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Taurus/Sable Transmission Problems



  • Look for a small, yellow 'T' handle between the engine and firewall of the vehicle on the tranny side.
  • i will check, do all taurus have a engine that sits on its side, so that would make it a front wheel drive
  • speedometer quit working on 98 taurus, does it have a cable or censor?
  • my tranny coolant line is leaking right where it slips in radiator i took radiator out line has little give where it connects is that normal any ideas it looks ok
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    Have recently been having droplets on driveway, every few days, about 4 in a circular sort of pattern, in the center of the engine area about under the trans pan.. This week my hubby moved car from top of driveway where there's about a 20 degree inlcine down to the bottom where it's about a 45 degree incline. (car was cold-just moving it to get his truck out)

    2 hours later there is a long slick about 10 feet long by 2 feet wide....I assume it's trans fluid because we've had occasional small leaks before. I know it's not as much as it looks due to spreading (a cup of water matched the spill size after a few minutes) Also seems to originate under the center of the engine area, maybe slightly to the passenger side.

    I was thinking it's this leak that shows itself every month or sometimes waits 2 months and leaves a puddle/spot dinner plate sized. Never solved it, level doesn't get too low. OKAY BAD ME's my son's car and he hasn't had a chance to check it...when he gets home he shuts it off without checking, and when I remember he's on the way out. I did check it cold and it was a good 4inches up the stick or more, so it's not empty....(been about 3 days-not a lot of driving)

    Could it be coolant? I think the coolant is red too and we've not checked it since having it changed 18 months ago. I read the way to fill it is through a plastic jug thing under the hood. I recall seeing it, and I don't recall seeing ANY fluid in it. SHOULD I????

    Is it possible this is a coolant problem?

    Either way, why did whatever it is not spill while just sitting in the driveway overnight? It just appeared after the car was moved about 30 feet backward, downhill. Son has not reported any problems whatsoever driving it.

    Plan to make him visit trans shop for fluid change and check. (school and work make it hard-but I will stay on him) Car bought at 84K and now has about 102K. Last trans service was before we bought it, but trans shop didn't think it needed change when we had it in for a leak (o-ring in dipstick tube was all he found wrong then) I suppose it could use it anyhow. He's selling it soon.

    Thoughts? Thanks
  • I have a friend who owns a 1998 Taurus with shifting problems. It will shift from first at around twenty five mph instead of sifting into second it jumps right to third and around 25mph it will down shift to second then try to shift again. Mean while her tach is runing at around two thousand rpm. She took it to a tranny shop and all he could tell her was that the tranny is the original one and that apparently no repairs have been done on it. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so what were or are the solutions. The fluid is ok and that is about all I can say at this time. If I get more info from her I will add it to tis post, but in the meantime any help out there?

    Thanks in advance
  • micheldbmicheldb Posts: 3
    On my 96 Taurus LX 24V, I noticed two issues occurring lately. When I am stopped at a light, the idling will jump quickly from 600-700 RPMs to 1K, back down to 400 RPMs and then go back to the 600-700 RPMs. This happens once, on occasion twice at a light. When I put it in Park, it doesn't do that. It seems to happen only after 10 min of driving and not right after having started the car.
    The second issue is that when I'm in first gear, when I accelerate, the engine will rev for a second (the car will have no power) and then drive fine. It only happens, when I'm in first gear, or if I slow down around a curve. Otherwise, the transmission shifts beautifully in all gears, acceleration and deceleration.

