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Kia Sedona Steering Wheel Vibration



  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    I have another update on the Korean engineers. They will not be here in Santa Fe until the 20th of Aug. A note of information for what its worth, I was told by a sales person at my dealer that they read all of the posts on Edmunds Forum. Also just where about are you located? We may not have the same dealer but we could have the same KIA tech rep as they cover a very large region. That would be interesting information to me. I think we all have to realize that we are not dealing with technical people here but with their lawyers. I am not normally a paranoid person but I think all of this apparent ignorance on the part of KIA makes the case. Again also, I don't know where you are at but I have qualified several times over for recourse according to New Mexico's Lemon Law. So its not like anyone is doing me a favor by trying to fix my Sedona. I think by now it is KIA's dime that we are working on. I don't know what the dealer stands to lose but he has been great to me including minivan loaners (Dodge Caravans) whenever I needed one. It has been a 5 month journey so far but it will be ended by me one way or the other on the 20th. I'll let everyone know!
  • eggegg Posts: 9
    Been reading this forum for a while now. I to have had this vibration problem with my 2006 EX with 16,000 miles on it since it was new. The dealer keeps trying to tell me that it is a tire balance issue. I have had it to two tire shops now and they say that all is fine. It has been to the dealer 4 times and they keep telling me it is fixed. I pick it up and on the way home, Bad vibrations at 70-75 MPH. Do they not test drive it when they are done? I have also had all of the other problems mentioned on this site. 1: Had the front struts replaced first month we had the van because of the bad pull to the left. 2: Have had bad wind noise at 60-75 MPH in high winds(sounds like someone blowing a whistle coming form driver side front). Dealer re-sealed the windshield (after having it to them 4 times for this issue). Have not had a bad wind yet to test it. 3: Had the fuel pump replaced for the noise. 4: Had the air conditioner compressor mount replaced for bad noise. 5: Had problems with the passenger side sliding door not wanting to shut all the way. 5. Had air bag warning light stay on, Dealer said it was something with the seat belt. 6. Poor paint and seems like all you have to do is look at the van wrong and it will get a door ding. Finally told the dealer that he needed to read this forum and talk to kia about the front end vibration. He said he would talk with someone and get back to me. That was two days ago and no word. I am done with this van!! It needs to be fixed now our I need a new van. I think that even if they were to give me a new van, I would drive it straight to a Toyota or Honda dealer and trade it in. Took it on a 3000 mile trip form Missouri, through Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico and had the vibration and whistle the whole trip. Drove me crazy and ruined a good vacation. Please let me know what you find out and I will keep you posted. :lemon: :lemon:
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hi Guys,
    In response to Dougv, I am located in Western Massachusetts. The dealer is in Northampton (about 25 miles south of me). Still no tires.

