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Taurus/Sable Transmission Problems



  • viper122viper122 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Taurus SE wagon, just earlier today i parked the car, went inside, and came out to discover that the car rolled down the driveway. I started it up, pulled it back up and placed it in park. It seems though as if there is no park gear, while shifted in the park the car will freely roll as if it is in neutral. I shifted it into reverse, drive, neutral, park, all of that it seems to shift quick and smooth without any hesitation. There's no leaks it seems, and im lost on what it may be. Any Ideas? I don't know if this helps any but it did stall once earlier today when i started it, but I dont know if that at all is in relation to the transmission issue I have. I have it set with the parking brake for now but that's not very safe and im trying to really correct this issue.. any advice would help out. :confuse:
  • rjs2298rjs2298 Posts: 3
    I have a 97 Taurus V6 3.1L. I have had no problems with it at all until 2 weeks ago. I was driving at a normal speed not accelerating and all of a sudden I heard a strange grinding type of noise from under the car. I stopped saw nothing out of place, put it in gear and it drove fine. A mile or so down the road the grinding noise started I stopped again, nothing. This time the grinding noise did not go away. Transmission shop said it needs to be replaced at 2000. The car still drives and goes into gear does this sound right? We don't really want to drive it around for second opinions.
  • I have a 97 sable with an electric/tranny problem. It runs fine in neutral and park but when you put it in gear or reverse the power steering, radio and power windows shut off. The radio clock still works but no sound and no power steering. But when i put it back to neutral or park i can operate the windows again along with the power steering?????? Any ideas ? Please HELP!

    Have no fear, there is a simple solution to your problems. I currently drive a 1997 Ford Taurus GL, and just this week my car exhibited the same problems that you described. My mechanic told me that I needed a Neutral Safety Switch. He changed the switch, and the power steering, the power windows, and the radio are now back to normal. So, you may try changing this switch. Best of luck.
  • homer23homer23 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Taurus 3.0 12valve w/82k miles. While driving down the road the tranny quit, like it was in "N". No grinding, noise or fluid loss. The fluid is red, no smell and full. I replaced the tranny range selector switch - still have the problem. No matter where you have the range select lever the car will not move. The cable is ok. Any ideas?
  • I have a 93 taurus that slips coming out of first gear.
    The fluid is full. What may be the problem?
  • i have a 3.0 1994 Taurus. I really love this car. I got great mileage when i ran. When i first bought it, i had trouble with the fuel cutting off for NO APPARENT REASON! i replace about 3 modules to no avail. finally we put it on some diagnostic computer and found the main brain module was cracked! my uncle went to the junkyard and still paid $150 for the part, now she ran great! But the new problem is the transmission slips out of gear when i come to a stop?? I have to put it into reverse and then back into drive for it to go forward. the transmission place told me that it's some pressure regulator piece that's inside the tranny, about $300 to replace it with labor.. but if he takes the whole thing apart and finds alot of metal bits in there then he'll have no choice but to rebuild it $1400, which i can't afford!! Please let me know if you've gotten this problem solved, and how.. i love my taurus and want to save it without having to clean out every penny! thanks. :sick:
  • I Have the same car with 65,000 miles. Went to take off from a light and the car rolled a couple of feet and the engine reved up like i was in neutral. The shift cable was moving fine. fluid level ok and pan gasket was replaced 9 months ago for a minor leak. No Reverse,Drive,L2,or L1. Park would function fine. In the shop now estimate around 1500.00 for Torque converter replacement.
  • Hey, I have a 2002 Sable LS with around 102,000 miles. the transmission light has been coming on since i bought the car in 2004. It has been in and out shops ever since, and i have put about $2500-$3000 into it. after 5 or 6 trips to the mechanic, the light still comes on, and when it does, the trans acts funny. when i come to a stop, it will be fine for a second or two, then i can feel it bump down through the gears, like it was stuck. i'm in college, and i really dont want to put any more money into this thing. the mechanic i have been going to says it is electrical. can i just ignore this? any ideas? thanks.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The pre 08 Ford Taurus requres a transmission service every 30k. Your transmission will eventually self distruct if you do not do this service. The fluid breaks down over time.

  • actually, the first thing the mechanic did was to flush the transmission. put additive in, cleaned it up, still had the light. so he took the trans out and replaced a bunch of parts, practically rebuilt it. still the light. its very frustrating...

  • hi ronnie,lol, i've read alot of stuff on these trannie problems, and how you have to engage the reverse to get it to go forward...well there's bad news and there's worse the end the choice is yours...
    here's the bad news...
    the forward piston in your transmission's very common for this car...i've spoken to ALOT, and i do mean alot of transmission guys on this because i didn't want to get really ripped off...mine is currently being rebuilt, electrical replacement etc. $1100, was referred by someone. General cost is $1400. Good news, yes, there's good news,lol..the 3.0 engine in that car is supposed to be one of the best out there right now, as far as used cars goes. mine runs really well, so it's worth it for me to get it fixed, and the body is in good shape.
    the really bad news is that $1100 or $1400 is the going rate for a car like that. yah, you can find it for more at the dealer or less for a beat up on the street. so basically, it's up to you. if your car is in fairly good condition and you plan to drive it for a while than it's worth fixing. if not, then get rid of it..
    good luck..
    write back if you any more info..
    ps. i'm in northern illinois if you want my trans guy...
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    It is my understanding that the trans flush forces the flush liquid BACKWARDs through the trans. Because of this deposits that are knocked off of walls in the trans can clog things.

