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Kia Sedona Steering Wheel Vibration

bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
I've reviewed all the posts about this issue, but have not seen anyone post a successful resolution. Has your dealer identified the problem and if so, have they been able to fix it? If so, how?

We are going to purchase a 2006 EX this week and I would like to have this issue addressed before delivery. Will drive the van tomorrow and find out if it exhibits the problem.

I have looked all over the excellent website, thru the Tech Times, TSB, Pitsop, etc. sections. I could not find ANY mention of this steering wheel vibration at speed issue. The closest thing was 1 issue that causes a pull / out of alignment problem. I haven't read that article yet to see if it sounds like it could be related to the steering wheel vibration issue.


  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    I had a vibration on my 2006 Sedona upon delivery. Dealership balanced tires--problem went away.
  • After all my 2004 issues...took it to the Dealer and got a 2006....almost 10 thousand miles and loving it! Had the fuel pump noise issue around 400 miles but haven't heard it again since 1000 miles and there is a fix for it now. Had the sensor strips replaced under recall but other than's been great! :)
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Check KIA FORUMS.COM there is a few vibration problems on its forums for the 2006 sedona.
  • I had the same problem on my 2006 Sedona. It took four visits to the dealership (considering how many people have this problem, it's a mystery how the dealers are so ignorant of it!) before they finally swapped out all the tires and it went away. The tires that come from the factory seem to have a VERY high defect rate.
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    What model Sedona do have EX or LX? Just wondering what tires you have.I had trouble with Hankooks.
  • Mine were Hankooks, too. If Kia is smart, they'll stop using them.
  • I have a 2007 Entourage with 17" Micheleins, same problem, the dealer rebalanced them, they seem a lot better, almost perfect, but there is still some barely perceptable vibration at 70 - 75 mph, it could even be an engine or transmission, or even wind buffeting effect. But dont blame the Hankook tires, cause i had it on the micheliens.
  • I am also having a vibration problem on my new '06 LX Sedona at freeway speeds. Mine feels like it is one or both of the rear tires. I have had it in to the dealer twice and both times my service rep said they re-balanced the tires. He says they are in "perfect" balance now and they test drove it and is OK. I drove it 80 miles on the freeway yesterday and it is still bad. Back end vibrates so bad at certain speeds that the second row seats shake and the shoulder harness belts rattle against the sides. My tires are KUMHO. How did you convince your dealer to replace the tires?
  • I just kept taking it back until he got tired of seeing me, I guess. I would suggest you print out a few of these messages and take them with you. Show him that you're not the only person who is having the problem. My tires are HANKOOK, not KUMHO, although I'd guess they're both Korean, based on the names. I'm looking forward to having to replace them with some good ol' American rubber!
  • I purchased a 2006 Sedona that had Michlein tires. We too had a vibration. Dealer rebalanced tires and now rides smooth as glass. Perhaps it is time to request a meeting with Kia rep regarding the replacement of the tires. I don't believe the dealership has the authority to do so unless the rep instructs him to do so.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    What speeds are you guys having the vibration problem? Mine are Michelin Energy LX4 and I don't feel anything under 80mph. Van is still new so I try to keep it under 75mph.

    I did some reseach on the Energy LX4 before I took delivery and the reviews weren't all that bad. If they were, I would've driven from the dealership directly to a tire shop. I've done that before with a brand new Nissan Frontier and got the OEMs replaced with a set of performance tires for $150 or so. The tire dealer was happy to take the OEM tires in on trade, because they still had the "hairs" on them, so he could sell them as new tires.

    Anyhow, 235/60R17 is not a very common size. only shows 5 other tires in this size, none of which looked any better than the Michelin Energy LX4, so I guess I'm gonna stay with them.
  • I start having the vibration at about 60 mph and it gets a little better or worse as I increase the speed. It is real bad at 75 mph and not quite as bad at 78. Something else I have noticed, is the problem is worse after I have been driving for awhile, so may be the bad tire/s heat up and get worse.
  • azcamperazcamper Posts: 5
    After leaving several messages on my service advisor's voice mail with no replies concerning this problem, I contacted KIA customer relations who put me in contact with the dealership service manager. He scheduled me another appointment and took the vehicle to a local tire shop that has better equipment for balancing tires. They did a road force test and determined that two of the wheel/tires were out of spec. The worst of which was the left rear which is the one I suspected to be causing the vibration. They did a "phase match" on all the wheels/tires which brought the readings all within the specification. I test drove it yesterday and it was much improved. I plan a long road trip next week, which should determine if the problem is resolved to my satisfaction.
  • I had the dealer rebalance it, the 75 mph vibration seems to have gone away. However, I now have a new problem. At low speeds, pretty much as soon as the car starts moving, it feels rough,lumpy or lurchy, enough to be annoying. It smooths out at higher speeds and after warmed up I don't feel it at lower speeds then either.
    Your right about the dealer being unresponsive or in denial, and he is too far away to make it convenient to keep going in for such a minor, but still annoying problem, this is not how a BRAND NEW WORLD CLASS vehicle should act. Too bad Hyundai may loose its hard built improved reputation over tire, wheel or drivetrain vibration. And yes, my dealer calls me after each service to instruct me to leave excellent ratings when the factory surveys me, but often I dont get the factory survey. I have 17" alloy factory wheels with Michelin tires, my Hyundai Entourage's van build date is June 14 2006.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Greetings Guys and Girls,