    I have had wind noise as well but only when I am going 65 or over and there is strong winds on the highway. Otherwise just the normal wind noise that you get with most vehicles. The lemon law in MA is you have to be without the use of your vehicle for 15 days total for the same problem. Then it's considered a lemon and their would be recourse with Kia. I have only been without mine for 2 days. I've got a long way to go. The problem is I really like the van (minus the vibration). I would have bought a Sienna but I just couldn't afford it. I used to be a staunch Toyota loyalist, then Subaru (because we moved onto a mountain) and then Hyundai because they were cheap and good. In fact I was looking at the Entourage but they weren't doing any deals on them. When I saw the add of the Sedona with $6000 off of MSRP I just couldn't overlook it. Well, you get what you pay for. I'm hoping that Kia actually figures out what the problem is an issues a recall for all Sedonas. We'll just have to wait and see. Good luck to all.
  • eggegg Posts: 9
    It looks like the dealer fixed the wind noise, had the windshield re-sealed and seems to have knocked out the problem. Drove it to Kansas city and back and no noise. Now if they can just figure out the front end vibration.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    I just brought mine in today to have all four tires replaced (per Kia's Tech Line guys). I told the service guy when I walked in that this wasn't going to have any effect on the problem. He laughed. They swapped the tires, took a test drive and said "you jinxed it, the problem is still there. So we took the new tires off and put your old ones back on". They have placed another call to the Kia Tech Line. They said they'll call me as soon as Kia figures out what their next steps are going to be. I'll keep you posted.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Here's my latest update. The dealer called and said Kia Tech Line wants to do the "Road Force Test" at the local dealer's sister Honda dealership. They have a Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Vibration Control System. Again, I'm not convinced this will do anything. They already swapped the tires which didn't make a bit of difference. I'm convinced it's got to be something else like a bad sway bar mount or something. Bottom line, I am going on a two week vacation out of state so I am going to leave the van with them all next week. That should give them enough time to try a few things. Who knows, maybe a Kia rep will come and see it for himself. I'll let you know how I make out when I return.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hey guys,
    I just got back from vacation and called the dealer to check on my van. As yoy may remember, I left it with them all last week. Here's the outcome: They finally took my advice and swapped all four tires and wheels with a used Sedona. Lo and behold the problem went away (accorfing to them). They then my tires/wheels on the Hunter "load force test" machine. The results came back that both rear wheels were warped and not repairable by the machine. They have two new wheels on order and they are supposed to arrive on Wednesday, 08/29. Hopefully I'll get the van back tomorrow completely fixed. I'll update you then. :-)
  • When you say wheels, do you mean the Steel, or Aluminum or the Rubber tires? Thanks I still have the 73 mph vibration too!
  • eggegg Posts: 9
    Dealer has now changed out both front hub assemblies and still have the vibration at about 70-75 mph. I also continue to have a bad pull to the left. They are now going to change out both axles and see if that makes any difference. This will be the 6th time it has been in for this problem. I told dealer if this does not work it is time for a new car. They said that they have nothing left to do after this and would be willing to pursue the issue. It goes in on Thursday for the work, I will let you know how it turns out.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    If you have read my previous posts you should know about where I stand. I will now update you. As stated "several" engineers from Korea and California came to work on my car on Aug 20th. I dropped the car off at 7:30 and left. The dealer called me on the 21st at 3:30 and said the car would be ready in about 45 minutes but he would call. He called me at 5:15 and said it would not be ready tonight but he would call tomorrow. He called on the 22nd at 11:30 and said the car was ready for a test drive. I really did not ask what they had done to the car because I had no way of verifying it anyhow and all I was interested in was the results anyway. Can you guess the results? Vibration was a lot better about 90% good. I considered taking the Sedona on a 2000 mile trip for a shakedown. However I came to my senses. They had had the car for 6 months now and had brought out the A team that had worked for 2 1/2 days and still the vibration was not solved completely. What I was proposing was more of the "gee! howbout we try this" stuff. I finally hit my limit. I told them lets put this behind us and move on I was out of patience. I had not been driving the car and had put only about 650 miles on it. Although it had about 1300 when I gave it its last test drive. Oh! yeah they did do one more thing on the word of the KIA tech rep. They swapped my steel rims and tires for the aluminum alloy 17" and I did one more test. The handling was better but the rims still had no effect on the 75mph vibration. The Service mgr hinted that if I was happy with the new rims that KIA would probably give them to me. Not a bad offer but I wasn't that hard up and I was sick of any vibration, so I turned them down. After I turned the Sedona back in to the dealer he said he would contact KIA about a buyback. He called me a day later and gave me an account of the conversation. The Tech Rep after telling me he would give me a buyback if the last repairs did not work suggested to the dealer that they ask for arbitration. I can't believe the balls of the guy. I had enough evidence four months ago to satisfy the NM Lemon law and gave him all the time he requested and then he wanted arbitration. The dealer turned him down and said no way did he want to do this to me. The dealer then said that KIA would consider some other option if I was open to it. I said I would consider a new car deal of some sort. He said he would contact KIA and get back to me. That was on the 23rd and I'm still waiting. If I don't hear by monday I am just going to wash my hands of it all and give it to my lawyer. Then I will follow up with letters to KIA management and other auto publications. It could just be the local KIA rep or it could be a bigger recall deal and they are just stonewalling it. Either way as I stated before they have to know what the problem is and their way of handling it is to just really Micky Mouse around util we all go away. Again I will post with my final solution for your info.
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Well it's Thursday and the new rear "wheels" (i.e. rims) were installed and they had no effect on resolving the issue. I just talked with the service manager who has been very nice and understanding and he said he was going to bring it over for one last "load force test" with the new rims. After that he will be having his guys deliver the van back to my house (25 miles from the dealership) as he said I have been more than understanding and patient in this situation. I doubt the additional "load force test" will have any effect either based on dougv's latest post. The service manager is waiting to hear back from the Kia Tech Line on the next steps. At the very least if they take my van again I am going to request a loaner vehicle at Kia's expense (as it's not the dealer's fault). Overall I have been very happy with the dealer's response and I am hoping that at some point Kia will take responsibility for the issue and just give people replacement vehicles that don't have the issue. I'll keep you posted.
  • eggegg Posts: 9
    Here is the latest with my van. Dealer has now replaced both front axles, and guess what? still has the vibration. It has now ben in 6 times and has had the whole front end replaced now and still no fix. Service manager said he dose not know what else to do. Talked with someone from Kia yesterday and they are now putting it into the Area Reps. hands. Told them that I wanted to use the Lemon Law and that I was well past the qualifications for this. They said that they will see what the Area Rep. has to say and get back to me. Dealer still has the van and I have a loner. Looks like I am in for a fight now. I will keep you posted.
  • I am not good at describing mechanical problems, but here goes. I have had my Sedona Van for just over 3 years. Had right wheel assembly fly off just over 60,000mi. No help from Kia other than wholesale parts. Dealer no help at all otherwise. Now I have the vibration problems many are talking about. Have had a vibration for 90 plus day. My Kia dealer first went for wheel balance, no help, then replace front end parts from another Sedona van, no change, then replace some bushings ($300 incl labor) and still the vibration continues. They've test driven it numerous times and nothing changes. I can feel it in the gas pedal especially when hitting the pedal for some extra oomph such as going up a hill. The strangest thing though is that the strength of the vibration is not consistent. At times it is not hardly as bad as at other times. Last night for instance I had a trip of 240 miles. The first 190 miles you knew the vibe was there, however I could live with it. Then on a smooth stretch of road it became more violent especially when heading up hills (i'm on cruise). Then after about 15 miles of this, things settled down again and it wasn't as big a bother by any stretch. My service shop has put a lot of time into this, and haven't soaked me any big wads of money. They want to find out the problem too. But I do find that Kia Customer service at head office is useless and does nothing for the consumer. Their field reps. especially in my area show no care whatsoever. If I buy an other Kia it will only because of the guys in the service dept of my dealer. And the Sedona van is as comfortable as it gets. I am a sales rep and spend lots of windshield time every day.
  • If they ever find the problem please make sure to post. I have the excact same vibration. 65,000 miles. It changes with road types. I have put new tires, had them rebalanced twice. It does not pull but you can feel it in the floor, the wheel, and watch the head rests shake like in a seizure. No idea what to do with this car. :confuse:
  • Hi Egg,
    Well the "additional load force test" had no effect on the issue. The Service Manager felt so bad he had his guys deliver the van to my house. They are still waiting to hear back from Kia. One interesting thing I have noticed - I live in the North East. The weather goes from -20 to 98 degrees between winter and summer. I got my van in February and didn't notice an issue until late Spring. Yesterday it was around 72 degrees when I drove home and I noticed the shaking was much improved. This morning it was 45 degrees when I drove to work and again the shaking was much improved. I am going to monitor temperature and intensity of the shaking over the next week. It's supposed to hit 90 degrees by the weekend. I'm also going to let the service manager know so they can relay the info to Kia. Good luck on your lemon replacement fight. :-)
  • eggegg Posts: 9
    Hi Lacoydr1,

