radio Shack #7219 Micro Lamps (272-1092 12 Volts 60ma Wire terminal base). My dealer doesn't carry a replacement, or even knows where to find any.
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    Are those wedge based bulbs? I had a note lying around about some part number for the bulbs in the instrument cluster on my '99 - a 194 miniature.

    194 is also the part number (per RockAuto) of the license plate light and that doesn't sound right to me. But it's too cold to mess around in my unheated garage to take the hour to pull the cluster to get to the bulbs anyway.
  • 67gtcougar67gtcougar Member Posts: 3
    These bulbs aren't wedge shaped, and they have 2 long wires. I haven't pulled apart the dash yet, though there is at least one bulb out. I read that 2 different size bulbs are used in the dash. One is a 194 the other I can't remember. The very small bulbs that light up the heater control buttons aren't available at any auto parts store that I looked at. They are T-1 size (1/8"). I bought 12 Volt bulbs, but my Electrician friend said that I should have used 14 Volt bulbs since the voltage can get that high. With the dimmer, I don't think they get to 12 volts anyway.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Thanks. I keep pushing the bulbs off to the (warm) summer, and then I rarely wind up driving in the dark so the lack of light on my fuel gauge doesn't bug me. Until it gets too dark and cold to mess with it. :shades:

    I had the cluster out a few years ago to mess with a sticky tach and it's not that bad of a job all in all.
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    You can test a TPS with a multimeter or with a scanner in datastream mode. As you move the TPS you should notice the resistance changing on your meter.
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