    I'd like(!) to join your club. Got a 2006 Sedona LX 2 months ago and have gone through all of your trials. Front end shakes the steering wheel violently at between 75 and 80 mph. Did a rebalance, a force balance, a front end alignment and swapped tires with another good Sedona. Nothing changed. Luv the car, great price and all and driving comfort. Has everyone who posted these wheel problems had them fixed? or what? The dealer thinks he knows the problem. Thinks its the speed controller computer. A Kia engineer is suppose to come to see with his own eyes next week. Can't believe that with all the complaints that I have read here plus many others of course from drivers that don't do the web that Kia does not know what the problem is. Dealer has told me that if all else fails he will give me a new van. With all the Sedonas sold the probablility of me getting two of these in a row seems very remote. I promise if I find out the solution that I will post the cure to this web site!
  • Hi, and welcome, I hope you can get rid of that vibration, let us know what happens. As I've said before, mine is very minor, so I can live with it, but i'd rather get it fixed if anyone knew what it was, i dont want to be the guinea pig.
    Good luck
  • leefarmleefarm Posts: 14
    we have a 2006 kia sedona ex with the 17 inch michelins.. and we did NOT have any vibration issues . but the lx4 were bald before we got to 35000 miles. since we didn't not want the michelins again i went to look for another tire..thats when i found out there really isn't much of a choice for a 235-60r17 tire.. so after researching i decided to go with 225-60r17 yokohama avid TRZ's just a TINY bit smaller but ok. they are a MUCH better tire than the lx4's. just as smooth as the michelins.. and 10 times better in the rain. we will see how the avid's wear..
  • smillersmiller Posts: 32
    My steering wheel and at times the whole van would shake!
    My dealer did all the tests and found both left rims to be out of spec.
    They replaced both left side rims and now the van drives smooth at highway speeds. I should have drove the van at highway speeds before buying but I rented one before and it was very smooth. :)
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Greetings Again,