    Received a call from the dealer's service manager today. The district rep. was in and test drove my van. He to noticed the vibration and after a long meeting with the service manager they have decided to try and change out both the front struts. I told the service manager when he called that had already been done back when they replaced the strut mounts and he seemed unaware. He is now calling the rep back to let him know that the van already has new struts and seeing if they want to try anything else. It is interesting that you mention the cold weather. While looking through my service records the other day, I noticed that over the winter months I did not have it in for service. I related it to not driving long distances and reaching high speeds, but maybe it was something else. I will keep you posted :lemon:
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    I swear I don't know why I post to you girls. You gossip like your at a coffee clutch. Firstly what is the service manager or KIA going to do with the information that there is a difference in handling between summer and winter. They are the experts and you are solving your problem for them??? It is so naive to think that KIA does not know what the problem is. I don't think KIA is a bad company because they won't admit this. It is just policy dictated by the lawyers. As far as the lemon law is concerned, it is very specific. If you qualify then you qualify. The purpose of a lemon law is so that consumers don't have to labor and linger unduely long. If you don't want the KIA then tell them. I have gone through everything that you guys are now experiencing, if you have read my posts. I will continue to post until resolution as I promised to do so since so many complained and not one posted after a resolution.
  • Hey All,
    Thanks for the updates Egg and dougv. I had called my dealer over a week ago and he said he was talking to the Kia rep the next day. I didn't have the time to call him back until yesterday. I asked what the status was on my problem and the guy who answered put me on hold. He came back a couple of minutes later and said that Kia wanted me to bring the van in for a few days so they could tear it a part. Kia would pay for a rental vehicle while they have my van. I almost wonder if I hadn't called if I would have ever heard back from them. So, either Monday or Tuesday I will be bringing the van in again and they will probably try all of the things they tried on your vans, most likely without resolution. I just hope it's a warm day when they take it out for the test drive. Otherwise they'll think they've fixed it. But if they do give it back to me and say it's fixed (during cold weather) then I'm going to ask what defective part they found that was causing the issue. I am also going to send them an e-mail stating that I won't believe it's fixed until I drive it in hot weather, most likely next summer. That way I'll be covered if the problem rears it's ugly head again later on. I'll keep you posted.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Hey Guys!
    Good news and bad news? Firstly the good news. KIA has agreed to exchange my 06 for a new 08 Sedona. Don't know yet what the price difference will be yet. I assume it will be just the differences in MSRP. Actually I should be paid for the almost 9 months of "Fill in your own words" that I have been through. The dealer (who has been great through it all) said he would let me know when the 08's are ready to be delivered and I can come in and make my choices on styles and options. The bad news. KIA has said that in exchange for the new Sedona I will have to pay a mileage fee on the use I had of the 06. Now get this! The mileage fee is $.50/mile!!!! This is not bad for me as I had only about 600 miles on the 06 when I brought it in and maybe even less. The dealer told me he would pay this for me. However, if I recall correctly you guys had a lot more miles. Like if you had 6000 miles you would owe them $3000! This is getting close to what you could get from any other dealer on a trade in for any other car. My motivation with so little miles on mine was firstly I did not know how safe it would be to drive it on the highway and secondly, I'm a nice guy and if there was to be an exchange I wanted to give back a car that was almost like it had just been driven off the lot. Sorry, I can't say this about the KIA rep. So, every time they give you back your van and tell you to drive it they are charging you $.50/mile for that privilege. I know this information is not encouraging. The best deal for you is for them to get your vans fixed. However as all the other posts are testament they will spend piles of money doing busy work on your vans and never get down to the real problem. I don't know what else I can do to help you guys. I am not a crusader who will try to get to the bottom of this farce or try to blacken KIA's image. If I get my new 08 Sedona (and it is ok!) I will probably just go away. And I would probably buy another KIA when the need arises! My only consolation would be to have KIA do a Mia Culpa. But as I said before they are not going to plead guilty, only a "no contest" thing. So I will post if I have something new and hang in there!
  • eggegg Posts: 9