    My car has been leaking engine oil significantly for the last two months from the upper part of the engine and the mechanic said that it would not be cheap to replace the seals leaking around the chain area. But, would the two things be related? Does it seem like a transmission issue? Any help would be appreciated.
  • micheldbmicheldb Posts: 3
    Problem fixed. I was low almost 4 quarts of ATF. Now the car runs smooth and all the problems are gone. I may have a transmission leak, I'll have that checked out.
  • My original '95 3.0 eng trans went bad and I finnaly found another used one
    like the original. What is the proper procedure for removing the trans on a '95
  • Tranny was shifiting and working fine. After coming to a Stop at an intersection - car would not move in forward gears. Reverse works fine. This happened once before and a transmission servo pin broke where a C clip held it in place. Only happened a year ago. Could be the same problem - but why would this pin break again. Tranny shift fine, about 50K on a rebuild with the extra lube kit installed. Any thoughts? Maybe bad servo unit? Or is it something else?
  • tnt2801tnt2801 Posts: 1
    i have a 97 mercury sable with a 3liter v6 i believe it is a four speed transmission. It sounds like there is a belt problem but it isnt. After 30 km /hour i get this noise it vibrates the whole car but it isnt threw the steering wheel when i turn right the soud goes away i have checked for wheel bearing play there is none the brakes are like brand new and work fine. There is no clicking of cv joints either i am a little puzzled. It shifts good also.
  • rkleistrkleist Posts: 1
    I've got a 96 sable 3.0 24v DOHC with a AX$N trans. When the car sits overnight and is started and put in drive it goes in gear immeaditaly and takes off normally and upshifts normally. However at the first stop { less than 1/4 mile } it goes into a netural state. I move the lever from D to 2 and back and the car drives fine the rest of the day!! The Fluid level and condition is fine. A scanner shows NO codes!
    Any Ideas?? This happen EVERY morning!
  • very common problem with those trannies. i have a 94 taurus that had the EXACT problem. i had the trans rebuilt and it did it again in 6 months. now that i don't knowif they rebuilt it incorrectly or what but everyone that i talked to said the same thing. the engines in those cars are one of the best on the market but the trannies stink. so i depends on how well your engine runs, if you'd like to get it rebuilt. i still own my car and love it. but seriously considering getting a different tranny altogether. good luck.
  • I have a 98 Taurus that will not go into gear. It gives a little bump ,when put into any gear, but after that nothing. I've Checked cables and connections and links. It seems all connected. (and yes ive checked the trainny fluid as well.
    When we had baught the car it took a little reving to get the transmittion to engage, but then it was fine after it had warmed up. Any advice ?
  • oly29oly29 Posts: 1
    92 Mercury Sable 53,000 miles. While driving the car the transmission will down shift for no reason. The tach will show the motor revs will jump almost 1000 RPM. This changes as soon as you let off the gas. This has occured at highway speed and driving on city streets. Approx 30-35 MPH. The transmission was serviced about 2 years ago. Fluids were changed along with the filter. This car has the automatic OD and 3.8 liter V-6. The down shift will occur with the transmission in OD or drive. Fluid has been checked and is OK.
  • I have a 1995 ford taurus with trans ax4n when in overdrive it goes foward than slows down or when going up a hil it goes very slow if not at all the engine revs but goes nowhere. When put into drive it does move. Trans does shift into all gears have recently changed fluid n pan gasket n filter. Could this just be the speed sensor or tranny needs to be replaced? Any help would be much appreciated.
  • I know this reply is over a year later, but I just had the same exact thing happen to my 2000 DOHC Sable. Last week, I had to have the transmission lines replaced due to cracking/rusting of the lines. It worked out fine, but last night, after not using my car for about 30 hours, I pulled the car into the garage and as soon as I put it back in park, about a quart of transmission fluid drained onto the floor. I took it to my mechanic, thinking that one of the clips had blown off the lines. Turns out, he has no idea what caused it as the lines are intact. He felt it was either a transmission burp or the beginning of the end for the tranny. He felt that a "burp" occurring after the car had been driven for 150 miles or so was unlikely. However, something has to be causing the buildup in pressure to cause the fluid to drain out. He thought that one of the clutches may be going, but advised me to keep driving it for as long as I can.

    We'll see what happens....
  • 95 Taurus, I have tie SAME problem in San Antonio with my 95. What did you do to fix yours? Thank you. :cry:
  • Hi actually a Merc Cougar - semi twin to Ford contour , didn't see contour listed, maybe similar engine / trans ??? hope get response here.

    2000 cougar V 6 auto , 55,000 mi -- steady 70 mph , after 4-5 miles will Jerk /shudder hard a couple times , engine tach will go from like 2800 to 4000 rpm, sometimes 5000 . . . then OK for 3 -5 miles, does it again. Does not do it with short drives, at lower speeds like to work in morning.

    New fuel filter, transm oil -- 2 shops couldn't find anything. Maybe heat related , I've heard hot trans oil is very bad - does the auto trans oil cooler have a thermostat ??? I'm actually thinking bad computer , trans can't decide what gear it wants to be in. wouldn't that show up on shop check of faults ???
  • PS to my Cougar post -- there are apparently 2 service bulletins ( not fed safety recalls) for Cougar Auto trans, ( same as Taurus ?? )both listed as ' Auto Trans control module ' which sounds like it COULD be my problem. haven't been able to get any additional info