    Dealer swapped so many front end parts I lost track. Bottom line the vibration is still there. Am past the requirements of the New Mexico Lemon Law and I notified the Dealer that I wanted to exercise it. He said fine. Mean time I had to take the family to So Carolina for a month and they gave me a super loaner, a Dodge Grand Caravan Lx (05). I think I put 6000 miles on it. Ran like I wished the Sedona would. Well I'm back and about to take the Caravan back to the dealer. Anxious to see how this works out. I will post, as promised with the final solution.
    By the way: Test drove two 07 Sedonas in Columbia So. Carolina and both had the wheel vibration one a little less than the other. When we came back from the test we drove into the garage and talked to the service mgr. He answered straight out that they had problems with the Sedonas and it was the rotors that some of them were warped. He said they could be fixed by putting on new rotors or turning on the lathe the old ones. If I didn't have the 06 Sedona I might have taken him up, however I turned him down! Lets see what the NM dealer has to say about tis.
  • azcamperazcamper Posts: 5
    My Sedona vibration problem was resolved with the "load force" phase matching of the tires/wheels. The ride is acceptable now, but I have rode in smoother vehicles.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Thanks for your post. The dealer sent me out to the Goodyear quickstop? previously for a "load force" phase matching repair. Again it seemed like some help but only very little. Probably just a rare coincidence but the "load force" phase matching is exactly what the KIA factory rep is telling me now is what he wants to repeat on my car but this time done with a "quality European BMW" shop instead of an "inferior" (my word) American shop. Is not a reasonable suggestion as it was already done and also all of the tires and rims were swapped out already with other "good" tires and rims from other "good" Sedonas in stock including the 17" alloy rims. Also the rep has told me that a team of engineers from Korea are on their way to America and that he has requested that they come to my state and examine my car. This drama has now proceeded to the "inconceivable" state. I am getting enough material to write a fantasy novel about this experience. Dealers sales mgr says he reads the Edmonds posts so weighin "other" users. As I said before I have read many complaints here but yours is the first where someone solved the vibration problem. What happened to the rest of you?
  • I have a 2007 Entourage with 17" alum wheels, build date June 2006, and I still have vibration at 71-75mph and sometimes on a cool morning at 20-40mph there is a small vibration too. So are we saying this happens on the 16" wheels too?
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    My Sedona was an LX and came with the 16" steel rims. He didn't tell me how many other rims he swapped out with but eventually I learned that he had also tried the 17" alloy wheels. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not trying to create unrest or discontent with people that are happy with their vibrations. However, if you are curious about your Sedona just test drive any other new car out on the highway at 75 to 80 and see just how stable a car can be. I assume the Entourage is mostly the same car as the Sedona as they are the same company and freely exchange parts. Also I have now test driven 4 different Sedona LX's and EX's, at different dealers and they all have have various levels of vibration. So somebody must be happy with their vibrations!
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Had my 06 Sedona up to a little over 95 MPH today and no vibration. Have not felt any vibrations since I purchased the car 3 months ago. No complaints here van is driving great.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Thanks lavrishevo for your input. At least I can put one car in the plus column and build some evidence that the car can be fixed.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    No worries. I think something to consider is that most people that write on here or come to the forum to find solutions for problems. All the people who don't have issues usually don't come to the forums so we get a distorted view of how many people really do have issues.
  • fishbreathfishbreath Posts: 58
    I just like to stay on top of things. I do have a slight pulseation but that is when I'm on the brakes but not bad. rotors I suspect.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hi Azcamper,
    I am new to this forum. I found it while doing a search for the exact problem everyone is describing here. I too have the steering wheel vibration/shake. My 06 has about 6400 miles on it and I have noticed the shake since day 1. I didn't have it looked at until my first oil change at around 3800 miles. The dealer did the old "both front tires were out of balance. We rebalanced them and it's fine now". Well it felt exactly the same when I picked it up. But the dealer is 25 miles from my house and I have a job so I can't spend day afer day at the dealer. I ended up bringing it back down again for what appeared to be belt noise in the engine compartment. I finally realized it was actually because my power steering reservoir was nearly empty. I refilled it and the noise went away but I brought it in anyway as there had to be a leak. I also told the dealer that the vibration issue was never fixed. So, far they have replaced the entire "steering rack" as it was leaking, the two front rotors and did a four wheel balance and alignment twice at the local Town Fair Tire. They called me yesterday and said the vibration is still there but they think it's a bad tire (even though TFT couldn't detect it). They are now awaiting a decision from the Kia Tech Line to replace all four tires. When I asked if they thought this was going to fix the problem, the answer was "I don't know". I highly doubt Kia will authorize a replacement of all 4 tires in the hopes that it may fix the problem. I was wondering why the dealer wouldn't have just tried switching wheels with another 06 Sedona. They've got several "off lease" models sitting in the lot. Anyway, I'll let everyone know how I make out. I am not confident that they will be able to fix the problem.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Hang in there Lacoydr1,
    As my last post stated engineers from Korea were suppose to be here at the end of July. I now have an update that about 10 of them are coming here to see my 06 Sedona around Aug 13-17. I think this means that they are listening to our posts and other dealers and are about to admit there is a "minor" problem. This is a typical American corporate response and Korea is a subsidery of corporate america. I believe that eventually the problem will be solved. It's like pleading "no contest" in court but not admitting any guilt. But the corporate lawyer way is to drag it out and maybe everyone will go away or maybe accept a lessor solution. As I stated before there is no way they don't know what the problem is. To state a homily "this is not rocket science". Any engineer who claims to be one could solve this in one day. Will keep everyone posted as I stated before. I guess on further reflection the easiest way to get rid of me is to have the Koreans come here and say they can't find the problem and then just give me a buyback. And oh yeh! as I wrote before the dealer swapped out all of my tires and rims with other "good" Sedonas in the lot without a change.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hi Dougv,
    Thanks for the speedy response. The dealer just called me before I left work and said that Kia has agreed to replace all four tires with brand new Hankook Optimo H418 - the exact same tires! I am not confident it's a tire problem. It's too random. I would think if it was a tire problem that it wouldn't come and go the further you get down the road. I sure hope your "engineers" figure something out. I'll let you know if the "new" tires make a difference. Also, if your post regarding the engineers decision shows a definite fix then I'll print it off and bring it to the dealer. Good luck to all!
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