    Thanks for the information. I have been talking with a Kia representative for about a week and they are reviewing my case for the Lemon law. I just got my van back last week and after all the attempts to fix it, it is actually worse. I have been through this process once before in 1999 we had a lemon GMC Conversion van that was bought back. In that case the dealer was great and fought for us and actually helped us pay our taxes and gave us an additional $2000 to help with the settelment. We only payed $.15/mile at that time. I agree, $.50/mile is not reasonable but excessive. I have 17,000 miles on my van and that will run me $9000!! I have now contacted an attorney to see what my rights are. I will keep you all posted on my resolution.
  • :) Thanks to both dougv and egg for the info. Dougv - that's great news for you. Egg, it sounds like both of us would be hosed in a swap. I would hope my dealer will fight for me. They are part of a really big consortium of 19 dealerships in 3 states. I would hope they would want to stand behind me (financially). 50 cents a mile seems extreme especially when you consider many of those miles for me were either spent getting the vehicle to the dealership, the dealership test driving it or me just driving the vehicle while it is broken. When you lease a car the charge is usually 15 cents a mile for every mile over the limit. As I said earlier, I am bringing mine back down tomorrow morning so they can "tear it apart". I will have a rental at Kia's expense. At this point I would be happy to swap my van for one of the dealerships "off lease" vans on the lot (even if it had more miles). They have three on the lot that are the same color with the same equipment. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck to you guys.
  • Hi Dougv and egg. Here's my latest. As I said I brought the van back in on Tuesday. Here is what has transpired so far.
    · 09/25/2007 – Tuesday – Brought to dealer at 08:00AM so they could “tear it apart”. They supplied me with a rental vehicle (Chevy Silverado 4x4 Crew Cab). I called them at 4:50PM to see how things were going and they said they needed the vehicle for at least another day.