    service bull # 042107 - date Dec 04 , NHTSA # 1001 4086
  • This is happening to me (2005 Mercury Sable; 75,000 miles) as we speak. I don't know if you have taken care of this problem or not, which I'm assuming you probably already have, but in my case it is indeed the torque converter. Unfortunately this happened when I was over 100 miles away from my home in the middle of the night. Went to do a U-turn and went to accelerate and the car just revved like it had come out of gear. It wouldn't go into any gear, and along with that, my starter also let go at the same time. Now I've had the car towed twice and the Ford dealer says it's going to cost me over $1600.00. Does anyone know if this sounds outrageous? An independant said they could do it for half that price with buying the torque converter from Advance for a couple hundred dollars. I had had my tranny serviced earlier this year, with new filter and fluids, so the levels were fine. Let me know how you faired. Thanks!
  • i have a 97 mercury sable stationwagon after i go to work i sit in the car all night and start it every 2.5 hours to charge the battery in the morning the rpms go really high and the car will not go over twenty and if the rpms go over a certain amount the battery light comes on but after the car cools off it works just fine what could cause this problem
  • rix444rix444 Posts: 6
    A> '97 Taurus (green). Was backing out of a parking spot. Was in a hurry, and shifted before I came to a complete stop. Put in Drive, moved 1", a clunk and nothing. Won't go forward or backward. Fluid levels are good. Transmission is now out of vehicle on my workbench. I've had this car for 5 years and never a problem. Open to any ideas.

    B> '97 Taurus (red). Just bought it don't know it's history. Engine is good. Have to rev it and after 5 or 6 seconds it will start to move. Can get up to 20mph, but it won't shift up. Reverse acts the same way. I've changed the fluid and filter. Possibilities? bad bands? weak pump?
  • rix444rix444 Posts: 6
    you seem to be describing an alternator problem. Worn brushes or weak springs on the brushes, will cause the alternator to stop charging at higher rpms.
  • Update on my 94 Taurus GL. I picked it up from mechanic yesterday. $1,300 later, tranny is fixed. Now engine mount is bad. I put it in Drive and a bad shake comes from engine can be felt all over. Took it to Tuffy since also is trembling when im on the highway going over 60+,Tie rods (both inner and out) on both front wheels need to be replaced. So, in Dec/09 car costed me 1,350.00, on Jan/10 new transmission $1,300 and now front suspension $500.00 And i havent fixed the engine mount yet..
  • My trans is out on my '95. I have obtained a used one that is supposed to be OK.
    Is there any way to check if its a good one before I install it? And, what is the
    best procedure for dropping the current trans?
  • jpg90jpg90 Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and just started to work on my 2006 Ford Taurus SE. I am not an expert mechanic, and don't have much experience fixing cars - but I do enjoy it and have the patience to persevere.

    The car is leaking transmission fluid. I believe this is because the transmission pan is no longer sealed well, due to an impact on it while driving. So I need to change the pan, gasket, and filter.

    As I got ready to do this work, I noticed one part that looks like a think circular plate is somewhat loose: I can move it with my hand. There's a space between it and another part in the transmission. Also, a couple of bolts seem to be missing.

    I have a short YouTube video which more clearly shows what the problem is. Please take a look at it at this link:
    Transmission Pan and Concerns Video

    Should I be concerned about this? If so, what should be done?

  • '93 Mercury Sable 3.8 v6 rev up to high rpm and car shifts down even while driving after warmed up. Tranny has been replaced. What is the problem now?
  • shelgrlshelgrl Posts: 5
    Sounds like something similar that just happened to me recently with my 2005 3.0 v6. My starter and my transmission let go Nov 2009 at the same time. I ended up having to have the torque converter replaced and the transmission redone, along with the starter..however, the car never seemed to act right and started slipping not long afterwards. After awhile the rpm's started racing up to 3-4,000 rpms whenever I would try to accelerate from a light or stop sign, yet the car would not go past 1st gear. I ended up taking it back to AAMCO and they once again took the tranny apart, only to find out that the piston in the transmission was cracked and it in turn blew out the cylinders (this being only 5,000 miles after the car was last repaired). I'm not sure if this is what's wrong with your car, but it sounds somewhat similar to mine. Just prior to my car's transmission messing up, I had just replaced the transmission filter and fluids. A guy at the Goodyear shop said last week that he doesn't recommend anyone replace a transmission filter, only if it's actually leaking fluid. I thought I had done the right thing, but instead it ended up costing me about $3,000 because of it. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a constant problem from now on with removing the tranny. I'm thinking of trading in the car, as it sounds like these cars have a lot of similar issues. If your tranny is still under warranty, I would highly recommend that you have a mechanic test drive your car and see what he thinks and have the problem fixed right away. Mine was not going into 2nd or 3rd gear. Good luck to you and let us know what you find out.
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