  • I have a 2005 Mercury Sable-- with 99K miles-- was driving fine now will not pull in any gears. Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be -- the transmission fluid level is fine
  • I got a problem my car started bucking a bit when it went into over drive so i called up a friend and he recommended draining the tranny fluid and putting new stuff in so i did the bucking is still there in fact its worse... i put 4 quarts of tranny fluid in.. is that to much? or to little... ALL tranny fluid was removed please help thanks
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I have been told that since the transmission is a CVT your do not need to have a gear selection for 1 to 4,5,6 speeds just D for forward. Apparently some drivers need to use the shift; although each shift makes to difference. Correct me if I am wrong.
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    The most likely cause is probably the splines in the torque converter that turn the pump shaft are stripped. very common problem with the taurus and sable. It will have to be removed to verify that, second likely cause is the pump itself.
  • which is best way to r&r transmission on 98 merc sable??
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Support the engine from the top with a brace and chains and remove the frame from the bottom
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Hard to say..thats why there is a stick to show you when its full. As far as the bucking is concerned the most common cause is a miss fire in the engine...plugs...wires..fuel injector or sometimes egr problems etc.
  • I have a 2000 merc sable ls premium it has 173K miles which i realize is a lot. Not all the time, but occasionally i will put the car in to Drive and it will go but from going from 1st to 2nd gears (it is an auto) the car revs up and does not shift right away then sort of SLAMS into gear. and it is only from the starting gears. Once i get moving i have no issues. ANY suggestions?
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    The second gear clutches are one of the weakest links in this unit. To much clutch clearance in second (burnt) usually causes that if all other gears are ok and there are no codes stored in the computer. Most likely it's getting time for a new unit.
  • kevmokevmo Posts: 4
    My 2000 (DOHC) Sable missed ocassionally on the highway. It does not throw an engine code, and typically misses between 50-65 miles an hour resulting in a hard "jerk" like feeling. I replaced the plugs, and did find that one of the ignition coils was bad and replaced that as well. The shop can't find anything else wrong although they suspect it may be a sensor. Any ideas? I really don't want to begin trial replacement of parts, but the miss really sucks. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • kimnbradkimnbrad Posts: 2
    I have a 94 Ford Taurus...All of a sudden this morning, it wont go out of PARK!!!
    Any ideas? I am hoping its not the whole tranny...need a miracle I am going to assume...So if you know anything about these cars...any advice will be helpful!!
    Never had any problems w/it...fluid is good and clean.
    The only problem that we can when you jumps. Not everytime..but if you really try to accelerate on the freeway ..changing lanes quickly...or if you accelerate too quickly at a light or stop sign...
    Please...can anyone tell me what might be going on?? I already got screwed by the guy who sold it to honest advice only... :confuse: :mad: :( :cry: :sick: Also it seems it is blowing fuses all of a sudden too... :lemon:
  • first question is where do you live? and was it cold this morning? let the car warm up and it should go..secondly, how does the engine run? if it runs well, a rebuild of the transmission would be a good idea. the common problem with those cars (i have one-and have had to do this) is that the forward piston goes out in the transmission. there is an upside being that the 3.0 in those cars is supposedly one of the best out there. (i also have one of these). my engine has about 150k miles on it but runs great!! i paid $700 for my car..i had some problems with the main brainbox cracking because it had been tightened down too much and the car would arbitrarily cut the fuel off, and then would start again after a little while (sometimes an hour, sometimes a day). this was diagnosed with a computer analysis..all in all, i love my car. it runs great and i get good mileage per gallon. hope this helps. search around. i'm sure there's a good tranny mechanic that can rebuild it for about $1000. if you know someone who can do this for you, they sell a rebuild kit for the tranny. ok. let me know if you need more info. i live in illinois. bye
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    Hi, Just ran across your post. My 2001 has the 24V DOHC. Last year, a couple of times, my son said the car would stall when he put in into drive. He said it didn't stall if he put it in reverse.(he was a new driver--so maybe operator error??) I can't remember if it did anything else weird at the time, I think it did stall once or twice as he pulled out at a light. Anyhow, I replaced the Idle Air Control Valve. I don't know what was the problem, but it hasn't done it since.

    My question has to do with whether he could have the cracked forward piston you mentioned. Could it act up and then go away?? I mean, could it still be the actual cause of last year's problems....just waiting to show up again?

    Main reason to care is that if this car has a tran problem there is no point to buying the new rims he wants to get. Don't want him putting $ into it only to have it die. It's a 2001 SEL w/94000 miles.
  • raydog2raydog2 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what was going on with your car? I have a 2002 Sable that is doing the very same thing. Slowly getting worse. I put in in reverse in the morning and it just doesn't want to go. Its severity changes each day.
  • kimnbradkimnbrad Posts: 2
    yes! the backlights were it would not go into any gear!!
    That is all that was wrong with my silly car!
    Check the fuses and lights...
    Good luck!
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