    · 09/26/2007 – Wednesday – I called the dealer at 2:00PM. I spoke with the Service Manager. He said they had made progress but it is still not perfect. They are now trying a different brand of tires (Kumho vs. Hankook). I thought this shouldn’t make a bit of difference because they already tried replacing all four tires. He said they were in the process of doing it and he would call me back after he test drove it himself. At 3:30PM I got tired of waiting so I called back again. I spoke with the Service Manager and he said the new tires didn’t fix the issue but that the vibration doesn’t start now until you reach 75MPH. I asked what exactly they had been doing over the past two days and this was his response. “We took all four tires and six rims (I assume he meant the 4 that were on the car and the 2 old ones they had swapped out) over to the Honda dealer where they ran a “Road Force Test” on all different combinations of tires and wheels until they got the best match”. But again this didn’t resolve the issue and they had already tried this during the week of 08/20. He said the problem was improved but still there just enough to be annoying. I told him that I was at the point of wanting to exercise my Lemon Law rights and that I would be speaking with counsel. He thought that Kia would be amenable to a replacement which is all I really want. He said he now had to report in on their progress to the district Kia rep and he would get back to me on Thursday. They still have the van.

    · 09/27/2007 – Thursday – I did some research on the internet last night and found a link to the Kia Tech Site. This site contains all of the Technical Service Bulletins, recalls, etc. for all Kia vehicles. I did a search and found several TSBs that could be related to my issue. All of them had to do with computer issues causing transmission and wheel vibration. I sent this info to the dealer. Then today I got tired of waiting for a call from the service manager so I called them around 3:00PM. The guy I spoke with said the service manager was out of the building at the moment and he would call me back when he returned. A little while later the service guy called back and said they were going to be keeping the van for another few days at Kia’s request. They were going to try swapping out the axles and do even more “Road Force Tests” on the wheels/tires. I told them that this had already been tried and would no doubt not make a difference. I asked if they had looked up or tried any of the TSB info I forwarded them and he said that they were going to try some of those as well. Wouldn't you think they would have read these things when I first had the vehicle in for the issue. He then told me I could get a different rental vehicle if I wanted to. Also, I just remembered that I had problems wth the idiot lights coming on for no reason. The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and the ABS lights both had come on several times in the past. I asked the dealer to check this out on some of the first appointments and they said they couldn’t find any issues. Again, this could point to either defective sensors or a defective computer. I am thoroughly frustrated at this point and just want a different van or my money back. I have hired Kimmel and Silverman, a nationally recognized lemon law firm. They said worst case scenario that Kia will make me keep the vehicle and pay the difference between what I paid for the van and what KBB Trade in value is now. I could live with that. I'll keep you posted.
  • I have the same problem described here with high speed vibration (in addition to other parts replaced). The first attempt to resolve this problem, used a third party road force balancing machine, which found two bad rims and one bad tire. They were replaced, and the problem persisted.

    I brought it back and the timing chain tensioner was replaced. The problem still persisted.

    A KIA Engineer came out to verify the problem, because I had requested aluminum wheels and new tires. He verified the vibration, as I was in the passenger seat next to him.

    The new wheels (17" aluminum) and tires (Michelin) were put on. Previously I had 16" steel wheels and Hankooks. The problem persisted.

    Then I found this forum.
  • on my 2006 Sedona LX! The wheels and tires were replaced because the good load force testing computer found problems but replacing the wheels and tires did not
    stop the vibration completely. It was still there at about 72+ MPH but then the steering and back seat would vibrate while braking. I took it to the dealer and they replaced both front rotors and turned the back ones. The van now drives smoothly like it should. I hope the rotors last at least until 50K miles but I'm not counting on it, Consumer Reports gave the brakes a low score for the 06 Sedona, a black circle.
    I wash the van once every one or two weeks and is parked in the garage so that should help.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Hi lacoydr1 and Egg,

    So this is the time of the year for miracles! Two weeks ago I picked up a new 08 Sedona at my dealers and he told me to just drive it like it was mine. It drove just perfect. No vibration of any kind. Today I went in to his office where he had the paperwork from Kia. I'll skip all of the accountant and lawyer legaleeze. Bottom line they took my 06 Sedon LX and gave me the 08 Sedona LX straight swap. No tax title or License fees and they waived any mileage fee that there might be. No monies exchanged anywhere. I think the dealer was a little surprised also since Kia had originally had said that there would be a fee based on differences in the MSRP. They even washed the two week old van and filled it with gas. As I have said before Kia was not going to admit anything and accordingly the papers I signed said that very same thing that they were not admitting that anything was wrong but they just wanted to settle everything. So after 9 1/2 months I have the van I wanted. Also I have posted with the final resolution as I had promised many months before. To those of you still with problems you can go back and read my oddessy page by page. Also to those still with problems I think some of the new posts point to a real solution to repairing the vibration. As I had posted before after I had test drove an 07 Van in another state and found the same vibrations there the Service manager there told me that had problems with the rotors and he would just resurface them and they would be fixed. I now believe that this is a solution. I don't believe the rotors are the cause, I think it is in the computer when either the ABS or the ESC comes in to play because of some computer error the brakes are brought into a slight contact with the rotors and the ESC causes the brakes to pulse causing the vibrating. I don't think the rotors are warped, no QC department would ever let that happen, But when they are shaved down the thinner rotors do not make contact with the brakes when the ESC or ABS misbehaves. This is really such a simple and cheap solution I don't follow why Kia would not make the adjustments. But everyone goes though the same change the wheels, tires, force balance, etc. Maybe it takes one to know one, that is the corporate or legal mind.
    Also one other commonality, the Kia rep is never any help. I think my final disposition really came about because my Dealer had just worn out his patience trying to work things out with the Rep and talked to the factory direct-Consumer Affairs and got things done by them. He has all of my sympathy and also any other car buying I might be doing.
    So unless something unexpected happens this will be my last post here. If anybody wants to ask questions go ahead and post and I will respond.

    Lots of Luck,

  • The low score for the brakes comes from the TSB's on the the Sedona redesign first year model. I have had my 06 for almost a year now and no vibration or problems whatsoever. I really like the van, even had the thing up past 100 MPH on open road just to see how she felt and it was fine. Not like my 400 HP mustang but great for the kids and wife, and no the kids or wife were not in the van while testing it.... :surprise:
  • eggegg Posts: 9

    Glad that everything worked out for you. I wish that Kia would be that good to me. I have had an lawer now for about 3 months and all they have offered so far is to give me $3000.00 ( I would only see $1500.00) and I would still keep the van that is not fixed and has several other issues beside the vibration. Looks like now we will be going to court. You would think that It would be cheaper for them to settle out of court, but I guess that they figure that I will get tired of the process and take their offer, which will not happen. :lemon:
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19

    Sorry to hear of your aggravation. Question: Why would you only get $1500 of the $3000? If it's attorney's fees I think the looser pays those. I guess it's too late now, but KIA is required to give you arbitration if either party requests it. Sounds like you would win that one. Could be that KIA wants to make you wait since you got a lawyer. How are you getting around? Certainly a lawyer should expedite things if you had no transportation. Also I don't know what your lawyer is doing but in my letter to KIA claiming I had a lemon I cited the fact that nobodies mechanic could find out what was wrong including theirs and then therefore nobody could guaranttee that what was wrong was not a safety hazard and maybe the steering might fail or a wheel fall off. If you read earlier in these posts you will read that in fact a wheel did fall off on somebodies van.

    I do agree with you that the only thing we know for sure is they really want to drag things out. All I can say is drive another car and wait. I am sure you will prevail if and when it goes to court if for no other reason than they are dragging it out. The Lemon Laws are specific in stating that the purpose of the lemon law is so the customer doesn't have to get aggravated and he can get quick action.

    You can download all of the previous comments from me and the others from this web site also as evidence.

    I guess this doesn't help you but I have just put 1500 miles on my 08 Sedona to Scottsdale and back and the thing just purred. It was so steady and a real joy to handle. All the things the 06 was not.


  • Doug

    Besides the problems you had in your 06 do you notice any differences in your 08? Power, handling, and so on?

    I have an 06 without any issues and am very happy with it but I am curios about the 08 if there were any changes.
  • eggegg Posts: 9

    Kia is only required to pay lawyer fees if it goes to court. I have counter offered but the lawyer seems to think that they will not except and we will end up in court. I currently am still driving the van, although not on long trips. Wife just drives it to work and back (only about 2 miles). Have also had several instances of have check engine light on and Air bag light on. Can't wait to get rid of this thing! :lemon:
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